What a busy day! A few bloggers have got together to set up a new alliance called PABS. 

The pro-tem president is popular blogger kTemoc. I have been proposed as deputy but am eagerly waiting to reliquish the post and offer it to someone else.

kTemoc is currently preparing a statement on the objectives of PABS, and why there is a dire need to form this “association”. We’ll circulate the press statement to all media agencies soon.

Stay on the course with us. We’re only 2 days old. And we’ll fill you in with the details, especially about membership soon.

For some clues on PABS, look inside.

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  1. monsterball says:

    One moment you are Drama Queen…next moment you are People’s All Blogs Society deputy..now a commoner selling fruits at the road side.
    I knew something is special about kTemoc….that’s why I made him the Pope of our kingdom. This reminds me of ‘The Three Musketeers” terrible Pope.
    Anyway…I am also prepared to retire peacefully as Drama King and go into the jingle to watch the birds and the bees and drink honey juice every day…free of charge….until you all get settle up.
    Goodluck to the PABS……hahahahahaha

  2. monsterball says:

    So many thing are happening all of a sudden.
    Star is rounding up all you bloggers…feed you with nice goodies on a contest to be held at Genting….then tie you all up like a herd of cows……hahahahaha
    Now I am known as web surfer.
    We non blog owners are put in with so many titles…non blog…commenter…blog surfer..blog visitor…but infect we are blog prime people by the millions.
    Our voices are heard..that is why so many things happening.
    But the contest do give us as participants too.
    Want to join?….not for me….like to be free as a bird.

  3. monsterball says:

    Don’t mind I put out a sad new. kata tak nak’s brother passed away last evening. He loves his sick brother very much and zorro amd me have been keeping track of the latest news he used to put out. He does visit Susan’s blog and love to talk Football and crack jokes. He is an MU faithful supporter.
    On behalf of all of us from Susan’s blog……may I convey our deepest sympathies to him and his brother’s family.

  4. v9 says:

    Dearest monsterball,
    I wish to submit my letter of resignation as your minister of defense as of today. Even though, I could only serve you briefly, defended you once today, it has been my pleasure and memory. I just cannot bear to see my world torn by another war. I shall go back and become another bit in my cyber world. This is the reason why I do not believe in offices and presidents. After awhile, everybody becomes selfish. Farewell my king and queen.
    ps: ‘….and your king shall send your sons to war….’ written somewhere in the Old Testament’.

  5. wits0 says:

    “Now I am known as web surfer.”

    Aren’t we all, since the beginning of the Web. They’ll soon be driven to frothing at the mouth and come up with worse than stereotype sarcasm.

    That we are not conformists like a herd and are too old to go ‘gah gaah’ to the drumbeats of the “virtue” of narrow partisan and compliant herdish unity may bring us a dubbing of ‘Web Virus’ from some quarters. Just waiting….they’re not expected to have a large range of (graduated)slights.

    So the Star joined in the organisational, unity thingy , eh. The Star has been part of the proble as a MSM, so how does it expect to lead in the freedom of expression aspiration of the independent people? The trapping so the form and the protocol of (guided)organisation will reassert themselves at some given point to defeat what thinking individuals want to express. It can only dissemble the substance with the form…like fake unity.

  6. […] susan loone: PABS – Alternative Blogger Group Setup […]

  7. jeancumlately says:

    Susan, with all due respect… and I love u so much…

    I thot the whole thing is about unity. I thought the first understanding is to agree to be different. The only thing in common is the quest for freedom of speech, or something of that nature.

    How could the be unity when there are two parties? Its just like PAS saying that they wanted to unite Malays by forming PAS… in the end its just about individuals’ interests susan…

  8. wits0 says:

    Listless “unity” will end up as a fossilized construct. Dynamic unity requires shakedowns of the erroneous zones of common pet ideology. Inability to perceive(and address) the difference seems to be the problem and unwillingness to reflect thoroughly out of haste suggests less than auspiciousness.

