Update: Read also “Was there a coup on blogosphere?” by Politics101, Ideas Incredible’s post on the same issue “All-Blogs representing bloggers without a mandate?”, Arifadull’s “All-Blogs Hijacked – Part I“, his interesting analysis on “All-Blogs Hijacked Part 2” and Whatever’s “All-Blogs – United?“.

All-Blogs (National Alliance of Bloggers) visit to the Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor’s office in Petaling Jaya has recently raised some blog brows. Bloggers kTemoc and Mahaguru have both come out with an impassioned plea asking All-Blogs to remain non-partisan. Although, how a visit to an Opposition figure’s party office – Anwar Ibrahim to be exact -could make people perceive All-Blogs as being partisan is beyond me.

When All-Blogs visited the BN candidate K Parthiban in Ijok (ignoring the Opposition candidate), and later blogged  some positive things about his candidature, people also accused All-Blogs about being political. Which is why I’ll fuss little about this coz there are bigger issues here at stake, and which we should question as far as All-Blogs is concerned.

What is the role of All-Blogs

Several bloggers have approached me asking about what exactly is the role of All-Blogs. Yes, the official line is “All-Blogs aims to protect the rights of bloggers and promote blogging in a responsible manner. It also plans to register with the government, appoint a committee and impose membership fees,” said Rocky, All-Blogs pro-tem committee president over here.

“We also want to make contact with the authorities and engage them in discussions to raise the level of awareness about the positive and negative impacts of blogging,” Ahirudin said, underlining the non-confrontational nature of the alliance.

This is what makes bloggers out there wonder: should All-Blogs speak for all bloggers? Truth is, I know many bloggers, while supporting the unity of bloggers (as in the efforts by Bloggers United, a loose grouping of bloggers), do not want to “register with the government”. Some I know even refuse to be members of any blogger association, preferring to be free. They see the registration bit as the government’s strategy to control bloggers. Worse still, some bloggers see this as All-Blogs trying to impose their views and ideologies, political or otherwise, on others.

Therefore, I think it’s only right that All-Blogs speak for themselves, and their members only. All-Blogs should make this clear to all and sundry that All-Blogs do NOT mean All- Bloggers. That until their members are registered, they cannot claim to be speaking or representing all bloggers (for example, yours truly).

But who are the members of All-Blogs?

Ex-blogger Freelunch2020 aka Jed Yoong, who stopped blogging due to a political controversy, whom I shared my concerns with, had this to say about All-Blog’s membership:

“All Blogs must come clean that they HAVE no members, is an UNREGISTERED society with a pro-tem committee elected by about 40 bloggers (figure according to the STAR’s report), most of which appears to be pro-BN (Barisan Nasional), part of an anti-pak lah (Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi), pro-najib (Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak)/Tun Mahathir Mohammad (ex-Prime Minister) faction. 

“Then we have the outliers, loose cannons. So if I was still blogging, I would like All-Blogs to change their name as it is a misnomer, to quote KTemoc,” said Jed.

She went further on to remark that “It’s misleading to say it represents bloggers in Malaysia and the new media movement which champions freedom of speech and media freedom as a pillar of a true democracy, although at the same time, as part of the Bloggers United movement, we support Rocky and Jeff in the lawsuits from NSTP as we feel it is an infringement on freedom of speech.  But our support does not mean we are sympathetic to their personal political leanings”.

“Why are we blogging? To be part of some elitist social club or to express our views as  citizens of a democratic nation?” she asked.

I agree with Jed. This is simply how some bloggers feel. Perception is everything. In fact, I had mentioned this at the All-Blogs meet in April, that the group must represent the interest of other bloggers.

It is quite clear now that some bloggers, yours truly included, fear that All-Blogs and its members will be used as a political lobby againt the current regime. Already we see manifestation of this in several blogs or bloggers who vehemently trashed others who go against their views, or who express views detrimental to their party interest. This phenomena exist on both sides of the political divide.  But yours truly experienced it most of all from the pro-BN bloggers.

Meanwhile, in relation to all these, other questions arise, which were not made clear, before, after or during the formation of All-Blogs. For example, bloggers are still not clear as to how All-Blogs arrive at its pro-tem committee members list. The selection process was not transparent. There was not even a proper meeting, or an election process. It seems the names have been pre-determined. I hope someone clarifies this as I am not able to, because I arrived late at the National Press Club on April 5, when All-Blogs was set-up.

(Note: Before the usual suspects jump to conclusion and accuse me as being envious because I am not in the committee, let me say this loud and clear, that I am not interested in any position as far as All-Blogs is concerned, whether now or in the future).

Other questions for All-Blogs to consider include: 

(2) Will All-blogs campaign for free speech? If yes, how? If no, why not?

(Updated: This is a relevant question for those who want to see All-Blogs take a more active role in championing freedom of speech, instead of just being a social club, yours truly included. Championing freedom of speech does not mean taking sides on party politics. This must be made clear. This question is relevant because the answer or the decision will affect some bloggers decision to be part of All-Blogs).

(3) This question is specifically for Rocky, who said in an interview with Malaysiakini on Press Freedom Day that some laws on press freedom need to be retained. “What do you mean by that, can you specify?”

(Updated: I am uneasy with this statement. I believe we have more than enough laws to curb press freedom, and the time now is to dismantle all laws. Like CIJ (Centre for Independent Journalism) executive director Sonia Randhawa said, in the same interview, “You either have freedom or you don’t“, as the PPPA and press freedom cannot exist side by side. 

I have forwarded all these questions to Rocky, the president. Rocky has replied saying he will look into all these issues during the weekend. It would be really good to hear your views on this, Rocky.

But while, Rocky is doing this, All-Blogs must speed up with its Constitution now, and the least they can do is list down their potential members, so that we know, and the potential members know, that they are being represented by All-Blogs.

All-blogs cannot and must not speak for all bloggers, this much I am clear.

(Updated: But like Ktemoc says in the comment section, of which I totally agree, I wish All-Blogs well in their future endevours).

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  1. wits0 says:

    Susan sez:
    “I agree with Jed. This is simply how some bloggers feel. Perception is everything. ”

    The facts behind the perception suggests All Blog is a misnomer. Like the case of All Spice, which itself is one spice and does not mean all spices.

    The suspicion has sound foundation, the name sucks under the circumstances of the day. In Bolehland, creation of a facade is a common proclivity dressed in formality and form. Okay, I’m not a blogger and I’m negative. But I was not born yesterday.

  2. no members?
    what an idea! incredible! or an incredible idea?

  3. Tim says:

    Simple name-change would clear things. All-Blogs certainly can never claim to represent the opinion of all bloggers; we’re just too diverse.

    I will personally never register with a blogging group – to me, blogging is an outlet for individualism and expression. A registered club of bloggers with fees and a committee doesn’t jibe with my view of what blogging is.

    The issue of partisanship for example. Many individual blogs *are* going to be partisan – you can’t expect everyone to be neutral, and it’s not wrong to pick a side. The people who (usually) need to be non-partisan are journalists. And while some journalists can run blogs, not all bloggers can (or want to) be journalists.

    But I can understand why some people would want to do this. It can raise awareness about blogging and give it legitimacy – not that blogging itself is unlawful, but it helps to counter the government’s campaign to paint us as unreliable and having hidden agendas.

  4. wits0 says:

    “….Ahirudin said, underlining the non-confrontational nature of the alliance.

    Reminds me of the old canard about the government willing to take criticism as long as they’re “constructive” ones.

    So what were constructive criticism then? What are they like today? Is it now confrontational to say, e.g., that leaky MPs sucks and that the government wrongly allows that?

    It seems tha Ahirudin is ready to walk on a tightrope without a balancing pole. We don’t think he’ll succeed in keeping balance.

  5. […] Back to the Susan posting, I assume Susan really do not aware of it, so that might why she asked Who does All-Blogs really represent? […]

  6. monsterball says:

    I agree with Jed Yoong that All-Blogs should not speak on behalf of all bloggers.
    Look at the President elected blog…at all his messages. Then read those who comments on them. Firstly…it should a group of same bloggers..just about six ..always supporting him. Then most of his message are pointing to political matters…mostly anti-government.
    I strongly believe a good President should not show he is a poitical blogger..but one after justices ….like Susan or Sheih.
    Aboveall…it is still not officially registered. if so..it still needs to be approved by the government. Why do the take so long to register?
    Everyone who are constantly blogging or commenting knows that right now..it is a Pack of Bloggers..like a gang for selfish personal objectives.

  7. monsterball says:

    Rocky could find time to comment on th Mother’s Day post. Hope he and his main side kicks…. zorro ….say something right here.
    Strange as it may seem…vice president…Jeff Ooi……Sheih…the creator and original founder of united blogs ideas… and wellknown respected Patrick Teoh….these three ELECTED members…never bother to comment on anything….like they are not supporting All-Blogs at all. I wonder why.
    Their comments on this post will have all ears ..hope they do so.
    Again…if so righteous and noble…..registered or not yet…doe not matter…by now they will have got few dozens old bloggers…eagerly interested to join in as members. Do they have that? If not..why?

  8. monsterball says:

    I always remember what zorro replied at his blog..when I accused few bloggers are having certain agendas. He dared me to be a blogger and then said I will realise it is a different ‘”BALL GAME”
    Sounds to me …toe the line or else….like a group of self made politicians talking…trying to survive to have a set of rules…no freedom of speech at all.
    I though bloggers are the conscience and speakers on behalf of injustices done to the people….teach correct things to young and old…whenever possible…fearless and impartial for love of the nation….show real good manners and respect to commenters…their visitors…unless one goes overboard. Now go read at Rocky’s blog….then you can understand more.

  9. Hammerhead says:

    The essence and power of free-thots is freedom. To have a an association and a code to abide by sounds like a death sentence to me. Sure, we all have different convictions……..one should be able to share freely, and moderate our own thoughts and others by the power of persuasion…in an independent manner. All the best All Blog…………nah, not for me.

  10. monsterball says:

    hi Hammaerhead…I read your message on the poor missing girl. Very noble of you to be a concerned blogger for society..be it here are anywhere. You have shown what blogging is all about.
    I tried to put a comment at your blog…but googles won’t let me in.
    This has happened few time..then few days later…all okay.
    Will get my programmer to check things again.
    Take care and be well.

