The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah court

Mr. Shariibuu came for the justice of his daughter

In solidarity with Altantuya

The “police truck” that brought Razak and another two

Karpal Singh the “observer”

The “famous” Razak Baginda

All photo’s by Black.


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  1. Philip Lau says:

    Shocking & Disgraceful, wasting of time and expenses for the many foreign witnesses and journalists to be present. Unlike they will stay in the country until the 18th June 2007 for the trial.

    Why can’t the change of prosecution officers be arranged much earlier, last moment, unbelievable? I smell a rat and wonder are there any other intrigues, since.

  2. monsterball says:

    Now this need a lawyer to F…them proper and well.
    You said you are a lawyer…Philip….why don’t you fly down from S’pore to KL…so near… two weeks from now…and F…them there and then…if another postponement occurs.

  3. Philip Lau says:

    Well Monty, I would love to attend for hearing as of public interest and knowledge. Regret, I have prior arrangement and commitment. You do not know who am I neither do I know you. In my personal and humble opinion, this case case may affects the region. Please note I have no standing whatsoever in their court. Sorry, to tell you, we do not use the language and tone that are used by some Malaysians.

  4. Hammerhead says:

    Wow, Susan….you must be standing right in front of the crowd ah? How come all the shots are close up? Or is it just zoom? Good work.

  5. monsterball says:

    Wow Philip….I was trying to ask you to expressed your most excellent protest…just incase there is another extention….for God knows….what other reasons.
    Don’t start insulting Malaysians…as if you Singaporeans are all ONE SCREW LOOSE like …who?…will not say..may get deleted. based on too personal…..hahahahaha.

  6. monsterball says:

    Philip…You have been posting long long messages more than THREE TIMES….same message urging Susan to attend court…She kept quiet…first time is already saying back to you…no comments..not interested to answer you….yet your smart lawyer head tells you to keep pestering her…but when I ask you one time…you sound so busy busy. So you are such an important man…wow even an lawyer..talking weird stuffs?

  7. monsterball says:

    You are proving some Singaporeans ..DO NOT HAVE MANNERS….EVEN LIARS

  8. Philip Lau says:

    Well! Monty. My “protest,” if any, does not carry any weight as I am a foreigner, not like you, a Malaysian, you have every right to do so. That is the only reason. Please note that I do not insult Malaysians as you say. As a matter of fact, many of my Malaysian friends are my best friends and colleagues whether here or in central Malaya itself. Many of them are our Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers. We are share the same boat. HiHiHiHiHi. No, I do not intend to do any research on you, only you had made known your name as one S S Goh, (am I right,) when you had an arguement with another commentator, leading to the personal intervention of Susan, I recollect.

  9. Philip Lau says:

    I need not answer to all your petty remarks. It is a waste of time. Well! Susan has covered the Mongolian case very well. Since she has most if not all the data on this Altantuya case, she told me that she may write a book on this subject. I hope she will do it provided she has the time, In fact she covered this toipic so well better than all the other newspapers put together.

  10. monsterball says:

    Who cares if you even know our King …..Philip.
    You started to insult Malaysians…now make a round-a-bout’
    I debate with nice blokes…argue with some that are not so nice…and insult few who tries to brag and talk as if they are so important….and one more group…also F…few who are nutty.
    So which group is you Philip…so I CAN TUNE MY MIND TO TALK TO YOU….FOR i DO NOT TREAT ALL MEN ARE EQUAL IN THIS GODFORSAKEN WORLD… some still do. Those are hypocrites.

  11. wits0 says:

    Susan, all the images are far too large(at around 3Mbyte each) and needed resizing. No wonder the page becomes so “sticky” slow and images looked so sideway compressed. 3.4K by 2.2K pixel too large.

