[Note: Sorry for this late entry on the highly controversial PKR congress. I’ve been infected with a laughing bug. Also, I’ve been rather busy with a certain ‘project’].

PKR’s high noon drama at its recent congress got everyone fuming. It seems the antics of PKR’s key players have done more damage to themselves than anything else. Umno may not even have to worry about PKR these days, at the rate they are inflicting self-injuries unto themselves.

The power play, unspoken but obvious to observers and members alike, between two of Anwar Ibrahim’s closest allies – Azmin Ali and Ezam Mohd. Nor, has reached dangerous propotions, as you see portions of it spilling into the works of the latest congress. I thought the latter wanted to concentrate on NGO work, but his return to the PKR fray, may be a strategic move to balance Azmin’s forces.

Is Azmin getting too heady with power? He is seen as the one pulling the reins behind Anwar’s moves, like telling Anwar to ask Jeffrey Kittigan to withdraw from the contest, and the former complied. If true, isn’t this familiar? Like a certain son-in-law rumoured to be the pilot behind a certain jet plane.

The new line-up, according to observers are leader driven. While the results of the elections indicated that the Youth section is still under the influence of Ezam, the other sectors are very much beneath Azmin’s wings.

A side drama, but a controversial one nonetheless, where the results for the Youth election was announced late, with allegations of ballots missing should really be looked into, and not to be left unchecked.

Other major grievances about the latest showing include the marginalisation of ex-PRM and Chinese party leaders. There are also elements of sabotage, for example, voting against party leaders, who wants a more multi-racial team.

New-comer cum human rights activists and blogger ELizabeth Wong’s loss was said to be due to this.

Is this the reward after Ijok, where PKR gain some entry into Chinese households? Remember what the party election director Azmin said then? That many of the Chinese voters were not pro-DAP or MCA. Not making way for its non-Malay leaders in PKR is a poor strategy, and will backfire when PKR stands for elections, in Ijok or elsewhere.

All these also means, a very worrying trend of insiders wanting to turn PKR into another Malay dominant party, ala UMNO? Or, is it PAS? Does the nation need another ultra-Malay supremacist, freedom-hater, blogger-hater, women-hater and keris-wielding party in the next 50 years?

Meanwhile, Anwar’s about turn from contesting for the presidency post raised many eye-brows. Why blame the ROS for something already obvious? From the beginning, it had already been a political decision to contest, haven’t all the possibilities been weighed? And why write to the ROS for approval? Why create ruckus with the indecision?

Unless it is to create a sandiwara(drama) of the “victimised saint” again, to show the over-repressiveness of the system, but people do tire of these antics, and the result of such games, costly and disastrous.

Having always to deal with credibility and leadership issues, this recent debacle did not do much to resolve the question of trust often hovering over Anwar head, like a storm cloud. Later blaming others like the ROS or even his lawyers’ persuasions for not contesting, failed to project Anwar as a firm and determined leader.

Perhaps, it was PKR’s way of wheeling and dealing, to use UMNO as the bogeyman, to create impact and prove once again the BN government’s oppresiveness via ROS?

But over-used ploy failed to impress the members, who are not fools already to begin with. A 55.8 percent (low) turn-out at the congress, when Anwar is the key actor, tells quite a lot about the party or Anwar’s ability to attract its hard-core members .

Too much drama and confusion also leads to low motivation. Participation at the debates were said to be low key and speeches were uninspiring, at least to those who want to see the party push forward the agenda for change.

Looking back now, it was quite a bad idea to have party elections when the General Elections are in the offing. What a bad publicity, and it’s not even free.

From what I gather, I can only say that a steady process of UMNOnisation of PKR is fast emerging. The power struggle, factional fights, heavy reliance and hero-worship of one leader, high noon dramas and the marginalisation of other races and minority groups, have set the stage for PKR to be transformed into the likes of UMNO. This is a dangerous momentum, and the monster we fear most.

But is this what members want? It’s true that members may want Anwar to lead the party still, but definitely, not as a dictator. If they want a feudalistic party, led by a dictator, with all the usual pomps of hidup Melayu, there is eternally UMNO, waiting with open arms.

At the end, Anwar said he would remain as the party’s de facto leader behind the scenes, arguing he could still be effective without an official post, which left some observers sceptical, and this blogger feeling ‘weird’ (for doesn’t this mean dictatorship also?). This also means his wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who continues to be party president, is merely a puppet on a string (some would say, but hasn’t she always been?)

For example, political analyst Khoo Kay Peng told AFP that “It will be interesting to see what role Anwar will be playing, after all this”.

“He has positioned PKR as a party that fights for democracy, but he being a de facto leader is a mockery of democracy. “It is a political blunder on his part right from the beginning,” he said.

Its a disappointment to learn that the six years in prison may not have taught Anwar much in this aspect. We thought those many years of incarceration would break the chains of feudalism and old politics in his mind. But I guess, he may be misled by ultra supporters who gave him the wrong impression, making him feel like a king.

Be realistic. The people, especially those who support the agenda for total change, wants Anwar to oust UMNO and BN from the political landscape of this country, not to emulate them and turn the Opposition party into another hegemony of power, idealogically corrupt, feudalistic and very racist.

The PKR congress could have been better without Anwar’s inteference. At the end of the day, the congress was reduced to this:

The absence of policy debates among the leading candidates means that there is little priority in making political competition as a way to sharpen policy innovations. The end results are winners come from those who show most `faithfulness’ to political leaders and not those `faithful’ to political struggles/idealism/people’s aspirations. It is really a replication of UMNO/BN politicking,” said a commentator from freemedia.com.

