As the world celebrates World Press Freedom Day, I would like to observe one minute of silence for my comrades who have given their lives to their profession, wherever they may come from, whatever nation, whatever skin color or religion.

They may have been reduced to some statistics today, with no names and faces, but their sacrifices remind us why it is all the more important for us to fight for and preserve press freedom. The Committee to Protect Journalists have listed down the statistics and background of journalists who have died in the line of duty, from 1992 to 2006.

For some, their lives are spared, but face jail sentences instead for exposing the truth. I stand in solidarity with Al-jazeera journalist Howaida Taha, who has been slapped with a six months jail term for “harming the country’s interests by allegedly fabricating torture scenes for a documentary”. She dismissed the verdict against her as political and vindictive in a country “with no independent judiciary,” and said the story was accurate.

Fortunately for us in Malaysia, no journalist has been killed yet, but it doesn’t mean we are safe. How many of us have been compromised in other ways? How many times we have been denied access to information because most documents are stamped “Official Secrets Act? Perhaps its time to follow in the footsteps of our comrades in Malta and “Call for a Freedom of Information White Paper” by the government.

Truth is I’ve seen more evidence of how much more restricted we are now than before. We have every other ministers and politicians breathing down the neck of bloggers. We saw how our two brothers have been slapped (and slapped) hard with defamation suits and how newspapers have been “requested” (read: warned) to refrain from quoting bloggers. You’ve also seen how bloggers have been made to be seen (and some of us do believe such lies, falling into such ancient trap but please wake up and see the games they play with us) to be liars, suspicious elements and cyber-terrorists.

So let me invite you to get more personal with press freedom. As citizens you can’t be dumb any longer or you deserve dumb newspapers and dumb journalists. No offense to my journalists friends in the mainstream media. People, you deserve the paper you pay for. So why not make a donation to, as part of your support for freedom of speech. The paper isn’t perfect but its journalists need your support, especially your moral support.

Bloggers too need your support. Do not forget Bloggers United Malaysia (BUM) Gathering 2007, planned for 19 May, in Kuala Lumpur. It’s your chance to meet your favourite blogger(s) face to face and also hear some interesting (I hope) discussions on blogging and freedom of the blogosphere.

As for me, I turned down two press freedom events – one as speaker for BUM, an invitation from Howsy, as I would be abroad, away from Thailand during that time (but not back in Malaysia). The other is from Al-jazeera, to be on their TV Show for their take on NST + 4 others vs Rocky & Jeff. K Pakharan called me on Monday morning to say that the show would be today (Wednesday) but due to such short notice I had to decline.

Anyway, do get a copy of the Fashion magazine Marie Claire (Malaysia/Singapore May edition). I believe there is also a column on blogging and bloggers, if you are interested.

Until then, lets us think deeply about World Press Freedom Day, and what we, as bloggers, can do to preserve the fourth estate, necessary for any democratic nation. Do we want to do it by being cowed into silence, by being cozy and sweet, non-threatening, or do we want to stake our claim clearly and boldly? For me, the middle path is an illusion. I do not want to be in limbo (got a lot of time for that after my death).

If the fourth estate crumbles, we really have ourselves to blame. If the fifth estate caves in, we should really be ashamed of ourselves.


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  1. monsterball says:

    Susan….Before you ask commentators support for United Bloggers Malaysia…bloggers must be seen and heard to be sincerely united themselves.From what I see…the so call All Blogs formed with Rocky as President is a total failure. Enough have been said by me.
    I swear I will be the last to discrupt unity for bloggers…but from what I observed..few bloggers have personal political selfish agendas and Rocky has not proven himself to be a fair minded good President.
    Go look at his site..’two on 2′..{something like that}.. I politely put out my opinions and out come same few bloggers instigating and insulting for no reasons. Yes..I fully understand…the more I comment…I must expect more nagatives about me…but that has to be logical and based on a debate rules. NO…. CERTAIN BLOGS ARE GROUPING TOGETHER LIKE A GANGSTERS DEN.
    This has gone on for months….and I agree with Sheih…already hinting no unity by saying..with you and Black…he needs no more bloggers friends. As for me. He has infact shortlisted from his short list!. I am abit luckier being a commentator that can find more good friends easier than bloggers…so my list is longer.
    Thats all I see in blogging future.
    I have always admire your dream to see bloggers unite to have a strong ONE FREEDOM FIGHTER VOICE…TO BE RECOGNISED BY THE GOVERNMENT.
    Unity is the last I see bloggers can come to reality. It may even turn out to be smiling at each other…so friendly…but another hypocrtical selfish group in the making. Sheih is very far sighted on unity matter…so are you.
    Now you tell us….how can we provide support that do not waste our time and efforts to see what you want can turn into reality.

  2. Tim says:

    You miss the point entirely. “Bloggers United” does not mean we are trying to set up a shadow government, or make lists of friends. And what makes blogging special is the very fact that we do disagree, and are free to disagree. “United” simply means that we all believe in (responsible) freedom of speech. As the famous saying goes: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

  3. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan, After I brought up to You The Website of the Committee to Protect Journalists LAST NIGHT, (based in New York,) appeared early this morning, the lives of Journalists in their course of their profession are always and constantly at great risks from countless of factors you read in the local papers now and then. For what I fear, certain authorities are commemcing to take action against bloggers who must at all costs stay united. I sincerely hope they will be truly UNITED, However, you must expect (like any organisation) agent provocateurs, traitors and undesirable elements to infiltrate your organisation. Such characters in matter of time will indicate their true colours. Please keep detailed dossiers of these characters. It is part and parcel of our lives. But UNITED BLOGGERS must exercise their legitimate rights which must be exercised with fairness, prudence, justice, legitimate rights and compassion if called for.

    Here in Singapore, there is one one young lady of only 17, an ACS A Level student who blogs well, a very careful and meticulous one who does detailed researches in everything she blogs. fully supported by facts and figures. Even a Permanent Secretary of the Singapore Government had to apologise to her in writing. Her blogs are rather direct, critical and hard hitting against the authorities. Reading them is believing. Her name is Gayle Goh, whose websites are http// and http// For her own reasons she ceased to write (if I am not wrong) recently, after blogging for about 18 months or so. Her past record speaks for itself. For more information please obtain it from the internet searches. You will be surprised of the intelligence of this young lady, who blogged very well I have not seen or heard in my life. Susan, I must positive you know her.

  4. monsterball says:

    Hope so Tim…but I look forward to the elected President of All Blogs put his comments about this.
    Also those three..Shar101 ..ShanghaiStephen and Big Dog…accusing me and inslulting me at Rocky’s site. I am sure they want what you say Tim…so let them come and confirm that too.

