Even before 8am, the court was packed with journalists, police and family members of the accused. At 9.13am, Abdul Razak Baginda arrived and was immediately swarmed by a big group of photographers. Mr. Sharibuu and three other witnesses, including a human rights lawyer, Mr Bayar and an interpreter arrived just before 9am. Mr Sharibuu was seen spotting a bright yellow shirt and brown vest, hair cropped, with tinted glasses. The group sat at the left hand side of the court, while Baginda’s family – mother, father, sister and brother – sat on the right. Baginda’s wife and daughter, came into the court house with a walking stick. She had a streak of green hair, and looked cheery. Baginda wore his usual blue shirt and dark pants, and waved at his family, smiling. It was an emotional reunion for Baginda and his family, as he hugged and kissed his wife, daughter and mother. His father remained seated, looking very calm.

The two other accused – Sirul and Azilah – looked well and equally calm.

AT 9.20am, the court doors were locked, and the sardine pack court room, with many observers standing, wre hushed into silence when Judicial Commisioner Mohd Zaki entered the court room.

At 9.25am, the three accused were called to the dock. Lawyers conducting watching brief Karpal Singh wheeled in together with Sangeeta Kaur Deo, who walked in and sat before the judge.

After the customary introductions, lawyer for Azilah, Zulklifi Noordin, took his place and begin to address the court. He said his presence at the court house was a courtesy move as he was discharging himself from duty. He requested to read a 3 paragraph statement but Zaki did not allow it.

Zulkifli explained that he had to read his statement as there were many speculations about his position. He said he did not want the matter to be manipulated as there were several foreign journalists present. But Zaki told him it was not necessary to do so as he did not want Zulklifi to use the court as a platform. The debate went on about 10 minutes before Zaki put a total end to th matter, and Zulkifli said he would find another platform to make his statement.

One of the defense lawyers voiced his fear that Zulklifli would take the opportunity to make privilege statement by disclosing whatever discussions he had with his client, to which the latter objected and denied he ever had the intention to do so.

Following this, lawyer Karpal Singh raised his concerns regarding Lawyer Hazman and asked that the latter be disqualified as Zaki was the uncle of his late wife. Zaki ignored the concerns. Later, Karpal told reporters that he would make an appeal to have Hazman disqualified, as “the relationship too close”.

“Justice must be done and seen to be done. The relationship is close enough. I have nothing personal against Hazman but in the interest of justice, and eliminating any doubt, the Chief Justice cannot be seen as favouring Hazman,” said Karpal, in court.

Then came the bombshell. The request by the prosecution to delay the trial for another month. DPP Majid Tun Hamzah said his team was new as he was merely informed hours before the trial on Monday, in fact, as he was driving home from his kampung yesterday evening. He got a call telling him that he would take over the prosecution team.

“This cannot be avoided. We are a new team. There are more than 100 statements which have been recorded. We also just received the notice of allibi for Azilah on 25 May,” said Majid.

“Justice is not about conclusion and conviction…..I apologised to all who are present, including the family. Due to this suddent twist of event…Irequest for a month postponement,” he added.

“I am not capable to come forth and prosecute, without looking at the documents. It is almost impossible to prosecute”.

Zaki said his July calendar was cramped. But Majid said he had no other choice. “It is beyond me. I simply can’t proceed”.

He added that the foreign witnesses were in Malaysia on government expenses. “They are based in Ulanbataar. So, it is not a problem to bring back”.

Karpal Singh interjected and said although he understood the predicament of the prosecution, he questioned why they were replaced – with no reason. He urged the case to be disposed of as soon as possible.

He also expressed his concern over the public expense and tax-payers’ money being spent on the Mongolian witnesses.

Zaki later adjourned the court for a 15 minutes break, after which, he allowed the postponement to June 18, for the prosecution to prepare their case.

Meanwhile, AFP reported that Zulkifli Noordin said he could no longer act in defence of Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri as there was “interference” in the case.

Zulkifli told reporters he believes fully in his client’s innocence but “certain facts have come to my attention during my preparation of the trial” that would compromise his ability to act further.

“There were serious attempts by third parties to interfere with the defence that I proposed,” he said, declining to elaborate.

144 responses »

  1. monsterball says:

    Changing lawyers and making life difficult for the case to proceed smoothly is a sign of no good defense . After two weeks…what else?
    Poor family now need to fly back again …to come two wees later.

  2. elizabethwong says:

    Less than 24 hours for the prosecutors to prepare for the most high profile court case since Anwar Ibrahim? The AG should be sacked!

  3. kittykat46 says:

    A new DPP asked to take over the case on 24 hours notice, while he’s on holiday through his mobile phone ?

    Hey folks, over the years I’ve seen a number of well-connected accused go free because of “deliberately incompetent” prosecution….technical faults with the charges, key files or key evidence going missing, key aspects of the case not investigated at all. We’ve had judges heavily criticising DPP and police because he has no choice but to acquit the accused – not because the guy’s proven innocent, but because the prosecution case was hopelessly incompetent.

    I hope this is not going to be another case.

    Hey Mr. AG, remember the whole world is watching.

  4. wits0 says:

    Yeah, Kittykat, after which we don’t hear anything whatsover about individual accontability for such incompetence. Wonder if a surgery would also, one day, apes the court and alllows for such incompetence to be as unaccountable too?

  5. wits0 says:

    Yes, Liz, I concur entirely. Is this not like the rushing of a Bill through parliament?

  6. hasilox says:

    Wahh…like that also can.

  7. Daily Nibbler says:

    This is embarassing on the part of the persecution. Its frustration on the part of defense. What a shame to our country!

  8. Hammerhead says:

    Is it because the previous team got cold feet, and doesn’t have the guts to proceed because of all the international interest? But to get a call the evening before a major trial……..give me a break…just sound too deliberate lah. I say just give the case to Karpal Singh. At least he has a proven track record and we can trust his integrity.