    Perhaps something like 700x500pixel is already more than adequate. Then maybe it’ll take up only over 200Kb each. 😉

  12. kontraktor says:

    The first thing that struck me was how fast the “Mahkamah” signboard deteriorated! Being a relatively new building the white paint should not have grown mouldy, hence turned black so fast. Look at the road divider also – the white parts of the black and white are turning black as well. And the condition of the roads…my oh my!

    The above provide evidence of shoddy workmanship and sub-standard material (e.g cheap paint that don’t last a few months) – can you investigate how much was spent building the courthouse?

  13. monsterball says:

    Somehow I am unable to view all those photos…from my desk or lap top..just a glimps of them.
    Anyone have same problem?
    kontraktor….Just pure poor quality at very high prices won by tenderers.
    I just hope no one will be killed by one huge roof collapse under.
    Judging frm all the signs…we may see one big lousy a freeway……just break ino halves…as if strucked by an earthquake!!
    Hope Parliament house experiences wake up the PM to the real truth.

  14. wits0 says:

    Even with a Duo Core Pentium 1.86GH Processor and a Gigbyte of RAM, it takes ages to load the pictures. Each picture is about 3+ MB in size. Shot with a superb Canon EOS at maybe 10 Mpx, it’s far too “rich” to be used direct without being first resized to no more than 700x500px. I’ve emailed Susan about the matter.

  15. Hammerhead says:

    I can view all the pictures no problem. Also very fast. My computer only 1.73GHz, and RAM only 512MB. Maybe its just the internet speed to your computer that is the limiting factor.

  16. observer says:

    Not ONLY are the photos over sized, their 4×3 ratio are distorted into 2.5 x3; all the faces and people are distorted.

  17. monsterball says:

    Thanks guys…Yes I left it for awhile and got the out of shape photos.

  18. monsterball says:

    Seeing over and over again Baginda’s face and reading his high position and so well educated person…I simply cannot understand why he can instruct the murders to use c4…if ever it was his instructions or is he the real murderer?
    If one close the eyes and imagine a character for such cruelty…why it must be from a furious very jealous woman with great powers and lots of money.
    Those murderers are hired guns…also cannot use c4 without authorities. they cannot be that foolish….so who has the authority..Najib…..but he denied …and PM supported him.
    We all expected some sensational news or announcement by Najib before court case end….come on guys….are we not expecting his resignations?
    Yet cool as a cucumber… nothing involving him at all.
    This case will surely be more important that Anwar.
    Is the delay tactics to frustrate foreign reporters?
    We may joke this or that reasons……but it is quite frustrating to stay extra 14 days …doing nothing. Hope all stay and enjoy Malaysia. What about a nice slow walking to and fro…by old road..quite nice up to date kampongs for them to see. That will be interesting and take 10 days at least…. with very little spending needed.

  19. monsterball says:

    Baginda smiling and joking indicates he maybe the wrong man accused of murder. Then who is the right PERSON?
    Two weeks more?
    This is killing me..what about those from far away land?
    I may as well…go for a short vacation to….hahahahahahaha

  20. Antares says:

    Hi Monsterball… I enjoyed your last comment, funny and sharp! In case this Star report went unnoticed, I’m quoting an eexcerpt below. [Would have liked to emphasise the final para in BOLD RED LETTERS… but how ah, Susan? Does WordPress accept html code in the comments?]

    SHAH ALAM: Altantuya Shaariibuu’s parents and sons have filed a RM100mil suit against the three accused in her murder trial and the Government.

    They are seeking the sum as damages for losses suffered due to Altantuya’s death.

    Shaariibuu Setev, his wife, Altantsetseg Sanjaa, and Altantuya’s two sons – Mungunshagai Bayarjargal, 10, and Altanshagai Munkhtulga, five, filed the action at the High Court here yesterday.

    They said the alleged acts of the accused C/Insp Azilah Hadri, Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar and political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, which led to the brutal murder of the 28-year-old, had caused them mental shock and psychological trauma.

    “The brutal and barbaric manner in which she was murdered and her body blown up by C-4 explosives available only at the behest of high authority in the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Malaysian Police Force, have shocked and outraged the world,” they said in the suit.