  5. Libra says:

    When talking about journalist one man stands above all others in this country. He is no other than MGG Pillai. There is a write up about him by his son here.
    I use the present tense as this man, though dead, still lives.

  6. Philip Lau says:

    Susan, I recollect Marina Mahathir, daughter of TDM, she stated she would be meeting you in Bangkok during this week or so. It would be nice to hear her point of view of various aspects (although her views are well expressed in the press now and then) if nothing is confidential. We look forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

  7. Blogging is a tool for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression and of course, Freedom of Press. Of course, its liberty to tell the truth. Liberty that should be used for progress and positive attributes.

    Not lies. Not made up events and fact. Not a toll to leash out untrue statements. Last week Monsterball made a statement that HRH Sultan of Johor slapped Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Then when pushed further, he claimed further that HRH Sultan Johor did this whilst His Majesty was the DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong (1984-1989). Asked to produce evidence, Monsterball insist to go and get from Tengku Razaleigh.

    Why should people who wants to verify this stupid claim by Monsterball have to go and get it from Tengku Razaleigh? Why can’t Monsterball do it himself? Monsterball ever talked to Tengku Razaleigh and hear it from him that Tuanku Sultan Johor once slapped Dr. Mahathir? Or Monsterball got it from Dr. Mahathir’s mouth? Isn’t it Monsterball’s onus to produce his claim?

    So Monsterball is a COMPULSIVE LIAR then. He lied on a fact and later lied further to defend his earlier lie.

    Is this what Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press stood for? An old man freely LIE and DEFAME anyone he likes and pleases, according a Ruler of this country?

    This is neither progressive nor positive trait!

  8. noname says:


    whats the relation between few bloggers going against you with All Blogs and the President (referring to the post and not rocky personally). And from what I understand Sheih is also dropping All Blogs idea? Is this for real? I think the growth of blogging is healthy and should remain as it is. Hate to see bloggers breakup because of different thinking.

    Susan, what is your view in this?

  9. jeancumlately says:

    “How many of us have been compromised in other ways?”
    In my opinion, that is the biggest danger susan.

    Actually, I don’t mind jounalists or bloggers who openly declare their affiliatian, inclination, slant, paymaster or whatever name you wanna call it. It still falls under the so-called freedom of speech. (I have to salute freelunch2020).

    But the danger is when someone manipulates “truths” and “half-truths” to serve a certain agenda. Its a thin line between news and propaganda and we know how mighty a pen can be.

    Are journalists “embedded” with the US troops in Iraq giving us news? Is NST giving us news? Still, I did read BigDog’s views too.

  10. jeancumlately says:

    noname, monty and all..

    My underderstanding on bloggers’ united is to promote freedom of speech and not certain political inclination or agenda. Am I missing something? How the hell would a group of people have the same thinking?

  11. toyolbuster says:

    A reporter must report what they see or hear and as they see or hear it. A reporter or journalist who does investigative reporting, is duty-bound to report the truth as their investigation indicates.
    Unfortunately, some are inclined to take dictations as the “gospel” truth. And why not, they may ask. That way, not only they don’t get sued, no threats of ISA, no Mat Rempit assaults, but they may even be awarded Datukship.

  12. monsterball says:


  13. monsterball says:

    noname…In anything good for the country..there are always evil forces to try make us fail in our noble objectives….that is to see Malaysians bloggers are one and oneness in everything…against the many injustices done by the government to the people.
    “All Blogs” started with two being sued in court. …the details are welknown…and so all bloggers and commentators supported the two victims…mooting an idea to form a soceity…by few bloggers… originated by Sheih…plus his beautiful logo. Sheih was so full of joy and excitments…that I threw in as much as I can the 100 T-Shirts…plus few small things to see united is happy and well. All of a sudden…Sheih’s mood changes.
    Things went smoothly when few bloggers objected ME mixing with bloggers on an idea suggested by Marina Mahathir. What is the real reasons??? God only knows!!
    But Sheih stood by me…and the story goes on with few low double headed snakey bloggers…trying their best to so call expose me this or that…to frustrate me to give up blogging…or make blog owners give me up at their site!They succeeded at MT…so their mission goes on….because I seem to dare talk so much against TDM …but strangely…not always against BN…depending how much PM keeps his words to honour my vote to him.

  14. There you go. Another usual Monsterball trait. Wrongful manipulation of facts presented against him. Monsterball simply LIE (fabricate facts or point which REALLY did not exist!) and he would fabricate more points further to defend and/or support that previous LIE.

    Its so obvious. So how much opposition against Monsterball exist in Kickdefella, BigDogDotCom, Another Brick In the Wall, here in Susan Loone’s and now in Rocky’s Bru. Its endless!

    Malaysia Today banished Mosnterball permanently and Raja Petra is NO BN supporter! Raja Petra even wrote an article about Mosnterball.

    No need to divide and rule. The opposition against Monsterball is across the Bloggosphere. Monsterball did this upon himself. He is the ONLY person who refused to accept this point!

  15. AnakBapa says:

    With ISA, OSA, Press and Printing Acts ….. what is there to talk about Press Freedom ….

    Harakah from twice a week was forced to publish twice a month, Keadilan bulletin was never given any permit until now …… UMNO, MIC, MCA owning all the media outlets and only provide their news version which is always loopsided and bias.

    AND now they want to curb the cyberspace …….

    Our prospect as far as Press Freedom in Malaysia ….Bleak. And still this BigDog didn’t see!!!!

  16. WATTAHACK? says:

    i see more personal interests than global/national interests here. same way the country is governed you will see some reflections of its ulterior motives lurking nearby always waiting to bribe you over or knock you off.

    happy press freedom day!
    (if this day becomes a national holiday globally then we know press freedom is well & strong)

  17. WATTAHACK? says:

    AnakBapa: a dog only answers to his master (get it) LOL….

  18. monsterball says:

    toyolbuster…All professional people have their code of ethics…but in Malaysian….expecting more than a few rotten lawyers….doctors..lecturers…accountants..architects…surgeons…and many so call professional marketing and advertising people to honour their code of ethics….Malaysia has the lowest grade…thus simple poor guys followed suite…such as taxi drivers..welknown Malaysian cheaters to world tourists.
    TDM had 22 years…he is SOLELY to be blame to create such citizens. Afterall…citizens are not in the wrong to follow leadership by example.
    So reporters you say?…why they are the first to report one sided stories or events…or else so future to earn a decent living. Reporters and journalists are mostly not honourable people in Malaysia. That does not mean Rocky opted out to retire from M.Mail is honourable too….Besides that..Rocky has to play against another group…dirty company politics…only found mostly in government business house….simply because umno embraces races peferences than merits to hold a manageral post,.