  9. the Razzler says:

    Dear Susan .. It’s quite disheartening lehhhh!! 😦 😦

    Please regroup, review & reset the goals … aren’t we all on the same wavelength??!!

    If There’s a Will, There’s always a Way!!

  10. madmonk says:

    I agree with V9, Wits0 and the Razzler. Wise comments. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  11. boringest says:

    i see a “joke” tag under your title…lol

  12. wits0 says:

    Jean, ” in the end its just about individuals’ interests susan…”

    Sorta like, and naturally others objects to the perceived concentrating of interest towards a group that purports to represent more than it convince the others of.

  13. kittykat46 says:

    I’m really “pening”-lah. First we have Bloggers United, then we have All-Blogs, now PABS. I’m sure Zam will love all this drama.

  14. madmonk says:

    Kittykat46, I am shivering seeing your LAST sentence!!

  15. luclai says:

    susan is getting more dramatic, o queen. 🙂

    can i join PABS? but only if you say i can keep an elegance silence on whatever people ask.

  16. shar101 says:

    Ktemoc says you’re prez of PABS.

    You’re saying Ktemoc is the prez.

    Way to go people!

  17. hani says:

    Come onlah. You guys – bloggers – gonna be the laughing stock of you-know-who.

  18. jeancumlately says:

    Another circus coming to town….

  19. is this a joke?

  20. monsterball says:

    My beloved v9…Usually the evil Pope. You and your loyal musketeers follow me…lie low. I have the strangest feeling my beloved Drama Queen is hiding all her dramatic character..put on a sexy front to tempt the evil Pope for the sake of the country and our people.She will never abandon us.
    Remember our most important chess piece is Knight Sir Sheih…my SON!!He will form another blogging party…if all fails and then there will be real competitions as champions for the people. So lets relax…and enjoy simple life.
    witsO seems to be doing a good job exposing double headed snakes. I think in his previous life..he was a snake protecting Buddha.
    jeancumlately is playing the dramatic lady-in-waiting for real. Poor girl….wake up!!
    the Razzler…madmonk…kittykat46….all kepala pusin. Need to take panadol…go to sleep and wake up…knowing the real truth is good for all.
    boringest is wise!
    When The Malay Mail says ‘STUPID”…he actually mean Brilliant!! This bloggers is just too smart for those below his IQ!!Too smart for all of us…but his style is known by few…including me. NICE YOUNG GUY.
    luclai will go whereever Susan goes. That’s loyalty stuffs …much to be admired.
    hani is already at the dramatic stage….what an infectious disease…..hahahahaha
    Last but not least….I agree..WAY TO GO..WAY WAY TO GO..TILL KINGDOM COME…WE GO GO…’AHGOGO….Amen.

  21. susan loone says:

    Dear People;
    Relek…relek….the more asso, the better you know. Confuse “you know who”. The more confused they are, the less they are able to track us down, to pin us, to get us into trouble.
    Why should there be just one party, ruling for half a century? Same reason here. The blogospere, like the universe is indeed BIG enough for anyone, everyone.
    So, if you are interested, join the fun. No rules here, only respect for each other’s freedom.
    Ciao! 🙂

  22. wits0 says:

    Whatever, Shar101, KTemoc seems sincere and is passionate in his protestation against anyone claiming leadership in the local Blogosphere without being subjected some sort of “Congressional Hearing”. Those who can stand the expected grilling and are surely able to acquit themselves well have little to fear, in a manner of (dramatic?)speaking….which brings us back to the elegant stonewalling(which has now degenerated into finger pointing, this soon, hahaha!).

    As I’ve observed, KTemoc is sincere and open. Even now, I’m sure I don’t share his entire worldview and indeed have had occasion to irk him in the past but I do not doubt his openness and what he stands for on this matter although things may be construed differently at other’s own choosing.

    Thanks Monty, I do feel that the loyalty to the truth supercedes all other loyaties. All other loyalties have no solid foundation if not rooted in the truth. With also humour(like those in your joints) you’ll never grow old and grouchy. With only indoctrinated ego-centricness one is old at any age.

