In short, they lied.  Lied in broad daylight!

I was disappointed when Rocky didnt turn up for the RTM2 Talk Show on Press Freedom aired yesterday (May 15). In his blog, he said it was postponed, but truth is, it went on air (Full report at Jeff Ooi’s).

I thought Rocky had been bundled away to ‘you know where’ by ‘you know who’, for his latest report on the Prime Minister’s health condition in Langkawi. Or, for some other so called mis-appropriate behavior.

So, I shot him an email and ask: “Rocky, where are you? Why did’nt you turn up for the talk show? It’s just inquisitive me, asking again”.

Within minutes, Rocky replied:

“I was told two days ago that they were postponing the program! I’ve been had. Spoke to the producer this morning, he said they were told last week to drop me because of my court case. They should have said so. Why tell me on the eve of the programme that it was postponed? Beats me!”

Goodness, how unprofessional they were. Why can’t they simply tell Rocky straight in his face? Afraid that if Rocky makes a big fuss in his blog, no one will watch the programme is it?

And just because Rocky has an impending court case, he can’t be aired on TV programmes. Is this a policy with news agencies now?

Like Rocky says: BEATS ME!

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  1. WATTAHACK? says:

    RTM2 lesu one even my F1 delayed telecast at 1am !!!! when the rest of the world already knows the result… Rocky is a man if you tell him straight he’s offair cause of GOV ppl don’t like you think he like those 2 bocor MPs merajuk ke?

  2. monsterball says:

    Leave it to these guys telling the truth. They do treat Rocky like shit….and I hope he will learn from this not to go again…unless other sponsored TV’s station….not Government…they think too slow and never say sorry or cares if they hurt other’s feelings. I have a strange feeling..they are enjoying it.
    It is their sickening attitudes…never know how to say sorry.
    Take it with a pinch of salt…..Rocky. We are not laughing at you…but those idiots.

  3. sungame says:

    If someone is trying to silence Rocky, they are quite clearly doing a very crappy job.

    Probably, lying to the man to keep him off the air gives him a lot more publicity than just allowing him to go on the show. If either the government or the TV producers want to avoid publicity around Rocky’s impending court case, that stinks to the high heavens.

    Luckily for Rocky, and for everyone who cares about freedom of expression, this is not how things work. I mean, if Rocky HAD gone on Malaysian television, I would probably never have heard anything about it up here in Norway…

  4. Daily Nibbler says:

    Why? Fear of bloggers? Or just shut them up in the MSM and hope they will be less verbal if not heard?

    This incident shows the government is grappling and dun know how to handle bloggers, among many other things.

  5. Freethinker says:

    Funny . RTM2 on “Press Freedom” ?

  6. Roxanne says:

    Hope you are okay Susan. Heard about the earthquake. 6.1? Don’t worry, Rocky will have an international chance, come election.

  7. hasilox says:

    Didn’t watch the “press free-doom”. Don’t feel missing anything.
    I thought I can finally have one straight hour of rtm2. puitt!

  8. wits0 says:

    Not keeping the time with the showing of schedule programs is the nature of RTM and local TV for decades

    Never watch local TV and you’ll save a helluva lot of grief!

  9. bamboo river says:

    Those guys are playing “Chor Yat Sap Erm” with Bro Rocky . They had set a precedent and it is our turn to see if any one with pending court case appears in RTM . Then we blog those GO Blok.
    So Bro Rocky… lets BEAT them . Every year got “Chor Yat Sap Erm”.
    We are with you!

  10. muhammadyunus says:

    Hi Susan,

    The governement hasn’t done anything comprehensive or enact a policy regarding bloggers yet, even though we’ve heard of the many fiasco proposed by the Ministry of Misery. But the actions by their subsidaries resonates clearly the intentions and plan of the government.

    Other than RTM 2’s bull crap, we’ve seen how through NSTP the gov is trying to plug bloggers. UiTM, a public university, where in the 1970s use to hold strongly to it’s autonomy is now even a instrument of the gov’s efforts – a final year student / blogger was recently (16/06/2007) expelled for defamation!

    This is sad. They toy with people’s future. You can read this in my blog titled ‘Why Choose Marijuana and Brownies Over Blogging: A Note to Student Bloggers’ susan – All-Blogs must help the boy.

  11. ewoon says:

    “One-eyed jack” being investigated for timber scandal can still appear in parliament says a lot doesn’t it? It’s not what you know but who you know. God bless Malaysia!

  12. monsterball says:

    It can also mean Rocky is unreliable and not worthy to be interviewed.
    Please do not always downgrade ALL government good intentions.
    I viewed the ‘Two ON 1″ morning talk shows yesterday. Yes the youngsters are quite inexperience…but they put out real intelligent questions to the guests.
    Yesterday was on the “sexy” comments by the two parliament speakers…. the Doctor and another lady name…..Honey..they spoked so well and clear and the telephone conversation…all one hour..exciting and truly intelligent show. Did anyone saw it?
    Please give those youngsters the credits due to them. Do not always criticise all government workers….just for the fun of it.

  13. A Voice says:

    Look whose calling Rocky unreliable and not worthy? …. 🙂 what a badut!

  14. monsterball says:

    Read it carefully!! I said it may mean…not ME saying he is unrealible and not worthy. Do you know how to read proper English?
    And it’s monsterball saying it…they all know me and my reputation.

  15. susan loone says:

    Monty? I think you mean to say: According to RTM2, rocky is unreliable and not worthy to be interviewed?

    Because there is no basis for saying rocky is unreliable and not worthy.

  16. monsterball says:

    Yes susan.Thanks

  17. monsterball says:

    Susan….Thanks for explaining.The word ‘it” represents RTM2. If I want to say it is my personal opinion..I will start off saying ..’Rocky is bla bla bla…”
    From that word ‘it” I was hoping more debates….because..that ‘it” ..RTM2 do have good programns out…so let us not always say bad all the time.
    On Rocky….I write alot for and against. In this case…..I sort of feel sorry for him….and advise him once beaten twice shy…meaning do not accept any more RTM2 invitations in the future…from my first comment.

  18. monsterball says:

    And that is exactly what I was hinting…..pack of bloggers…one just came out defending Rocky…..without reading it properly. What if one really put out nagative opinions?

  19. Artorios says:

    RTM2 and press freedom…joke!

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