So says ex-deputy premier and Keadilan’s (PKR) party sdvisor Anwar Ibrahim:

By mohd Rashidi Hassan, Harakah Daily (Malay version here)

(May 7) Anwar Ibrahim stressed that he never touched on the issue of Abdul Razak Baginda’s alleged connection with the murder of Altantuya Shariibuu but believe there are several related issues which is known to Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, and which the latter has refused to talk about.

In an exclusive interview with Harakah Daily published today in the online daily, Anwar reiterated that based on his experiences as a political victim, he was concerned that the conspiracy theory used to “get someone in trouble and to rescue someone (else)” linked to the case will be repeated.

According to Anwar, he has known Baginda and his family a long time ago.

“Baginda’s father was a good friend, he was the director of the Malaysian Youth,whom I came to know when Baginda was the director of the Defense Colleage, later he became najib’s think-tank, he implemented several programs, and I was invited to attend”.

“But I know he was Najib’s right hand man, speech writer, his overseas schedule, good friend, family friend, political advisor, all into one,” he added.

Anwar said he was sure that the people wanted a clarification from Najib as Baginda was the main shareholder of several companies receiving commission out of arms deal.

Anwar stressed that he was not afraid of personal attacks from Najib and his lackies as the latter was surrounded by scandals and corruption which he did not clarify until now.

He said, it was obvious that Najib and his followers were scared until they used a video produced in 1998 accusing Anwar for being involved in a sex scandal, used by a conspirator to topple the ex-deputy premier and the ex-deputy president of UMNO at that time.

“If Najib has my scandals, he can bring it out, I am not afraid, for me, the people can question my life style, clothes, house and car, these are not personal issues, as I am a ‘public figure’.

“This is different from UMNO, BN, you can steal RM500 million, when people ask, you say it is a personal issue. For me personal issue is a different question, who you meet, where, in Seremban or Port Dickson, that can be a personal issue,” he stressed, cynically.

However, he said, he did not choose to attack the deputy prime minister personally unless it was necessary to do so.

For him, what he questioned about Najib was his involvement with Baginda and the question of Altantuya Shariibuu’s murder which attracted international attention.

Anwar insisted that the issue of the RM520 million commission which he raised was also the right of the people to know to ensure that the country’s leadership was free from corruption.

He said, as the former Finance minister once uopn a time,he was involved in supervising the purchase of arms between Malaysia and foreign companies.

“I have not seen a deal that is so dirty, filthy (arms purchase deal) from the aspect of wealth accumulation (for certain individuals),” he said.

Which it why, he had urged Najib to answer (his questions) but until now the latter had not given him answers, instead he asked the Ministry of Defense to answer on his behalf.

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  1. Philip Lau says:

    It is proved doubt beyond doubt that any country that is corrupted even worse, if it is deeply rooted, will never be able to succeed no matter how rich it has all the natural resources being endowed. Look at those upper continental European countries, Finland, Denmard, Switzerland etc although do not possess much narural wealth have the highest GDP in the world. They are hard working, honest and most important they are very capable people and worked for the interests of their countries. I am proud the little red dot is among one of them. You can see for yourselves, recently they are able to raise their Ministeral Salary, civil servants, members of Parliament, beyond the imagination of anyone.

    Corruption start and commences from the top. If the head is corrupted, in the matter of time, those at his bottom will follow him without doubt. THaksin recently stated by nature the Thais are corrupted and it will be difficult to remove this evil that is destroying their own country. Corruption there commences in 1932 when their King’s absolute power was removed from him till now. Altogether there has been 18 Coup as has been proved beyond doubt the Army is the most corrupted in the world. The King is unable to do anything at all.

    The former Deputy Prime Minister, Anuar should know as he had been part of BN for donkeys of years, He knows all the ins and outs of most if not all the leaders. The Statement he made:-

    ” That is diferent from UMNO, BN you can steal RM$500 million when people ask, you say, it is a personal issue.” Anoitehr statement….

    “Anuar insisted that the issue of the RM$520 million commission which he raised was also the right of the people to know to ensure that the country’s leadership was free from corruption.”

    It is for the Government to let the public know more of the details of the RM$500.00 million this money is spent. After all this is the Malaysian public’s money and not the pocket money of individuals. Here in the South, every citizen receives a pocket money commencing from S$200.00 onwards prior to the general elections last year, which is strongly objected by members of the opposition. This public money was given to the citizens as their pocket money before the General election lazst year. Morally they may be incorrect but there is nothing against the law. The opposition is unable to do anything. The party in power even promised if you vote for us we will do more for you. Again there is nothing against the law here.