  19. monsterball says:

    Sheih…Susan…Liz Wong…Black…kata tak nak…bloggers are easily fooled by me….if you listen to Big Dog’s logic and all commenters respecting me are also idiots!

  20. Monsterball,

    Bloggers and some commenters listened and took pity on you NOT because you are right, BUT because they pity you are a miserable lonely old man. So lonely that at 68 years old like you celebrated CNY without any of your children!

    That’s how people empathize you. Nothing to do with logic!

    That still does not change the fact you are a COMPULSIVE LIAR. No one, not even you ever came to defend the fact that you made up the story about HRH Sultan of Johor slapped Dr. Mahathir and later the story is further refined that incidence happened whilst HRH Sultan of Johor was the SPB YDP Agong.

    In this blog’s thread titled “Ijok: Mahathir slaps Pak Lah on the face”, Monsterball’s comment 27 April 2007 1100am :

    “Dearest jeancumlately…I do not hate Mahathir…I loothe and despise his dirty politics. Mahathir got slapped by the sultan of johore. He wants to slap Pak Lah.?…dream on………”

    That is a PURE LIE!

    Do you know its a federal offense to insult and defame HRH Rulers, especially DYMM SPB YDP Agong?

    You think this is a game?

  21. jeancumlately says:

    BigDog and Monty,

    We have seen this before… the name-calling will never end even when the world ends. Walk away man. There will be no right or wrong when both sides ceased to listen. Like BigDog said, it has to do with men’s ego. Well and fine because he made his point and so did monty. Learn to accept differences lah…

    In this kind of blogs, all kind of statement would be made; from the thoughtful, from the cynics, from the jokers and from the liars. Some are thoughful and some are reckless. There would be truth amidst lies, rumours, hearsays and exaggerations. I believe readers are smart enough to read and not to take everything at face value..

    BigDog and Monty…

    There is no use looking for the right and wrong because no one actually knows. All of us may stick to our opinion but don’t impose it on others because our opinions are not truth and the truth itself is not always absolute.

  22. monsterball says:

    There goes Big Dog trying to talk facts of life…..talking cock…and even stoop so low to talk of my family matters….which he knows next to nothing. How thick skinned bastard can he become?
    Firstly…I do not need to prove anything to an ‘ANOYMOUS”..a Susan calls him…yet he keeps thinking how important he is.
    Secondly…Sheih said Big Dog is out to disunite bloggers….so you are a worm…lowest scum on earth.
    Two welknown respectable bloggers spoke so low of him…yet he feel no shame?
    Thirdly……I am a thinkers and such people like to be alone but never lonely….don’t you know that? I repeat…I am a thinker…not like you blockhead of one sided cheap politics.
    This is not a game…you idiot!! It is YOU making it a game.
    Like I said…you have learn the art of saying things like TDM….to make others think the opposite what you are. …by saying others are like that so. Who are you trying to fool…you fat ugly dog?
    You are insulting commenters and bloggers who are friendly to me too..yet blockhead like you..ignore and shoot out your dirty mouth..even about my family matters…which is none of your bloody business. What you are after are is hoping and hoping I have a weak side to tell to more…you cheap low down copy cat..trying to con me to speak more about my family?
    I am very humble…but I can tell you Big Dog..even my real dogs can behave better than you.

  23. susan loone says:

    jean, well said! i agree with you totally. and although I am completely open to all kind of speeches, i hope this blog will not used as a platform to condemn one another. two sides must cease fire now. or else it gets boring and do annoy others as well. so i think enough has been said by both sides, we get the point.

    also, i am more interested in the rights and wrongs of those who hold power than big dog or monty or else. i think its best we also spend our energies likewise than tearing each other apart.

    i believe many will agree with me 🙂

  24. monsterball says:

    Big Dog..Talk is cheap!! Go get me arrested.. I dare you!!

  25. monsterball says:

    Susan…In one short sentence …the rights and wrongs of those who hold powers are supported by voters…election after election. I am guilty as charged.

  26. ricky says:

    susan, agreed totally.

    The fight for freedom of speech and towards the inefficient ruling party running this country must not be hindered by personal comments or disagreement.

    Provocative agents are planted everywhere in blogs by the kiasu government especially umno to try their best to disrupt, breakup or create chaos among bloggers.

    We must always stand united as bloggers even though we may disagree with each other comments or personal sentiments.


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  29. Susan,

    If you can tolerate a LIE like Monsterball’s statement “…..Mahathir got slapped by the sultan of johore…..” then surely you can tolerate and allow your blog be a platform of mudslinging and exchange of comdemnation profanities. After all, both are within the principle of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression.

    Other people being annoyed is never a consideration in principle of FOS and FOE.

    Or is it what you feel can allowed be said (like Monsterball’s LIES)? What happened to your tagline, “May the truth save us all”?

    You are not upholding the principle of ‘the truth’ here, by allowing Monsterball to LIE?

  30. noname says:

    Dear Monsterball,

    As I said before, just give him the truth about the story. U have said he is a TDM man. Now open it up to him the whole facts to keep him quiet. I think that is the only way to keep him away. Tell the whole story, the details as you know etc. Let finish it and move on. Rgds.

  31. Monsterball cannot furnish or substantiate his claims because its a figment of his imaginations. Asking to refer to Tengku Razaleigh is not the asnwer because its Monterball who made the claims and not Tengku Razaleigh.

    Monsterball until today has yet furnish or subtantiate his claims “…Mahathir got slapped by the sultan of johore….”, in the thread Ijok: Dr Mahathir slaps Pak Lah in the face, as of 1100 am 27 April 2007.

    In respect to World Press Day and commemorate Freedom of Press, Monsterball on the other is proven to be a LIAR!

  32. Libra says:

    Why is there so much hue and cry over a supposed LIE? In this country every government leader lies. Our PM lies all the time. Our DPM lies all the time. Samy Vellu lies all the time and Ong Kah Ting lies all the time. The IGP lies. The AG lies. Even our judges lie.
    Anyway, one lie does not make a person a compulsive liar.
    The one who has not lied, cast the first stone.
    Let’s grow up and debate as matured man.

  33. v9 says:

    What a way to celebrate World Press Freedom. Please remember that childern and teens also blog-surf. Quote: “The jawbone of an ass is just as dangerous a weapon today as in Sampson’s time.”
    — Richard Nixon. Let’s call a truce. Peace brothers and sisters. v9

  34. Sure. Politicians lied, other people lied.

    BUT they do not uphold the principle of Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech, like the article up there is all about. Susan Loone’s own words “…lets us think deeply about World Press Freedom Day, and what we, as bloggers, can do to preserve the fourth estate…”.