  9. monsterball says:

    Perhaps ‘someone’ is enjoying so much our opinions on this murder case…made adelay for 14 days….to see us also suffer to talk more? WHO KNOWS!! ANYTHING POSSIBLE.

  10. Roxanne says:

    Good you’re back at what you do best Susan. The Malaysian judicial system is a joke to foreigners. After Lina Joy, what do one expect? If I’m stuck in Malaysia, I’ll start rowing myself to New Zealand.

  11. monsterball says:

    Prosecution appointed by the govt. Defense also from the govt?…you bet…as anyone cannot afford a lawyer..it is always available from the govt ..on murder cases.
    Luckily…we have Kapal Singh as the watch dog.. over this obvious kangaroo court case…to see those monkies do not continue making a mockery of our so call smart laws.
    Wait so long…what to do…so many foreigners are surely being inconvenienced and disheartened…hoping they are frustrated and don’t pay too much attention. I hope they can stay on..enjoy lovely Malaysia…for 10 days..not really that hard to pass the time away…in Penang…Melaka..Langkawai…and what have got for all. Not hard to pass time in lovely Malaysia. .Hope boss give them more money to go shopping…not get bored just window shopping…..better than to travel to and fro.

  12. susmaryosep says:

    You are the only commentator who hit the “nail in the coffin”, the coffin of Justice and Truth.. So what if the world is watching…. ‘important’ lives are at stake man, maybe even some political dynasties? Memories are short, those who play dirty know that; They will ride through the muck, the derison of the world and come out “stronger” That is what we should fear… Remember Anwar and the mattress that was carried to court., Norlita and the ‘bad body smell’. ….. ? I’ll bet your statement about a deliberately inept prosecution will come true, and the prosecution will put forward a case with loopholes as big as the Smart tunnel….YOu think karpal Singh can make a difference? I think not…

  13. monsterball says:

    Kapal Singh may not be able to do wonders over our wonderful judgmental so call fair system…but he sure can speak out loudly for the whole world to hear..if ever he noticed arguments are made in stupid ways…especially nothing mentioned about c4…and who permitted the use of it.
    This are covered by International reporters….so we have chances to get fair reports printed out…at foreign papers..not local ones…and timing is just right for coming general election.

  14. WATTAHACK? says:

    EW: the AG is more learned than all of us and makes sound and accurate decisions. if he says its like this we all must take it as it is and NEVER question he’s POSITION. 😦

  15. WATTAHACK? says:

    June 4th, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    Daily Nibbler
    This is embarassing on the part of the persecution. Its frustration on the part of defense. What a shame to our country!

    DN: This country knows not of shame…. but shame knows it well!

  16. wits0 says:

    Learned is what learned is, Whattahack. People can be learned in various fields and in conventional terms recognised by society as such Any person born with a sound mind and fortunate circumstances can be formally learned in one thing or another – this is not a big deal since it’s largely enabled by fortunate circumstances, with a little personal effort.

    Being learned in such a sense however cannot preclude any hidden human flaws but it’s the starry-eyed “gaah gaaah” reaction of society to be less discerning and more ‘worshipping’. Just like every mom wants her children to be ‘clever’ and succed in education and life so people often don’t stop to ponder what is the nature of cleverness is meant or desired. Would the opportunistic and predatory type of cleverness suffice? This type can also enable much worldly success, no doubt.

    A common man may not be high profile or even anywhere as “successful” by the worldly standard but scrupulous and lead what is an unnoticed and ordinary life but attained a higher sense of ethical standard and this is more worthy than being a big success story that lacks the same moral cornerstone.

    The country lost its sense of shame because it is governed by people who have less refinement but lots of hot air boorishness and hollow pride – just look at the big circus aka parliament. Would it be surprising if the other elites look up to the same example?

  17. BigEyes says:

    Sucking up money! mayb they wan the journalists to come back few times n get the feel of M’sia. After coming back for the 40th time and the case is still delayed, wonder if they will be still as interested.

    Yeap, signs are not good if this is done deliberately.

    But this is a case of woman being blown up! Surely there MUST be someone who did this, and if justice is not done..the legal team shud jz pack and roll up!

  18. Susan,

    Whatever is happening between you and the rest of BUM, I hope you all could come to some understanding and move on. We need you, Elizabeth, Rocky and the rest to speak the truth, nothing but the truth, to enlighten the people and to educate.

    This latest twist of event had just confirmed the statement my overseas friend wrote in an email to me after the “BOCOR” incident:

    “We all have been enjoying the comedy being staged at Malaysia everyday. it is like a comedy channel, and is for free and the whole world gets to watch it.”

    I called it “A Tragic Comedy” !

    God bless us all!

  19. Buzz Lightyear says:

    Haiya, even my cats laughed hearing of the postponement from the news. Serious ni……

  20. Daily Nibbler says:

    WATTAHACK?: This country knows not of shame…. but shame knows it well!

    DN: Sad, isn’t it?

    Attorney General Gani Patail’s only answer is the move is to ensure “fair trail” but declined to elaborate.

    After a while we all become jaded and resigned to inefficiencies and flip flops. Worse, if there are hidden motives behind the abrupt change. That means justice is a tool to manipulate, to connive. Lets hope its just inefficiencies and flop flops as we are used to that.

  21. patriot4229 says:

    what a shame… i am not surprised if all 3 is not convicted. so far, how many high profile VIP has ever been acquitted before? None if i can remember.

  22. bamboo river says:

    Who is playing mind game?
    This has already tarnished the intergrity of the system before it even begun.
    Now what kind of trust will we have in our judicial system in future?
    It is like everyone is prepared at the ‘Get Set’ position for the 100 metre dash and the time keeper forgot to bring his stopwatch.
    What a shame.

  23. wits0 says:

    Can anyone not think of that as an utterly insouciant attitude of the legal system which seems to have gone cynical and yet expects no skeptical opinion from the public?