    But to receive MR$520 million as commission for the purchase of arms etc and NOT for the country but for induvidual POCKETS AND SHAARED AMONG THEMSELVES, of course is utterly crimminal.

    If it is a clear cut case, the Defence Ministry should have no course to worry, just produce all the detailed statistics, documents, parties involved in the form of a white paper for the members of the public to scutinise. Will they do this? It will be very unlikely. Put all those who are involved in this deal what the ordinary man in the street under called LIE DETECTORS to show they are honest. If they are clean, they will agree to it. If the parties involved are prepared to comply to all these, and if it proved beyond doubt that they are INNOCENT, then, the Opposition must swollow their words and eat humble pies.

  2. susmaryosep says:

    You know, in Singapore, if you publish ‘lies and untruths’ about the Govt., you get sued until you bleed…… How come nobody is suing anybody here?

  3. Doesn’t mean when Anwar Ibrahim insisted the figure is RM 520 million, its the right figure. He should substantiate how the RM 520 million is derived FIRST and not throw an accusation just like that, based on figures plucked from thin air!

  4. Philip Lau says:


    Yes, you are correct, if they wish to do so. They make you bankrupts or if they are criminal sent the culprits to prison through the courts. Singapore has little or no compassion I believe so. Many foreign newspapers paid through their nose.

    Big Dog.

    I hope Anwar will produce detailed facts and figure in due course. Fair enough.

  5. maddox says:

    bIGGUM, You are too ignorant. The 500 million was not plucked from the air. It was raised and announced as a fact in Parliament!

  6. wits0 says:

    I agree Maddox. If that figure was stated in Parliament, one has to be that abject enough to dispute over its accuracy just so as to do the inane denial act.

  7. OA says:


    Protecting one’s party is one thing but to twist facts to suit one’s ignorance can only be achieved by moron.

    In regards to the murder, DPM is a “suspect in association” – he has close relationship to the murderers not to mention that he is the murderers superior – which deems him accountable to a certain degree.

    All governmental ministries, incase of security have to follow a strict “security protocol” where chief of respective ministry should be briefed unless there are no rules applicable in this country – where everything is done clandestinely.

    Don’t take my word for it, I could be wrong.


  8. Maddox, Witso and/or anyone else,

    Please refresh my knowledge, when did the RM 520 mil was raised in Parliament, how and who raised it and =what is the context it was raised?


  9. monsterball says:

    Big dog…No one need to refresh your memories or prove to you anything….like as if you are so important.
    Go find out from your own source!! Don’t waste our time …and I put it here…the two gentelmen are correct.
    This is the..anyone else responding!!

  10. Philip Lau says:

    Big Dog

    The RM 520 million as commission I tend to believe what the former Dy PM Anwar commented unless the contrary is proved. I do not know where he got the figure. I am positive he can back what he stated. He is not fishing.

    I do not have the Malaysian Hansard to refer to it. May be Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the wiseman and well respected of Malaysia Today or others can enlighten us.

  11. monsterball says:

    Lies after lies you put out…you forget
    Everyone of your messages have been hotly opposed by forget.
    Go…see your latest message at MT…site….ALL 8 comenters said you talk nonsense…why don’t you reply to them?
    You have no quallitis…no reputation…no guts…just talk talk talk …full of air and on one subject…protecting now Najib…last time TDM…so clearly BN supporter too….yet hate Pak Lah….what are you??
    You are a guts..never mind that….but you say what you don’t mean and mean what you don’t say…that’s full of shit. I AM REFERING AND STILL CHALLENGING YOU TO GET ME ARRESTED……..A YOU SHIT DOG YOU ARE….BEHAVE SO LOW TO TALK ABOUT MY PERSONAL AND FAMILY MATTERS…WHERE YOU DARE NOT EVEN REVEAL YOUR REAL NAME!!
    Now want others to prove this or that? So many silently reading….so all hates me?…that’s what your shit brain logic said about me. hi shit dog…people read and do not oppose against me..because they all agree with me…got it?

  12. monsterball says:

    Philip Lau..You are right

  13. monsterball says:

    By the way..Big Dog…why do you ask Shar101 you want to be like monsterball….a frontliner for him?
    There you see…you are jealous bloke…you are.