    Its about a principle now.

    Monsterball, LIED. Unless he can subtantiate his claim, then he should be called a “LIAR”. Why? Monsterball frequent this blog and chose to put his thoughts here. So, he should put where the money where his mouth (fingers) is.

    If Monsterball is oblivion of this blog and lies through his teeth every damn day of his life in the physical world, its non of our business how he lives his life. But he brought his LIES in here, in this blog.

    Monsterball is too proud to admit he made a mistake stating “…Mahathir got slapped by the sultan of johore….”. He’d rather LIE further than submit to the truth that he made the facts of his statement up.

    The people in here who loudly express and subscribe to the principles of Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech did NOTHING to reprimand Monsterball with his LIES and allowed him to talk further about irrelevant points, INSTEAD of making good his own claims.

    May truth save us all. Truth include selected liars flourish?

  35. WATTAHACK? says:

    Bloggers and some commenters listened and took pity on you NOT because you are right, BUT because they pity you are a miserable lonely old man. So lonely that at 68 years old like you celebrated CNY without any of your children!

    BIGDOG! by this statement alone I now know you are neither a gentleman or a honourable being. I wonder if this is how your party members behaves as well. Please remember not to grow old. God bless your soul if you have one!

  36. shar101 says:


    Let’s cut to the chase, shall we.

    Please substantiate your allegation that TDM got slapped by the Johore Sultan.

    “May the truth save us all”.

  37. Wattahack,

    Why is it when Monsterball used uncouth languages against me, FIRST, you did not attack him as being a “neither gentleman nor a honourable being”?

    Monsterball had also used languages unfit to be repeated here to other bloggers so much so that Raja Petra banished him, PERMANENTLY in the most popular political portal, Malaysia Please tell me what does that show you.

    If Monsterball is so monsterous in his postings, why the hell should I treat him like a gentleman otherwise? Scroll upstairs. I brought upon the story which Monsterball LIED and suddenly he started using uncouth languages against me.

    Nothing I said in this thread has anything to do with politics and along party lines. It is totally about the principle of Freedom of Speech which Monsterball ABUSED. I was merely reacting to Monsterballs tendency to bring irrelevant points into the discussions, INSTEAD addressing the issue which he LIED. That’s all!

    Again, like I have said before. Some people just want to see what and where they want to see. What Wattahack did here, now, presented the evidence to my case very clearly.

  38. monsterball says:

    noname…Why do I need tom prove this or that are true to these scums.
    Susan and jeancumlately have said to stop…so I respect the calls.3
    shar101 have started to be a blog owner in April… to keep his promise…but POSTING NOTHING..NO MESSAGE…yet have so much time to instigate and poke fire. Go see his face at Anon fr Miri…if none have seen shar101.He lives alone with his aged mother. . He is skin and bones…look at the face…He is like Julius Caesar said…Beware the lean and hungry look. such men are dangerous”
    Shar101 is a braggard…treat TDM like God…and he is his undying faithful deciple. DO I NEED O SAY MORE?
    Big Dog?? …hahahaha….All said already.
    noname….I have to prove myself to LIARS…to thick skinned unbecoming low class people?
    Let them prove me wrong….as they claim they are buddies of TDM…Big Dog and even said he attends meetings by Tun Razaleigh….and will ask both of them…then make a 180% turn.
    So they can change…not keep their words………who can twist and turn….ignore others advises…now I must come out protecting my reputation…noname?
    Never mind ‘noname’…young man….you have asked me to start a blog…you have asked me to protect myself.. I have said enough..treating you with love and respect…next time you stand on my side …or keep quiet…or maybe prove you are one of them…who cares!!

  39. OA says:


    Big people fight for big things cos they have a vision.

    Little people fight for little things cos they are blind.


  40. monsterball says:

    Wattahack..BIG dog…will bring out more than 3 years old MT matters to back him up..otherwise he does not have a long list to talk about me…Sheih said RPK did not ban me nor hate me. I again need not prove myself…he can ask Sheih…or better still get RPK to say his piece here..So you see…these people can say anything and everything….that are lies..even lying about their true names. Big dog have put out first message at Rocky’s new post…nothing to do with him talking about me…yet he did so. Go read it!!
    To sum out…he said I am the most dangerous and must be thrown out….meaning all bloggers must not let me in. Can you imagine his fear?
    Get lost..and do not disturb others wanting to post on the subject.
    Have some respect for Susan.

  41. shar101 says:

    Obfuscation personified. And the truth is so elusive.

    Dear, dear monsterball. As usual, you’re in the thick of things.

    If it weren’t for your first posting at 3.37am on 3rd May’07 mentioning about what was happening at Rocky’s “Hello on 2”, we won’t be having this seemingly weekly ‘virtual riots’ with you being the prime instigator.

    Seriously, monsterball, agent provocateur par excellence.

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  43. monsterball says:

    shar101….don’t change your tone…dear me here dear me there. you are the most spiteful cunning braggard….and you are dangerous!!.
    Don’t change the tone…when I have defied all of you!!

  44. Monsterball,

    Why are you hiding behind Susan? Not enough you are a COMPULSIVE LIAR, now you have to hide behind a woman???? God, you are pathetic! Really!

    Shar 101 is doing a noble deed. He takes care of his elderly parents. A very admirable deed. His moral and social values are very normal. Even Sheih is living that life now. Compare Shar 101 to you? How do you live your life? No need to talk in public about someone with low moral standings (or should I discuss in public about how you live your life?). Naaah, I chose not to blast you from the very personal angle.

    (You brought irrelevant points into the argument, so can I!)

    Enough that you have been proven to be COMPULSIVE LIAR! You cannot even substantiate your own statements. Shows how irresponsible person you are, shooting off irresponsible statements without the audacity to substantiate a cardinal issue like that.

    Stick to the issues please. Shar 101 is asking the same from you, substantiate your statements. Even Nuraina Samad talked about the same issue in Rocky’s Bru. Soon, more people will notice this cardinal mistake Monsterball did, he LIED and FABRICATED FALSE FACTS!

    Its universally unacceptable!

    Banished from Malaysia Today, blasted in so many blogs and now caught LYING and FABRICATING FALSE FACTS! You are so busted!

    They say you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. Sad for you, I am able to change and adapt. You will continue to live like this, being loved less, every single day, from your own doing.

  45. monsterball says:

    Susan…your freedom of speech for everyone is much to be admired.
    But continouse posting by Big Dog…same thing is spamming.
    Why don’t you delete some…including mine…if you see fit?