After this performance, can you imagine what it would be like at the coming general elections?

Read also some analysts observations in Malaysiakini.com

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  1. monsterball says:

    Simply put…ANWAR IS UNRELIABLE….HAS ALWAYS BEEN….AND STILL IS…for his cunningness is unsteady…not like TDM.
    UMNO supporters will tell you Anwar is finished. I NEVER BELIEVE THEM.
    Anwar is not finished…far from it….his party has no back bones….no clear directions…making supporters malu …dare not say openly …”we support PKR”.
    PKR have one seat in Parliament……yet talk so big to DAP….that Ezam is shit stuffs…yet seems so powerful…because so many supports him? Then PKR is shit party.
    Actually quite difficult to understand certain malays mentalities.
    Good luck to DAP…which I hope will team up SINCERELY with PKR..but not at the expense to give up their Party’s dignity and reputations. Majority Chinese are always with DAP…don’t make same mistake like before.
    Go alone and capture one or two States as strong opposition…if that’s God’s will..but nice to find a combination to take over as Malaysia government for a change.
    Right now…PKR is a just a hope…an alternative for voters..not a compulsory to support them….but daily UMNO make their supporters happy and proud..so that’s Malaysian politics. No wonder BN can stay so long…..yet PKR eyes are blind with stupid logics.
    Anwar refusing to go for election….that’s okay….what do we care and what do we know…..as long as PKR will be able to field all their planned candidates…that’ matter most..but reading PKR now having words of angers with DAP is sad.

  2. monsterball says:

    And Anwar strangely said few months ago ..that he holds no animosity against TDM for jailing him 6 years!!
    Such great forgiveness cannot come from a dirty politician. It must be from one….giving up politics and devote whole life to Allah…like that Moktar…??? kept his word and gave up politics.
    Then KuLi…so close to TDM…as seen from TDM’s last visit to Kota Baru.
    All this pointing both are against Pak Lah….not UMNO….both hoping to be PM…short cut way?
    Whatever it is….KuLi is in UMNO…so can be quite natural to forgive… after all…he lost millions…not went to 6 years jail for nothing.
    If by saying he forgives TDM…Anwar thinks he can get better malays support…he is very very wrong.
    So who is the real Anwar?
    He has to show to voters clearly who he is…not continuously prove he can change his mind…something he is quite famous to do.

  3. Philip Lau says:

    The Anwar now is so different of the Anwar of yesterday. It appears as a strategist and a tactician politician, he has been making serious miscalculations to the tragedy of his own political party, of himself and his wife and the thousands who support him.

    Mrs Anwar is never and will never be an effective politician as she is not ruthless, cunning and have not the qualitties of a politician at all. She is an excellent mother, and house wife and a perfect companion to her husband. Many people every where were very pitiful for her in the manner how her husband was fabricated by TDM, the disgraced former Inspector-General General Rahim Noor and many others and their children.

    I must say the desire and leanings to be the President of his political party in his present circumstances is shocking and he could do so only after 15th April 2008. His repeated statement to challenge the decision of the Registrar of Societies is stupidly the consequences he should know will be too serious if he went through and won the election as President of his Political Party. Of course the ROS will then deregister his party without the slightest doubt. He refused to listen to his solicitors on their advice. A sane politician will not take such an action.

    Another serious mistake he uttered he has made known on record he told the world that though he is not an elected President if his Party, his wife is, he is matter of fact, the DE FACTO PRESIDENT. If I am the Registrar of Society, (ROS) based on what Anwar uttered, the ROS will then strike of his Party under the Societies Act. I am unable to understand him now, such a brillient man, behaving as he is now.

    I still believe Anwar can still be reckoned as a political force to unite as far as possible what they called the Barisan Alternative. The problem will his Justice Party able to obtain support from the Chinese and the Indians. It is very doubtful. All or most Malaysians will still think that is a MALAY PARTY, some resemblance of UMNO and PAS. At all costs Anwar must join hands with DAP as they are old hands in Malaysian politics, as his leader, TMD had put him in prison.

    Again, I agree with Monty, that Anwar inspite of his long sufferings of 10 years or nore had forgiven TDM. He should never do so, He had made serious political mistake on such an action. What happen to his Court case against TDM for 100 million? Has TDM paid him the money, settled out of Court? I must say that among all Malaysians TDM is the most cunning one and can put all of them in his pocket. But TDM is NOT the class of MM Lee Kuan Yew at all. Remember, TDM’s father is a Pakistani and see how the present President of Pakstan handled his political problems. He has Nine lives. Osama tried to kill him on at least THRE occassions and yet unsuccessful.

    I believe his best adviser will still be the great Raja Petra Kamaraddin. Will he help him?. Please always bear in mind that Ku Li is on the side line waiting for the time to enter the arena.

  4. wits0 says:

    Philip: He had made serious political mistake on such an action. What happen to his Court case against TDM for 100 million?”

    Yeah. Proving that a “strategist” usually gets too smart for his own good. Another prominent one is awaitng trail.

    That he has been riding two horses all along is made more and more evident with this Umnofication process is now ever clearer than before. Seems that PKR now has thrown in the towel and quit pretending that it can represent a large spectrum of the people and has no blueprint different from UMNO’s.