  11. MAHAGURU58 says:

    All Blogs is a misnomer in the truest sense alright. It can’t say that it represents all the blogs in Malaysia if there are many who choose not to register with it.

    I for one am going to see where the implications of being a member of the grouping is gonna put me?

    I do not fear disclosing my identity and putting up my face right there in my blog because I have no vested interests in our nation’s politics and when I do comment or write about issues affecting us, I do so when the need is there.

    I am a citizen of this country and I speak up accordingly about anything that concerns me and my rights as a voter.

    Whether it is the BN or the BA that needs to be commented upon as in the recent ‘diarrhea of the lip’ BN MP’s or if I feel Karpal Singh, Kit Siang , Nik Aziz or Anwar Ibrahim needs to be addressed about anything that they are doing right or wrong, I would do so without fear or favor.

    As a blogger, I prefer to be non aligned. Brother KTemoc also feels the same way.

    I blogged about what I feel All Blogs should be because I care about my fellow Bloggers and want to see us be allowed to blog as we feel like it and not be seen as pro the current BN government or pro the Opposition BA!

    I for one do not want to see us be shackled by government bureaucracy that will naturally take place when you register yourself with the Registrar of Societies, pay a fee and subject yourself to the dictates of others.

    That defeats the very basis of blogging. You will end up as a cuckolded blog writer and the freedom of expression will be curtailed.

    Blogging responsibly means not to offend others by way of writing lies and insulting any person or creed without due cause.

    To do so exposes the blogger to libel and legal action. You shall reap what you sow or as in this case, you can be held accountable for what you type into print and publish it online.Thus the need for self censorship.

    Think before you type or press enter. I believe we all know that.

    All Blogs if it is being set up to champion the cause and freedom of the Bloggers in Malaysia must not associate itself as a general body to either the ruling government or the Opposition.

    If it does, then I am sure that many of the Bloggers here will choose to be not in it. Hence, my thoughts about it.

    The internet is meant to be kept free from the dictates of any one body, government or private.

    Registration and monitoring of bloggers is just meant to be an avenue to stop anti government or anti opposition opinions.

    Zainuddin Maidin and his likes are just doing what comes naturally to them; taking care of their ‘bowl of rice and to curry favor with the PM that they are looking out for his interests.

    We thought that under Mahathir , the people were being oppressed and kept tabs on. Looks like under the Badawi administration, things aren’t any different.

    Back to All Blogs.

    One might as well just forget about speaking up as we do if we allow ourselves to be aligned to either party as a group. That’s what I think!

  12. SICEK says:

    now shes goin after the bloggers, i think she wants to be the only blogger in the world.

  13. wits0 says:

    The word, “responsibilty” needs to be briefly defined and demonstrated. Because most people and bloggers are more responsible than is given credit for, it’s paramount too expect that with power, the responsibilty is even far greater.

    One good current example is in the matter of leaky brain MPs. Is it responsiblle for the government to laugh it off as a “touch of humour”? Not that this sort of gross skeweredness is new at all.

    So to demonstrate responsibility, the top itself must set the example, not just demand as a right from others. On this basis the credibilty of governance lay.

    The top-end use of the word, “responsibilty” as a meaningless mantra or even worse, as an admonishing and veil threat cluelessly has become bad habit with little substance that’s endearing. Bloggers need not have to repeatedly chant the same silly mantra too much just to appear and sound acceptable – in political correctness.

  14. ktemoc says:

    susan, just one correction to your excellent post – I did NOT plea for all-blogs to remain neutral; all I did, based on confusing contradictary conduct to the alliance claimed apolitical stand, was to pose queries – I wanted some answers – still not withcoming. OK, I shouted “not happy, rocky” too.

    If they want to play politics, that’s fine with me. But I would then want to register … er … publicly, that is, my position that I am not one of them, and therefore whatever they say would/will never be on my behalf, nor would I be party to those.

    But as a fellow blogger I wish them well.

  15. Daily Nibbler says:

    Tough one this is.

    For those who identify themselves, the law applies to them cuz Internet and blogs just a media to express themselves.

    For those who don’t, nothing much can be done (do I sense glee?).

    I am all for self regulation and self imposed ethics. At the same time I support All Blogs in spirit for what they stand for. At least they have the guts to show themselves and be heard.

    My wish is bloggers to evolve into force of distinction in this country (and the whole world I supposed) – be the agent for the great leveler Internet is touted to be. How do we get there? Basic rules of communication: do you say things properly albeit forcefully and with decorum or do we ramble, lie, slander and or profane? Which ones will be heard?

  16. WATTAHACK? says:

    ALL-BLOGS must represent All Blogs if possible. If All-Blogs is shewed to any political party be it BN or BA it should not be considered ALL-BLOGS more like ALL POLITICAL BLOGS (APB) or something like that. I want to be seeing Gardeners’s Blogs, Dog Blogs, Cat Blogs etc. in ALL-BLOGS as we might never know when some poor Dog Blogger might be silenced and sued for deflaming a Copy Cat!

  17. monsterball says:

    sicek…..I think you got it totally wrong. Jed Yoong is not interested in blogging. She just closed her blog..’freelunch 2020″..just to be impartial.

  18. monsterball says:

    I mean…. ”’JUST NOT TO BE IMPARTIAL” ..SICEK! Check out her blog…very popular …yet she closed it.

  19. register bloggers? why? we already have i/c liao! everyone with an i/c is a malaysian citizen or permanent resident ma! so we can express ourselves as concerned citizens or unconcerned citizens in a democracy. malaysia is a democracy right? or just kononnya only. why can’t we just use our myKAD as a licence to blog? Govt say MYkad will have many many functions….Why not as a blogger id card?
    what an idea! incredible! or an incredible idea?

  20. monsterball says:

    Incredibly incredible you are with your ideas that are far far more intelligent than most incredibly low IQ blokes.
    Why…..myKad may one day allows some with a license to kill without going to jail.
    Your nick suits you to the letter.
    Bless you.

  21. Brilliant post Susan.
    All the best to bloggers.

  22. elizabethwong says:

    Hi Susan,

    1. The constitution is actually my responsibility. I’m kinda tied up for the moment so I’ve not been able to present it to the committee.

    2. The name “All-Blogs” isn’t meant to suggest representation of All Blogs, instead it’s trying to be more encompassing and that, it is open to the myriad of blogs out there, not just socio-political blogs. This means, if you have a recipe blog, a football blog, or a tech blog, one is able to participate. I would look at this as a positive attribute of this new association.

    3. Membership – it’s not an issue here. There are people who have signed up in the pro-tem committee. Even the National HR Society’s first set of member which included Tunku and Hussein Onn waited a good 2 years before the society was approved. Nonetheless the activities went on.

    4. ‘Partizan’-ship – I always link this word to marzipan – love that Mmmm! But moving swiftly back to the topic – non-partisanship means not siding a political entity. This is in the Constitution. It doesn’t mean however it cannot hold a opinion on a number of issues say freedom of expression of blogs.

    Danke danke….. 🙂

  23. monsterball says:

    May I suggest all ex journalists..reporters form their own blogging society…as their profession have political inclinations..and our Malaysians newspapers have much to be desired.
    Until and unless the reputations of journalists..current or ex ones are proving to post out fair messages with sense of integrities for the love of the country….it will make the other bloggers with no politics in mind suffer a bad reputation for nothing…simply because …no matter what….politics is dirty…and 95% bloggers are non political minded.

  24. monsterball says:

    One may question me where do I get 95% from…I like to withdraw that and say MAJORITY bloggers are non political minded.

  25. the Razzler says:

    I am awed by the idea of All Blogs as explained by EW.

  26. politikus says:

    *raises hand*


    since people say perceptions matter, what should All-Blogs do (or not do) to remain non-partisan? how shall it grow in protecting bloggers if it’s endeavour to engage politicians (be it from govt or opposition) or corporations is frowned upon?

    i’m looking forward to hearing some views and opinions perhaps (sorry susan, tumpang comment space, thanks!) or email me … politickus[at]gmail[cot]com

    many thanks!

  27. politikus says:

    alamak, [dot] 🙂

  28. monsterball says:

    Point 4 of Liz Wong’s will give rooms to double talks and opportunities for bloggers with clear political agendas to belittle another political party…some sort of promotional work…..yet considered freedom of expressions.
    I do not envy her job to sort things out.

  29. susan loone says:

    dear politikus, good idea as well. hope people tell their views.

    But there’s also another issue here about All-Blogs speaking for all bloggers? Should it? Not many are happy about this.

  30. susan loone says:

    eli eli! looking forward to the constitution and awaiting rocky’s reply on the laws on press freedom day! 🙂

  31. monsterball says:

    politikus….what is so hard to be sincere? Bloggers must be brave and fearless to point out the injustices done to the people of Malaysia….but not create issues from nothing to keep belittling the govt.
    We must be seen as non political people…….then the govt will take us seriously.
    So many other issues..everyday…rapes…drugs…even certain vicinities having crooked cops. Why must it be non stop down grading BN or UMNO or other political parties every single day? You know why?….politikus?….they are only interested to make their blogs successful…because rumour mongerings are interesting and do get attentions from readers .They will do that with no regards to true or lies….except to get themselves welknown…hoping something nice will come to their way..like being offered a post as a politician to stand for next election? It is advertising themselves!! It is hypocritical.
    Another thing…..these bloggers have no other ideas…or are creative writers to put out a messages for others to comment. So many many other topics…why only politics? So if they want to talk politics….form their own group…so simple.

  32. Tim says:

    AllBlogs will need to be careful not to fall into a trap as well. We have seen that the Govt is all out to generalize bloggers as some malevolent entity. Any slip-up by AllBlogs will give them ammo to say “Look, all bloggers are [biased/traitorous/opposition party in disguise]”.

    Susan your banner thing has an extra “s” in “May the truth save us all”. 🙂

  33. susan loone says:

    Hahaha! Tim? Yes I just saw the extra ‘s’ – have to contact my designer now…:-)

  34. the Razzler says:

    I sincerely hope that All Blogs .. will represent the voice for issues & areas that needs empathy from whoever concern & be taken seriously without prejudice!! … & make Malaysia a better home for all of us!!