  46. monsterball says:

    Back to the subject….As much as I hate the US government double standard hypociritcal foreign policies by the government…there is nothing but my admirations on how that country perform their freedom of speeches in everything. They also give freedom of rights in religions sincerely. Even in movies…showing a white marrying a black…one maybe a protestant maybe a catholic..who cares…love conquers all. Try make a movie like that with Malaysians
    They really do not see any colour or creed in humans….but treat each others as Americans. Jay Leno teased and jokes and belittle all he likes on the US Jay Mayer..Jon Stewart..and many more ON AIR…LIVE!! Audiences are so broad minded by the millions at home watching the shows. Not once do you hear an American complaint about freedom of speeches.
    Here..If you try are arrested.
    Susan…our country is living on false dreams and some malays are being too sensitive by nature or by purpose…God only knows….but judging from
    what we see at TV and what we read here….MIndsets are SET UP..not need to think anymore…type of attitudes.
    Worst still some smart ones know their friends are in the wrong…yet continue using them for that purpose.
    I have to focus on Malays…as politics mostly concern about them…not the Chinese really.
    So in short…it is the BN government….under the sole decision makers…UMNO…that makes our country…now a laughing stock to the whole world on freedom of speech and freedom of rights.
    If we do not change the government in next election..means majority like to be ruled by this way. Chinese sadly thinks it’s peace and harmony. To them..I say …they are selling their souls without realizing that!! They are too busy making money and taking care of their children’s educations and future. They should give some time to dignity..not identity for their children’s future!!
    Malaysian government really admire USA. We copy their flag..copy fun games wholesale

  47. monsterball says:

    Malaysian government are so kind hearted politicians….saying guided freedom of rights and speeches are good for peace and harmony of our country. They were so right in the early 60’s up to mid 80’s…as majority are not educated…and do need to be guided.
    These 20 years…majority knows so much through internet educations…by children talking to each other globally.
    The cat is out of the bag…yet UMNO is taking their time to change slowly…and the little changes…you can bet with your life…it is more to get back malays votes and please the chinese as much as win their hearts to vote for BN and especially UMNO.
    China and India..even Australia….took so little time to be one race in their country….advanced so much is science & tech knowledge. What have we achieved…besides few borak projects like dying…because no more favouritism given to proton. For that….I take my hats off to Pak Lah on his farsightedness.
    Education is the key to better Malaysians….giving truthful history of the country and putting out sylabus to produce real smart students….thinkers…not memorisers. Again how fair will the government be? I understand 70% of university students are females nowadays. Looks like… back to basic….female works…husband stay home jaga anak ..sleep eat and be lazy blokes…but to qualify…must be handsome ….like good old kampong days in the early 60’s.

  48. bamboo river says:

    “Freedom Of Speech” A statement lauded by many . America is one country that practices this issue . They can publicly speak against their leader and agencies. Watch the movies made in America. See how the plot made by the producers and writers about the agencies making use of their authority to get what they want.
    One good example is “The Shooter” . If this plot is made and produced by locals ( I don’t think anyone will even think about it) , it will be a total ban by the agencies and all involved will have their “rice bowl ” cut off.
    So if we want to talk about freedom of speech ,like Susan said ” Be prepared to face the consequences”
    So commentors above, say what you wish, but do not get too deep untill you find that the ladder is to short for you to get out of the hole.

  49. jeancumlately says:

    I hope this is the end of the dispute over the “so-called” truth…

    Monty was replying to me when the slapping incident was brought up. I never took it seriously and I think no one did. Afterall, I don’t think we are stupid people to believe in everything. Moreover, it’s simply outrageous and, really, I don’t believe it. But I would not call Monty a liar over the statement either. Why? Because I don’t know the truth!

    Now, dear BigDog,
    This is my humble and naive opinion. I have to assume that you know the truth, nothing but the truth in order to conclude that Monty was lying. I admire your spirit in defending the “truth.” But what is the truth? May we know?

    If you don’t, than you are just like the rest of us who are not really in the know and you know what? We shut up when we don’t know the truth.

    …and bamboo river, yep, I am not going to get too deep. My ladder is sooo short… peace to all and good morning…

  50. Jeancumlately,

    It is registered that Monsterball made that statement. Monsterball until today has yet furnish or subtantiate his claims “…Mahathir got slapped by the sultan of johore….”, in the thread Ijok: Dr Mahathir slaps Pak Lah in the face, as of 1100 am 27 April 2007.

    To make that sort of statement, is nothing but insult and defame a Ruler like HRH Sultan of Johor is DEFINITELY TOO MUCH! Then Monsterball LIED FURTHER by stating that HRH Sultan of Johor did that whilst in office as HRH SPB YDP Agong.

    This shows Monsterball’s propensity to LIE, regardless what he LIED about. He doesn’t bloody care! These are very serious accusations. He is now trapped in his own recklessness.

    I shall not rest from this. The truth must save us all. The truth about Monsterball is a COMPULSIVE LIAR!

  51. jeancumlately says:

    BigDog…just another stupid question from me.

    If Monty comes out and say “well, actually the sultan of Johor never slapped TDM, would you accept that as the truth?”

  52. Jeancumlately,

    Of course! If Monsterball says that (“well, actually the sultan of Johor never slapped TDM”), I would accept it. Doesn’t mean it will stop there.

    But then I will ask, why did Monsterball said this “…Mahathir got slapped by the sultan of johore….” in the first place? He knows that HRH Sultan of Johor NEVER slapped Dr. Mahathir, but he made the statement anyway. Is he seeking attention, by making up stories so that he has a fire-cracker statement? Does Monsterball is the sort of person who has the propensity to lie ever so often? Is Monsterball the sort of person who act irresponsibly and blurt out something that could be construed as ‘malicious’?(He has thread into an avenue he cannot get out of from)

    Why is very important here. Even Nuraina Samad emphasized the “why”. (Read in Rocky’s Bru, under the “Hail NUJ”)

    So Monsterball is either a COMPULSIVE LIAR or AN IRRESPONSIBLE bloggosphere user then.

    That is defying the concept of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press. Even Susan Loone’s tagline in this blog is “May the truth save us all”. Monsterball is a LIAR. He abused Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech! Monsterball also abused the Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech! That is wrong!

    It only strengthens further why Monsterball got locked out permanently from Malaysia Today, the most popular political portal (amongst Malaysians). There is a limit of openness. The moment someone cross over the universally acceptable values like LYING and INCITING, people like Raja Petra will ensure someone like Monsterball and his bad habits stays out.