  5. Philip Lau says:

    I note from the press that Anwar is claiming 100 Million from TDM. There is no mistake for what I read. Please note this is not my action. What mistake?

  6. monsterball says:

    That was donkey months ago Philip. You got to keep up latest developments.

  7. Philip Lau says:


    It was only lately, not “donkey Months,” as you say.

  8. monsterball says:

    okay …then have you keep track with his latest habits?

  9. monsterball says:

    Please address me properly as I do to you Phlilip!!

  10. Hammerhead says:

    I have never trusted Anwar, and still don’t.

  11. wits0 says:

    Everytime Anwar seems to be taking a positive step forward, he’ll shoot himself in the foot and retreat two steps. After a while more and more hopeful people simply has to face the reality of what he represents. He can keep his “charisma” and cling to it like a life jacket as the Titanic sinks.

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  13. jeancumlately says:

    Susan: Does the nation need another ultra-Malay supremacist, freedom-hater, blogger-hater, women-hater and keris-wielding party in the next 50 years?

    UMNO a women-hater? Must be a typo la susan! Some of them will sell their mothers for the likes of maya karin, ziana zain… and its an open secret where they would bring their supporters before and after the umno elections. Pattaya, medan, bali, dumai… yeah right, playing golf.

    Lets face it la susan. All parties are race-based and the only party that are not race-based is PKR. It is personality-based. It is basically DSAI’s party – fighting for his freedom and his ambition to be pm. Give him a keris, he’ll wield it too if it can bring him the PMship.

    (Lets just wait for his “right time” to take out boxes of corruption evidence he claimed to have. Until then he is no better then badawi, sammy vellu, kj, nazri….)

  14. monsterball says:

    Can we conclude Anwar is a very very selfish man?
    I have seen so many brilliant smart men…but truly selfish.
    Every move..every word before he made are calculated to benefit himself only. that’s why when he had best chance to topple TDM ..he did not take it,,thinking he can drag on …until he can expose TDM on corruptions. TDM just put him in jail and shut his mouth up for 6 years.
    He said he has boxes and boxes of evidences hidden and will expose TDM when he was released. NOW WHERE ARE THE BOXES OF EVIDENCES TO PUT MAHATHIR INTO DEEP SIT TROUBLE??
    The whole country pitied him…cared for his health…yet now out…he talks nonsense to the public…shows how sincere he is,
    Anwar owes the people of Malaysia alot…yet he is so ungrateful. We prayed…hoped and prayed he will not die in jail..does he know that?
    witsO described him well…but we cannot always understand him…sometimes very difficult to do so ..especially for a malay politician by a chinese layman. They can be mild mannered..but have no manners or gratitudes…..most of them are like that. I wonder why…but from the ordinary life ..malays are so wonderful…so polite and so non racialists people. That’s why TDM cannot fool malays anymore. Is Anwar awake to this reality?

  15. nghgds says:

    NOW WHERE ARE THE BOXES OF EVIDENCES TO PUT MAHATHIR INTO DEEP SIT TROUBLE? Wan Azizah unwittingly sold them to the old newspaperman while Anwar was enjoying life in jail

  16. monsterball says:

    Can you imagine Anwar spent 365×5 days in jail….in a small cell..away from natural life..enjoying it to be so gracious to forgive TDM?
    Even if he have all the comforts..don’t tell me he bed is a Slumberland…TV is 32 ” LPD….eating nice meals of his choices?
    Credit must be given to him….able to pass the 6 years with such great positive attitude and determinations.
    I don’t care how religious he is…but forgiving TDM is not about to show his gracious and God fearing nature. It is about his cunning and selfish strategy for personal benefits.
    This man has amazing abilities to get people’s attention to admire ..hate or pity him….but sadly also not to trust him. That’s why..he is the only man TDM was afraid of. By saying he forgave TDM…can it be that he is really a homosexual man?
    When he was in office…stories were going around how he loves women…..like our own Bill Clinton….a womanizer.
    Anyway..lets see his coming court case filed against TDM….also be be in June.

  17. monsterball says:

    365 x 6…not 5…days in prison….sorry typing mistake!

  18. minglee says:

    it’s a little disaapointing coming to susan’s blog, drawn by her excellent posts only to find the comment section completely innundated, overwhelmed with monsterball’s comments.
    Not meaning necessarily to reflect negatively on monty’s views, but given a little bit of perspective, can you see how this flooding and swamping even if unintentional snuffs out the possibility of diversity; of having all voices heard? Which surely many people have interesting things to say in response to Susan’s excellent and insightful commentaries on current issues and events?

    Please, let all others be heard, too.

  19. monsterball says:

    Go ahead talk!!

  20. wits0 says:

    Those “THE BOXES OF EVIDENCES’, must’ve evaporated….together with the bluster. The claim was (also?) made by Ezam(whose name makes one think of Epsom salts).

    While in jail his book, “The Renaissance Man”, was being promoted. Never read it. I suppose that if it contained anything of great insights, it would have manifested through him by now and widely quoted from.

    We remember that on his release from jail, he flew to the Saudi kingdom because the air was more recuperative than elsewhere. Reports(M’siakini) had it then that the flight was specially chartered for him. (Denied, but what’s really the truth?)

    Jean, looks like the boxes of goodies aren’t about to materialize ; we are expected to have a lapse of memory over them….a M’sian expectation, a regular top down one.