  35. monsterball says:

    the Razzler ..Can you convince an ex journalist not to behave like a journalist in blogging?
    Can you convince UMNO and DAP to have nice dinner togather and stop talking politics for once…but talk how to get the people united?
    You see..those who talk politics can never represent us without prejudice…unless you are lucky to fall into their group favoring the party you wish to favour. That’s why political bloggers have 50/50 chance of success and have many readers. That’s what they are after….success for their own benefits…not serving the people.
    They must be seperated …or swear by the holy books to blog only for the people’s benefits….will they do that?

  36. the Razzler says:

    Monsterball .. perhaps it’s just my humble wish & fantasy!! Hopefully I can see that happening during my lifetime!!

    If not All Blogs .. perhaps someone or someday it will be true!!

    Please allow me to daydream .. for now!!

  37. monsterball says:

    Susan… “May the truth saves us all” is correct ..is it not?
    It is the other one WITHOUT the
    “s” is grammatically wrong..is it not?
    I am confused!!…..hahahahaha

  38. monsterball says:

    Just like ‘When Time is Money. This Saves You both”

  39. “To reiterate, a classification needs to enjoy the confidence of the majority of people. Otherwise, it would likely fall flat on the very face of the classifier.”

    Dari The Star

    representation without a mandate from the majority?
    what an idea! incredible! or an incredible idea?

  40. monsterball says:

    the Razzler…Dream on. I have been dreaming for decades..and still never stop dreaming.
    I like to create awareness….so that while we both dream..we do not loose sight of realities right now.

  41. IDEA, Incredible? #12: All-Blogs ‘representing’ bloggers without a mandate?


  42. Freethinker says:

    Can’t agree more that it’s creating a false impression more in tune to the socio political bloggers which do not represent the whole pie of the blogging generation

  43. Maverick says:

    Citizens can’t separate themselves from politics as politics involved their day-to-day life and all rules and laws are made by the legislature which is manned by politicians elected by citizens to make law, good or evil.

    Being by-partisan is the call word and Allblog must strive not to be an ally of individual political institution or organization. What it should mean is that Allblog should represent commoners, irrespective of their color or creed, irrespective of their race and religion and not to be bounded or bonded by conventions. Instead, it should be voicing the peoples’ grief, discrimination and marginalization of the masses. The philosophy and ideology should be based on equality, fairness and justice and anything prejudicial or discriminatory to anyone, be they from the majority or minority. The motto should be: For the People, By the People, To the People.

    This is the cyber-world that has no borders, barriers and colorless.

  44. OA says:


    Forget about all blogs representing all bloggers.

    The best or the least it could do is to be honest and telling the truth regardless.

    Stop giving them all the unnecessary credit cos they have yet to prove what they can do or benefitting the public yet.


  45. Sheih says:

    Dearest Susan,

    I missed those days when both of us (and than Amin came along) work on the Bloggers United. Today, we are not heading that way anymore. My biggest fear is disunity of bloggers due to trying to unite them.

    I have been receiving emails telling me some circulation has been going around questioning my loyalty to All Blogs. I get very confused. I have to admit it. There are bunch of trigger happy blocks.

    It seems that my biggest nightmare finally, (sadly) fast turning into reality.

    There is no question about unity, All Bloggers must be united, but how? This is what I have been pushing all this while. How? Should we unite ourselves by continue to have option to remain stranger to each other?

    Could we can only be united by striping naked to each other?

    Can we be united when I am believing in Nik Aziz and some others believing in Lee Kuan Yew?

    Yes sis, how I really missed that Sunday morning when the euphoria on Bloggers United spread like wild fire.

    I missed it sis.

  46. arifabdull says:

    Uncle Monty & the Razzler,

    “You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one”
    “Imagine” JOHN LENNON

    The Dreamers Forever Young

    It’s ok if we believe on different, I agree as u’ve told me…. “itu bukan pembakar jambatan sesama kita. Harapnya begitu. Mimpi kita dan hidup kita tetap sama.”

  47. monsterball says:

    All bloggers can be supporters of the party or person they choose. No one stops them….but once an issue like the ‘sexy’ remarks are brought out..all bloggers must unite to speak with one voice.
    They must blog to act as publics watch dogs against the ruling party…for it is the ruling party wrong doings that matters most to the public.
    You see….this will only be logical to some bloggers…if next election..say the ruling party is DAP/Keadilan. Problem is …they do not think that way.
    All Blogs must behave like a united opposition party to any ruling political…be it whole of Malaysia..or State by State affairs…focusing their minds and spirits to serve people..which actually include themselves and their family’s futures…..and not behave like politicians ..which they are not.
    All Blogs should behave like crusaders…defending the rights for/by/with the people. Come election time….that is the only time…they can vote whoever they are supporting…but when as All Blogs….they must not enjoy the luxuries as free people for the sake of unity and for the people of Malaysia.
    Now can Sheih ignore Nik Aziz and Jeff ignore Lim Kim Yeak and even ignore they are from two different races and sincerely see each other as Malaysians? Sure they can. That step is already accomplished. Now go one step further..ignore you support this or that party …….that’s where all are not willing to do…for what reasons…I really don’t understand…except pride.
    All bloggers…not ALL Blogs…should hold a meeting to talk all these out openly…then somehow…when all agree..it is like a new religion….real good news…no bullshits or double meanings and all bloggers are proud to accept it. Their heads held up high with pride…get that feelings…then your unity have a chance. Get inspired by the success of the Blacks in USA. It is the best modern period best example….so difficult…yet succeeded.
    Why so hard to unite all bloggers with one voice..one objectives…one promise…to serve the people of malaysia with dignity and truths.

  48. ktemoc says:

    Bloggers United had one sole clear (and noble) aim. That’s why everyone rallied around.

    What’s the objective or objectives of All-blogs? I have absolutely no idea other than a vague notion that it porposed formation was to be a natural progression from the Bloggers United’s position.

    But all we get for all our queries is elegant silence! and we know what ‘elegant silence’ means. ‘Noble’ is not exactly on my lips right now.

    Anyway, All-blog needn’t be an impossible all swinging dancing bipartisan org. That’s not its role and practically unattainable given that we have personal proclivity and/or affiliation.

    In fact if anything it should be ‘partisan’ – yes, partisan for the interests of bloggers to express free speech, regardless of genre or political affiliations – FULL STOP!

    Therefore the logical position for it has to be apolitical. If it needs to deal with anyone for bloggers, it’s the Big Brother machinery, the bureacracy or our local Goebbels, and not any political party.

    And I won’t support ‘self-regulation’ by All-blogs – the word ‘regulation’ implies a smaller ‘big brother’ which is contradictory to bloggers telling the govt to leave us alone. The only ‘self-regulation’ should be that exercised by the blogger him/herself.

    If any political party wants to support All-blogs, stay clear and just voice its support for the principle of free expression, not just for bloggers but also for the conventional media.

    Another recommendation is to remove the ‘all’ description – it’s presumptous, unachievable and unfair to those who don’t want to be a part of it.

    There, I have gotten it off my chest ….. as if I haven’t before 😉

    But I doubt any reasonable solution will emerge – quite frankly I have already written off the idea.


  49. monsterball says:

    It is hard when bloggers seem to think all bloggers should be included in to their Association. IMPOSSIBLE!! As there are bound to be few weird personalities that love to spoil unity. These must be thrown out….even the blogger is your brother.
    What is so hard to identify who these bloggers are..if you have a set of rules for all to abide. What’s so hard to draft out those rules if all want unity?
    So why form an All BLOG without rules and regulations for members qualify or not to be members in the first place? Who are qualified to join MUST clearly spelt out?
    Study Jaycees and Lions Clubs success. It is the same concept….if all want unity.

  50. ktemoc says:

    ‘all swinging’ should read ‘all singing’ 😉

  51. Re-naming ‘All-Blogs’ options:

    1. Some Blogs
    2. Several Blogs
    3. Few blogs
    4. Imaginary Blogs

    Imaginary Blogs!
    What an idea! Incredible! Or incredible idea?

  52. Hammerhead says:

    monsterball, thanks for your kind comments. Sorry for hijacking the blog here…but all you great guys, please write something about Madeleine McCann in your blogs if it is ok with you. She is only 4 years old and need to be found, before any further harm comes to her. Thank you in advance.

  53. monsterball says:

    Under Susan’s ….’My Mama, My love” post many have spoken of that poor missing girl matter and I learn from them….Hammerhead.
    In all criminal cases..big or small…if not solved….more and more are encouraged to do them. So it reflexes how police force performances. Right now..full of shit a results are embarrassingly low….yet one spend many hours filling this or that form…troubled by more interviews…for what?
    All can feel the pains and sorrows of missing children love ones and relatives. What can we do? NOTHING. It’s the police that have to show 100% results to 100% discourage such cases. I guess not even 50% are solved and other different cases….even have as high as 100% not solved….unless it involved a welknown politician house being burgled!!
    But this subject should be pending…as All Blogs matter may have more comments from others.
    Strange as it may seem…only Sheih responded to put out his opinions.
    Where are Rocky…Jeff or zorro? Why so silent? Out spoken Patrick Teoh..WHERE IS HE?
    These are the Kingpins of All Blogs…especially Rocky.
    So Hammerhead…this subject is far from over.
    They say silent is goldern…but in this case …silent may mean so many things….like monsterball is an idiot…trouble causer….always talk nonsense. Dealing with public’s future hopes depending on bloggers is no nonsense…so speak out…All Blogs Kingpins!!

  54. oA says:


    All the top positions in ALL BLOGS are represented by goons/opportunists not because they have proven to be savvy bloggers but because they were put in their respective “famed” blogging position by the government for the government though via means of very well “scripted plays.”

    Blogging means diversity of opinions. Any means to subject bloggings to some narrow minded paths and views should be vehemently rejected.

    Put on hold your support for them until they prove their worth and represent ALL BLOGS the way it should be represented – fair, impartial, unprejudice and apolitical.