  24. Libra says:

    I think the judge is no more a Judicial Commissioner. He has been elevated to a full judge. As I know a JC works on a two-year term but a Mr Justice works till he is 65.
    This judge will work someone like Augustine Paul. Just you wait. Junior judges can be manipulated and arm twisted to do the bidings of his master.
    Now coming to this comment :
    “DN: This country knows not of shame…. but shame knows it well!”

    If I may add …. “because its name is SHAME”.

    Yesterday’s court sitting is the precursor of more rot to come that will show the world how low our Judicial System had descended.

  25. wits0 says:

    Ashamed of what is not shameful,
    unashamed of what is shameful,
    those who are unaware of truth
    fall into a state of misery.

    – The Buddha

    Another version puts it this way: To those without shame, all evils are possible.

  26. monsterball says:

    Can you imagine if we all are lawyers debating for or against the murder case and talk like this?
    All will go nuts….listening us talking……that is…. if the judge allows us to sway from left to right ..and AWAY from the real subject……hahahahahaha
    But witsO have proven he was a monk in his previous life….a naughty one too…..hahahahaha

  27. picipici says:

    Actually it is a simple story. Heard it from someone. Two friends. One is having an affair with the girl. Another guy is just a runner who organise meeting opportunities for the couple, and of course, he may also have his opportunities. Then, the couple broke off. The girl start contacting the runner asking about her lover. The runner try to clean up the mess by avoiding the girl. Then the girl came to Malaysia. By this time, the lover’s wife had already uncovered the affair. The wife instructed or may have influenced the order to blow up the girl. Then, put the blame and the whole love affair on the runner.
    The change of prosecution team may be for the good or bad. The good is that someone powerful was trying to reveal the truth by changing the team. The bad aspect is that a less powerful person manage to hold the powerful person’s balls and suceeded to make a last minute change that will favor him. Read the story above…. you’ll get what I mean.

  28. hasilox says:

    Lawyer for Chief Insp Azilah Hadri pulled out and alleged interferences by third party. Who is the 3rd party? God or devil?

  29. chua soo kok says:

    deleted, as requested by comentator.

  30. muztang11 says:


    your story is a little off. Girl is acting as interpreter for a major purchase of underwater ships. Big man spending public money wants some kickbacks. Girl interpreter also girlfriend. when affair over blackmails big man for some money. gets herself murdered and runner takes fall.

  31. arifabdull says:

    14 days postpontment, AG should provide more credible and concrete reasons for the change because the last minute change was unfair.

  32. jeancumlately says:

    I agree with chua soo kok…

    In my opinion, there is no “over coverage” by susan on this issue. The existence of this coverage will send the message that people are watching, people would ask questions and most of all people are not stupid. For the least, it serves as a reminder. A check and balance.

    It may be unfair to certain party but if they are not guilty, why all the worries. We have questions too and where else can we air it?

    To susan… keep it up. Its a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.

  33. monsterball says:

    Susan is an Angel. Big dog is like a jealous small boy attacking everyone that he has no better ideas. He is actually a very young kid….reads and know all through reading…yet talk so much nonsense…as if he is that wise.
    He is employed by UMNO…so Susan will get attacked…if she continuously tell or expose the stupidity or unfairness of UMNO. Don’t show it…he may loose his job.

  34. monsterball says:

    chua soo kok… You should go to sha101 blog… and read how these two insult Susan for a non true matter…they pick from somewhere.
    Both of them love disunity in bloggings.
    Now proven very wrong..still do not behave like men to apologize to Susan.
    That’s typical malay mindsets that same their own race.

  35. monsterball says:

    ‘”that same their own race”…..should read ” that shame their own race”…thanks

  36. wits0 says:

    Big Gum faux Canine loses a teeth everytime he tries to bite the”Drama Queen”. Very soon he’ll be all gums….and the mantras he pours forth will be even morel like unintelligible mumbles. He might as well have graduated from the Goebbel Academy. Right now he may feel that he’ll be able to bring back to life a dead cat if he persists in chanting mantras….a smaller imitation of doing a real Lazarus or walking on water.

  37. WATTAHACK? says:

    June 4th, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    Learned is what learned is, Whattahack.

    Wits0: I was just mocking someone that made a similar statement…. hahaha We are all stupid to debate and question what the court does cause we are stupid in the 1st place and they know the laws and are more neutral than all of us hence they can give a sound ruling if they release all 3 under some technical glitch so what! we can never question ppl higher & smarter than us…. all lawyers and judges are SAINTS working for GOD and we SLAVES are working for SATAN trying to disrupt the nation.

  38. wits0 says:

    Right, whattahack, as if satan will appear in this world and declare, “I’m Satan, follow me!”. Of course he’ll say, “I’m God, follow me!”

    Meantime I’ll rather implicitly trust “Follow Me”, shampoo with no reservation.

    In an elitist society obsessed with titles and position, the small person is expected to know his place and STFU! In such a society there’ll be agents who’ll keep reminding us of that – likle, namely, Big Gum fake Dog and ilks.

  39. arifabdull says:

    uncle monty, are u racist -:(

  40. Dear Susan,

    I just discovered someone had used my name to comment on this blog today. I hope you could remove the comment which did not come from me or not to publish any comments by this someone using my name.

    Thanks and regards!

  41. bdl says:

    my…my don’t we learn and listen what the motto say…….M/B! look at the late CJ of M’sia and how he was “discharge”, the turn around of anwar ibrahim’s case, the bmf scandle, the list of 18 and perhaps many….many more in the pipe line. yes what shame the judicial system is… but alas from the people,by the people and for the people……malaysian cares. for the family of demise our sincere condolence and hope justic will prevail hereafter and forever

  42. monsterball says:

    No my friend…artfabdull….but I was expecting one will say that whenever I try …telling the truth of a race …because you I love to see that race get away from being mind-setted people ….is that wrong?. If I am a racialists…why TDM…PM…Tunku Razelieigh are the real racialists…as they talked all these before me.

  43. monsterball says:

    eyeonemalaysia…you have to point out the time and date …to make it easy for Susan and us to know who is copying you. Thanks.

