Remember the hoohaa in February about Pak lah’s new wife? It is no longer a rumor. He is getting married this Saturday to Jean Danker in Putrajaya. But sorry, we are not invited. The wedding is only for family members and close friends. Still we want to wish the couple Congratulations. Hope they have many many happy years ahead.

In Malaysia a rumor is always true.


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  1. kittykat46 says:

    Congratulations to Pak Lah and Mrs. PM-to-be.

    On the rumour thing, remember, Pak Lah never said “Its not true!”. He laughed at it as “just rumours”.

  2. katataknak says:

    Congratulations to the PM and his bride-to-be. Yes, in Malaysia rumours do prove to be eventually true maybe with a little bit added here and there. What do you expect after going through a series of story-tellers. So I don’t see why we can’t speculate about a certain very high up person’s involvement in a certain very ‘HIGHly EXPLOSIVE case. But then someone said not to speculate? Now how? To speculate or not?

  3. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha..I am sincerely happy for Pak Lah….I tried three times. I know how it feels to be alone and mine…his first time was not a failure. I am sure … the late Mrs.PM is very happy too!!
    What a wonderful news!!
    And yes…..this proves so call rumours put out by some bloggers are true.
    Sincerely hope this will get back the respects they deserves.

  4. zainal bin ibrahim says:

    Wishing you a happy couple and congratulations if its come true and may god bless you welldone our PRIME MINISTER.

  5. toyolbuster says:

    After the wedding. hope he won’t sleep in his job anymore. Since he don’t have to sneak in Jean very late into the night to avoid detection. But a frog will still be a frog no matter how you smooch it. Anyway, good for him and congrats. Hope he will spend less time with KJ now. Bad influence.

  6. the Razzler says:

    Best wishes to Pak Lah & his new companion!! Hope he will find happines & joy through this new union!! Congrats!! Pak lah!!

  7. V T says:

    If I am a scheming son in Law, I will bring some C4, after all, getting 2 new brother in law soon, and perharps a few more little brother in law also.

    but I am not.

    So will formal apologies be issue to RPK for this so very true rumour?

  8. […] Yay! Thank you Mr PM! You have cleared us of our “rumored” name “In Malaysia a roamer is always true” … susan loone […]

  9. luclai says:

    according to jeff ooi’s blog, jean danker was the wife of his late wife’s brother! hmm…..

  10. […] So, bloggers are not the liars and don’t spread the rumour, right? The true is, it is a truth. […]

  11. WATTAHACK? says:

    wah this is the 2nd time we wish them lor…. oh 2nd marriage 2nd wish is fine too. aiyah nothing wrong in taking your former sis-in-law as wife lar!

  12. hasilox says:

    So short notice. Not enough time to rejoice lah!

  13. KAMPUNG GIRL says:

    ….. nothing wrong to marry a sister in law if she is a widow. as long as she suit him . marry to him is not a problem but the worries is from his family to accept it.

  14. Daily Nibbler says:

    Heartiest congratulations to AAB and Jean Abdullah. She looks like a nice person. May God bless them.

  15. crossphobick-u says:

    congrats! may this bring changes in him..bring the man out of him!look at wut is about to happen…

  16. crossphobick-u says:

    tu dia..dia punya senyum…

  17. monsterball says:

    crossphobick-u..Do you expect Pak Lah to put out serious face talking about the love of his life?….so happy lah.

  18. monsterball says:

    Everywhere I read…everyone is wishing PM all the best.
    This shows some people hate UMNO….not Pak Lah.
    That speaks well for the country.

  19. bamboo river says:

    Hey you guys….Heard the song ” I heard a rumour” from the group BANANARAMA? Well, it sure makes us go bananas at that time. Now , since it is true and happening. Have a banana.
    Wish Pak Lah and his ‘newly’ found life partner all the best.
    Happy for him. Seriously.

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  21. wits0 says:

    “In Malaysia a rumor is always true.”

    And obcurantantism an official virtue. Of course Zam don’t lie ; he just decides what you ought not to know!

  22. wits0 says:

    Typo, meant: obscurantism.

    There’s more merits in Malaysian rumors.

  23. Nstman says:

    Malaysians should register their protest against the marriage. Coming off two years after the death of Endon, i think it is not appropriate. Pak lah has let us down.

  24. bamboo river says:

    Sorry to intrude…Monsterball, Susan and all. Bro Shieh’s mum admitted to hospital. Go to his blog.

  25. susan loone says:

    Thanks bamboo river. Will sms Sheih.

  26. jhiopy says:

    In Malaysia a rumor is always true…. and the rumuor-monger(whistle-blowers included) will always get it when caught

  27. monsterball says:

    thanks bamboo river.

  28. Hammerhead says:

    Come on Nstman, give him a break. Everyone deserves some happiness. I think 2 years is a respectable period.

  29. monsterball says:

    Nstman….I never imagine you can talk like that about Pak Lah.
    Why be so legal.. noble and righteous over his personal happiness?
    Just because he is the PM….must you judge him so unfairly?
    Against and for him…putting aside personal likes and dislikes of his performances as PM are wishing him happiness…..except you. I hope you realize that. Thanks.

  30. monsterball says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TO SUSAN …registering more than 600,000 hits.
    They say your blog and Sheih’s… …no one wants to visit any more…and both are growing stronger and stronger with more visitors.
    See…even in blogging…so many jealous eyes and downright liars.

  31. monsterball says:

    I forgot…they say both of your one wants to visit because of me…monsterball ….hahahahahaha
    Yet we are Drama Queen and Drama King.
    One trying so hard to sue Drama King right now…..very very frightening oh!!
    Last month Big Dog wants to sue me…this month simon wee…UMNO and MCA??
    This means the dirty job I am doing that no one wants to do …. is successful…hahahahahaha
    hi guys…monty go to jail…you all bail me out…okay?

  32. sunman says:

    I always thought Nstman was an UMNO fella, based on his past comments. How come he’s negative about Pak Lah now ?

  33. KAMPUNG GIRL says:

    we are human being, to love and be loved. we don’t have the right to stop anyone to remarrying.

    our PM has his choice, give him a chance and congrate him .
    ” finally he found someone to light up his life.”

  34. wits0 says:

    It’s quite unthinkable that anyone could or want to stop him from remarrying. But being the top public figure, and exposed to the full public limelight given to him by the MSM, he might have handled the matter in a less surreptitious manner and fueling rumours…remembering how “pantang” rumours are officially regarded and decried. He earlier has to dismiss things as rumour and unwittingly now implicitly admits that rumours are indeed not without firm foundation in Bolehland.

    So, who was his new wife previously married to? Some facts, it seems are not clearly mentioned. Obscrantism still is apparently alive and applicable…just like the yacht, plane and Ozzie mansion matter.

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