  55. monsterball says:

    oA.. I do not think they are put there by any political parties…but most are trying to expose their loyalties to certain parties or political well-known persons ….with the high hope to be spotted and called upon to serve them with a high salary.
    Most are balls carriers with bankcrupt ideas….to disguise themselves as bloggers to even get sponsors for an objective to blog….thus for self benefits only.
    Only Sheih have been spotted because his ideas are not favouring one political party..but serve the Malaysians to point out the bads of ruling party for all Malaysian’s sake… originals..smart ..full of fun..thus Pas was smart to grab him as their Communication Manager….even though Sheih is an UMNO member. This shows clearly..sometimes political parties can be broad minded people.
    Yet few bloggers have endlessly try to rojak his site out of jealousies…yet not one so call All Blogs members…especially Rocky and Jeff come out to put a commment to discourage such sickening people.This is another great example of hypocracies and how disunited they are…even amongst their own members…what more for others?
    Yes ….the leader must be all good…all impartial…all seriously dedicated to a clear cause…all honest…and one that all bloggers will look up with pride as an excellent leader. If they don’t have that leadership quality….who are they to talk about Pak Lah’s weaknesses?
    To my mind…only Sheih or Patrick Teoh is fully qualified as leaders.
    Why they chosed Rocky /Jeff is because both are sued and rightly so chosen….but they do not realised how much gratitues they owe to bloggers and commentator’s supports….including myself. They are ungrateful people…so how can ungrateful selfish people be leaders?
    For months few of their bloggers insults me…have ever Rocky come out to correct them? It is their so call elected committee members.
    Do they have a chance to unite…sure they can…starting from Rocky and Jeff as President and Vice..to sit down seriously…discuss how to be impartial and show the leadership of a soceity…not political party..I repeat…SOCEITY/ASSOCIATION…..by good examples….especially to so many hundreds young bloggers.

  56. monsterball says:

    By the way….They will call it freedom of speech and expressions not to defend anyone. That’s Liz Wong Point 4 for you.

  57. monsterball says:


  58. Philip Lau says:


    Writing about Lee Kuan Yew. Are there any Malaysians have the capabilities of him? If there is, Malaysia as a acountry will be one of the richest and well-governed country in the world? You can dream of it. It will never be so with the present qualities of leaders.

    As for the All Bloggs, human beings are individualists, and to be united, it is also a dream.

  59. monsterball says:

    Bernard Khoo alias Zorro is a brave and righteous person. He dares to put out messages to tell the truths of many things…yet when comes to All Blogs…he clearly leans to one side….play the ball game…toe the line .WHY?
    Now let him speak up. Afterall…he trains other to speak. It is his profession. Why so quiet now?

  60. monsterball says:

    Philip Lau..Sheih just put out as a comparison of hero worshiping bloggers….nothing to debate about. He is totally sincere blogger. You know it.

  61. monsterball says:

    Jeff Ooi? I only know he is a Gerakan member…and when I gave my nagative comments on Gerakan talking to him…he smiled and accepted my opinions with respect to me…no arguments from him.
    He seems to be a reserved man and was elected as Vice President…so he should speak up too.
    My very learned friend Patrick Teoh…most fearless of all…35 years ago already dare to expose the police nonsense at radio talk shows…most famous talk shoe and advertising voice in the history of Malaysian advertising…WHERE IS YOU VOICE? SPEAK UP MY FRIEND. DON’T PLAY DIPLOMACY GAME..PLEASE!!

  62. WATTAHACK? says:

    i’m seeing a problem here in voting for the all-blogs committee..
    imagine if 80% of pro-BN or pro-umno bloggers voted themselves in and take lead of all-blogs then what might happen is what we have with our malaysian voting system. later we see collection of funds and spending on “lawatan sambil belajar” trips to US to see what others bloggers are doing? can this happen? will it happen?

  63. I guess, the issue is simple.

    Let any group of bloggers, however small they are, found their own respective association, networking or grouping.

    Then they network with other groups or network. It will become network of network of bloggers.

    The main principle — freedom of expression & self-regulation.

    Some bloggers may not agree with our T&C, or our interpretation of “freedom”, but let’s move forward, i.e providing alternative, credible, funny, entertaining, critical sources of information on politics, culture, food, history, political parties, night clubs, hotels, women (and, men, of course!) etc …

    The bottom line is … we have to be responsible, so that people will look up to us, or at least some of us.

  64. susan loone says:

    Dearest Sheih;
    Those days are gone. But we can have them back again. Because unity doesnt need any institution, registration, or constitution. What it needs is a common cause, that cuts across politics. That cause is freedom of speech.
    If All-Blogs wants to remain non-partisan, it must fight for this cause. It must question all stakeholders – regardless of party – and hold them accountable for this.
    Why ask the question: is press freedom better during the time of Abdullah or Mahathir? Truth is, it is bad in both times. And we have to hold both accountable. If it is worse during Abdullah’s time, does it make Mahathir a better PM? Definitely NOT!
    Same goes with Anwar Ibrahim or Najib Tun Razak as deputies. And all their minions!
    Its good that Eli, Li Tsin and Sheih – committee members – have responded. But I guess people would like to hear from the others as well, especially Rocky.
    And of course, to save all the trouble, All-Blogs must be clear they are not speaking for everyone.
    Remember, Sheih, during the BU times, we were very clear we were only speaking for ourselves, though we welcomed the support of others. And we had one clear aim – freedom of speech.
    All-Blogs must be clear where they stand, and try to be as inclusive as ever, to gain the support and respect of other bloggers, who are not social-political bloggers as well. Try to engage other bloggers as well in everything you do and not just keep everything within yourselves.
    Honestly, I am wary about the registration bit, because lots of things will change then. Like All Blogs will try to ‘calm the government” just because it wants the approval of ROS. which means even if the government is grossly againt freedom of speech, All Blogs will not do anything, because it wants to be recognised.

  65. ktemoc says:

    well said, susan and after reading politics 101’s piece, if true, I shudder at the Machavellian naughtiness; even more disappointing has been the involvement of the very people (or at least one of them) that we gave unstinting support to during his time of need.

    But pray, let us know what you learn at tonight’s function – unfortunately I won’t be there. Enjoy yourself and don’t make it too much of a busman’s holiday there 😉

  66. susan loone says:

    hey kTemoc, alas I wont be at the (BUM) function! lets hope that others like mahaguru and rest will give us a postive view.

    i was also not too happy with the tone of the event. for example, look at this: http://bum2007.wordpress.com/2007/04/06/hello-world/What to expect
    Each panellist will share their thoughts based on their field of activity, expertise and experience, for 8 to 10 minutes each.

    They will spend the last 2-3 minutes of their speech on stating if they agree OR disagree with the following

    That the media environment under the present Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration is more open and liberal compared to the previous administration under Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    Special speaker Rocky will speak on the National Alliance of Bloggers.


    Now what is this suppose to prove? That Pak Lah is better than mahathir? That Mahathir is better than Pak Lah? That is being political isnt it? Being partisan? Notwithstanding there is a serious power struggle now in the ranks of UMNO.

    What should be discuss is the state of press freedom NOW – current – and how to counter all the bad propaganda against bloggers, etc.

    I am afraid we just dont know where we are heading!


  67. v9 says:

    Are we afraid that we might parish into oblivion when we are not acting on something or making a declaration? Blogs are just on-line dairies of individuals. Every blogger has his or her tropics, motives, messages and demands. What they blog can be just as antagonistic as they can be complimentary to others. The only things common amongst them, connecting them, are bundles of wires and a mouse at the end. Why must you set rigid rules, constitutions and policies to unite all bloggers? Why must you question the motives and the reasons? Why can’t all blogs just be a protozoan of different individuals swimming with only one motive ‘What you do onto one of us…you do onto all of us’. I think all-blogs should not be chained by rules, regulations, motives, declarations or anything remotely resembles earthly limitation. Just be born free and connected.

  68. wits0 says:

    “That the media environment under the present Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration is more open and liberal compared to the previous administration under Dr Mahathir Mohamad.”

    What concrete thing that he has done to warrant this statement? Nothing whatsoever. When a man is at the top, it’s common to praise him and ascribe various positive attributes to even where the basis for them is that weak. Instead he has also delivered veil threat in resonance with his lower kakis under him. And this is pandering downwards, not something which is enlightening whatsover. Veil threats in the purported name of “responsibility” has been used for decades. As if “responsibility” is an automatic monopoly of his governance like as always under his predecessor’s and before that. What a MSM dissimulation to say he is more liberal wrt the MSM! Parotting of disinformation. Who wanna buy a bridge?

    Yes, it’s not proper that Bloggers should have the need to register. Once this is done, it’s like crossing the Rubicon, a no return precedence. Aftewards the local Blogosphere becomes one where legit Bloggers and non-legit ones will be differentiated in black and white – a distinction not based on real substance but just so as to appease the System by formal acceptance of its insatiable control prone ideaology. Mind control by self-censorship easily ensues automatically next.

    It took many decades before the windfall of the Internet broke the cross-border and printed media’s monopoly of information on the people and now the nobodies can express their opinions which would never ever be heard otherwise. Are we to squander this right just for the sake of questionable “unity” and dubious formality of being registered? “Unity” is not the highest virtue ; it has to be defined and qualified. Freedom is.

    About “unity”, the Arabs have ceaselessly called for unity the loudest but they cannot achieved that today. Karma.

  69. ktemoc says:

    susan and all friends, i’ll wait to hear what would be said tonight. If I catch of a whiff of any dodginess or sinister (covert) intention, I’ll be making lots of noise (hey, I am good at this la 😉 ), and disavowing all-blogs represent “all” bloggers – i have a sinking feeling that politics 101 could be right


  70. […] "All-Blogs (National Alliance of Bloggers) visit to the Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor’s office in Petaling Jaya recently has raised some blog brows. Bloggers kTemoc and Mahaguru have both come out with an impassioned plea asking All-Blogs to remain non-partisan. Although, how a visit to an Opposition figure’s party office – Anwar Ibrahim to be exact -could make people perceive All-Blogs as being partisan is beyond me." – Susan Loone […]

  71. susan loone says:

    Wits0 said:
    “It took many decades before the windfall of the Internet broke the cross-border and printed media’s monopoly of information on the people and now the nobodies can express their opinions which would never ever be heard otherwise. Are we to squander this right just for the sake of questionable “unity” and dubious formality of being registered? “Unity” is not the highest virtue ; it has to be defined and qualified. Freedom is.”.
    OUCH!!! You smacked it right on the head lah….:-)
    Unity in what and for what we must ask? If for the sake of perpetuatng the powers that be (who does little good for the people) no thanks. Unity to topple the powers that be, only to replace it with another dictator, no thanks!
    But unity towards freedom, ah…that’s something else…!