  44. arifabdull says:

    we all Malaysian
    But, Malay not a race…. hahahahaaaa

  45. monsterball says:

    yea smart alex..aerifabdul…..When it suits you….you all liKe to be call malays.
    Now more and more wants freedom of religions and no race discriminations..out come this long write up by a European .
    But the government have made it known..all dark skin..like them with history of all those decendants mentioned at the above post are known as Malays…and for that…also known as bumiputras..thus entitled to special priviledges..So ALL AGREE they are Malays..thus Malay race was born.
    Therefore..it is a race…right here in Malaysia..DON’T TWIST AND TURN FACTS.
    We create so many special things in Malaysia…one specially for you muslims…yet we are against clones….cannot understand!

  46. simon wee says:

    I think what we all are doing is subjudice–contempt of court, the British style. If the prosecution were to take action and Susan convicted then she runs the risk of being arrested when she sets foot on Malaysian soil.

    As for the case my bet is:

    Razak would be acquitted with the two policemen being found guilty of a lesser charge of manslaughter (again British style). By way of mitigation, Altantuya’s father, who did not seem to have done a good job in bringing her up, would be given the RM100 million he asked for by way of a civil suit, or part of it after bargaining.

    Then it back to the “Malaysia Boleh” serial with its next episode.

  47. monsterball says:

    In that case…simon wee…Susan may have to go into the jungle to continue blogging on the run and I have no choice but to start a blog ….to continue doing her good job.
    Do you believe…’ask and it shall be given”? i think under you….our govt will go bankcrupt lah..to so easy give RM100 million to mongo father.
    Some even will sell their daughters for RM15000 for life…do as you like by poor poor countries. Is mongolia rich country?

  48. kittykat46 says:

    Genghis Khan…..Kublai Khan…..Tamerlane…..the Mongols once ruled the largest land empire in the world, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the gates of Warsaw. Unbelievable cruelty….they had a habit of putting to death every single inhabitant of a city which resisted them.
    When their empire collapsed, they went back to being simple herdsmen.

  49. wits0 says:

    The subjudice–contempt of court thing and the sedition(like ugly sisters) from ole England is much lesser used today and hardly in a more truly democratic society like the US.

    How much can the first be used to shut people’s lips and why wasn’t the second used in the face of islamist militants in England with their blatant threats to the British society from their recent street demonstrations? I think the last time it(sedition charge) was used in the US was on Tokyo Rose and she was pardoned afterwards- all decades ago. Two old and unwieldy laws that have to move to the background in any society that claims itself democratic(as vs autocratic) for they can wrongly serve the purpose of oppression. There’s such a thing as fair opinion in an issue of public interests.

  50. gua bay song says:

    Mamasan! If you still in KL, you know where to find us. Amoi, Uncle Frank and Uncle Nash all waiting to see you.

  51. mohd ali says:

    chua soo kok, i too feel angry that big dog and a voice criticize susan saying she play judge and jury in the mongolian trial. susan continue the good work. I read your blog regularly.

  52. WATTAHACK? says:

    Susan may have to go into the jungle to continue blogging on the run

    dont worry marxis now have wireless broadband for ppl on the run very cheap now on offer can use anywhere even in taman negara as long as there’s 3G. 😉

  53. monsterball says:

    chua soo kok..Why do you wish you nice message be deleted?
    So many responded to it. You should be so proud.
    Hope you put it back again.

  54. simon wee says:

    Dear Monsterbal of 9:l4am,

    Hypothetically speaking if I were in charge, then those guilty as hell would be found guilty and as such there would be nothing to mitigate and therefore no need to pay. As for going into the jungle to blog, I don’t think it is necessary as Thailand is just as wild. The above is just ball talking, ha, ha, ha.

  55. simon wee says:

    Dear witso of 10:34am.

    You would be surprise that a Far Eastern Review correspondent, a Canadian, was jailed not so long ago for contempt of Malaysian court. I think Susan would have the detail. Just ask her.

  56. wits0 says:

    Simon Wee, I remember that case. But really, did that visibly or materially enhance the stature of the Malaysian court? If not it’s just punitive. And image is most important in Bolehland.

  57. monsterball says:

    simon wee said..’those guilty as hell would be found guilty…..bla bla bla”
    That is simon’s balls talking for sure.
    Thailand is wild….the wildness is referred to fantastic night life…cannot find anywhere in the world…..but simon seems to say…crooks can hide in Thailand very easy….totally not true.
    It look that way….because many military personnels are on the take.
    Hope he just don’t try to impress us that he reads Far Eastern Review and talk more balls…..hahahahahahahaha

  58. monsterball says:

    Susan….Please visit lucy lee site and tell me if you approve of what you see for youngsters in this blog.

  59. monsterball says:

    SUSAN…lucy lee is obviously a prostitute in LONDON.

  60. lucy lee says:

    Susan, I think you would have enough knowledge to know the difference between art and pornography and that not all naked bodies are pornographic. Monsterball, as always, is talking old balls and doesn’t know such differences.

  61. wits0 says:

    Hahaha…naughty Lucy, best let Susan, the Blog owner, decides. Monty, ’em youngsters surely would know the direction in the Net to Porn sites by themselves.

  62. simon wee says:

    What monsterball said about Lucy Lee could amount to defamation if it is not true. From precedents, calling a woman a prostitute is also criminal defamation if utrue.

  63. monsterball says:

    simon wee..you can stuff your opinion into your mouth! I meant well for the blog owner and concern about youngsters and don’t try to be too smart. Just get me sued or shut up!
    lucy lee…I have seen enough pussies than you!! You think by putting out three naked young prostitutes like you is a joke?
    Look at your words written and your reply to the man.
    You are getting customers from this blog.
    I repeat…you are a cheap prostitute and you can give free service to simon wee.
    Me ….. old ball…..why it’s us that you give better services for best tips….don’t you know?