  23. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…getting freelunch2020 confused is interesting….hahahaha
    Susan’s character…and may I quote …West May…”When I am good..I am good. When I am bad…I am really bad”

  24. elizabethwong says:

    I look forward to meeting KTemoc. Have been reading his blog for some time now.

  25. monsterball says:

    It is May West….not West May..sorry.
    Thanks witsO for the compliment.
    I am also telling all bloggers and commenters I care and read their characters. I want them to also read and study mine.
    As you can see….here and at Sheih’s blog….we do have a very special sincere relationship with each other…can be serious..can be nuts..and yet all responsible like and value their dignities. No insincrirties amongst us all.
    One who does not value his/her dignity or reputation is not worth being associated with…no matter how famous ..rich or sadly poor too.
    Good reputations is most important to a human being life…than anything else.
    Lets say a person always leave or resign from a company and goes on to interviews always saying bad about that company he/she works for…will never get another job as he grows older….but if one is truly been victimized…even as old as I am..people still want to employ him….based on truthful and hardworking and honest reputations.
    So take an old man most sincere advise…check out your reputations…check out your friends. When you are in trouble..who are your real friends?
    But I have spent more than 35 years not working for others…and I check out whether my customers trust me…my bankers trust me…and my staffs ..do they trust and respect me…if not.. why not.
    I check these things out year after year…and no one can convince me I am this or that bad,…..when those people that matters most…including my children respect and trust me. that’s call a successful working life.
    Now..I am working towards getting bloggers and commenters to treat me as a trusted friend…so far so good.
    God Bless you all….now like Susan says….FREEDOM…WE WANT FREEDOM….so blog on …my dear friends.

  26. monsterball says:

    Now v9 has resigned as my Min.Of Defence and have been demanding his May salary from me!!
    What have you done Susan.
    He said he cannot go to heaven …if he cannot prove to God he was paid by me to do a job.
    Most otaks gone hay wild ..because of Susan.

  27. madmonk says:

    Yes, Monsterball, Txs. I’m going to sleep with a box of panadol in my tummy. You can play your monsterball strategem but please wake up up when you are finished. Gratitude.

  28. Octo says:

    Hahaha.. carry on fighting you guys, carry on splitting up.. Zam must be rubbing his hands in glee…

  29. monsterball says:

    We will fight them from the shores. Fight them from the sea….fight them from the air ….with bananas….air disinfectants..with air refesherners..over their lies..their foul mouths and their shit stuffs.
    We will never give up. We will churchilled them left…right and center for sure! We will prevail ..like always…the good side wil always ovrcome the dark side.

  30. it’s good to see democracy finally returning to blogosphere. the last thing we need is cyberspace to be ruled by a self-appointed dictators posturing as bloggers’ official spokespersons. as an ex-blogger, i don’t need someone to write my own pr. i could just blog. may blogs continue to be the self-expression of individuals — a constitutional right even in a democracy like ours.

  31. monsterball says:

    hi freelunch2020….long time no hear you and your jokes!!
    Welcome to the real world.

  32. monsterball says:

    Liz Wong is here!! To check and see from her own eyes what the two devils…Susan and monsterball are up to.
    She is actually a fair level headed lady…and soon she will realise all her good works for so call All Blogs are wasted efforts. She will know..no one need to teach her anyhing.
    When?..theat the question.

  33. monsterball says:

    hi Octo…You are very wrong!! We are fighting to UNITE properly..and we will succeed..that Zam or Zambuk don’t think we are disunited. ..far from it.
    We are a big family and very young….one day…somehing happen..like monsterball sued to go to court by UMNO…juct watch…ALL will support me.

  34. elizabethwong says:

    Monty, I’m a frequent visitor to Susan’s blog! And everyone is an angel to me 🙂

  35. the last thing we need is cyberspace to be ruled by a self-appointed dictators posturing as bloggers’ official spokespersons.