  72. monsterball says:

    Unity Towards Freedom… [spoken by SUSAN}…..that’s it!! That should be the motto of all bloggers.
    Susan….Black spent three hours with me and I have requested him to send you my HP number. He was invited to attend the bloggers meeting at Lake Club….but said he prefers to be with me for a private chit chat …as he also have no faith of those bloggers. I advised him to be open minded…mix with them…but do not be easily influenced to be this or that.
    I have always know what Rocky is….as I deal with NST for more than 30 years and on going. He has not the qualifications to be a strong leader..simple as that… and he can change his mind like changing shirts everyday.
    I have tolerated for months .. insults by all his side kicks…he knows it…yet he kept quiet. I guess if I become a blogger…. all may have changed. I was told not to allow me to meet with bloggers at the court cases….as if I am the one to disunite all of you.
    So you all good bloggers and dear commenters…please forgive me for my blunt remarks…if anyone of those hurt anybody out of no intentions to do so…but I will never allow myself to be used or toe the line to win friends….that’s not my cup of tea.
    Hope Sheih and Susan can come out to lead all bloggers and commenters…as I can see…both of them are truly respected and love by all..plus they do have strong minds. That is the foundation towads unity and freedom of speech…with strong leaders… like them

  73. mob1900 says:

    Me wonders why are we arguing about All-Blogs when there are no ‘members’ yet?

    Until All-Blogs is officially an organisation, all we are talking about remains an ideal. Do remember the pro-tem commitee is only 2 months old.

  74. susan loone says:

    exactly mob..no members! so cannot speak for all bloggers right??? many think so……sigh 😦

  75. monsterball says:

    mob1900..But All Blogs is being promoted as legitimately formed by Rocky and so call elected members transfered from BU list. I saw Rocky conducting meeting at NPC hall.
    Presuming it is so call formed properly…bloggers here are not happy they talk on behalf of them..mostly one sided politics stuffs.
    Are you agreeable and happy?

  76. At the rate things are going, we are making the so called monkeys laugh at Malaysian’s bloggers??? 😦

    Friends, can we have the happy memories back to track.


  77. monsterball says:

    But Susan….They are claiming they speak on behalf of all bloggers…That’s why the name “All Blogs” were chosen and is misleading political parties leaders. It will make a mockery of all of us……if things are not corrected fast. Rocky is on so many TV guest appearances to speak here and there..as if he is accepted by all of us a blog leader.

  78. monsterball says:

    Go to Rocky’s blog right now and read he said he is speaking on behalf of National Alliance of Bloggers one day…next as All Blogs President.What game is he playing?

  79. Philip Lau says:

    Are you screwed by Rocky, it appears to be so, depending on the wind blows? Let us see to be fair to him.

  80. screwed by rocky? or vice-versa?
    screwing orgy as the wind blows?
    will the wind blow some members into All-Blogs?
    what an idea! incredible! or an incredible idea?

  81. Rajahram says:

    Hi All,
    Click on me and drop by my pages for a good read.
    Drop some comments as well for feedback.
    Susan I hope you don’t mind this intrusion for a caring world !

  82. monsterball says:

    ideasincredible reminds me of blogger
    ‘otak udang’ blogger…usually at MT site…witty and smart.

  83. Arifabdull says:

    Why does All-Blogs ppl seems so excited on ROS registration matter?
    ROS is just a mechanism for the govt to control us, right?
    if i’m not mistaken, Zam (de minister of bloggers) is forcing until crazy for it.

  84. wits0 says:

    Susan says it precisely: “Unity in what and for what we must ask?”

    There’s indeed a dark side to “unity” in human terms where it can serve the interests of man like ancient tribalism and today’s parochialism. In Bodohland, “unity” is established, it seems, as the buzzword and touted always as THE cure-all for any movement in the pursuit of achieving an aim. While in many cases it does, we still have to ask whether these aims are indeed noble, natural and truly fair. To be able to achieve “unity” is one thing but to ascertain that the quality of unity is there, is another.

    When people unite to put pressure on the society, governance and its norms to effect something desirable, there needs to be some conensus to share a common voice, but there is also that propensity for emergence of self-agended leaders of that cause to usurp the show in its name for their own purpose. The greater the fervor behind the cause, the greater the pall of mass partisan blindness involve.

    Historically the ancient Arabs used unity to conquer the much of middle East, e.g., but today they can’t unite with one another. We must suspect that their usage of “unity” lacks the moral substance that now returns to haunt them for they used unity purely for conquests and must content now with the nature of mass Karma which seem to pre-dispose and position them in backwardness and strife compared with other nations.

    Unity is just a tool ; you can also use it very wrongly and still mommentarily feel great about it when apparently successful via it….even when the united effort was distinctly tainted. Re-examination and analysis are always require with popular mantras like “unity”, not just chant them myopically.

    BTW: Susan wrote a nice piece some years ago for Malaysiakini, dissecting the nature of “patriotism” and its dark side.

  85. wits0 says:

    Arif: “ROS is just a mechanism for the govt to control us, right?”

    Control freaks can’t be expected not to act according to its inherent nature. You don’t invite a musang to your henhouse.

  86. monsterball says:

    There is always a dark side and good side considering people human beings witsO. So unfortunate…with the real chance to be ONLY on the good side…the dark side have started to form ..promote..to confuse and divide..to disrupt unity.
    Previously….I suspected for personal benefits…and I still do….but can the leader be bought by someone to do the job….to disunite us?
    HOWEVER!!! The good side is far far more than the dark side..and people like Sheih and Susan and all bloggers here are not giving up. Hundreds reading are also seeing how can all be united and once they read good for all….non politics…most of them….young and old will put out their messages to approve.
    The magic of BU was real…it did unite with the logo…and Sheih said with help from Susan and Amin. I guess many more are needed to come out and group together and not just talk to ensure the good side win. They always do…good over evil…so please don’t talk….be the good side in much bigger numbers….congregate…talk face to face and come out with betters ideas than those goons{this was described by OA blogger}
    If not…we are the real goons.

  87. elviza says:

    Dearest Susan,

    What’s going here on dear friend? This is truly upsetting…

  88. monsterball says:

    What’s happening elviza…why… the few bad bloggers have taken over the good bloggers reputations and good intentions.We commenters are also brought along to that filth and dirt world of the bad. Govt. is laughing at us…which should be respecting us.. Any suggestions?

  89. hfsdgh says:

    Yes, the media environment under the present administration is more open and liberal compared to the previous administration under Mahathir. However, just compare the media here with those of true democracies and you will see a lot of difference. If Malaysia is truly a democracy as it fervently claims, then freedom of speech and thought has to be respected. Otherwise drop all pretense of being a democracy

  90. monsterball says:

    Rocky has just put out his version of success of their meeting. Go look at those wonderful slides….then tell me if that is a group of bloggers that are non political or actually forming a political All blogs party… to stuff it at all bloggers throats….a somewhat NEW political party born out of blogging and Rocky is the President….saying they control….so all follow.
    Any Asso involving clear politics can never be truthful and impartial….because politics can never be clean….but act like human rights bloggers…..like speakers for the people’s sufferings and injustices done to them…like Patrick Teoh…like Sheih …. like Susan….and not forgetting Blackinkorea… and like so many many of you that I visit your site and read…all taking about natures…missing children..murdered cases …witnessing and reporting fair or unfair elections…global warming..who are the real culprits making the world getting more and more heading to the end for most humans…animals mistreatments…even stray dogs here and there at so many places around Malaysia…infect…becomes the ‘VOICE OF THE PEOPLE” Bloggers…is that not real nice and noble?…fun to do …yet you bet…govt of the day will listen..if you all are serious.
    Normally kindnesses and goodnesses always get millions supports.

  91. […] Sunday, May 20th, 2007 in bloggers united, malaysian madness, media, blog, news Read the initial reports on the BUM (Bloggers United Malaysia) gathering @ Ancient Mariner’s “The Gathering (Not the Movie), A Little Taffer’s Room “New York Minute“- who mentioned the event but blogs about the football match last night, Bibliobuli “BUM Baring“, who has a good report on the thingy, Politikus “BUM 2007 rocked!”, Mavericksym @ “Bloggers United Gathering 2007” and of course Rocky Bru who says the BUM 2007 was a success, but we over here are very much waiting for him to break his “elegant silence” over ‘who does All-Blogs really represent?“. […]

  92. monsterball says:

    The leaks at the multi billion Parliament buildings will give bloggers opportunities ..a field day to talk…so many opinions…fun and yet serious messages…ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE…no?
    There goes daily chance after chance to be heard….not from us ..but by All- Blogs so call champions of all bloggers.
    You bet…corruptions are massive for that building….never heard of it all over the world….except Malaysia..yet the leaks seems so natural to Samy Vellu…telling no proper constructions and professional job done..yet it must be his Ministry to approve it. What an idiot he is….actually saying he knows that was wrong from the start. Afterall he is an architect!! …but need to toe the line…close two eyes…since it is UMNO …his boss that he must follow..good or bad. That’s how he survived all these years..balls carrying…writing love poems..sink or swim with Mahathir…now let him drown…and now love poem to new boss…what will he not do to hold on to his job. Don’t we have a field day talking seriously …yet so many chances to have fun doing it.
    Gone is this chance..as All -Blogs is not loving Malaysians….but themselves.

  93. susan loone says:

    wist0 – you remember that article! it was titled “The Illogics of Patriotism”. I will find it and perhaps use it for Merdeka 🙂

  94. wits0 says:

    Susan, of course I remember that article and was most impressed by it.

    Oh, not because it resonated with what I already felt and knew but more so because a local writer(blogwise or otherwise) has the grit and the insight to dissect and laid bare the inseen dark side of what has been instituted as the unquestioned worship(like of of the Golden Calf) of conventional norm instituted in blind self-serving absolutism.

    I knew then, that you are special. 🙂

  95. WATTAHACK? says:

    whoever who leads must stick their necks out to be chopped… all great leaders and warriors did that. you cannot lead by a keyboard and mouse if you wanna play games in the real world.

    but the real world is where the rules are made and only there they can be removed to set us free. freedom comes from removing barriers made and written by humans in the real world.

    to play the game we must enter the game board and use those set of rules to our advantage. there is always a way and by knowing your opponent and the rules of engagement well you can succeed.

    but most important is unity to succeed… are we all here to remove the barrier or are we all here to make noise only but not willing to stick the neck out?