  64. monsterball says:

    I am calling simon wee a pimp!! hi you cheap scat…no need lucy lee sue me…you now sue me. I repeat… ..you are a Pimp!!

  65. monsterball says:

    lucy lee….You call all those three completely nude photos …STANDING JUST TO SHOW THE FIGURES …ART?
    Who are you trying to fool?
    Saying how that girl look to siok man is art?
    Replying to one man wanting you….cheekily is art?
    What shit artist are you representing Malaysia?

  66. simon wee says:

    Monsterball, I am only giving the side of the law as it is. Why don’t you identify yourself instead of hiding under the cloak of monsterball and see what happen. As the saying go you must have enough balls to call yourself monsterball. Identify yourself and don’t get Susan into trouble because of you who is good in calling names.

  67. monsterball says:

    Everybody knows my real name and face!! Go get the details…all there and start suing or shut your braggart mouth!!

  68. monsterball says:

    You are an instigator…braggart and a pimp.
    There you got three reasons to sue me. Like I said..my face..real name all know.
    Do it…or shut your mouth!!

  69. monsterball says:

    You want to know me personally?
    Good…I will be at Summit …Secret Recipe at 1.30pm on 8th..tomorrow…smoking area. Every easy to identify me…I smoke cigars.
    So don’t tell me I have no balls….Now lets see you have the balls to meet me face to face.

  70. simon wee says:

    Mosterball, I never talk of suing you but since you want me to do it why don’t you make it easy for me to do it. Just let me know how I can serve the papers and you can have your days in court. Knowing your name and face are not enough to sue as I also have to serve. Maybe you can really prove that I am an instigator, braggart and a pimp.

    I have also gone into Lucy Lee’s site and I think you need a pair of new looking glass.

  71. simon wee says:

    Monsterball at 9:30am I don’t need to know you personally. Since you invited me to sue you I will do just that and you can have your days in court, no need Secret Recipe. Just make my day as the saying goes.

  72. kittykat46 says:

    Haiyah…this is Susan’s blog. No need to threaten to sue here…sue there (pardon the punt Susan).

    Don’t behave like the Hindu God-Muslim priest…very low class…

  73. simon wee says:

    dear kittykat46, Thanks for the advise. I never threaten to sue. It was monsterball in his usual self challenging others to sue. The record is all in the blog. regards Simon Wee

  74. simon wee says:

    Dear kittykat46, you should instead advise monsterball not to challenge everyone to sue him.

  75. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Thanks….Let him go ahead with his bragging. I have seen enough!

  76. monsterball says:

    hi braggart….work fast …..get me the summon. I will be waiting at Summit!!
    Why chicken out…meet me lah

  77. monsterball says:

    kittykat….Can come to Summit tomorrow?

  78. susan loone says:

    Lucy lee, I think its best you bring your blogsite elsewhere. The gentlemen here want to talk and discuss political stuff and others. If they want porn, they sure know where to look for it.

  79. monsterball says:

    There simon wee…..Who needs new spects now…you tell me!!

  80. simon wee says:

    Monsterball, You again are barking at the wrong tree. Either you are deaf or your brain is not working. I repeat what I need of you when you challenge me to sue you:
    “Mosterball, I never talk of suing you but since you want me to do it why don’t you make it easy for me to do it. Just let me know how I can serve the papers and you can have your days in court. Knowing your name and face are not enough to sue as I also have to serve. Maybe you can really prove that I am an instigator, braggart and a pimp. ”

    On kittykat, why thank her when she/he did not speak in your defence. Again Susan did not speak in your defence of challenging me. She only asked Lucy to bring her blogsite elsewhere. Unlike you she did not accuse her of all the accusations you had on her and when I was alerting to the law as it is, you called me names and challenge me to sue you.

    Again may I request you to facilitate me in serving your the papers in case I take up your challenge and you can have your say in court. Please do not hide under monsterball and hurl all kinds of names on other people. People like you must be taught to face the music.

  81. monsterball says:


  82. monsterball says:

    Susan use the word ‘PORN’…..do you know what that implies?

  83. monsterball says:

    And susan tells lucy lee to go elsewhere….WHY??

  84. monsterball says:

    My lawyer ask you to deposit RM15000 to sue me……hahahahahaha

  85. simon wee says:

    Monsterball and Susan,
    pls visit my blog and see what others are saying of monsterball. I am encourage by what they have to say and I am considering taking up monsterball’s challenge to add anothe episode of interest to fellow bloggers. Hear from me.
    p/s monsterball, pls help me to make you wish come true. As you can observe, unlike you, I don’t indulge in name callings. Let the court decide how much balls you have, hahaha.

  86. simon wee says:

    I am waiting

  87. simon wee says:

    pls look into the law on security deposit before you utter things which may land you in more trouble.

  88. wits0 says:

    Hey guys, all the drama that’s here is not necessary. The real enemy is being spared attention.

  89. monsterball says:

    let him talk all the shit he likes witsO

  90. monsterball says:

    wa simon wee…you have bid dog..even Rocky wrote the longest comment I have ever read…supporting you and as usual the shit dog say all the grandfather stories.
    What I am most surprised and honoured …the so call All BLOGS President Rocky wrote so much about me. I don’t really feel hurt…but laughing over the real man …now shown his true colour…the so call bloggers Presiden……hahahahahaha
    You…simon wee..so much experiences…a somewhat International journalist…PLUS an investigator too!!
    Well well wel…They have chosen the right man to confront Monsterball…so let the ball game begins…WHAT’S NEXT ??

  91. wits0 says:

    Here’s one: http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Southeast_Asia/IF07Ae01.html

    Wanted: A voice of one’s own
    By Ioannis Gatsiounis

    KUALA LUMPUR – In a borderless world that increasingly recognizes the connection between media freedom and well-rounded development, the Malaysian government is finding it harder to sell its version of news to the world. But rather than bow to the laws of nature, the government has stepped up its campaign against information that strays from its official script. ………………….