  21. susmaryosep says:

    I agree that when you visit blogs, you always see someone monopolising the ‘conversation’, but in this instance, I think monsterball has said what we all feel in our hearts, that is, Anwar cannot be trusted at all.. By the way is there a trustworthy politicain, which is an oxymoron anyway!

  22. susan loone says:


    it’s true monty talks too much but the blogosphere is not like a newspaper, coffee shop or a conference where there is time limit or space limit. for example, if someone talks too much, others are deprived of time and space to talk.

    in blogosphere, space and time is endless, unlimited. everyone has equal space and time to talk, comment, etc. you will never be deprived of your space or chance to talk, no matter how much or how little others speak.

    so there is no such a thing as blog-hogging. hogging means you take up space or time, and do not allow others to speak. it doesn’t happen here.

    however, by talking or commenting incessantly or too much, people might just ignore your comment, or worst still tire of seeing you. so it does defeat the purpose of making a meaningful comment and get others to listen to you.

    monty, it is better to make fewer comments than to make so many that people don’t read you anymore :-).

  23. toyolbuster says:

    Most of the time, I do not agree with Monty’s comments or opinion. But I must agree that he has a very convincing way of pushing his points thru. I appreciate that he has so much to share with us and offering alternative perspectives to many issues. I have learnt a lot and so have I dumped a lot.

    Thats what blogging is all about. Sharing ideas, learning new things, getting raw infos, instead of gossiping to your neighbors about who is sleeping with whos wives.

    Anyway, thank u Susan for pointing out to some readers for trying to be dictatorial and don’t be too hard on Monty. His contributions are well appreciated as they can’t be all junk. I know of this guy who made his fortunes selling caviars imported from Eastern Europe and China. As they do not have the technology to preserve and export such rare delicacies, they simply freeze the whole lot, and what ends up good is quite sad; about less than 3% that is saleable, yet it made this guy a millionaire.

  24. toyolbuster says:

    By the way, the people I despise most in the blog are those who use foul languages or profanity to express themselves. Some would freely insult vulgarity about the author’s views. I mean, we don’t have to read something that we feel so strongly against. Period. For example, I don’t read The Star or NST anymore.

  25. jeancumlately says:

    Monty can go on and on and on for all I care. What do I have to complain? Its true that sometimes I got lost in his long arguments (or rantings?) but I’ll just assume that my english is bad or may be he confused people intentionally. So far monty did not force anything down anybody’s throat. I argued with the guy, skipped the comment that I failed to understand, supported him at times, made fun of him once in a while but I would not tell him to shut up. This space belongs to no one…

    But monty… errr… two in a row okay lah… not three… kasi can sama minglee.

  26. wits0 says:

    Toyolbuster: “I mean, we don’t have to read something that we feel so strongly against. Period. For example, I don’t read The Star or NST anymore.”

    Heheh, I don’t even watch local TV. Can’t stand the official skew and bluster. Already had too much of it in the past.

    Some readers are best suited to frequent only their particular cafe.

    Jean, the truly intolerable views that are worth bantai-ing(with satisfaction) are the clearly peversed and usually convoluted ones by dissembling apologists attempting to defend the indefensible. Monty’s delivery on most matters has to weighed against the readers reading skill too, as well. I believe his bark is worse than his bite…there is no reason to say he isn’t sincere. His tiff with Benny, e.g., is his own choosing and a trivia.

  27. Hammerhead says:

    susmaryosep, I think you can have an honest politician, although quite difficult to find sometime. An example is Teresa Kok, MP for Seputeh. Try reading her blog- Sassy MP. Very good and also she gives her reader an opportunity to ask her questions that she can table at the parliamentary meetings.

    Monty, keep your comments coming. I enjoy reading them, although like others have commented, I sometimes get lost reading them and see no road.

  28. hsudarren says:

    Old wine in new bottle. You are invited to read my recent post on:
    This is how politics should be played: http://hsudarren.wordpress.com/2007/05/26/this-is-how-politics-should-be-played/

  29. monsterball says:

    Thank you so very much folks! I spent few hours thinking what have I done. Have I been trying to brag…to talk so much…stopping others to talk?
    And if I do…it is a jovial nature of mine taken over with no harm in my heart for anyone or anything.
    The subject most dear to me is bloggers unity. I swear to God..true sincere unity is what I was trying to contribute. Sheih is the ONLY person seeing me behaving like a child…thinking ways and means how to contribute unity…until he hinted to me not to waste my time and money. That was like a bombshell …and I took the challenge to debate this matter….but none want to debate…All I got were insults after insults for months….but now The Truths Saves Us All….as you can see…day by day…less promotional work by that group. Before 19th May so call…bloggers united gathering or what…same group were lead by Rocky on 16th May to Aust. High Com. invitation…emphasizing that not only journalists are invited…bloggers are invited…as journalists. There you see All Blogs are now known as journalists society by AUST. HIGH COM….and I repeat…journalists do not unite..they have certain selfish agendas. In blogging…only one with big open heart like Susan or Sheih or any seasoned blogger that talks human rights is the first most important qualification.
    Back to my intentions….is to solely part all I know…right or wrong sincerely…and I have proven to readers I am not an idiotic writer….that’s important to me.
    Look at Susan’s new post with a list of people we all should talk about. I started it…waited for others…no one talk…so I took one more and now left few more..still no one is interested. Sometimes I think most readers like to read and avoid commenting…so I try to not disappoint Susan and readers.
    But I promise to all of you…I will not write anything I do know something to write about. right or wrong…. from the heart…sincerely.
    Here you all come to support me…have given me more inspirations to
    continue…but I will take Susan’s and jeancumlately hints…write less…but I assure both of them..I may put out 50% less post…but each post may have 50% more informations…back to square one…hahahahahahaha
    I hope minglee don’t just complaint…but put out a message. So far none….same as previous people ..always complaint….but no contributions.
    minglee…I do respect your complaint…but please do me a favor and put out a message to support SUSAN’S blog..will you?
    Thanks folks!!