  96. WATTAHACK? says:

    remember the movie “The Matrix” even though NEO was freed he still had to re-enter the matrix to fight the system to save others. and there are others that prefer the matrix even though there’s real freedom outside. now would you say NEO and his Gang hijacked freedom cause the majority says they already are enjoying freedom in the matrix or vis-versa? who is right? who is the good guy or bad guy?

    if I’m for the matrix cause there’s a perfect life there eventhough its not real who has the right to take that away from me? NEO? then I would say NEO is the badhat!

    but if I wanted to be in the real world and not some superficial “feel good’ world I would say NEO is my saviour… either which way NEO had to fight for FREEDOM both in the “Real World” and “The Matrix”.

    this is the same situation we are facing now… which “real world” is yours?

  97. monsterball says:

    hi wattahack…Using Matrix..a way way off reality in life movie is too deep lah.
    Just use any simple good fighting the evil doers…Indians have it..chinese movies have it…Malays movies have it…why go overseas?
    Even the birds and bees have it…oooop that’s love.Sorry got carried away.
    But if you want to use a good American movie…with lots of fantasies and excitements…then ending up the evil became good..how about great ‘Star Wars”?

  98. monsterball says:

    Forget about those weird animals and creatures…just concentrate at the real people from the six episodes …can you imagine how nice this example can be….with the evil turning good?

  99. wits0 says:

    I think the whole gist of the fierce(haha) discussion is centering around whether AllBlogs is the fine end of the chisel used by U-know Hoo to unsettle the local social-politic Blogosphere. Is a turn-over process in the works? We may have opposing opinions but I tend to look at AllBlogs unfavorably

    Whattahack, we don’t have great leaders here because the people themselves are mostly weak and shallow. So they are almost always tend to believe that “unity” solves all things and towards this end, do not care to read the fine lines and the augury and signs.


  100. WATTAHACK? says:

    wits0: we don’t have great leaders here because the people themselves are mostly weak and shallow.

    well that’s how you see it… for me even a retired grandfather is a great leader or hero in many ways. one does not have to win world wars to be great neither does one staying at home to feed a baby be called a loser! to me the everyday person is great and a hero cause he/she has to deal with all the internal plus external pressures to stay alive and feed the family. it is also great to know that some are willing to risk it all to help others and be crusified for doing so.

  101. WATTAHACK? says:


    i used matrix cause that’s our situation here… real world vs cyber world. but the reality is both exists, both has its own space and both has its own reality yet one cannot do without the other.

  102. wits0 says:

    IOW, great leaders are essentially little known. The publicly recognised ones are often overhyped and not necessarily without their feet of clay. They do not inspire but need adulation to prop up their image. Hmmm…in Bolehland you always hear of the word “image” in the forefront of things but only no reference to the substance of things. The substance, it may seem, is a a serious inconvennience and impediment to the image side of things.

  103. WATTAHACK? says:

    IOW, great leaders are essentially little known…

    well like I say my opinion is as is. I did not say some Great warrior is a hype. From war side he might be but from other side he might be a murderer or a bad husband and father? what we grade others are also not what others grade us.

  104. WATTAHACK? says:

    some view Hitler as bad leader some view him as a great leader… who knows if he is doing what is good for his ppl or if he’s actually the Devil on earth? put that in our ‘waving keris’ situation – familiar?

  105. wits0 says:

    Don’t fall to far into that Postmodernist ideology, Whattahack, of unlimited moral relativism. There’s a certain amount of leaning in that direction as leeway possible without falling . Some “Great” leaders may not be that great on examination but for the hype and iconic embelishment afterwards. Too many historical ones have much blood on their hands and some peaceful ones are fortunate that their pacifist ideology worked within a certain scenario, thereby few tend to see where it did not work.

    Gandhi was an inspiration to India and a success there but his pacifism never worked in South Africa. Why?

  106. wits0 says:

    I don’t agree with Monty’s take on Hitler but is too lazy to go off topic here at a tangent. Rather, prefer to share that which we can agree, here, i.e.

  107. monsterball says:

    Let us leave Hitler out…and i respect your disagreement. Too long …too much propaganda work done by those who wants the world to hate him and have succeeded. I can never win…I know it.
    But if you can imagine Hitler is anti Christian and know who is the real devil diciples…and at that time still alive..you think the Muslims..Buddhists and Hindhus..combining together to represent more than three quarter of world’s population beliefs will be on my side or yours?…just think.
    Okay..right now who is controlling USA…Jews and is not USA known as the most evil country in the world?
    Then Isreal and Palentinians ..fighting for more than 350m years…good over evil..who is the evil?.
    Can we say both are evils then? Now leaving the Buddhist and Hindhus…still majority of world populations beliefs… do not think they think Hitler is evil.? But actually most believe he is evil…so you are right…because I can’t fight what was implanted into your head by the US great propaganda machine. No one can..it’s too deeply implanted….but I tell you this witsO…I am not alone thinking like this.

  108. monsterball says:

    Look at Hitler Swastika badge. What is it? It is borrowed from the buddhist sign…do you know that?..yet he is not a Buddhist. You go figure it out.

  109. monsterball says:

    Hitler have gassed few millions Jews to death.
    USA have killed ten times more of ONE RACE with their atom bombs on JAPAN.

  110. monsterball says:

    What about modern days killings or middle east innocent folks by USA?

  111. elizabethwong says:

    “Official Japanese figures at the time put the death toll at 118,661 civilians. But later estimates suggest the final toll was about 140,000, of Hiroshima’s 350,000 population, including military personnel and those who died later from radiation.”
    (source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/august/6/newsid_3602000/3602189.stm)

  112. wits0 says:

    Hi Eli, I think you are a stickler for correctness in stated historical facts by way of figures so I would like to say also that Overall, Anglo-American bombing of German cities claimed between 305,000 and 600,000 civilian lives. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Dresden_in_World_War_II
    And the Japanese rape of Nanking alone killed 150,000 – 300,000 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanking_Massacre

    China has 7million civillian deaths while Japan, 600,000

    “In Nazi Germany, the swastika with its arms turned clockwise became the national symbol. In 1910, a poet and nationalist Guido von List suggested that the swastika as a symbol for all anti-Semitic organizations. When the National Socialist Party was formed in 1919, it adopted the ancient symbol, the swastika, giving it the worst meaning possible, destroying the good symbolism which the swastika had held for thousands of years prior.”

    The Nazi swastika seemed to be depicted in a rotated position unlike the Hindu/Buddhist one:
    http://www.indiacause.com/columns/Swastika.jpg compared with http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/images/d/de-1933.gif

    And there’s that usual round circlular background around the Nazi one.

    Monty, even raving Noam Chomsky attempts to give referenced figures, you’ll need to show similar backups to your claims. Otherwise they’ll be as valid as the coffee shop ah pek talks, haha.

  113. monsterball says:

    Do you believe that Liz? Don’t forget..after effect deaths ..plus USA immediately started a champaign to help Japan for more than two decades…so the death count can be false..can’t it be? Afterall….is not politics involved in the war in the first place?

  114. monsterball says:

    What about those died at war? Remember Japan had to go to war forced by USA…so what about those deaths…how many millions…plus China..Vietnam…Korea..Middle east…all actually no war needed..yet there was..all created by USA. ..most countries are divided by them.GO COUNT ALL THE DEATHS.

  115. monsterball says:

    Suddenly…I am led away from the real topic. Sorry Susan.
    Hitler not important…all of you win..I am wrong..so lets go back to the real topic…very very serious topic…no joking stuff.

  116. monsterball says:

    Again go to Rocky’s site and read the names of bloggers that went there. 85% are all his side kicks and machai…plus few from other blogs…like RPK..birds of the same feather flock together..yet brave 15% are there to see and observed…not easily influenced.
    Why I say they are his machai? Go read all other posts he put out..few bloggers names are frequently mentioned with love from him..yet these are identified by Sheih as bloggers to disunite others. So he respect those bloggers more than Sheih…yet Sheih is his elected All blog committee member…those he respect are not.
    Now is that not trying to disunite bloggers…led by Rocky?

  117. monsterball says:

    And Sheih is always trying his best to unite all bloggers. He never shows any hatred nor animosity towards Rocky… that’s his nature. Want proof? Few times he put out posts to respect Rocky..no response from Rocky.. never hurt him….. and right now…putting a post …just to wish Rocky happy birthday. Where can you find another blogger like him….always trying to unite Malaysians and now bloggers…and I am so proud to be his papa monsterball.
    Is he hero worshiping Rocky…no. Am I hero worshiping Sheih…NO!!

  118. wits0 says:

    “Again go to Rocky’s site and read the names of bloggers that went there. 85% are all his side kicks and machai…plus few from other blogs…like RPK..birds of the same feather flock together..yet brave 15% are there to see and observed…not easily influenced.”

    It appears to give that impression, heheh.

    Anyone like Sheih who can design those innately humorous posters can’t be bad, for one.

  119. Its not about who is or who isn’t.
    As long as you blog, given the current administration, if you post the ‘wrong’ thing, you could be in for some real nasty reaction.
    One of all blogs aim is to pull resources to maintain this protection for bloggers. This as a direct result from the current action against the two in front, Jeff & rocky.
    I for one was threatened with a lawsuit, although I took the advice, first to remove all previous posting on Malaysia Airlines’s action on terminating their female flight attendants on the grounds of 3rd pregnancy, and then removing all links for documents that were linked to this termination.
    The help that I got from Harris & Malik through Rocky, and Jeff was something that I will not get going to other people. This is to me the very value that all Blogs aim to give to bloggers in situations like this. All blogs aim to empower those who are interested about the ethics and rules as observed by journalist. The end result is to hopefully provide bloggers with support and help in order to give the individual blogger a sense of reliability.

    After all, the administration is trying their level best to create a shroud over these vary blogs that aim to tell.
    Does this make more sense now?

    end of the day is All Blogs is not imposing but if you think you need help and protection…then why not?

  120. monsterball says:

    alliedmarster….You and your wife were MAS employees which we all feel also badly treated by both your terminations to work there….but last we met…I was so happy to hear you said MAS did offer you both alternative jobs. did you reject them? Of course ground work means a much much less flight incomes earned…. everyone knows that….but jobs are taken not based on allowances..but based on a good salary.
    Your exposures of MAS misdeeds to others are exactly same as Rocky saying about his ex boss M. Mail. Wise of you to withdraw that..as ex employees should not say bad of their ex bosses or company….but move forward in lives. Gentleman or good workers do not do that…..and if they are mistreated…many other companies will offer them jobs….that’s how I see successful workers being mistreated…or terminated without good reasons.
    Rocky and Jeff offered you help? Well go for you….but the issue we are debating is not who they help or choose to help who as they like.
    The issue is..they behave as political bloggers…. representing all bloggers whenever they speak out. That’s nonsense!!!