    It’s becoming ever more crystal clear that Bodohland’s selective and special treatment accorded to itself in many areas is not up to international standard. Zam can cuss himself blue over that with the assumption that he’s receiving such great support locally….of course the fuming all-Gum dog is one who’s expected to support such a position as his.

  92. wits0 says:

    Btw, I dropped in at your Blog, Simon. I should think that the meaning of “Moderation” is rather a subjective thing and needs lots of on-going analysis. I think the basis for it also demand a constant re-examination of what constitutes fairness in the broadest sense of the word.

    Apparently the above news article demonstrates that the authorities are unwilling to even allow free flow of information by international norm. As such, is not the expectancy of genuine fairness rather far-fetched? When openness is restricted, how to expect fairness? Without fairness, how far can “moderateness” be enabled and captures the people’s imagination without fading into inconsequential obscurity, leaving a hollow shell? The ball always goes back to the court of the Gomen but when it is immutable in its position, all otherwise good ideals descends into political correctness.

  93. monsterball says:

    witsO…They have created an incident to try talk all th shit all ovr again….but I am glad the now focus on me and not on Susan. You know…how they talk about Susan…so getting dull to readers……must now attack the ‘Drama King”
    How to do it?….get someone irritates Monsterball….and walla…the game is activated….but not play games anymore….a All Blog have no more game to play…but now..it is mug slinging game……hahahahaha..joined in by Rocky…hahahahaha
    Maybe idea of getting donations…all spoilt by monsterball….hahahahaha
    You see political bloggers with certain agendas are nice folks…they want unity…not disunity….as if we idiots do not know why.
    Now there are more than few blggers keeping away from them….yet they say Susan and Sheih’s blogs are being deserted because of me. Since I used the words sidekick and machais to Rocky……it has pricked his guilty conscience and here comes the mamak true character.
    Unbeleivable how so call honourable can stoop so low to try win favours
    Wel well well….Rocky and Big Dog have so so much aboyt me causing so much troubles…I said I have nowmy establshed reputations with my hundreds of comments put out. This is not a no balls barking dog. This is not a stupid commemntator….so let readers judge who are sincere and who are cunning and full of shit.
    I will not reveal.the nam….but today I had kunch with a welknown blogger and said….he does not like Rocky anymore and will no visit his blog.
    Finally…I am glad Rocky has said he is banning me front his blog….at least …I need not waste time to put out a comment. What a great Blog President he will become….start banning others…such leadrship by example is hard to get…….hahahahaha

  94. monsterball says:

    wow….what a smart way to advertise visting your blog….simon wee.
    Before that…not a ghost…then Rocky..Big Dog..few others…ALL F…..MONSTERBALL.
    You hve succeeded where oters have failed to ge attention.
    Better move to ‘Free Speech Zone”..if you wish to continue…until the day I get your summon….but ah…you are going to take BG and Rocky advises not to summon me lah…correct? nice show.

  95. wits0 says:

    Semantic wise, Simon, I prefer the word, “Truth” because it’s unlikely that a truthful person can be so without being righteous. And being righteous, it’s automatic that you’ll have to be moderate, but moderate without sacrificing the truthful principles. Re: Buddha’s teaching on the Middle Path.

    Whereas the MCA for ages has touted tself as being “moderate”, and selling other people’s asses cheap. See the simple difference in a word?

  96. monsterball says:

    FOLKS!! this lucy lee have taken out two nude photos of her two friends …completely nude…and those filthy words to describe what they like to do for men….leaving only an innocent half naked girl….now to prove monsterball is old ball. Who will ever marry such a dirty filthy girl?
    I hope those who saw the original…can now revisit and see the differences.
    simon wee…Are you are the mastermind to this cheap stunt?
    If not…when are you going to be a man and apologize?

  97. monsterball says:

    Susan…My lucky Drama Queen.
    Now the attack is on Drama King lah…so you rest.
    But best of all….Rocky has broken his silence. This mamak is truly proving what he really representing…A Pack Of Bloggers.

  98. simon wee says:

    Monsterball, we still have an unfinish business on hand, i.e. your challenge to sue you. As you talk about lawyers, you must know the procedures. Just give me your address and identify yourself as monsterball so that when the papers are served on you, you will not chicken out and say so and so is not monsterball. Have your say in court and the whole world will salute you. Name calling is not ethnical and could land you in trouble one fine day. I am waiting.

  99. noname says:

    Are we still on court room drama twist?
    Btw congrats to Monsterball for having a blog spot dedicated to him. I saw one also for Susan by another blogger.

  100. socratiz says:

    since the sacking of tun salleh abas… i had always been very sceptical of the integrity of our judiciary and the govt. it shows tht people in power can over ride.

    many high profile cases were lost not so much cos the defence team are all tht good but simply.. our prosecution team flawed miserably.

    in this altantuya’s murder trial many “unexpected twist of events” can happen and will happen…for sure. i am not at all surprise anymore than i am outrage if in the end the baginda guy gets a royal pardon( if found guilty) cos “…he is a very talented and capable man, intelligent and a waste if he were to die” and so on as his team of lawyers may put forth to the King. the one who goes to the gallows are the the other 2 chaps or maybe one.

    we wait and see…

  101. socratiz says:

    simon… u speak good sense.. and indeed u blog well and responsibly.


  102. Antares says:

    In case some of you missed it, here’s Tom Fuller’s report on the Altantuya case in the International Herald Tribune. At least Fuller goes straight to the point! [Thanks for the free sideshow while we wait for the murder trial to resume, monsterball and simon wee!]

  103. monsterball says:

    simon wee…Better still you give me your full address and I will give you few more reasons to sue me.
    Go play with your pussies….I have enough of you shit stuffs.

  104. monsterball says:

    noname…Thank you…Why we are Drama Queen and Drama King….made up by President of so call All blogs.
    They have nothing else to talk about Susan…so attack the “KING” loh.
    But mine is worst than Susan’s lah
    They use nudes girls to trap me…..hahahahahahaha

  105. monsterball says:

    Simon wee says name calling is not ethical…yet all the commentators in his blogs are calling me all sorts of names…and he thank them so much.
    What shit stuff he is.