  30. KTemoc says:

    Bless thee my son
    – His Holiness

  31. susmaryosep says:

    Thanks i will. Is her blog named sassy MP?

  32. monsterball says:

    KTemoc blessing is not good. He is a not holy nor has the power to bless anyone. I recalled asking my late Chief Reverend…since he taught Buddhism more years than Buddha himself…he must be very holy.
    I asked him to tell my future or show me a miracle. He knew I was joking with him..as we used to joke to each other every night…for years.
    He said he was a mere teacher….not holy.
    So I said…I will not follow others to kneel to him with hands clapped together and greet him…’YOUR HOLINESS”
    I said I will just use the Indian style of greeting…saying ‘good morning chief”
    I loved him like a father and he gave me all his books signed with compliments. His most famous book is…’What Buddhists Believe”
    Go to Brickfield and buy one…any religion..and learn comparative religion in simple ways. As a Buddhist..I learned so much from that book too.
    So KTemoc….Holiness my foot..hahahahahahaha

  33. wits0 says:

    Monty, according to Wordweb Dictionary, “holy” is defined as ‘Belonging to or derived from or associated with a divine power’.

    Therefore I agree with you that for Buddhists(offen descibed and regarded as Agnostic), the term “holy” is not very technically suitable for it alludes to a Divinity which Buddhist don’t worship.

    The Bricksfield Book Society has the best collection of Buddhist books – some of them seems even rare and ‘esoteric’. There’s one called, “The Buddha’s Explanation of the Universe’ and another(I think) called, “The Psycholoshy and Philosophy of Buddhist Teachings where it is claimed that the Buddha foretold of the size of an Atom. The language may be quaint and the thrust, very deep but any abstract conception and ideas simply have to be so. Hence it has been said that to learn something new, one has to unlearn the old misconceptions.

  34. monsterball says:

    witsO…Go get the book ‘The debate of King Milinda” by Bhikku Pesala.
    It’s a mind searching book and you will learn alot about where the soul come from.

  35. wits0 says:

    OT but thought it interesting:

    A Selection From
    “The Questions of King Milind”

    King Milind: What is Nirvana?

    Nagasena: The question is wrongly put. How can a man describe all the interactions that ever have been and ever will?

    King Milind: How can there be rebirth without transmigration?

    Nagasena: Suppose a man were to light a lamp from another lamp, can it be said that the one transmigrates from the other?

    King Milind: No.

    Nagasena: Just so,great King, is rebirth without transmigration.

    King Milind: Where does wisdom dwell?

    Nagasena: Nowhere.

    King Milind: Then, there is no wisdom.

    Nagasena: Where does the wind dwell?

    King Milind: Nowhere.

    Nagasena: So, there is no such thing as wind!

    King Milind: If you speak honestly to someone about how badly they behave, is this not abuse, which might lead to a breach of the peace?

    Nagasena: Do you bow down and show respect to a criminal? Or do you show him the error of his ways? Do you try to cure vigorous diseases with soft drugs?

    Nagasena: Vice dies away quickly by reason of its meanness, whereas virtue, by its grandeur, takes a long time to die.

  36. Hammerhead says:

    susmaryosep, just for you, Teresa Kok’s page is http://teresakok.com/ . Enjoy.

  37. bamboo river says:

    As I have said in my previous comment. Monsterball has a lot to share with people like us. I am not carrying ping pong balls here! True to the fact, Monsterball’s comments or rantings do give a few valuable pointers to us. (political aside lah) . Besides that , we are able to understand his character better to a point where we know what tick him off and what made him laugh!
    Another benefit is ..if we guys to meet in a gathering some day, this will save us the trouble of guessing what is she or he like. makes thing easier on the communication side.
    I agree with the commentors above that sometimes we need a person to strike a match to start a bonfire to keep ourselves warm.
    Monsterball ….do what you love.
    How often do we share knowledge or information with strangers?
    “It ain’t sincere if you ain’t true”
    Keep smiling everyone and remember….SHARE our knowledge.

  38. monsterball says:

    witsO……So you do have this book. I used to read and then discuss with Chief…he will point out..I got to the meaning wrong or something I missed out. He teaches me ..by me asking questions…not sit there and blare out all like his FRIDAYS talks or one you hear from any so call holy minister.
    You can actually judge how holy that minister is by his words of so call wisdoms to the congregations.
    Churches pastors are trained now to talk faith…so no faith…they loose out…but their greatest weapon is extra activities….like taking care of your small children….martial art lessons..health lessons…even ballet lessons…everything they can think of to catch fishes.
    It is also a rule…all should be encouraged to attend funerals of fellow members bad news…than they emphasize how cheap it is to have a christian funeral. So you see…..the marketing is absolutely fantastic…and do catch good loyal fishes.
    Muslins Imans?…….well not much knowledge…but from all I read..mosques are more political than for Allah in the villages.
    Not that I want to make fun…but why must they shout so loud to call everyone to go to pray in 2007? If they want to be symbolic or is a must must for islam…okay…but not will full blast loud speakers . There are others who are not muslims too….but the don’t care. Even just 35% muslims….so many mosques to surround you….like giving no chance for malays not to go to mosque….but my malays neigbours pray at home…not in mosques…even on Fridays. Most don’t care to go to mosque…friom what i noticed…except Fridays.
    When Buddhist prays…you cannot differentiate if it is for Buddha or a dead person funeral rituals….so serene..and mostly same sutras…that is the tharavadian Buddhist. But if you are a Mahayanan…god help you living soul…death rituals are much more expensive than wedding dinners!! Few days required to…. ding dong ding dong bang bang bang…. day and night for few days…to make sure Lord Of the Gate of Heaven is listening to open the gate. Won’t open?…..few operas shows will be on to please God..or is it for the living?
    Death program is a feast party too!!….all get to eat….or drink..at anytime.
    Hinddhus is the best..talk little and burn the body…lets go home.

  39. bamboo river says:

    I rather not comment on the above. As far as I am concerned, religous matter is a different issue here.

  40. wits0 says:

    Yes Bamboo River, neither would I but just for the mentioning, I do severely criticize the Dalai Lama for his idiotarian utterance to the Press too.

  41. monsterball says:

    I am trying to say alot of cultural habits are mixed up with religions….intentionally or not..you go and judge.
    If everyone is like bamboo river…dare not talk…how are we going to improve?
    You mean what I am saying are sensitive issues?
    Yes it is…because we are told so…but not because we think so. It is trying to get as many opinions..for or against…to know how we feel or how others think…openly.
    Only with such attitudes…less misunderstandings will involve.
    Look at All Blogs….no response to our DOUBTS AND QUESTIONS. Do their silence…no response make it more united or far apart? If far apart…who is making it…..people who voiced out ….or the leaders keeping quiet?

  42. monsterball says:

    You two smart bloggers want to play nice guys role…go ahead.
    But I bet both of you do have alot to contribute…not alway praising me for being so generous with my thoughts to strangers.
    I am not a bloody fool to take childish praises.
    But it will be nice…if both of you can take my points and debate…why dare not? What harm will we contribute….just don’t be too blunt like me.

  43. wits0 says:

    For yours truly it’s not the “dare not talk” thing as much as waiting for the right venue. Indeed there are lots of things to comment about with regard to the mixing up of tradition etc etc in the conventional observances of religion. Straying too far off topic at this point doesn’t seem so appropriate.

  44. monsterball says:

    Then lets go to the ‘free Speech zone”…you response to my message and we can then know how we think. will be nice jean and few muslins and even of hindhu faith believers join in…so nice to be open.
    I always respect all religions…so my heart has no guilty conscience on this matter.
    Sensitive issue….go to hell with that reason.

  45. bamboo river says:

    For once (maybe more than once ) I have to disagree with you Monsterball, Not that “I dare not ” but you have to remember, we are a multi racial country. Do not do unto others if you do not want others do to you. I have many muslim , hindu and other races and religion friends.
    To keep the sacred tolerance intact, it is MY personal principle not to talk or question peoples’ tradition and religous matter.
    That I have to make it clear to you.
    We respect in order to be respected.

  46. bamboo river says:

    BTW, Monsterball, I am not a blogger lah. Just an ordinary commentor with a bit of tolerance to everyone.

  47. monsterball says:

    errr blogger or not blooger you know what I mean bamboo river.
    You want to run…run lah

  48. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river…read my message very carefully.
    Did I not repeatedly say I respect all religions?
    Why be so afraid to comment hypocritical religious teaches of all faiths…that is…if you believe there are there to fool devotees.
    Is it not a noble act to expose and let devotees of all faiths to read the truths?
    And my above message was even lighter…talking about mixing cultures wit religions..so that devotees know what is real and what is not real…especially to the buddhists followers. Even this…you want to sit on the fence and call it…tolorance and understanding attitude?
    Mind you…only in Malaysia we have such kind souls like you. No wonder Lina Joy type of people can never be free….as we have no guts to tell the truths and shame the devil.

  49. monsterball says:

    bamboo river..I do not need respect based on what we know are no good for our future children to waste money on idiotic cultural rites mixed to religion. We all know it is wrong…and like I said..if you do not want to talk about it ..is okay..but having put out your disagreement…lets talk more.
    You cannot be a nice guy and sit on the fence…both ways in life.
    One may succeed ..but to me…that is lack of true sincerity…this is my personal opinion. If I do not like or treat you as a friend…I will keep quiet…but because we are so pally…why not correct me ..if I am wrong? However you reason right now does not make sense to so call contribute right thoughts ..habits to future generations.
    I think our Buddhists way of life…have many things to change for the better.

  50. Philip Lau says:

    The case by Anwar against TDM for MR 100 is coming for hearing at the High Court next month. I note a few commentators kept on repeating that I am out of date as case has been settled some time ago. Now, who is misleading who? Definitely no and not settled. In that case why should Anwar forgive TDM for the cruelty he did to him. I see no logic on this.

  51. KTemoc says:

    THe greatest gift is the gift of truth, my son

  52. iamyuanwu says:

    “[…] To keep the sacred tolerance intact, it is MY personal principle not to talk or question peoples’ tradition and religous matter.
    That I have to make it clear to you.
    We respect in order to be respected.”