  121. ylchong says:


    I am “bending” my decision NOT to engage in your Blog anymore after one previous incident, but this part of your “false claims” need to be corrected, viz:

    “i was also not too happy with the tone of the event. for example, look at this: http://bum2007.wordpress.com/2007/04/06/hello-world/What to expect
    Each panellist will share their thoughts based on their field of activity, expertise and experience, for 8 to 10 minutes each.

    They will spend the last 2-3 minutes of their speech on stating if they agree OR disagree with the following

    That the media environment under the present Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration is more open and liberal compared to the previous administration under Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    Special speaker Rocky will speak on the National Alliance of Bloggers.”

    I was Chairman of the just ended bujm2007 Bloggers Gathering, leading a self-appointed 7-member Committe. It was clearly stated at the website created to opearte during the One-off Event duration that we were NOT organising it on behalf of the National Alliance of Bloggers (NB) which Rockybru heads.

    I developed the Brief to the Speakers, which was general to enable the SIX speakers lots of leeway to speak within the limited time frame. I also developed the Sub-topic “That the media environment under the present Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration is more open and liberal compared to the previous administration under Dr Mahathir Mohamad,” as it asked the speakers WHETHER they agreed OR disagreed, or it did noit prejudice either the current or previous administrations.

    Rockybru’s function that evening was DIFFERENT from the other Panel members (6) — just to talk about the TWO-MONTH-OILD baby called the NAB.

    I raise three questions here:

    (1) For heaven’s sakes — at 2X 30 days timeline and you people are already fologging it like it was a five-year-old dead horse. Then the question arises: WHY EVEN BOTHER?

    (2) Who appointed you Susan, or Monsterball, to speak as IF at this moment you know the criteria for membership OR that Rockybru already has an Agenda? When you two asked all the individual members of NAB to speak up, there will be dissenting voices as this juncture because the Constitution is not even finalised, as Elizabeth has duly informed here.

    (3) SO what’s all these premature pronouncements about?
    NAB wants to work towards a registered ENTITY to promote two primary objectives as spely out at this stage that Rockybru also elaborated on May 19, 2007 night at Lake View Club.
    And I believe that’s where the TWO general objectives and let’s not “kill” the baby on your own wild, and ungrounded allegations of “What IF”. — Desi

  122. monsterball says:


  123. monsterball says:

    yichong….WE WANT ROCKY’s SPEECH…made on behalf of All BLOGS as the President.
    Why not be so kind to put it out for us to read and stop teaching us how to be united….as if you are all good and we are the trouble causers. Again who appointed Susan and monsterball??…..why it looks like beside God and my conscience…….so many here are for Susan and me……are you blind?
    Come on.. …publish Rocky’s speech…why talk cock!!

  124. monsterball says:


  125. susan loone says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. But let me say this from the onset, regarding my “false claim” – the sub-topic for BUM (as in AAB vs MM) is damn partisan, whether you like it or not. What are you trying to proof? And what if one is better than the other. does that person become a better PM? If you ask me, it is senseless as far as freedom of speech is concerned. Now, no one needs to appoint me to say this. My humble opinion 100%

    Now, here’s the answer to your other 3 questions:

    1. We have no intention to flog All Blogs. We want some answers because it will affect our decision to join All-Blogs as member or not. We have the right. And if all Blogs want to claim to represent all bloggers, then for heaven’s sake – please speak up! The silence is NOT golden, and does not bode well for All-Blogs. Funny, that while you claim BUM and All Blogs are not one and the same, the way you defend it and speak on behalf of it (unless you have been appointed to do so), does not gel with your earlier claim (that BUM and All Blogs are not one and the same), I am sorry.

    2. No one needs to appoint me to speak up, I do have a brain you know, and its working very well. And because I do not know the criteria for membership, therefore I am asking. Or can’t I? No one is insinuating that Rocky has an agenda, you yourself say it. Do you know something that we don’t? And if the pro-tem committee members speak up and there are dissenting voices, so what? You mean, there should not be any dissenting voices?

    Furthermore, the same questions I post here have been forwarded to Rocky for your information. Before I even post it, I had asked his permission, and he said go ahead. Which means, Rocky probably wants to hear what others are saying also. I am giving Rocky time to respond, why can’t you?

    3. What do you mean by wild, ungrounded allegations? Please clarify.

    Indeed, this is the current picture now:
    (1) All-blogs looks partisan (this is perceived by some)
    (2) All -Blogs do not have any members (is that a fact?)
    (3) All-Blogs cannot speak for all bloggers because it doesnt have a mandate to do so (that is a plea).

    As for Monty, I appreciate the support, but please do NOT pick a fight with Desi on this. Deal with the questions he raised. That is the only thing that matters.Also I am afraid I have to delete two of your posts up there. Cheers 🙂

  126. WATTAHACK? says:

    May i suggest monsterball & frens to setup an all-blogs of your own with your own rules and let us know how and what your all-blogs stand for so the rest of us other bloggers can understand what is your direction as well other than one lead by rocky. maybe can start with a list of ppl to vote as president and committee as well do include their background so we know they are of credible and born with strong leadership qualities to lead us all. certainly we don’t want to vote a sleepy President right. I look forward to another group so we can have more help in times of need.

  127. WATTAHACK? says:

    “No one is insinuating that Rocky has an agenda,”

    susan…. i tot the hijack part was meant something? and monsterball said lots of thing and made me think there’s a problem with all-blogs & rocky! surely you and monsterball and other might know something behind or some agenda by the looks of the postings. care to fill me and others in? cause there are others other than those committe in all-blogs and your side as well.

  128. susan loone says:

    Dear Wattahack, sorry….”no one’ here means me. As you can see and read, I ask clear and direct questions. I guess all we want are clear and direct answers 😉

  129. WATTAHACK? says:

    susan: understood! you want direct answers so do many of us too and we are patient.

    but what about those ppl putting hurtful remarks and allegations about others? what is all these machine gun shooting without caring about bystanders? I certainly felt hurt and worried that news of hijack and character assasination going on in this blog and others blog. just because some one didn’t get an answer ‘as of yet’ doesn’t mean they are allowed to go on a shooting spree as well. please enlighten me where you might stand on this issue as well cause then at least me & other bystanders know that.

  130. susan loone says:

    hey wattahack, i do delete posts when i have to, though it is really very hard to do so. what kind of hurtful thing are you referring to?

    the post on hijack by arif? why not go to his blog and challenge him on that? perhaps you or someone else can proof him wrong?

    there is diverse opinion about this issue on the net. can we stop others from thinking? and surely, there must be fire baru ada smoke?

    and you know when questions are treated with silence, what happens – yes – rumours and speculation. we are telling the government to speak up on such matters, dont we, so I hope we are not acting like them as well.

    i am saying this generally, not referring to anyone in particular, ok. 🙂

  131. wits0 says:

    I know of no Blogs that don’t delete some postings at the discretion of the owner. Generally the more parochial a blog is, the greater the need to delete opposing views because it has no viable counter to its parochialism.

    Newsgroups like so.culture.malaysia hardly moderate their rants but what a low quality ranthouse(madhouse) it has largely become. It appears that better posters from there tend to mature and move on to comment at blogs.

  132. monsterball says:

    wattahack…If you are hinting I am putting out hurting remarks….I am guilty as charged….but I am defending myself from anyone not debating but choose to insult me.
    You have spent days with me on this subject. Go read all my messages….and if all are not pointing towards unity…I would have been exposed as the biggest hypocrite….is it not so?
    My conscience is very clear always..no selfish ulterior motives.
    Prove I have it…. wattahack….yet so many evidences proving Rocky is….that’s what I aim to get the truths out for the love of unity…not for me.
    Only Rocky can clearify things…so easy…yet he keeps quiet.
    So he can indirectly say…go to hell with monsterball and I cannot fight him back?

  133. WATTAHACK? says:

    but i tot he did make a statement on that nite and was very clear to me. i was hoping to meet you and susan as well why didn’t you turn up to ask him face to face over some lamb chop? ‘merry making’ is better with ppl than the keyboard…..:)

  134. WATTAHACK? says:

    the post on hijack by arif? why not go to his blog and challenge him on that? perhaps you or someone else can proof him wrong?

    susan: why ask him I was only concern what’s your opinion on the hijack thing…or selfish thing, if you think its true or not. I wanna know sincerely from you cause to me you are a pioneer in blogsphere as well.

  135. susan loone says:

    la………..whattahack, if he made a statement and you were there, and you heard it, share it with us lah….

    i would have loved to be there, but i am in bangkok lah….cari makan you know 🙂

  136. susan loone says:

    me…pioneer? wow thanks wattahack.

    btw, as far as arifdull hijack story is concerned, i do believe that there are elements who will TRY to “hijack” all-blogs, whether BN or Opposition. And this is why all the questions arise, all the concerns from other bloggers for it to be non-partisan.

    but whether it is true or not, i am not sure. i hate to think it is true. so i will not think of it right now.

    everyone knows all-blogs can be a formidable force, so hijacking it is a strategy to use it as a political tool, which we don’t want.

    i am not saying it is already happening in all-blogs, i am just saying people fear it, and their fears are valid, which is why people want to know about its membership.

    it’s ok to discuss it, isnt it?

    so that in all-blogs next meeting, the pro-tem committee members can have an exciting debate 🙂

  137. monsterball says:

    wattahack…I was not there…so you got his speech…can you print it out for us to read?

  138. monsterball says:

    wattahack..Sheih did put out one message and said it all.
    So an elected member can suspect….we cannot. Where is the logic?
    Now you tell me…are Sheih and Susan well respected bloggers?
    Can you imagine they can stoop so low to play dirty games ?
    Both of them are clearly non political bloggers.
    All here have our doubts..yet Rocky do not want to clear off our doubts…so we must keep quiet..go to next subject. Is that what you want?…an incomplete matter …. unanswered ..move on..forget about it….and lets talk another subject..is that what you want?

  139. runston says:


    Oh, we should be SO honored you chose to ‘bend’ your decison not to comment here. tsk… a manipulative way of self-assertion. Pls don’t inflict such pain on yourself, desi. No one expects you to make a matryr of yourself.

