IMMEDIATE VACANCIES: Drama queens/kings

A new media organisation is looking for talented and driven drama queens and kings.

If you have a flair for random emotional outbursts, a fondness for irrational arguments, and a proclivity for passionate pandering to politicians, please send in your resume together with a few photos of you in various compromising positions and a video of your most glamorous war with unsuspecting victims.

In this industry, age is never a factor and neither is experience, what we are looking for is a dedicated desire to destroy whatever is in your way.

Successful candidates will be groomed to lead full-scale dramas on both the local and international stages. Our experienced team will mold you to ensure you reach the pinnacle of your pushy pontifications. 

Competitive salaries and benefits. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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  1. runston says:

    Eligible Candidates/Reasons:
    Y.L Chong: Organised the BUm event. Spectacularly successful to rave reviews. Require extended moment of glory.
    Tikus: Check out the hotness! Too hot for you? Take it to her blog and do the low-blow, kick-balls things. Need support, hugs and closure for “Is anybody out there?” and “Dah Bermulanya”.
    June-E- Asked for opinions and cussed when opinions did not meet expectations.
    Oh, talking ’bout expectations and cyber-jihadists…
    *pengsan* terernye, overdose oredi.

  2. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha..I was about to switch off and go to sleep….and here comes this post. The cartoon is so funny and downright smack a message to whoever fits the bill.. The words..hahahaha”Immediate vacancies”…just too much……hahahahaha
    Sheih needs to try do one to out beat Susan…tough job son…you are beaten this time. [this will get him irritated…I HOPE!}
    What are those last paragraph babbling words…similar…designs on. .virus attacking my computer.
    Great stuff to make me sleep with a smile.
    Goodnight Susan and all.

  3. all bloggers are welcomed to join the pro-bn version which will never be political in any way as long as you do not say anything against the media corp and gov or incite racial discrimination > well supported by a strong political power that can represent your bloggers voice in parliament > just sign up as you need not vote any president as they already have ministers to look after your interests as long as you agree with zam > opposition bashers are also welcomed.

  4. v9 says:

    You are a gem of a sport. A priceless diamond. Well done, Susan. I think Monsterball didn’t get it that he was cast as your drama King. Ha…ha…ha. If I ever going to believe in an office, you will have my vote. Monsterball, I am glad you could laugh and was not taken in by unflattering comments.

  5. wits0 says:

    Perhaps the greater and real drama lays hidden under the surface. People should really meditate on the deeper meaning of “unity” beyond its apparent appearance and desirability. What’s the big blind hurry and in the process bypasses the necessary ideological shakedowns?

  6. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha….I am awake and still laughing! I JUST HELP IT.
    v9….I read and understand the whole post as Susan’s response to people accusing Susan and me as Drama Queen and Kings …and we are interviewing more actors.
    If I read wrong…..I still enjoy this post very much. Everytime I see that cartoon….I laugh imagining Susan teaching her students how to be dramatic…….hahahahaha

  7. monsterball says:

    v9…It is pure intelligence…wit…and yet sacastic. Only two bloggers can do this with posters that I know of……Sheih and Susan. Love and respect both of them very much.
    Strange as it may seem….my real name is S.S.Goh…Susan Sheih Goh??…..hahahahaha
    Alot ask me what SS means. Depending who ask…I replied…super salesman..special service…secret service….few more…but I like best is simple simon.

  8. luclai says:

    and they also said drama kings and queens are attention seekers.

    do read ktemoc’s take on drama queens and kings too:

  9. monsterball says:

    Good show of high intelligent co-operative bloggers here.
    I am now being accused as the one and only instigator to Susan and Sheih….like as if these two damn smart bloggers can be bullshitted by me. They don’t make my kepala pusin…I am already lucky….hahahahaha

  10. jeancumlately says:

    …If you have a flair for random emotional outbursts, a fondness for irrational arguments…


    For women, its a monthly affair but for some, they are born just to be like that. Its in their genetic make-up… a disorder of sort. For women, they called it PMS and for men, they called this disease samy vellu. Over time, it became quite contagious and some bloggers are now infected.

    For women, they can say that its an act of God but Samy Vellu is not entittled to use that excuse.

    Monty, go get your jab!

    Lotsa people qualified la susan…

  11. Monty, go get your jab!

    Me thinks he needs more than that>>>>

  12. monsterball says:

    notsoincrtedible…What are you trying to imply? Don’t double talk with me.

  13. monsterball says:

    Samy Vellu was just told by Pak Lah to move his arse to work and stop moving his mouth to quarrel. first time I hear a PM telling Samy straight to the point ….but I do hope Pak Lah can sack he should be and tell the MIC and everyone..including UMNO no one is indespensible. Does he dare to do it?
    When jeancumlately calls me to go for a jab…it means well.

  14. monsterball says:

    Good..All of you be Queens and Kings. I will like to apply as Court Jester.

  15. monsterball says:

    And Sheih can be the Royal house Chief Cook..the real Mahaharajah’s
    Son…but love to have peace and goodwill to all man. What a great Son any parents lucky to have.
    And witsO should be the Prime Minister…jeancumlately…Lady in Waiting….waiting to fill in any post that maybe threatened or the lady’s side….like Queen’s first choice to replace her…..if anything happens to the Queen .Meanwhile daily job functions is to attend to the Queens personal needs and wants.
    Hammerhead is the worried kind. He should be the Min. Of Finance…so let him enjoy a wealthy Kingdom or worried to death….if no money.
    Bamboo river should be the bodyguard of the couple with all those unseen readers as his Musketteers. he is the Cheif Musketeer…modern days…call it IGP or Cheif of the Arm forces.
    v9..runston..luchai…Min.of Defence…Agriculture…and Foreign Affairs respectively.
    notsoincredible application still pending…but sure to get one post..sooner or later.
    There it settles all here so far…and boy more to come….and I got to crack my head to make everyone happy.