    There are lessons to be learned from this. We have to use the bloggosphere responsibly. There is no place in Bloggosphere for LIARS and IRRESPONSIBLE users (although we practice, “love all. read all”). We cannot allow LIARS lurking and LIARS should be spurned out of bloggosphere (like what Raja Petra did to him!).

    We can do more than this. Really. But then, this is all academic.

    The fact is that, Monsterball did not say anything. Monsterball is too proud to admit he made a mistake fabricating a seriously malicious statement “…Mahathir got slapped by the sultan of johore….”. He’d rather LIE further than submit to the truth that he made up the facts of this statement .

    So I will continue to harp on this till we get to the bottom of this (the truth).

    “May the truth save us all”

  53. With this type of “virtual riots” the blogosphere is just a watse of bandwidth.

  54. jeancumlately says:

    BigDog, that is what bothers this naivette. You can readily accept the notion that the Sultan never slapped TDM (or in other words you will accept that as truth). But you cannot accept it if Monty said the Sultan did slapped TDM. What is the difference?

    I am applying the same standard you are putting on monty. Monty brought up the slapping allegation and now he has to prove it. Up to this point, he failed. But we do not know the truth yet!

    You were saying that Monty was lying. Now the burden of proof is on you to prove that Monty was lying! And the only way you can prove that Monty was lying is by giving us what is the truth. If you failed to do that, that what is the difference between you and Monty?

    My stupid point is, posting reckless comments are irresponsible BUT so do those who think that they are the absolute truth. In this case, only TDM and the Sultan know. So, move on my friends…

  55. monsterball says:

    I repeat Big Dog…The Sultan Of Johore when he was Agong…slapped Mahathir and also said Mahathir is a pensioner….and should behave like one ..just recently.
    Now stop talking..and go get me arrested!!

  56. monsterball says:

    You have build up this matter so vigourously Big dog….now do get me arrested …or you are the real real liar and a damned blogger for the rest of your life.
    Here is your goldern chance to put Monsterball away for good…in Jail!
    If you dare not and cannot do it…then be forever damn with your fat arse…getting fatter every year….like a living vegetable…need I say more?

  57. Patrick Ong-Sambathan, MCA says:

    Messr. Monsterball

    Lets cut through the chase and not be lost be deviated by your habitual “kill the messenger” of unjustified and unintelligible accusation or attempt to deflect the issue to talk and ramble to other issue.

    Thats what you are doing, Monsterball. Your supporters or sympathisers (not necessarily in agreement with you) are doing the same.

    The long and short story is YOU LIED!

    You have a right to say anything you wish as long as Susan Loone allows it here.

    Should you need total freedom, do it at your own blog. Should you wish to blog, remember that YOU WILL NOT GET TRAFFIC by:

    1. telling lies,
    2. fabricating stories,
    3. slanting truth or half truth,
    4. condemning personality,
    5. stating wrong facts,
    6. use of abusive language,
    7. refusal to abide to net-tiquatte, and
    8. unjustified stereotyping (bigoted statements).

    If bloggers and journalist have to uphold that ethics, than commentators like you have to live with that. By the way, you did all the above.

    Lo and behold, although many claims of abuse, our national security demands and clearly stated that there shall be no:

    1. Inciting of racial and religous disharmony
    2. Questioning issues of Malay position, and Non Malay citizenship.
    2. Insult the Yang DiPertuan Agong and Sultans.
    3. INternal security unrest

    Lets not give reasons for others to cause our freedom to be compromised. Certainly such action by Monsterball seemed to point in such direction.

    Please do act your age and be graceful to accept that you are wrong. If you want to be respected as an elder, LEARN TO PASS YOUR REMARKS with responsibility, civility and honourably as an elders should be. Unless that happens, you are open game. How the heck wud I know you are 68 year old anyway? Even picture can lie.

    If you wish to remain as you are, you should remain within the confine of your coffeeshop.

    My grandpa is 68 year olds and he does not lie, he is kind and polite, he is not so outright (excused as honesty) and boisterously rude, he is respectable and does not display unsavory conduct, and he does not apply cheap trick and is alwasy a good listener.

    That is a 68year old. As an observer here for something, I do not observe thats in the nic named Monsterball.


    I hate the cliche “Unity” you expressed in the first comment in this posting.

    It is simply cheap crap from political parties and politicians to prevent discussion of issues and sweep issues under the carpet. All political parties use this, BN and opposition.

    Are trying to apply it to demonise others? I have seen you did somewhere else by specifying names and paiting many people and not just thos e3 you painted. Every commentators that do nto agree with him is being painted negatively.

    Bloggers do not need disunifying character like Monsterball to preach unity. He is the last person that can ever be asscoated with unity.

    Bloggers are already united (irrespective of their socio-political persuasion and affiliations) in supporting freedom of speech. Thats the substance of important.

    Your unity call is a cheap stunt but usually hides the intention to suppress freedom of speech, and influence opinion by lies, deception and unsubstantiated fact.

    If you believe in unity, why do you not set example of good behaviour, civility, and gentlemenly conduct in exchanges of view.

    You are disgrace to the freedom of speech!

    I will avoid any blogs that Monsterball is active in. Thats my god given freedom. Raja Petra is right to refuse him to preserve freedom of speech!

  58. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…Thank you so very much. Now let that fat arse …who is not less than 300 lbs and still growing to find out why God make him so fat!!

  59. monsterball says:

    Good God!! Patrick Ong and Big Dog never lie…but on what I posted out….go prove I am a liar and stop talking so much.

  60. Patrick Ong-Sambathan, MCA says:

    It doesn’t take long to proof that my point of this man, does it? Just read below what he just commented:

    “jeancumlately…Thank you so very much. Now let that fat arse …who is not less than 300 lbs and still growing to find out why God make him so fat!!”

  61. monsterball says:

    Patrick..MCA…where is MIC and Gerakan? MCA guy teaching me?..hahahahaha

  62. monsterball says:

    So what Patrick? Why don’t you read ALL big Dog been saying here..and at Rocky’s site..when I was totally quiet.
    MCA guy teaching me?…HAHAHAHAHA

  63. monsterball says:

    By the way…Patrick….do not compare me with your father. I am monsterball….just remember that.
    Perhaps you should make a survey on all 68 years old guys in Malaysia….and if you come out no one talks like me…then you better do not get me in the mood to F…you too!!

  64. There you go. Monsterball chose to be a COMPULSIVE LIAR! Monsterball exercised his right along the principle of Freedom of Speech to tell a lie.

    I will continue to harp on this, indefinitely. I shall repeat this over and over again, indefinitely. No, I don’t have to stop talking. I can talk about this continuously, if I want to.