  140. xpyre says:

    This dissent is unfortunate.

    As someone has mentioned, the government is now standing back and watching what’s transpiring with glee.

    From what I’ve read, everyone’s focusing on the problems. Can we focus on the solution?

    I think with immediate effect, maybe All-Blogs should:

    1. tukar nama. “ALL” means semua. not many people are happy with that. how about “Temporary Alliance of Well-meaning Supporters for Some Bloggers’ Rights” or some such? I’m not trying to be sarcastic btw.

    2. not say a damn thing or do a damn thing like accept potentially perilous meetings with ex-DPMs and such until, UNTIL it’s got an idea of what it is, what it represents and what its goals are? basically, don’t act until you know what or who you are la. it’s safer, perception-wise. correct, right?

    aiyah.. i’ll just wait till i know for sure what All-Blogs isn’t.

  141. wits0 says:

    Dissent is natural. The proponents of sheer “unity” should be able to take that in their stride. The details matters. The questions that Susan and others have raised is pertinent. The answers are still being awaited.

  142. monsterball says:

    Rocky has responded by saying Susan and monsterball are Queen and King..and naturally Sheih is the Prince…our SON!!
    We three are out to disunite bloggers…and those supporting our efforts to actually unite us all are infect ..indirectly labelled as our machais…hahahahaha
    So stand up to your royalties…which we three deny being so. Then.. continue to expose their idiotic childish way to call us names like cheap politicians.

  143. wits0 says:

    He should be able to do better than pointing fingers….like politicians are wont to do.

  144. monsterball says:

    When he points at us..three of his own fingers are pointing back at him

  145. Maverick says:

    I agree fully with Elizabeth’s comment made and I accept that the term All-Blogs was intended to mean, all types of blogs, not every blogger. Some how, there must have a beginning, and those who are so concern about AllBlogs must also made an attempt to walk-the-talk.

    It would be a fallacy to believe or expect AllBlog to be ideal and perfect. It is not a substitute to our socio-political alignment. It should be a forum or a platform for voices to be express, critical and self-reflective, without the constraints embedded in the main media.

  146. monsterball says:


  147. wits0 says:

    Heheh, Maverick, similarly AllBlogs need display some attempt to walk-the-talk…by answering some less tha adoring questions put to them. Stated intention and aim is one thing, ability and willingness to do so, another and no less important. So far, the stonewalling(snub?) and even finger pointing resembles the old stale political culture here. No wonder Monty is ranting. 😉 Can we actually blame him on this?

  148. KataTakNak says:

    Wo! very interesting indeed. As I have mentioned in Mahaguru’s blog, almost all bloggers have their own political inclination, All Blogs committee members included. Some take this side and some the other. Some even worship some personalities and some worship others. We can’t run away from that. And I am convinced (no I don’t have evidence and figures confirmed by some lecturers or researchers) that some are sponsored by some ex politicians.

    The fact that many governments see blogging as a threat means that blogs are very potent and are therefore potential goldmines. If properly nurtured and harvested blogs or a collection of popular blogs could prove to be useful ally.

    For this very reason, any committee acting on behalf of bloggers must be non-partisan. The individual may have inclinations but to lead he/she must be willing to be seen to be non-partisan an apolitical.

    A member of the committee must then reflect the non-partisan stance of the entity in his/her personal blog. That is the price to pay. You can’t say as the com member of this society I am completely non-partison but as an individual I take this side. By saying or doing things that shows you are taking sides you are sending a message that the society you represent is actually non-partisan.

    I would not like it if All Blogs as a society says they are all for freedom of speech, but the people in the committee defends to the end those who have been proved to have been enemies of freedom of speech in their own personal blog. Jackyl and hyde. Yes you have to give up some things if you want to lead for a good cause. You can’t have it both ways.

    It is actually a very heavy responsibility to lead. I don’t know if I am right or I am wrong but I believe we are trying to run before we are able to walk. As it is right now I am willing to give All Blog a try, not as a registered member but as a follower. If I am not allowed to do that then so be it. If I see All Blogs is in the right direction then I will support it to the fullest but once I see it going astray I will fight it with as much force.

    I may be a nobody but I I really don’t care. I am not going to die tomorrow if someone say that what I have said is hogwash.

  149. monsterball says:

    kata tak nak..Well said with full of wisdoms. And I quote”’once I see it going astray I will fight it with as much force”
    Susan…Sheih and I are seeing it few months already….never too late for anyone.
    Right now..it is either we three are liars and actually are the culprits trying to divide and disunite bloggers…and if so…I personally am very sorry to misled all commenters here…OR..we are right.

  150. kTemoc says:

    Uncle Chong,

    Congratulations on a well organised BUM nite, from what I heard – my apologies for my inability to attend due to work – some of us have to on weekends ;-).

    I would have loved to meet up with all of you. I am sure we bloggers, regardless of our persuasion, affiliations, inclinations and indeed age 😉 have a lot to discuss, exchange, network or just gossip (omong kosong).

    And I agree with you that BUM is separate from All-blogs, though you must forgive us if we perceive the two overlapping in the way things had happened. However, I had been assured by Howsy that BUM is just an informal get-together to exchange views and network

    Having said that, I wonder why you developed the statement for panellists to respond to, namely “That the media environment under the present Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration is more open and liberal compared to the previous administration under Dr Mahathir Mohamad,” as it asked the speakers WHETHER they agreed OR disagreed”

    Many of us have wondered whether that was far too provocatively political? Please educate us as to your objective?

    Would it have advanced the cause of bloggers? We believe that the now and the future would have been more important to our desired freedom of expression rather than to assess the openness of past administration. But I await your experienced views.

    I was also taken aback by your acidic “Who appointed you Susan, or Monsterball, to speak as IF at this moment you know the criteria for membership OR that Rockybru already has an Agenda?”

    Were you saying that Susan and monsterball as bloggers haveno right to discuss a proposed NAB that they might be interested in or even play an important role as a committee member? Why this intolerance?

    I note of late that with certain issues like all-blogs there has been a regrettable lack of tolerance and openness, as if there was a fevered impatience to dismiss other views.

    The deafening elegant silence from the pro-tem committee has not helped ameliorate the all-blogs controversy which has now reached, I believe, a stage of acrimonious divisiveness among bloggers.

    Elegant silence is a symptom of non transparency. Can we now say we still hold the hi-moral grounds to tell the AAB government to be transparent when we bloggers can’t even demonstrate that among ourselves?

    The silence, evasiveness, tap dancing have been unfortunate, and reflects badly on the perpetrators, someof whom we had rallied around when they were under siege. There is a regrettable perception that non-chosen are not welcome to submit their views. So be it – the selected should proceed but excuse us if we don’t comply or submit ourselves.

    However, the pro-tem committee should now do the decent thing (no, not sepukku) and stick to the original title of the proposed organisation, namely National Alliance of Bloggers, instead of unjustiably assuming All-blogs.

    That would be presumptuous, arrogant and … I really hate to use this word, and indeed I won’t, so I’ll just say .. not reflecting the true status of the organisation’s representation

  151. wits0 says:

    Hardly a good prognosis, this ” fevered(fervid?) impatience to dismiss other views… “. The Blogosphere is better as a place where people are regarded as equals among peers. Their opinions otoh stand on their own merits or lack of them.

    Also, if somebody is a Drama Queen or King, this also implies a stiff hierarchal structure in place by default. We are amused but unconvinced about the aptness to whom the title was bestowed.

  152. monsterball says:

    zorro has finally broken his silence and now not sitting on the fence…sidekicks of Rocky. He is talking real sidekicks stuffs for ROCKY.
    Go read his message. First quoting something spoken in favour of them…grandfathers time..to prove we are contradicting ourselves. That is the sign of bankcrupt blogger.. nothing else to say. Wow!!…eating the elephant slowly…Elephant means UMNO?…They are eating that slowly?
    There… from the horse mouth came out the truths….targeting the elephant…UMNO…which means All Blogs now is an opposition political party.
    He cannot differentiate being the conscience of the people..watchdog for/with/by the people…against ALL political parties. If he had said ELEPHANTS …PLURAL…I will give him the benefits of the doubt.
    No sireee…All Blogs is heading towards big time on politics….pulling all of us into their name…’All Blogs”
    I challenge zorro come here and give us a lecture of goodness and kindness which he seems good at it…that is good and bad in bloggings…not personal.
    I accuse zorro have like to build up sensational news for themselves….he being Rocky’s right hand man. If Rocky is wrong…he is the mastermind.
    Come here zorro!! Lets debate.

  153. monsterball says:

    Do I? okay..what else?

  154. monsterball says:

    hi that two are talking dress code lah….and I hate to be told what I must or must not wear. I am far apart from those two jokers.. way of thinking…simply opposite side.

  155. wits0 says:

    KTemoc : “That would be presumptuous, arrogant and … I really hate to use this word, and indeed I won’t, so I’ll just say .. not reflecting the true status of the organisation’s representation”

    Right. This may well do in lieu of words : http://www.smileypad.com/v224/Rude/LaLaLa.gif 

    Now, I’ll be blamed for disunity too!

  156. monsterball says:

    haghahahahs..Looks like alll of you now want to be Kings and Queens

  157. monsterball says:

    That we all are!! Queens and Kings to defend the people from evil minded politicians. Royalty likes with noble bloods to also praise any politician or party doing good for the country and people…and yet dare to confront them again..if they go astray…any party.
    Queens and Kings can be translated as the highest….the best…where all subjects look to them with great respects.
    Lets take the titles as a challenge…not an insult…which was intended.
    Turn the insults back to them!! They do not answer our doubts.. questions…but label and belittle and Susan.
    With all your remarks…I am inspired. I am sure Susan is too….so is Sheih.
    Susan Sheih Goh…..S.S.GOH….hahahahaha It’s destiny!!

  158. […] it was new news to you, and you were shock to find out that somebody in All-Blogs going around questioning your loyalty to […]

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  160. […] be a pain but how many members does ALL BLOGS have to claim to represent Malaysian bloggers? Read Susan Loone’s take in May last […]

  161. […] Ibrahim to be exact -could make people perceive All-Blogs as being partisan is beyond me." – Susan LooneFor me, the recent meeting between All-Blogs representatives with Anwar Ibrahim is […]

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