    I seriouly doubt you have any credentials to talk about what is right and what is wrong as well as democracy after what you did recently> http://notsoincredible.wordpress.com/2007/05/22/no-such-thing-as-a-free-lunch/

  36. monsterball says:

    Liz..You are such a blessed soul..you are. I know you and Susan are best of friends and is a frequent visitor to her blog….but I doubt everyone is angel.Look at those people banning Dr.Kua’s book..before reading it.. Are they angels?
    Look at few All blogs supporters…. calling me an instigator disrupting unity…are they correct? If not…are they angels? If they are right…then …I certainly is not an angel.
    Alot of devilish people in blogospere…you bet. Just hope you come out point 4 tying all up to a unified purpose in All Blogs..that is non political All BLOG….but be objectives are to be the voices of the people. I know you understand this very well.
    My warmest regards and respect to you Liz.

  37. monsterball says:

    notsoincredible wants attention and thinks he is so smart. He wants bloggers to visit his cheap scat blog…that’s what is all about.
    Do you recall someone told me to go to her blog to debate..yet here she could not debate at all.,Why?…because no one wants to visit her blog lah…very lonely.
    Same as these cheap scat. IGNORE HIM!!!

  38. OA says:


    Zam is not laughing.

    Zam will be very surprised with this development just so that he can stop his charades of demonizing the other group of bloggers – bloggers who traded their credibility for pseudo fame and sychophantic boot lickin pedestals.


  39. dear notsoincredible,

    welcome to blogosphere. although, i’ve stopped blogging.

    you have an appropriate pseudonym, you and your blog are indeed not incredible, and DEFINITELY NOT credible.

    i blog with my name – Jed Yoong.

    you on the other hand blog using a pseudonym.

    i am lost as i did many things recently including shopping, washing my car, doing some facials, eating dinner and more.

    is your blog along with your comments on other blogs meant to be satirical?

    jed yoong aka freelunch 2020

  40. wits0 says:

    “Zam must be rubbing his hands in glee…”

    Maybe too soon if he is.

    Surely at one time a certain strategist must’ve been feeling at the top of the world too. People can be too clever and successfull and it gets in their head.

  41. monsterball says:

    When have any UMNO so call strategist got anything right…tell me.
    Cover up upon cover ups …that’s what they are good at.
    The whole world is laughing at our most impressive and I recalled..it is the biggest government building in the world….LEAKING!!….yet they make fun and don’t feel shameful.
    Everything is NATURAL to them.
    I just learned two important excuses words from UMNO guys…sensitive issue…it’s natural….and that idiot Samy may even say.. ” it’s God’s will’ whenever there are landslides and houses buried under it…with dozens dead.. Go recall those words he spoke before.. I don’t know whether did he also said the few fires at the airports are God’s will..I cannot recall that….but his big mouth always blame others…never once himself. Now Pak Lah told him to shut up and move his arse. if my boss say that to me…I will resign. Malu lah…yet the whole world read whatPM said to Samy…he is still there!! Anyone would have resign..but not Samy Vellu. His face must be at least one inch thick skin…world record!! Why don’t Guiness Book of Records bring him to get it measured…after all they are famous getting world records. What about thickest face skin record?

  42. Arifabdull says:

    WARNING!! pls ensure the new PABS will not be hijacked (or, coup)…hahahahahaaaa Uncle Monty, pls dont retire yet. if y go in de jungle now, i’m pretty sure that nobody seems good enuf to play de KING -:)
    i am happy being a self-appointed dictators of my own blog, at least i may just simply AFP, AFK (even to stop, and start again later) from blogging in anytime i want.

    p/s: cant comment very much, i am on AFP rite now….LoL!

  43. wishy says:

    Jed yoong and notsoincredible should forgive and forget

  44. susan loone says:

    wishy? how to forgive and forget lah
    one has a real name, the other don’t
    one we know in person, the other…..?