  14. wits0 says:

    Philip: “I do not have the Malaysian Hansard..”

    Nor are we expected to just so as to satisfy any skeptics. It’s inconceivable that Anwar would’ve been so rash as to quote something that is purely made up and therefore so easily debunked as such. As if he’s stupid.

    Why not ask(email) Mr. Lim Kit Siang about it if the matter is that important. It’s quite easy. DIY is the way if it is that important. How many times are we expected to provide the effort of leading the horse to the water while being uncertain that it is really thirsty.

  15. monsterball says:

    That horse is an idiot..does not know thirsty or not..unless force his mouth to the water….how sad.

  16. monsterball says:

    susmarypsep…You forgot…S’pore is voted one of the top ten cleanest non corruptable country in the world.
    Lee Kuan Yew will personally sue anyone..if one dares to say he is this or that…that is not true.
    Here we have the nicest government on Earth…as they know…our position being one of the worst corrupted country in the world is earned by them.
    So how do you expect a crook suing someone?
    Be friendly and don’t disturb the sleeping tigers…that are contented for the peace and harmony…and they keep on filling their two pockets..UMNO kitty and personal commission…why don’t we all know?…sure we do…so are all the BN parties doing that.
    Do crooks dare to sue others?

  17. Since Monsterball brought irrelevant issue to the topic……

    Real bloggers don’t do these “frontliners” thingy. Bloggers who have things to say, say it in a structured manner and responsible in their thoughts that they expressed in the medium of blogs. Only idiots, who apparently have nothing substantial to say, have to do these childish game of “frontlining”. Its their substitute to under achievements.

    Anway, Shar101 is doing quite well. He has a scoop in his brand new blog and Malaysia Today even picked it up. That ONLY leaves Monsterball, not able to be a blogger still but just persistent as an annoying commenter-hogging-on-blogs, which has been constantly shot down and spurned like a rabid dog by a few sites including Malaysia Today.

    Shar101 received many comments for his scoop. Thats a validation of bloggers respect for him, even as a newbie. I am willing to bet a thousand Monsterball, non of them can even produce one tenth of a scoop that Shar101 did, with facts that are substantiatable!

    That, is how we differentiate substance and shit (align the two in a straight line, same parameters and value system)

    Hahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaa 🙂

  18. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Susan,
    There are many people in UMNO and the political establishment who would really like to bury this issue quietly. Thanks for keeping it alive.
    I don’t know what’s the true story about the Scorpene and the RM 520 Million quoted. But I definitely suspect some parties close to the Defense establishment made a hefty unearned “commission” from the deal.

    Going by normal mode, the commission would have been paid by the seller, so the Malaysian government is theoretically clean.

    But the taxpayer pays for it, one way or another.

  19. wits0 says:

    Also Kittykat, how good and relevant are submarines for the purported coastal defence role? And T92(?)eastern european tanks bought without tank transporters?

  20. wits0 says:

    Modern subs are better deployed when designed as attack submarines with cruise missiles launchable via the torpedo tubes and certainly quite hopeless as watchouts for illegal immigration via speedboats in shallow waters, e.g., where they’re even visible from the air when submerged. Then they have to be stealthy without detectable accoustic signatures and able to lay for extended periods in “ambush position” totally still and soundless in the deep. Do we need an expert strategist to note a few simple facts?

    Or how Apache Longbow helicopters will make short work of main battle tanks….especially those lumbering on the ground on their power just so as to reach the front? Especially those without without any mobile air defense escorts with anti-aircraft missiles. Neither night or natural foliage offers protection from the Apache system.

    Some strategists makes strategy for reasons best known to themselves. The rest of the dumb populace cannot understand, of course!

  21. muhammadyunus says:

    Hi Susan ~

    YEAH! Monsterball and Big Dog at it again. Love your blog even more now Susan. Especially with all the added spice to it – he he he he!

  22. stenson chin says:

    Sometimes I wonder how susan can be so smart. She seems to have answers to every arrow that shoots at her. She writes with conviction
    and passion. You are driving me crazy susan.

  23. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river…lover boy is back!!

  24. monsterball says:

    You crazy nut!! Susan do have many loving arrows aimed at her. Whether she wants to get one pricked into her heart…you can bet …your broken lousy stinking arrow is one…. traverlling zig zag like a crazy nut…she just puff it away…no second thought.
    Every right thinking man also knows she writes with passion and convictions…and everyone is crazy about her…including me.
    But we level headed guys do not put out such a idiotic message like yours….short and still stinking like hell..What if it is a long one?