  106. monsterball says:

    simon…you can still meet me face to face at Summit..1.30pm..8th instant.
    Why ask this or that…from others when you can get all the details by yourself tomorrow.

  107. simon wee says:

    It would appear that Susan and Elizabeth are another of his helpless victims. But being such nice persons, they would not like to cross him.

    As for monsterball he and me still have unfinish business. As in all judicial system, he will have his say and I’ll mine. The arbitrator of who is right and who is wrong is not him or me. Its the 3rd party. So to mosterball I am still waiting so that we can have our days where we can talk as much as possible and the 3rd party will pass judgment. As I have said earlier I would not like to waste time making all the effort and then having you, being who you are, denying so and so is mosterball. Hiding behind the cloak of mosterball and sewing your venom will not get the world to salute you.

    Just for the record, you were the one challenging me and to make your wish come true, you have the divine duty to do the needful like giving your name and address so that your wish can be fulfiled to your full satisfaction. Its that so much to ask.

    I am waiting and god bless you.

  108. simon wee says:

    Socratiz, tks much for the 3rd party comment.

  109. simon wee says:

    Politicians uisng the court system for their own ends has been well recorded throughout history. For the sake of Malaysia’s reputation, lets hope the Altantuya’s case will not deteriorate to that level because this time the whole world is watching.

    As for the case, the prosecution is now saying the change of lead prosecutor was because the previous one was seen playing badminton with the judge. But I thought that kind of judicial behavior was well documented in the annal of the Malaysian judiciary.

    God bless Malaysia.

  110. somethingStirring says:

    I read somewhere not only it is important that justice is done, it must also seen to be done. Can we expect justice in this trial?If there is a hand manipulating this trial, it should be chopped off.

    When things turn bad we always turn to God. When it’s affair of a nation that we are concerned about, we turn to the head of the Government. As usual he is silent. Ah, he is busy.

    It is unfortunate that our lawyers and judges are not more like our Works Minister. He knows how to hang on to his job.

  111. monsterball says:

    Wow ….Had lunch with Black and few bloggers yesterday and my handsome face is splashed all over his blog…so embarrassingly nice…..hahahahahaha

  112. monsterball says:

    I mean “Amin Iskandar@Black ” blog. There so many chances for anyone to do anything to me…that is…. if they have the balls.

  113. 2legit2quit says:

    There appears to be too many interference with the defence, trial judges and prosecution team that the trial looks like it is heading for another circus act altogether. Now with the AG coming out with his “playing badminton with the trial judge” reason, I have lost all faith in the judicial process and seriously doubt that the trial would be fair and that Altantunya’s family will receive justice in the end. Perhaps it up to KARPAL to get to the bottom of the matter in the 100 million civil suit that Shaaribu Setev is instituting. Go Karpal go.. Malaysia is starving for justice to be done.

  114. monsterball says:

    First and foremost Judge and lawyers involving the case must never be together. How on Earth they can be seen playing badminton together?
    This shows how shallow some of our so call legal brains in Malaysia.
    Glad Antony General explained the reasons….but it looks like a planned job purposely to throw the court case into a rojak one….playing badminton together.
    What will be next?
    So many foreigners reporters are caught doing nothing.
    Met few NGO’s….won’t tell who…that are wilding the time away…until court case resumes. Real nice down to earth blokes.
    And ofcourse…met bamboo river for he first time. Details…I leave him to put out….except saying…it was a real pleasure to finally meet him.
    We had a ball…didn’t we…bamboo river??

  115. noname says:

    okay now i’m really lost. Who the hell is antony general?

  116. monsterball says:

    Sorry … bad spelling…but everybody knows I am saying ATTORNEY GENERAL

  117. simon wee says:

    The prognosis is out.

    Monsterball’s lawyer will plead the defence of “hospital Bahagia” syndrome. The judge, after one look at his pathetic condition, will concur and issues the judgment accordingly rendering the court effort to naught. From precedent, an accused can also get away with murder in such a condition.

    As for me, there are easier ways to deal with such a symptom of “Hai Lam Tin”. Anyone who wants to know more about the symtom. can consult Dr Lim Keng Yak. He has a medica full of such symptom.

  118. socratiz says:

    hmm… nice… very nice. a symptom call “hai lam tin.” dont know wht that really means. but it sure sounds mean simon.

  119. socratiz says:

    simon wee..you can stuff your opinion into your mouth! I meant well for the blog owner and concern about youngsters and don’t try to be too smart. Just get me sued or shut up!

    monsterball…. not trying to engage u for an argument here but wht simon say is true. it isnt his opinion. it IS the law. it is a precedent set.

    hope u can accept the law as it is. do not deny it out of anger.

  120. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Folks,
    This IS Susan’s post on the Altantuya trial. For all unrelated fun and games, Susan does provide a FREE SPEECH ZONE. Make use of it

  121. susan loone says:

    Simon Wee and Monsterball, do take your pre-court room drama elsewhere. this is not the post for it.

    Also, Simon, do take up Monsterball’s invitation to meet him face to face.

    Settle stuff, you two, like gentlemen. 😦

  122. wits0 says:

    She is not amused.

  123. bamboo river says:

    Witso, can’t blame Susan. This “court room” is already reserved for late Altantuya’s case. So guys, please transfer your pending case to “Free Speech Zone ” court .Address provided. Please empty the court room.
    Thank you.

  124. bamboo river says:

    Out of court settlement is another option. Coffee and spicy puff is on me.