    Ah, bamboo river…

    I think what you said is misguided.

    An anecdote:
    I had this senior graduate student in my course from Indonesia who is a Muslim. She mentioned to me once: in Indonesia, she has friends of all religion. And they often talk and discuss about their religion openly. And by having a deeper understanding of other religion, she can respect them better. However, she found it weird that she couldn’t have such meaningful discussions here in Malaysia because no one wants to talk about it.

    By not taking and questioning, we are tolerant and IGNORANT.

    Only through talking and questioning openly without ill-intentions that we can be tolerant and UNDERSTANDING.

    And only by understanding others better that we can really respect others, and to be respected.

  53. monsterball says:

    Great iamyuanwu. That’s exactly what Malaysians should change and be more open minded.

  54. wits0 says:

    Malaysians(some) can’t be more open-minded because they are shackled by superstition and the fear of losing their presumed moral highground carved out for them in stone. These cannot debate ; they have no confidence and know (instinctively) that they will lose on rationality, so they’ll rather cling to the feel good supremacist coccoon. How’s that? I like to be brief.

  55. monsterball says:

    eerrrr quite okay lah….However…the ISA and the way we have been threatened ….this is sensitive issue has a big part to play….PLUS those who do not go out and see other countries do not know what they are talking about most of the time….in that sense…your ‘cocoon’ concept is right.
    And by nature…chinese have a MYOB nature…since they want to earn a living and no make any trouble type of mentalities. I call it selfish attitudes.

  56. wits0 says:

    There’s a heavy dose of selfishness in that MYOB attitude, Monty, all along. Rare individuals like Kua of the May 13 book fame in their midst did all the speaking out while the biz ones just stay mum. They didn’t even support Suqui when it got unjusty bashed. MCA sells asses big time, all the time. You’re an established biz man yourself so it doesn’t hurt so much but had you been an ordinary wage earner, not having the expertise and capital, then what? You would’ve felt the pinch real bad, were you a younster from a poor(er) family starting life and with only a tech college dip, for example, or maybe worse, only a school certificate and little direction by way of parental counseling, no connections and advice.

  57. monsterball says:

    By right…I should have good reasons to MYOB..if you think logically.
    No you are wrong…I have experienced poor family life and worked for people for 10 years…before I started my own 35 years ago.
    I know what poor family is all about…mostly not of their own doings…but forced by circumstances beyond their controls….from all races.
    I have been writing same thoughts to newspapers for years..none were published. All these were happening over and over again.
    I think it’s time some chinese change their selfish attitudes and think of their children. Unfortunately the rich guys always think they have alternatives…especially migrating to other countries. After all…they are overseas chinese….so stay overseas in any country is no problem to them. That’s their selfish attitudes.
    Chinese were 32% before…down to around 27% now? What do you think? Malays produced more babies or chinese are leaving Malaysia more and more?

  58. wits0 says:

    Both. But of those who stays, their children when well educated may well leave them in near destitution in their old age, because theres ‘re no decent employment opportunities locally. This happens to those who just managed to educated their children overseas,say and therefore having little in their own savings left. This is what the NEP does to some but who documents such? No one. It does not seem apparently to be such a big deal.

    If a people tend to procreate excessively, chances are that they’ll be made poorer because of quantity which tends to be also of poor quality. There are some post-modernist thinkers like Bono who thinks that African poverty must be addressed by the West giving till it hurts, with nary a reference to their overpopulation and non accountability from their governments. Irresponsible bleeding hearts.

  59. monsterball says:

    I will not go further. Thanks and goodnight.

  60. bamboo river says:

    iamyuanwu, I guess you might have misinterpreted my statement. What I meant is I do not openly question others religous tradition because I knew the reasons for what they are doing. It is their religous belief.
    Their faith requires them to perform the rites then it is so.

    Monsterball, being open minded is alright. But the way we put it Open Mindedness could be miscontrued as disrespect if the question or statement is interpreted differently by others.

    Somehow, I still find we Malaysians are still conservative regarding religous matters with the exception if you knew the person very well.
    Try asking a stranger why your religion requires you to perform this rite, you may or may not get the answer you wanted.
    ” Only through talking and questioning openly without ill-intentions that we can be tolerant and UNDERSTANDING”…… I had gone thru that phase.

  61. monsterball says:

    bamboo river…I am talking through blogging and see no one ….yet talking like this…. I have given my real name and face for all to see who is talking to them. I have revealed my whole self.
    Everyone can treat this as as discussion…debate or keep quiet to read.
    However..I really hope thee are much more people come into discuss..talk…or debate.
    But once a person agree or dis agree …it is important that person gives reasons…..like what you are doing now….which you have your rights of logics.

  62. monsterball says:

    You know….bamboo river…you are much to be admired too….really no bullshit. Reading you went to shar101 blog and defend Susan plus many more defending you made for me…. shows you do care for real justice.
    So…we all are one!
    Lets stay a happy no bullshit family. We are..you know.

  63. monsterball says:

    Have you gone to Liz blog to see how fierce debate is on for race and religion…two most sensitive issues.
    You see..everything…needs a starter….just line in a 100 mete dash…the guy with their gun…the starter eyes and composure is very important to be a fair starter. One split second wrong decision..can cause someone a medal.