  45. monsterball says:

    But I made the biggest mistake to appoint KTemoc as my POPE…and history has repeated itself…my POPE has taken my Queen and my Musketeers are all confused and sad. Ask my SON to help..small matter he said…don’t disturb him…it’s dad and mom’s business…ask me to sort it out. Does he know something I don’t….but my Queen will never play me out…that’s why I go to the jungle with my musketeers….to round up the sakais..ibans..even train few elephants to come back and fight that evil POPE.
    No one is indispensible….if the King is dead…they always say….’long live the King”…so don’t worry few will be better Kings than me….but i am not dead…they wait lah.
    Meanwhile..do continue our secret AFP….. Air Force Pilots training project.
    How many planes have we now?

  46. monsterball says:

    wishy…why not you tell notsoincredible not to insult or disturb us…which he/she is obviously doing right now. Why do you want someone trying to protect us..to patch up with that nobody…no name…no nothing…yet a blog owner.

  47. Arifabdull says:

    all de planes are imported, x terkira dengan jariLAH.
    AFP is a TOP SECRET under our OSA. better dont mention to ur ‘rakyat’.
    but, what happen 2 the coming MU match?

  48. wishy says:

    I read both their blogs and I happen to appreciate their way of thinking, at least what they write about. Life is uncertain, sometimes beyond our control but we have control over friendship.

  49. susan loone says:

    dear people;
    why should another group cause dis-unity? i learnt from my NGO work that we need to network, solidarity, the more groups the better in order to achieve our aims. we should not look at others negatively especially if they fight for the same cause as us or believe in the same cause.
    there are all kinds of groupings in the world. we choose those who have similar or supportive aims and objectives as us.
    if everyone has only got one choice, boring lah my friends.
    now i still am an ardent supporter of rocky bru and jeff ooi, and will stand with them against the government and nst. so how does the whole idea of dis-unity arise?
    is that why umno has been able to rule this country for 50 years (and if pak lah has his way, 100 years?). because we dont accept differences but treat it with disdain?
    jean, did you say that at the end its all about interest? do you mean the deputy post offered to me? didnt i say i am waiting to relinquish it to anyone who wants it?
    if you mean interests as in cause or needs or beliefs, then yes, people who have common interests do group together.
    yes lucia, of course, you are welcome. no need to ask permission also, just contact kTemoc, you are in Penang, same as him, so easier lah….about zam rubbing hands with glee…let him rub lah whatever he wants. rubbing can wear off also you know…how long can he go on?
    but if you look on the positive side, he may be so confused now, he will be so blur…
    arifa, if there is a coup, kita mula saje grouping baru, apa masalahnya kan…:-)
    never never limit ourselves, the only prisons are in your minds ….
    cheers 🙂
    ps: to all those who are disparaging my name elsewhere, love you all 😉
    in fact there is a buddhist saying (if i am not mistaken) that says: your greatest teacher(s) is/are the one(s) who disagree with you. how true!

    and of course, in christianity, jesus tells us: “love your enemies”. and if you have to forgive, forgive 77×77 times. 🙂

  50. Philip Lau says:


    Another Load on your shoulder? Is your shoulder strong enough to withstand this heavy weight as a Deputy? You are very hard and tough. Are you? I believe in Freedom also, but not irresponsible one. For what I read you are a responsible one. You look around Freedom recommended by Uncle Sam has destroyed many countries. Uncle Sam is trying to do so to China. Uncle Sam succeeded it before. But I bet you on my life now, Uncle Sam will never succeed under the present Chinese Leaders. Give China another three to four decades, as what Lee Kuan Yew stated, they will overtake Uncle Sam in many fields, may be all. There is a fear, Bolehland I hope not,will not be a Banana Republic. The Little Red Dot does not like it to be so. Different opinion is healthy, finally united them all with different shades, you may form a little United Nation.

  51. wits0 says:

    “why should another group cause dis-unity? ”

    Only by dint of Bolehland’s conventional indoctrinated thinking buit on black-and-white conditioning. Almost imperceptibly, over the years, the ability for lateral or alternate thinking dissipated.