    Trying to stop me talking about this “Monsterball LYING” is actually going against the principle of Freedom of Speech. Susan will not delete postings (typically Monsterball, whenever or wherever he loses an argument, he would ask the blog owner to delete posting, including his, so that the traces of his irrelevant arguments and uncivilized manners erased!), because that would go against the principle of Freedom of Speech she so much treasured.

    Monsterball feels annoyed and trapped in his own recklessness. He tried to wiggle out of this one and yet BigDog is still on his case. BigDog will still go against Monsterball, no matter how long this will take!

    Maybe not in Susan Loone’s blog, but there will be other opportunity. The point is that, this is not the end of this. This shall carry on indefinitely, because Monsterball chose the path of a COMPULSIVE LIAR.

    Again, this is a matter of principle. Monsterball abused the Freedom of Speech and abused the openness of bloggosphere.

    Anon fr. Miri,
    Nothing and everything is waste (Depends how you choose to look at it). It is a matter of principle. The very covenant of Freedom of Press is breeched. Monsterball LIED and LIED further. You mean to tell me upholding the principle is a wasted and lost cause?

    Monsterball made the claim “I repeat Big Dog…The Sultan Of Johore when he was Agong…slapped Mahathir” that he never substantiated. He insulted and defame a Ruler of the State of Johor and Supreme Ruler of the people of Malaysia, purely for his pleasure here in the Bloggosphere.

    Do not go out of irrelevant discussion. I chose not to talk about you and pathetic real life. You dunno anything about me, you dunno how I live my life (not even my name) but I know a great deal about you (because Sheih and other people who knows you (incl those who have been to your home) tells me a lot of things!). I chose not to rubbish SS Goh in these discussions. I can if I want to but I won’t.

    Again, you arrogantly defy universal accepted values in the cyberworld. Unlike you, I can carry this very far and everywhere.

  65. monsterball says:

    In order you don’t get me wrong Patrick…I have so many lovely gentlemen
    MCA friends…even your two past Presidents are my friends..few assembly men and we never talk like this…except in shoot your worst and lets see how your bossess think about your balls carrying character.

  66. monsterball says:

    Bid Dog…You are a real coward and full of shit!!

  67. monsterball says:

    hi Patrick…becareful..I have donated quite few times to MCA this or that with receipts and live old retired politicians to prove them.
    You existence maybe be somewhat due to my past support…so don’t fool around with monsterball…okay?

  68. monsterball says:

    I also donated few times to UMNO…if Big Dog wants to know. Prove it? Go to hell!

  69. v9 says:

    Guys and Gals,
    Enough is enough. I just did a google search on ‘Mathadir…slap in the face’. Apparently, there are many references to this phenomenon. This is more like that incident where a commentator wrote ‘…shoot him’ and was literally taken to the ‘court’ for that catch phrase. Come on….lets just drop this subject. You cannot win an argument like this….just walk away. v9

  70. monsterball says:

    Inspector Ibrahim of ‘E’ branch…where are you? How was my donation to buy amplifiers for the mosque? Still working?
    My dear old friend…Wan Yacob bin Wan Ibrahim…..HELP!!…hahahahaha

  71. shanghaistephen says:

    SS Goh (real name) but too ashamed…so goes by monsterball,
    anyone who tries to educate you on blog ethics is condemned and vilified and now you are saying how much money you have spent on mosques, MCA and UMNO ? What are you SS Goh and corrupter of the system ? you can “buy” everyone with your dirty money ? You have lied…. period now confess and apologise..otherwise stay out of all blog and go get your own.. thats all …if you got balls that is ! when you donate to anyone money please lah donate BUT don’t tell the whole world…because you seem to live off the people you ‘donate’ to…like you said you bought 100 t-shirts for Blogger’s united ? when and where are the t-shirts now? was that another lie ? Have you also “donated” to any particular blog …so that you can be a parasite on that blog and think the blog-owner won’t shooo you away ? Don’t play the racist card and belittling anyone’s biological make-up… so you going to call me a blackie now…just because I’m a dark skinned Malaysian of Indian origin (and doing a JJ )?? Is that your idea of being old,expierenced and lovable ???heh…heh…You are so full of shit..SS Goh…go and take a long look in the mirror and so how really frustrated you actually are… it’s pathetic…and I’m sad there are actually bloggers who are feeling sorry for you in the name of free speech and freedom of expression !Don’t expect Raja Petra to make an appreance on the same blog of commenters where you too are commenting… or even Rocky….suddenly even I feel ‘geeley’ to be here…yuks…( no offence to the blog-owner!)

  72. monsterball says:

    Oh my GOD!! First a dog… a fish Is this Alice blog site in Wonderland…so many wierd animals that can talk. Tell also wrong…don’t tell also wrong…that’s a fish logic.

  73. Roxanne says:

    It’s all so hopeless. Everybody is talking through each other and not with each other. I’m so important here! I’m so important there!. My fart smells better than yours and all that shit! That’s what you’re all saying to each other. You only want to listen to your own voice.

    HEY, nobody is important, we all end up as rotting food for worms. How stupid can you get thinking you’re important? All you have is a BIG FAT EGO and a pea for brain each.

    If two bloggers with the same objective i.e., freedom of speech, can’t talk civilly to each other, how the hell can the rest of the country? If you abuse the freedom of speech so atrociously, why can’t the very people you’re up against say, “SEE what happens when people are allowed freedom of speech? They turn into animals at each others’ throat!”

    You can be sure that those who don’t want bloggers to unite will be laughing their ass off when they read the unbelievable childish exchange above. GROW UP! No wonder, Malaysia is in such deep shit! By the look of the above example, you all deserved the govt. you got. And how can the country ever going to get better with people like you? God must have left us the bomb for a good reason.

    Please turn on me both of you if hating me helps you two to stop the petty infighting and to break camp. I don’t want explanations from any party. What are they of use to me? And DON’T even think of trying to get me on your side. I don’t know who’s right or wrong. I don’t know who’s telling the truth or who’s not. I’m not God, besides, I don’t really care.

    I’m the supporter of ONLY one objective i.e., the freedom of speech. The only thing I care about is to make you two remember your objective. Nobody says that you should make up and be cronies and laugh it off hehehe. That will never happen after months of such bad feelings and spite.

    Nobody can stop you from disliking each other but focus on your fight for freedom of speech. You can’t like everybody and make everybody like you, so accept that. We can differ but still be civil. That’s what democracy is all about in places where freedom of speech is practised. Your personal feud is your own business AND don’t you involve other bloggers and make this an even bigger mess.

