Taking the cue from my dear commentators, I have opened a page called FREE SPEECH ZONE (top). You can rant and rave here and talk off topic. In fact, all off-topic comments should come here. For the lonely hearts, for the happy couple, for the talkactive ones, the shy ones, and the frivolous ones, all are welcomed here. SALAM.

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  1. monsterball says:

    v9 was asking for one..just like this.
    Here it is…where is he?
    I like to talk of my favourite minister…..Samy Vellu.
    So many embreassaing events happened under his Ministry…but his big mouth always blame others. He even blamed God for the Highland Towers tragedy…and so many otherland slides evnts.
    If I get my boss telling me to shut up and go to work….I will resign…out of no choice…all my colleques will laugh at me.
    But the whole world have heard Pak lah told Samy to shut up and move his arse. He saId PM has The right To sack anyone. Does he expects PM to say it so clear..”samy I sack you”?
    Shut up and don’t blame others and go to work…..is the worst I ever heard from PM to any minister. Why don’t he test it…by resigning and see if Rafidah and others in the cabinet will shed crocodile tears. By not resigning…he actually shame MIC and the supporters…but if all keep quiet like nothing is happning…then we all know what MIC is all about.
    PM is actually responding to his balls carrying tactics in response to Mahathir accusation that Pak Lah dare not sack him. Samy wrote love poems to Mahathir and said clearly..he will sink or swim with Mahathir..nt with a PM. Then he abandoned TDM and wrote another love poem to Pak Lah!!!
    He said 100% Indians support MIC recently…hahahaaha I simply cannot beleive what I read. Just because Ijok was won with Indian voters support…he totally forgot Lunas…and promised to stay there for life..if Indians do not vote for BN.
    He never kept his words!! He is trully a disgrace to th Indians..to our country and to Pak lah.

  2. v9 says:

    Thank you, Susan. Wife just complained that I spend too much time in front of the computer like my 12 years old son. No, I don’t want to talk about Samy Vellu. He is not God you know. He is only human. All human err you know or not. Considering how he always stood up for his subcoordinates, he can have my salutation. That is why he stayed so strong there. He always protected his machai. I don’t think he abandon friends. I would like to have him as a friend…not for the money and power. Really just for the friendship. Who is an angel in Malaysia? Definitely not you, monsterball.

    I want to talk about God…I was/am a born again Christian, you know or not. I seldom hear about God Healing Power nowadays. Why lah? Everybody just talk, console, comfort and pray. Why no one actually lay hand and heal …. like Jesus healed the blind and the sick. Didn’t the Bible said in the end time there will be more miracles. If God gives me this power…can I stand up to the temptations? I could richer than Bill Gates and more powerful that Bush. Perhaps He can just give me that power for one day. My brother is very sick. The doctors suck…there is no such thing as the Hippocratic Oath. All that As in their brains have make them inhumane and greedy. Please Monsterball, not this time. I don’t think you know my Marker that well. Sorry pal.

  3. v9 says:

    Oh yes monsterball, please stop stirring shit all over the bloggosphere…like you just did in Eliz Wong blog a moment ago. I think Notsoincreadible is a she and does write well. I have to sign off now.

  4. monsterball says:

    V9…To each is own views and this is not the first time you judge me. Be a commenter please.

  5. jeancumlately says:

    Good idea lah Susan… Lemme get drunk first.

  6. monsterball says:

    v9…Concerning Liz blog…please response there….not here.

  7. morkee says:

    I can talk bout everything here, right? Let’s talk bout Indah Water. Who are they actually? Are they a legal entity? Govt dept? private company?

    When are they established? I remembered not too long ago, there wasn’t an Indah Water Konsortium. There wasn’t a need to pay the so called “caj pembetungan”. Now, I need to pay for using water and I need to pay MORE than the price of the water itself. So, who did the work of IWK before that? Is it Majlis Bandaraya?

    The most puzzling thing to me is why are IWK not under Majlis Bandaraya, but under the Ministry of Finance? Hmmmm Hmmmm hmmm???

  8. monsterball says:

    morkee….Alot of water users are mad over Indah Water Konsortium…since day one formation years ago. They say..they do nothing..but charge monthly fees. some advised me not to pay their bills and they cannot do anything.
    But I have been paying punctually every month….since no complaints from government. Right or wrong…what can we do?…we are the users and it is a small amount monthly….why risk being sued for not paying and if loose…need to pay their lawyers fee too. I know this small amount means alot to poor folks….but here again…what can we all do? Remermber…it is water…one of our daily needs and wants in life.

  9. wits0 says:

    Yes, Indah Water’ a damn big fleece. They charge you even when your unconnectedseptic tank was never sucked and emptied by them in years. And they threaten you with suit if you fail to pay-up in time.

    When a connected system (as found with in newer houses) when one uses just around RM20/- of water(every six months) they charge one RM49/- for their service every six months. Whata scamp! Aren’t they suppose to match their bill with treated water usage? Or have they changed the rules?

    In any case, it sounds rediculous that their service is more expensive than water from the tap.

  10. v9 says:

    Monsterball. Sorri lah. This forum is in fact for you. You mentioned many times that you will die2 never start a blog. So I suggested a forum, instead, dedicated to you. Subconsciously, I just wanted to start the ball rolling for you where people who ‘judge’ you like I just did come here to say it in your face…so to speak. No need to ‘debate’ or comment unpleasantries under, for instance, the tropic on YB Toadstools. This is a free speech zone…so you have to ‘debate’. There will be no censorship. We are no longer the commentators. You have in actual fact become a blogger now. It is free for all. Lets hope we did not open a pandora box for Susan, more than she can bargain. Let see if we can come to an unwritten term of engagement in civility. Or shall we succumb to the fate in ‘Lord of the Flies’ (William Golding). I promise I will try my very best to correct my self-righteousness. Be forgive me.