  125. monsterball says:

    kittykat46…you smart Tom cat!! You hit it on the nail! I sometimes think you are a pussy with your nick….until someone reminds me again ….hahahahaha
    Have met bamboo river…hope one day witsO and kittykat46 can have a cigar with me. Like I said…you can read a person’s character by the message put out and bamboo river is exactly as I expected when meeting him face to face…..so said he of me….hahahahaha

  126. simon wee says:

    Susan, now that you have spoken, you wish is my command. Hope we will have a chance to discuss more intellectual stuff for the future of Malaysia–the truth as you put it. Rgds

  127. monsterball says:

    Okay….Back to Altantuya matters!!
    A Bar Council lawyer is speaking so much…this or that….as to conclude….reading his arguments…..meaning all lawyers in the case should be disqualified.
    I was wondering …why can’t an Indian or Chinese judge be appointed..to at least shout off some suspicions. Must it be a Malay judge …judging his own race on a case that attracted so much International interests?

  128. simon wee says:

    Dear kittykat46,

    On reflection, monstercork…op…sorry…monsterball refered Lucy Lee as pussies. then he refered you as pussy. I am sure you more dignified than that. rgds Simon

  129. simon wee says:

    Dear Bloggers,
    If anyone with an axe to grind with the infamous “monsterball” there will be an upcoing blog in simonscwee.blogspot.com with display of his brith cert, IC, marriage or divorce serct, his company and clients etc.

  130. monsterball says:

    wow…..You are a real great investigator.
    Go ahead…..tell all….now that you know all….go file your summon on me.
    I like to meet you in court.
    Like Susan says….the more people wants to know you…the more you are getting popular.
    Publish all my life details prove you are a lousy lawyer with no principles in life….go ahead do it!!

  131. monsterball says:

    You are a real instigator too!! pussy in so many meanings ….and kittykat is a man. Even if she is a cute girl or lady…like one using the word ‘BASTARD” depends on who you are referring to….one can be an insult,….another a sign of brotherly love. There you see…you cheap lawyer….you don’t know the difference. Same as pussy…..husbands or dear friends can call a girl…..hi my pussy where have you been so long?…..means great fondness.
    Ah….why explain to one who is trying to strip me apart.
    Anyway…..great….as it will tell the whole world…I gave not told a lie about myself .Actually it will strenghtened my reputations as a very truthful man….but you… simon wee will have a reputation as an unprofessional lawyer..

  132. monsterball says:

    I still think you want people to visit your blog. Why not put out here.
    Be a gentleman….don’t keep asking everyone to visit your stupid political blog.

  133. monsterball says:

    simon wee…please please expose all my clients. I love to read your findings……hahahahahaha
    Thanks in advance for advertising free of charge about me.

  134. monsterball says:

    kitttykat46 is laughing like hell….you prick…..hahahahaha

  135. monsterball says:

    simon wee..
    must be in plural…’divorces’ certificates!!
    I had three ex wives.

  136. monsterball says:

    I am inspired by PAK lah getting married again. I am same age as he.
    If he can read this and say…”hi monterball go get married like me”…I will jumpt and obey…but who wants to marry monsterball…three time losers?
    Better stay single…correct simon wee?

  137. monsterball says:

    hi simon wee..Bring ALL your personal attack on me at ‘Free Speech Zone”
    Why do you keep on discrupting the Altantuya murder case posted by Susan’s?
    Have you got an agenda?
    Are you an idiot…no manners lawyer?
    Go to ‘FREE SPEECH ZONE”….There I got so many more reasons for you to sue me.
    This will be my last message here. I will reply to you there.
    Sorry folks…continue your post…on murder case.

  138. monsterball says:

    I am going to repeat on the Altantuya murder case
    What confuse me is that…why not a Chinese or and Indian judge be appointed?
    As this is a murder case …obviously involving malay political people…and I think it is more important than Anwar’s case….plus the fact it involves Mongolia…why not show some commonsense and put out another race judge instead of a malay? Surely there are dozens to choose from.

  139. Mason From Kuching says:

    As a ragtag Malaysian, I’ll have to 100% agree with a ‘Malaysiakini’ editorial that the Italian Mafia’s brute-The ‘omerta’, a lethal hired gun to dispose of their potential enemies and on the inversion in Malaysia it is usually done with a ‘little’ finese as of what we are seeing here, from Tun salleh Abbas to Anwar Ibrahim to Tian Chua and countless of unreported ragtags.

    To explicitly shows unbiasms, the AG whether under eminence grise or otherwise denatured ‘a-change-of-hands’ empthatically showing the chamber’s pre-eminent precept, and later at the crescendo Razak Baginda will be exonerated and the two mercenary-cops takes the maximum penalty.

    Abdul Razak Baginda is unmistakably an intellingent man or more accurately a master-con-artist with powerful-hands behind him. His police charged-sheets were inked with his brilliant masterpiece-that he undertook neccesarily measures by reporting the stalker, Altantuya and at no time he ordered the rogue-cops to harm let alone murder the victim, pinning the crime against the cops.

    When the trial is over, the calculated verdict can be inducted onto the ‘Hall-Of-Shame’, parading along the superstars constellation of O.J. Simpson, Suharto and other magnificent stars.

    Oh yeah, btw, I was wondering who is fighting who here. May I speak, it seems that my fellow commentors, Simon Wee and Monsterball were trading punches. How’s your boiling tempers brothers? I promptly suggest both of yous be enlightened by visiting http://www.internationalsexguide.com and be a forumer and hey, if you guys happen to come to Kuching, east Bolehland, beep me, I will surely show you guys the meanings of life.


  140. anon @ K9 says:

    Simon wee, the battle between you and that monsterball is personal.
    But no need lah to expose everything about his details. You got agent ah?
    I also want to check certain people to deal with them.
    I think you had broke the cardinal rule of blogging.
    Well, I have lost my trust and respect to you in the first place.
    How lah like that.?

  141. monsterball says:

    anon @ k9..Thank you very much.
    He has revealed all….threatening to exposed more and taking legal actions against me on few things. Let him do it!!
    Now sha101…and even Rocky the so call President of All Blogs have all joined in with posts against me…..is that not a sign I am doing something right for blogsphere?
    I love to meet this simon wee.

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