  52. monsterball says:

    whisky….life is uncertain..death is certain.
    I disagree with you that we must be friends to every Tom Dick or Harry we meet. I do agree we should not hold hatred to those we disagree…as hatreds is a serious disease to hurt your whole personality and life style.
    So get it out off your chest…and forget about it…is what I am practicing.
    We shod avoid all those we do not think are good to keep as friends.
    Parents do not teach their children what you say…they teach exactly what I wrote…..especially to their daughters.
    Sometimes reserved people are classified as snobs..some are …but not all…as few just want to avoid their goos life being spoilt by people they think not worthy to be their friends or even talk to them. I recalled…Lee Kuan Yew do that often in his younger days. He wrote this in his books too…explaining he is not a snob.
    So right now..in blogging…we see All Blogs leading us to the wrong directions…they have their supporters. You mean we should be friends to those trying to insult or belittle us?
    What is the ulterior motive for notsoincredible to keep on being sarcastic and belittling us? You read two sides of good logics put out? Are you sure you are reading right?
    If the whole country apply your logic…we will be living in paradise….easier said than done…not practical.
    And I like to end this message by confirming my total support to Rocky And Jeff on the court case matter. I will be there…if ever they need me.

  53. v9 says:

    ‘we need to network, solidarity, the more groups the better in order to achieve our aims. we should not look at others negatively especially if they fight for the same cause as us or believe in the same cause.’

    Very true, and it has always been like that since we learn to organize and the results have never change. The best method to unite is like that, and the best mean to disunite is also like that. That I reasoned is why AK Tolkien begins the adventure with the phrase ‘…a ring that rules all…’ You start with numerous organizations that championed different causes until a common ‘enemy’ or ‘friend’ unite all of you. Unlike your earlier loose association which you described as a journey; after the unity and final victory, what will become of the unity? Each to their own again? Soldiers never die. History and AK Tolkien predict that one of you shall rise to amongst the ‘rings’ and become the very evil you have fought…the Dictator, Lord of the Rings. Why can’t we leave the net alone…without association? Without wars? Without policies? Just let it be a story about individuals, rule by individuals, life by individuals and the arts of conversation. This is the only place where all man are borne equal and without divide. Who need a president? I don’t need to know you to become friend.

  54. wits0 says:

    Susan: “and of course, in christianity, jesus tells us: “love your enemies”. and if you have to forgive, forgive 77×77 times.”

    I always think that you’re expected to forgive just twice since you have only two cheeks. That 77×77 times is just a hyperbole thing. Why not 88×88 times, otherwise, etc..

    In another scenario, Jesus said not to throw pearls before swines. This clearly abrogates the literal interpretation of 77×77 times.

    In yet another, he told his disciples that those without a sword should sell his cloak to buy one.

    Which brings one to conclude that neither Jesus nor Buddha abrogates the right to self defense in a real world as some leering smart asses likes to deride with limited knowledge of anything much.

    Buddha was perfectly correct to say that hatred never ends with hatred but with love. Some people got an apology from the previous Pope for the Crusades but never apologise for their own (more cuplable)part in those conflicts. Now the present one apologises for the past massacre of South American Indians. No one apologised for the Armenian massacre but instead Turkey denies it. No one apologised for the persecution of the Bahais.

    In Bolehland, some people apparently associates apology with an unacceptable erosion of macho jantan-ness and culture. Hard to credibly claim humility as a cultural virtue while at the same time engrossed with implicit bluster.

  55. monsterball says:

    Susan is preparing herself to be a nun…if she can forgive 77×77 times.
    For me ..once or twice okay….cannot change..all hell goes loose.
    No choice..we live in bodohland.
    But I do not harp hatreds in my heart. I speak and forget…and if the devil comes again..put on my computer memory brain..speak again..then throw it to the rubbish bin.