    Somebody told me an interesting detail which I have yet to confirm. Altantuya’s body was blown up in a remote jungle near Puncak Alam and nobody was supposed to know what had happened to the Mongoolian Matahari… but, alas for the perpetrators of this dastardly plot, some Orang Asli were living in the vicinity and were startled by the explosion. Apparently, it was them who reported the disturbance to the nearest police station the nexdt morning… and that’s when the “perfect murder” became less than perfect!

  21. monsterball says:

    Those are idiots murderers Antares…only can find in Malaysia.
    Get a speed boat with the most silent powerful engine…pretend yo fo fishing…better still a yatch….more stylo multi millionaires going fishing. Dress that lady policewoman dressed in small sexy companion in waiting for anything….then tie the body to a huge cement slap and dunb the body into the deep deep ocean…let the sharks eat it….at least still worth something…after being murdered.
    God must be mad to see those idiots not feeding the sharks at least and wake up the Orang Asli…to give then hell.
    Not that I approve all that..but one needs to think like a murderer to understand the logic of what’s happening…and the logic….only can find in Malaysia. MALAYSIA MEMANG BOLEH LAH…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. monsterball says:

    Wow!! That Mongolian young chick sure look sexy and such fair and smooth skin too. Even an old man like me can be aroused with all sorts of imasginations….so you can imagine the girl that got murdered …even more beautiful..who can speak 4 languages…so well educated. How to work…when you have such sexy chick around?
    THEN!! From Mongolia…a country that strives on being old fashion and no change for thousand of years.
    She looks not like going to a court case…but to a fashion show.
    I wonder how is the judge and lawyers going to concentrate with such a beauty. If me…the lawyer….sure gone case….cannot concentrate.

  23. Hammerhead says:

    hahaha monsterball, good thing the accused did not employ you, otherwise they sure kena death penalty already…

  24. monsterball says:

    Instead of saying….’Your Honor..I put it to you…bla bla bla”
    I may say….’your honor… I put her to me…bla bla bla…..”
    Then …instead of saying..’from her own lips….bla bla bla”
    I may say.’From her juicy lips…ba bla bla..”
    Then..’your honour…not one part of her body can be examined properly….bla bla bla”
    I may say..’your honour..not one part of her body I want to miss to examine. properly….bla ba bla”
    So how to be a lawyer with my weak mind and roving eyes?
    But Judge may smile….not knowing what I am talking about…but do not want to show he is a stupid judge. As you know all idiots do smile when they don’t know what was said..trying to be too smart.

  25. monsterball says:

    Mongo father suing Govt. RM100 million
    Baginda is smiling!!
    Can this be the biggest con job of Malaysia?
    No body…all in small pieces…cannot identify… how can prosecutors prove it is a victim and not an animal being blown up?
    But govt. said it is momgo body…therefore mongo father can rightfully sue for compensations.
    All set free…short of real evidences…govt pay RM100 million.
    This will be even bigger than the classic Great Train Robbery in London!!
    Ours will be known as the classic of the most idiotic govt. on Earth..being con by Mongolians…that is …if my brain is thinking right…..hahahahahaha

  26. wits0 says:

    Logic says the aggrieved Mongolians are not frivolous ; it sounds solid. The Gomen is strongly implicated in that Civil suit.

    All set free, just pay RM100 million? Unlikely and mite too late but some certainly may even dream so. The State prosecution part will at least need (culpable)fallguys like the way Aztecs do with sacrificial human parties now to apparently ‘satisfy’ the System and Image.

  27. patriot4220 says:

    Will anyone be surprised of the VIP will be scot free and someone will take the blame? The script is already written and it will just take time before everything is unfolded.

  28. HydroDragon says:

    I don’t live in Malaysia but have been following this case as it is too intriguing. Suddenly, there’s no more news about this trial. What happened? Can anyone provide some information? Thanks.

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