  25. monsterball says:

    Susan..If you have an appitite to do some business in Malaysia…let me know. Shieh like to promote commuincation. You like promotional products or advertisings? I like supplies of drinks to offices…been doing his for 34 yeas.

  26. monsterball says:

    So Sheih will come out ideas for you to promote my products and tree if us will be laughing to the banks……hahahahaha
    But if after all the money spent and no response to buy the products….need to part partnership and start all over again…and I will screw my son upside down……hahahahaha

  27. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, let it be lah….. Susan are capable . Maybe loverboy can write the whole lyric of “You Drive Me Crazy” sung by Shakin Steven it will be more interesting ! 🙂
    So Loverboy……we are waiting.

  28. monsterball says:

    bamboo river…I never doubted Susan can handle lover boy like a piece of cake…..but reading his arrow this arrow that stuffs….I just cannot help but response. Furthermore…Susan is having some eye problems and may mistake it to be a nice message and reply accidentally…’stenson chin….nice message, thank you”…liao loh.’
    So better protect her till eyes are as sharp as an eagle.

  29. concernedundergraduate says:

    postin a comment was my first.but isnt this site discusses on da topic of najib’s “truth”?how cum its flooded wit nonsense bout tis and dat and bla bla bla?mayb im stil green and not know da purpose of tis blog but im more interested in Malaysia’s “politics”

  30. hawk says:

    Praise be to Anwar. I hv always believed he is steadfast in his principles. His wealth is his sincere patriotism to Malaysia and its people. The very fact that he was sent to jail over a case that does not involve money is becos mahathir cant find any fault on anwar over any money scandal.

    Now we hear of Najib, Before was Rafidah. I think we have a whole horde of Ministers out there whom Mahathir was able to manipulate becos they have compromised themselves with stealing, one way or another..

    I too believe Badawi has same principles as Anwar. But this is politics. He just cant do as he thinks right, even so he is in power. If u r a chief and all are thieves among you, can u just catch them and get away? Even Batman will fail in the city of KualaLumpur, evenso he can succeed in Gotham. Then , what abt cicakman??? hahahaha

    Not only the ministers are thieves. Thier supporters are all out there wanting thier shares of spoils. This is the culture that has rooted into Malaysian politics. We really have a case of Ali Baba and the forty thieves here. Can AliBaba win? I dont think so, becos our thieves are too smart, they wont hide into the empty Vases.

    Good luck Badawi, and Anwar too. Perhaps, our Royals will stand for us too. We need you.

    Allah and God, please save Malaysia.

  31. expatriate says:

    $520 million commission – For your information, the PM did make a statement on the $520 million commission. He said that if the supplier of arms wanted to pay that kind of commission, that was its problem. Anwar’s response was that the bribe was factored into the total cost of the arms purchased. So at the end of the day the tax payers have to foot the bill. Poor Malaysians. don’t they know that that sum of money could go a long way to help the poor, the disabled and all those poor students who could not afford to pay fees for higher education??! Malaysia is an interesting country. The rich and powerful could get away with murder and corruption. Like they say, “Malaysia boleh.”

  32. BigFish says:

    In China, a health department chief officer were charged with death pernaty for curruption recently.
    But in Malaysia, every big fish in UMxO are still getting richer n richer from taxpayer money & natualer resources in everyday.
    Malaysia already indipendence abt 50 years, why still do not have any system/ justice to catch those all big fish?

  33. pleaseforgetme says:

    Since the time Mahathir, the tradition bribery has evolved till it has rooted in every heart of almost every ministry in Malaysia. It cant be easily undone by just tapping a finger. It needs a lot of effort and willpower to do that, and most importantly the leader himself has to be morally excellent.
    Actually untill last year I still look up to Anuar. Maybe you havent heard this. After his released he has frequently visited U.S. to give speech to the students and people there. He is highly respected there. His party here which is the PKR is collapsing with a lot of the strongmen are leaving the party. Well, why is it? Actually many of the people here are suspecting him working for the U.S. What Mahathir did back there is mean, but its the right thing to do. Anuar is a two-face liar. I dont respect Mahathir but he proves that he loves the country by making an effort to protect it when Anuar trying to sell Malaysia to the IMF.

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