  56. muhammadyunus says:

    I see it now…a check and balance mechanism for All-Blogs and vice versa…that should appease the Ministry of Misery. 🙂

  57. v9 says:

    Dear Monsterball,
    Sorry, I am going to break my own cardinal rule by indulging in frivolities. Do you know when and why I read blogs? Do you know whose blogs I read first? Do you know when I started commenting? Do you know how I feel today? Well,
    Answer 1. It was the year 2003, because I was lonely when my wife and I had to go through hell…..due to corruption in a system. I was looking for friends who may have been through that hell-hole.
    Answer 2. It was Jeff’s Blog and then Rocky’s Blog. Followed by Aisehman.
    Answer 3. When I profiled that the Gman will try to crack down on blogs, even the innocent ones because everyone with an independent spirit can rebel. I believe as an active audience, like you, the cinema will stay open.
    Answer 4. Lousy. Malaysia political system sucks. Even the saham sucks today. Sopo getting to suck too because I smell that same fear now. Some bloggers are beginning to show favoritism and impose self-censorship on their comment buttons except for a few professionals.

    Why don’t you, with Susan’s help, set up a forum where we can talk frivolities, away from the seriousness of life? You will be a good punching bag for many of us….I am serious my man. I am serious about giving up the cinema and return to what I do best…making money. At least I get paid for it and my conscience will be clear before my Maker. Sayonara.
    Sign: A Friend in the Net.

  58. monsterball says:

    v9..I guess Susan has taken your request well. Look at her new post,
    Go…. enjoy.
    Are you asking Susan and me to behave like Lucille Ball and Bob Hope..pay to enter her blog to hatam both if us?
    I don’t understand how you are goin o make money out of your suggestions.

  59. monsterball says:

    oh I see v9….You aking me to set up my owm blog?
    Thanks lah….sure get all you folks love punching me left and right…but if I do set up my own blog….I will answer everyone’s complaints personally…..not like Rocky..no answer at all…yet the President of All Blogs Asso.
    As much as Susan kept saying she can handle all anonymous….but what to do….I am also a lady’s man lah.
    Sheih now calls me papa monsterball….as you you don’t know….yet that idiot son keeps saying my comments are under moderations. How embarrassing!!
    v9….I may just vanish from blogging one day….meanwhile…so many bloggers make me feel at home and treat me as brother…uncle.. a friend. …and Sheih have so many affectionate titles for me. What more do a commenter…a web sufer…a blogger that has no home wants?
    I have infect found most bloggers I visit are brave and righteous and want brave sincere visitors with equaly brave comments. these are my birds..my type v9. I am happy and contented. Best of all..commenters are all behaving like one big happy family. How nice.
    Buy seriously….I hope I can see one day…All Bolgs Asso. shows they are non partisan…non political and all brave for the people.
    Sad it is now …seem by me and many others ….as the making of a politcal party through blogging…not my cup of tea…no way. How do you see it?

  60. vishnu says:

    Why dont estabilish a Bloggers united for all those malaysian bloggers living overseas.

  61. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha ..Those idiots at Shar101 blog took the bait and treats PABS seriously. You know why they take it seriously? Cina say…”body got shit”…that’s why even a joke…they cannot understand it.
    And Susan responded so well to all their accusations. There is something about me…being sued for compensations?…hahahahahaha
    The All blog out to sue me?…..hahahahaha

  62. monsterball says:

    vishnu…How long do one need to travel overseas to bangkok to put out a comment?
    Overseas here..make no difference…we are one big family.
    So welcome all overseas folks…put out your messages as if we are sitting next to each other right now.

  63. bamboo river says:

    Dear Susan, I had just came back from Shar101’s blog. I don’t need to tell more but it was very disheartening to read those comments attacking you and Ktemoc in that blog. I mean why not they just comment in your blog?
    This is very sad.
    Why all the fake “good day to you” or “you are wondeful” kind of stuff ?
    Just because you mentioned about PABS, all sorts of accusations and presumably “I know better” words start coming out. Who is the instigator?
    Why the accusations? Why is the pro tem head keeping mum? Why? I believe you are on your own rights to organise another alliance. Can’t we give a positve or maybe a constructive opinion DIRECT to you. I am not siding anyone because I am just an ordinary commentor but this seems to create unwarranted disunity among you bloggers.
    Looks like it is a personal attack rather then a general oipinion. What have you done that is not right to them Susan?
    It is more like washing dirty linen in public kind of thing.
    i don’t know if the bloggers are helping or killing each other.
    Sorry Susan for my comments if it is giving you a big headache.