  11. v9 says:

    Hey monsterball,
    I took you cue and went to shar101, you are right. The first chapter of ‘Lord of the Flies’ has just started. Ha..ha..ha. Honestly, I love your pal, is he?, zorro. Especially on his ‘spiritual trips’ and his take on ‘frontliners’. My dear brother, who is very sick, is a teetotal. The doctor said his pancreas was damaged by alcoholism. I was enraged and told the doctor off that in my family I was the spiritual bad sheep.

  12. monsterball says:

    Glad you are back to your normal self.
    Zorro said frontliners are for idiots and low class people like dogs.
    This is a classic example of instigating and even insulting the intelligence of Sheih…as I am the only original appointed frontliner of any blog owner.
    It surprises me such an educated ex-teacher can described frontliners as lowest class people.
    I want him to check out most purple hearts given out in WW2 are for frontliners or others. Most decoratd fronliner and still alive is Eddie Murphy.
    It is an insult to all privates..be it in police..military..or navy by zorro saying all low ranks soldiers are idiots…so let hm die first. I hope IGP and the other military chief of staffs read his remarks at shar101.
    All frontlners…like Davy Crocket….at the battle of Alamo….does not mean must be a private in soldier rank. He is an idot to think a 68 year man frontliner is a private no good soldier…not a well educated smart genleman come out of retirement to offer his service to blog owner.
    (delete – personal attack)
    I am very proud to be frontliner..obi-wan…papa monsterball to the person calling me his frontliner…Sheih from ‘kickdefella’ site.
    Insulting me is also insulting Sheih’s intelligence…but we must forgive him. He talks through his nose…full of beer in his mouth.

  13. v9 says:

    Err? Please correct me if I am wrong. I thought Zorro is a friend of yours? Why do you call yourself a ‘frontliner’? If you described yourself as a frontierman, like Davy Crockett, I can understand. Zorro take on frontliners is correct….unfortunately, many have sacrificed in vain for the backliners to benefit, being pushed to the front. All they will ever get is a medal of honour. That is why there are so many purple hearts. Davy Crockett, was not a frontliner and he was reputated to be the last to die at Alamo. But Alamo was indeed the ‘frontliner’ for US to expand her territory. Please, my friend, don’t be a frontliner. In my book, heroes must stay alive.

    Before I sign off, I would like to set the first unwritten term in engagement. I hope this blog will stay in the top of Susan for many who might want to express themselves but have no place to go. The space may eventually invite many ‘live canonisation’ of characters. Many will play the role of the Devil advocates. Someone needs to defend the devil from time to time. So don’t think that I have changed when I switched side. Roxanne enlightened me to this effect.

  14. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Folks,
    I think you got one thing wrong – this is not the ACTUAL Free Speech Zone. This is Susan’s post pointing to it. For the Actual Free Speech Zone, click on Susan’s link at the menu bar.
    Cheers !

  15. monsterball says:

    v9…zorro is my friend…delete (personal attack)…..and look at how he is talking about me now.
    Davy Crockett…{thanks for spelling the name right}….in plain American language ….was a frontierman…describing the people who are farmers and free from city life folks at that time. Frontiermen also mean people who keep searching for new dwelling grounds..build that into a town.
    I called DAVY another FRONTLINER….literally meaning he was very brave man…. and dare to risk his life infront…whenever there is a battle. Did you see the movie “The Samurai”..by Tom Cruise? Did you not see him always at the front in a battle? That is what frontliner means to me ….when Sheih appoint a season old man like me to be his frontliner…..but all private soldiers start as frontliners….not neccesary idiots or shit people..like zorro described.

  16. monsterball says:

    kittykat46…Glad to see you travel to and from Sheih’s blog to here.
    Stay and chat some more.
    We got the right thing kitty. Susan was just giving her examples what free speech zone is all about.
    Hers are always too serious stuffs.
    Here we are also a bunch of jokers…yet talk serious stuffs with a touch of jokes..like religion…how nice.
    So you got any subject you want to talk…shoot and yours truly will support you…not as an instigator…but like the leader of a band..get things done..okay?

  17. monsterball says:

    And… v9..not all frontliners must die in battles. Again did you see the movie of a real history…”300 Spartans” …..all respect him…the frontliner…the leader..all died protecting him . He was the last to die.
    So..to die this way….best….but we all are going to live and succeed in our mission. No question of dying….as we are right from the start.
    Just look at our supporters and blog owners coming out here…growing each day… to talk to us….so very encouraging…and more will come here and support our mission of hope and rights for Malaysians people…not for Susan… Sheih or me.
    Lets unite and speak the truths…how nice.

  18. susanloone says:

    Yes dear people.
    Kitty’s right – this is not the free speech zone.

    go upstairs as in top of page where it says FREE SPEECH ZONE.

    soon i will close the comments section here. so please please my dears, go to top pf page.

    thank you so much,

    by the way, sorry …so sorrry am a bit wee busy today to chat with you all …will soon fix a time where we can all meet ok?

  19. kittykat46 says:

    Hehehe…I go where Monty goes…I’m not sure whether that’s good news or not.
    I mostly enjoy what Monty writes, but sometimes I get very irritated by it….Cheers Monty.

  20. monsterball says:

    love you kittykat46.
    Take care of your soul.

  21. monsterball says:

    kittykat…because of you…I put out messages at the Free Speech Zone…and also lover boy stenson chin try to hide from me to be there.

  22. hsudarren says:

    please read my post on how politics should be played:


    This is how politics ARE being played.

  23. monsterball says:

    Identify yourself first Dr. If you belong to a political party..not interested.
    So who are you?