    Not that you two are so important but no-brainers like you can hurt and endanger the whole cause when people start taking sides. So for the sake of our cause, STOP the nonsense right now. If you think you can’t, please do everyone a favour, remove yourself from blogosphere forever because nobody will miss you. Yes, I mean the both of you. READ this paragraph again, if you can’t get it into your thick heads.

    Look, I’ve tried to be diplomatic at Rocky’s but it seems that what you two really need are verbal SMACKS! I thought women are bad enough at bitching … but NONE I know can compare to you two men! You know which two you are.

  74. zorro says:

    Everybody, just get out of this blog. Susan, you need to do some housekeeping. We deride our Parliament, but this is worst behavior than our Parliament. Is this a product of Freedom of Expression/Speech. More than 90% of comments posted are personal attacks. If this continues, your blog will be like the whacko, engineered farce called World Wrestling Federation. I for one will not allow this to happen to your blog. Everybody, take a deep breath and go spend some quality time with family and friends.

  75. WATTAHACK? says:

    Why is it when Monsterball used uncouth languages against me, FIRST, you did not attack him as being a “neither gentleman nor a honourable being”?

    so Bigdog if he started 1st means you can start throwing bottles back? like PKR & UMNO in ijok? is that how low you want to go? you choose how low you carry yourself not me I just see what is written here as is. and i see you picking a fight with an elderly man. Monster made comments on me as well but did I step him down? I know your stories and monster’s from other bloggers telling me but I haven’t met you guys. So i can only make my case from the words you two put in other ppls blogs… so now i ask are you a gentleman or not? did you not feel a bit bad by saying to an old man he deserved it that his kids didn’t spend CNY with him? does that make you feel proud? so powerful that you kick an old guy below the belt? how would you feel is one day you get the same treatment? like i said what goes around comes around… you want to be credible then fight clean not employ hantus, mat rempits and SB.

  76. WATTAHACK? says:

    by the way both should just cut the crap from susun’s blog…
    if you guys still wanna kick each other i’ll gladly open up a muathai ring named “” I’ll even make poster for each side’s supporters ok!

  77. monsterball says:

    wattahack…Thank you very much. I choosed not to spend CNY with my children..for my children’s sake…as they come from divorced parents and I like them to go spend with their in laws or mothers. That does not mean every year!!
    This is none of Big Dog business…yet he choosed that…twist it like my children hates me. He even hinted he knows more and choosed not to reveal them. What on earth does he know more baffles me…yet from a man …behaving worst than a gossiping natural woman.
    He has no manners…no culture…no sense of shame nor feelings for all your comments. Lets hope he can change for the better.

  78. monsterball says:

    And my most sincere respect to Roxanne messages …here and at Rocky’s site. How I wish I could write like her…and she can be sure…I will take her hints very seriously..regardless good or bad for me.

  79. bamboo river says:

    On the lighter side….. I have a question for Monsterball and Bro. Biggum….” What do you know about a Duck egg and a Chicken egg?”
    I will give my answers after getting replies from both of you.
    Thank you.

  80. I eat them….what else?

  81. WATTAHACK? says:

    I’ve made a poster in honour of our to famous sparing partners here….

  82. monsterball says:

    I let the hatched out and make sure from day one…they do not know the differences and behave like brothers from one mother.

  83. monsterball says:

    wattahack…I saw the poster…..good or bad….thanks your efforts. Appreciate it sincerely.

  84. monsterball says:

    The eggs represents malays and chinese. The mother is the country.
    ‘the hatched’ should read ‘them hatched’ on above message. Thanks.

  85. monsterball says:

    I think the duck egg is chinese as in China..they discovered and make “thousand years eggs” with duck eggs….and chicken egg is malays. Afterall..there is more chicken shit than duck shit…if one can understand the population per se.
    Now you smart bamboo river….give the right answer!!.

  86. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, by reading your answer along with Bro.Biggum’s……
    I now understood why you two guys cannot get along in term of opinion or views.
    I do not think it will do any harm if either one of you try to soften and easy on the words blurted out.
    I believe you two guys are actually trashing each other because of your political belief.
    I hope you two guys do not go to far to drag personal and racial matters into your political debate.
    Okay, this is sincere friend to friend advice to both of you from me.
    Now my answer to the above question is ” A duck egg is bigger compared to a chicken egg. However both are still EGG. ”

    Keep smiling !

  87. monsterball says:

    Are you trying to be a fortune teller?

  88. monsterball says:

    Are you trying to be a fortune teller? He ate them!!..I kept them alive..hahahaha

  89. bamboo river says:

    No lah, Monsterball, I believe in destiny! What ever comes , I will face them. If you visit a fortune teller, 99% is you want good news and 1 % is bad news which you had already expected……that is to pay money to get your fortune told.
    What I am implying above is … no matter what you are …..we are just like an egg. It can be any type of egg but still an EGG.. Got it?

  90. monsterball says:

    you are an egghead to try this stunt on me …watch out!

  91. WATTAHACK? says:

    Now my answer to the above question is ” A duck egg is bigger compared to a chicken egg. However both are still EGG. ”

    you left out something…. hope this helps!
    both eggs will hatch and bring about new hope to this world as GOD intended. That’s why with death comes new life. Each new life has the potential to grow and bring about good as well as bad depends on their survival and surrounding conditions. the natural instinct is to reproduce to continue a future generation. that is the basic law. we do not need cars, politics, wars, and crimes… heaven intended for us all to make love and make babies….

  92. bamboo river says:

    WATTAHACK, Monsterball had partly made the same comment as yours but not in full detail. But that is one good comment for us to think about. Thank you.
    Monsterball, this is not a stunt but for us to look things in a simpler way.

  93. monsterball says:

    Where is my bak kut teh you promised?
    I am still not happy…don’t cheer me. I should also use my head and eat them up like Big Dog…instead of using my heart to response and stop your wise cracks.
    No bak kut out!!

  94. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, its shows in your answer that most of your comment comes from your heart and this sometimes had the disadvantage on your side.
    Well, certain decisions MUST I repeat MUST not come the heart as people will take advantage on you. We need to be tactful and firm (that is from the head) in order to deal will complicated matters.
    Look who is talking to a veteran guy like you. I am in no position to say more.
    Bak kut teh is still in my appointmet book. E mail me at and we will see how it goes.

  95. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river…Try speaking and writing always from the heart….not easy. Now I accure it…you want to bribe me with bal kut teh to speak with a pig mouth? But seriously in a way you are right…people will take advantage..who cares ..for you forget the other side of me..I also can fight off those trying to take advantage.
    Lover boy is back to disturb Susan…go do something!!

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