  64. bamboo river says:

    Yah ..monsterball, they took the bait on your expense! Did you read how you was ostricised! ( i hope it is a correct word and spelling.)
    Hey man, It ain’t sincere if you ain’t true.
    Monsterball, take care! Regards.

  65. susanloone says:

    hey bamboo river
    thanks for your comments

    all will be revealed soon…soon my dear friends

    then we see who have the last laugh


  66. monsterball says:

    I have never seen Susan laugh like this all these months!!
    He who laugh first will laugh last!!
    So Susan is cocksure we will have the last laugh?
    Or is she enjoying the Pope so much…poor dramatic King is abandon by her and my son now!! Are both playing a ruse on me?
    Like hammerhead said…the suspense is killing me…hahahahahaha

  67. ktemoc says:

    Bless thee, my son

    – Pope

  68. monsterball says:

    Now ktemoc call me son? Weird…really weird.
    And he is so taken up by the job…he is talking in old English language!
    If he really calls me son…then my Queen really falls head over heel over him.
    It’s time to reveal all Susan…we are waiting.
    Anyone can thow me some panadols?
    Seldom I get such a splitting headache.
    just one sentence from ktemoc…it’s like ac ten ton bomb onto me……waaahhhhwaaahhhwaahhahahhwaa[old man crying}

  69. […] Screenshots’s Jeff Ooi as the vice-president, there is a new blog association in town founded by Susan Loone and KTemoc – People’s Alliance of Blogs […]

  70. wits0 says:

    Methinks for us to be taken with that joke is one thing but for the other pro-“unity” side to act like they own already the sole right to define unity is another. Maybe that’s why Susan is laughing big.

  71. monsterball says:

    Me think my explanation of PABS makes Susan laugh.
    And me thinks….Susan like to be captain of United Bloggers football team as against All blogs political team.
    Me think..Susan loves to see idiots fall into the trap and be so serious.
    But Susan said PABS is no joke…so it is no joke…but People’s All Blog Society is a joke…created by yours truly….hahahahaha
    Me think Susan thanks me for a real good laugh.

  72. monsterball says:

    hahahahahah…Read at Shar101 talking about People’s All Bolgs Society!!
    And got few visitors mislead..YET…he never apologize he made a terrible mistake. THERE IS NO PEOPLES’S ALL BLOGS SOCEITY LAH….
    What does PABS stands for? I don’t know….maybe Panjub And Babu Society.
    There I told you …all are peanuts machais…no brains…just big mouth.

  73. monsterball says:

    And All Blogs …Rocky…Jeff…zorro and Big dog went to the Australian High Com. party on 16th May representing All Blogs ..but Aussies invited All Blogs as journalists blogging party…headed by ROCKY…yet none of those four spoke anything about it….especially zorro.

  74. wits0 says:

    Someone at Shar’s dubbed the “Drama Queen” as an anarchist. So yours truly asked when is the ‘communist’ bit coming as well. Big Gum Dog is at home with his tribe there, hyperventilating and raving heavily.

  75. bamboo river says:

    I am very sure the journey for All Blogs will be very ROUGH. Class 10 Off Road category. To many instigating and back stabbing.
    How to have UNITY lah friends?

  76. […] Jeff Ooi as the vice-president, there is a new blog association in town founded by Susan Loone and KTemoc – People’s Alliance of Blogs […]

  77. anthroblogia says:

    BUM 2007 – the online event……

    Well I have spent the last day-and-a-half compiling some statistics regarding the online aspect of the BUM 2007 meeting – I went there offline, and had that experience, so I’m thinking that one way to proceed is to compare the on and offline experienc…

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