  64. wits0 says:

    IMO, I don’t think so much in terms of “medal”, haha, as much as the need for the Truth that some die-hard partisans tries to deny and fudge, simply so as to justify their pet fallacies and false premises. See Poli101 and how shameless and idiotic some of ’em becomes. Too bad, I miss Liz’s.

  65. monsterball says:

    In my case…one false accusation may mean misleading bloggers to wrong conclusions.
    So far so good…..YET…shar101 misled so many on PABS…yet no one apologize from the All blog hound dogs….all ready to pounce at me and Susan.
    YET..like snakes…all went to an Aust. party on 16th May… under All Blogs…identified as journalists..Rocky and his team just kept quiet.
    There you can see …I am right to expose them as political bloggers.
    Glad few have said ..they will not donate to All BLOGS!! That’s very important..don’t be suckers.
    How on earth Aust High Com got them right…or are they telling us..Aussies are instigators also?
    I like PABS….”Preventing Animals Being Slaughtered”…..hahahahahaha
    Let see sha101 ..the skin and bones braggart…make another “Breaking News”!!.

  66. monsterball says:

    I repeat Dr….Identify yourself. WHICH POLITICAL PARTY DO YOU BELONG TO? We have no time to read propaganda stuffs.

  67. OA says:


    Opportunity presented itself and yet some are oblivious to the fact that opposition in size and representation are what is needed to ensure the future maturity of political scene in the country.

    As a voting public joe one needs to make good use of exploiting situation given to somehow counterbalance the existing govt. might.

    Does it matter who leads the oppositions? No, because of various reasons understood and most of all politicians are crooks anyway.

    As much as you hated a particular politician you should perhaps look at a different perspective to grasp the political scene as a whole, to make it work for the betterment and beneficial of all than just a fraction few.


  68. monsterball says:

    OA…I am not stopping anyone talking I do not own the blog……but asking us to visit his blog …is indirectly advertising or promoting himself.
    By all means …please speak up. the more the merrier…but please don’t use this blog to tell others to visit his/her blog…that’s taking advantage of this blog owner to advertise.
    I did glance through few bloggers doing that. Either talking a religion…or talking one brand of politics….or promoting personal products for sale or to be noticed by potential buyers. Do you support such bloggers?
    Thus these bloggers are infect spamming.
    They are not contributing to knowledge or goodness to readers…especially to young ones.
    Please try to differentiate freedom of speech …as against one trying to be too smart to spam or advertise.

  69. oA says:


    It is indeed frightening as out there are bloggers, too eager for “fame” and as a result never wince once at their resolutions of self glorifying and tarnishing other’s repute at any cause.

    Do take care I would say to this blogger – esp. your reputation.


  70. KTemoc says:

    may I defend Dr Darren Hsu – do read his articles and consider whether it’s of any quality, instead of accusing him of belonging to a political party – not all bloggers (admittedly only a few) are affiliated. And so what if they are – we should have the confidence and the judgement to decide 😉

  71. monsterball says:

    KTemoc..I repeat…no one should ask readers top visit his/her blog from another blog…that’s my personal opinion of advertising .
    One must establish his/her reputation by talking..putting out messages. So many bloggers like new kata tak nak NEVER ask anyone to visit his blog..he posted than one commenter pointed out…not kata tak nak himself..about his blog….and there goes his known and popularity.
    One with dignity and pride of his/her skills need not ask anyone to visit his/her blog. Bloggers are everywhere.
    I came to know about many bloggers through reading other blogs..but never the blog owner say..’hi come look at this interesting ..’…actually asking everyone to visit his/her blog. That’s downright cheap style….I still say.
    I have been asked so many times to start my own blog? Why?
    Because I have established my reputation. Good or bad…people are interested in me. That should be the way for all bloggers to behave…establish your reputation…get people interested…and not ask people to visit your blog..or have a look see…that’s cheap advertising at the expense of being a gracious good visitor to blog owner.

  72. blueocean says:

    Elizabath Wong’s loss can also be attributed to the fact that she is an untested newcomer going for a top post.Being a human rights activist does not necessarily translate to votes.
    The reality is thre aren’t enough Chinese in PKR to see her thru.
    For her to progress in PKR,she MUST be in the good books of Mr And Mrs Anwar(ask Uncle Nalla!!)
    The DAP would have been a much better platform for her.

  73. monsterball says:

    But I have a strange feeling she changed side…not for personal benefits..but help strengthen a newly formed party…now that Anwar is been released…for the good of the country…as above all politics..she is heart and soul…a human rights activist….like Susan.
    Look at her shy and all loving kindness face. How on earth such a person can survive in dirty politics? Just like she is in All Blog Asso….just to help out with her specialities.
    This is my personal observation. I hope I am right.

  74. wits0 says:

    Yes, I also think Liz is a great and sincere person and that PKR is far to tainted for her, especially now.

  75. monsterball says:

    For all you know…It was DAP idea to tell some well known figures to go…. help PKR…..and she dutifully comply with no questions asked.
    That’s loyalty stuffs….I see in her.
    And her blog…she does not promote any party…to show her support for that said party. SHE IS A TRUE PROFESSIONAL IN BLOGGING.
    Just hope she does not get “All Blogs” spoil her excellent reputation….but I think she is no fool.

  76. […] 26th, 2007 in opposition politics, malaysian madness, politics, news when I blogged about the Umnonisation of PKR on May 29, I had already forseen this: No faith in Anwar, Ezam quits PKR, as reported in […]

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