  16. monsterball says:

    The list is much much more and I found the real Court Jester..ideaincredible…not me.
    How can I forget ktEMOC!! He should be the POPE…next most powerful person in the Kingdom…sometime most powerful…depending on who is the King…weak or strong…and I have just taken back by rightful position…King..hahahahaha
    Tim…Maverick are two wise bloggers…Senators?
    Mahguru58…another daring and wise one…Senator.
    the Razzler…Private bodyguard to the Son…
    Wattahack have not made up his mind…you do the Kingdom…but once his mind is set..he will be one of the best ..the Kingdom will be fortunate to have.
    I know I am still missing hell of alot…especially few please excuse this old man.
    I thought you all should feel most proud….our voices are actually being heard and in great loud and clear to All Blogs…but not answered!! Bless you all.

  17. monsterball says:

    We are no fools to be played into their game. though I hope you all enjoy a little of my joke and in actual fact…the names I MENTIONED ARE ALL SERIOUSLY INTERESTED IN BLOGGINGS …. BEING THE VOICES AND CONSCIENCE FOR THE PEOPLE…NOT ANOTHER POLITICAL PARTY.

  18. Hammerhead says:

    Me? The Minister of Finance? Hahahaha! When was the election? Errrr……..I am not Pak Lah’s son-in-law, you know. Oh damn! Who was the strange woman in my bed this morning?

  19. monsterball says:

    There you see hammehead…you are already taking the role seriously…as where there is money..there will be a woman to suck you dry…that is…. specially trained woman… who can smell money….lots of it…more the merrier……hahahahaha

  20. notsoincredible says:

    there will be a woman to suck you dry…that is…. specially trained woman… who can smell money

    like I said earlier you do sound like those two MPs> why men like to make women the butt joke? susan you like to suck? you can smell money?

  21. monsterball says:

    notsoincredible…If you want to point out what you think about me…go ahead….but to bring Susan into the picture…you are out to find trouble…not debating nor talking sense. Since you like to talk cock…lets find a right time and place. Right now is about our All blog unity..concerning all our reputations and real purpose in bloggings. If you cannot find any substances in your little pea brain to talk sense…so lets talk cock and bull next day. MEANWHILE….YOU ARE MAKING A REAL FOOL OF YOURSELF….NOT ME.
    It is noticed people who disagree with us do not debate..but insults and belittle us..especially to Susan and me. This is a typical machai behaviour…gangster like…no brain…just want to talk cock.

  22. hani says:

    monsterball said…

    “…Right now is about our All blog unity..concerning all our reputations and real purpose in bloggings…”


    Dear monsterball,

    I assume you are now a blogger. Could you gimme the address of your blog? I’d love to pay you a visit .

  23. monsterball says:

    hani..Depending how you interpret it…the moment one goes to blogging is a blogger. However some bloggers established their own house..a blog owner…thus we begin to differentiate a blog owner and a blog visitor….but now known as a commenter to make it easy for us to differentiate further.
    So lets get back to All blogs Association. It does not mean the Asso is for blog owners only. …that is ..if you are thinking towards that line. All people participating in the conversation are bloggers…and they represent us all.
    Now that I got this out….Am I a blogger?..sure I am. Do I want to start my own blog?…no I am not interested.

  24. Arifabdull says:


  25. monsterball says:

    hani..Right now..Rocky putting out a message as All Blogs President is using… ‘one who reads blog’ ….to describe a commenter…confirms what I wrote above are sensible and correct.

  26. v9 says:

    Dear Alls,
    ‘All-Blog’ in simple English term is ‘An association of Blogs’. Blog is akin a cinema, where you have the movie at one end and the audience at the other end. Similarly for a cinema to survive, the bloggers (movie scripts) and the commenters (audiences) need each other symbolically. Without each other, both fade into oblivion. Bloggers will tear out all their hair to release the pressurised journalistic talent and the audiences will probably return to playing marbles. So elementary, monsterball is not wrong. According to my lastest intelligent, kengleong (Aisehman infamous audience) said Al Gore said ‘internet revives the arts of conversation’. Please enjoy your movie… no cam-recorder is allowed though, you may comment.

    Your Faithfully,
    Minister of Defence.
    ps. Monsterball – Please prepare my May salary.

  27. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…v9….no salary lah…we all work free and live by God’s will.

  28. v9 says:

    Please pay me. So that, when my Maker asks me during Judgement Day, ‘Why did you surport monsterball’. I shall reply without guilt or hestitation, ‘I was paid to do it’. He will probably let me pass into heaven.

  29. monsterball says:

    You Maker will sent you to hell…if he knows you want money for doing HIS good deeds on earth for all mankind. ALL YOUR GOOD WORK…ACTUALLY ONE… ONLY ONE..WILL BE WASTED….NOT GOOD MERITS RECORDED….BODOH
    If not satisfied…go file a complaint at the Industrial court….hahahahahaha

  30. monsterball says:

    All Makers know me…tell me which one and I will talk to HIM tonight and explain things.

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