Despite the violence and dirty tactics surrounding the Ijok by-election,  Barisan Nasional won with a 1,850 majority.

BN’s MIC candidate K Parthiban “grabbed” 5,884 votes while Keadilan’s  Khalid Ibrahim, 4,034.The majority, 1,850, is supposedly higher than the 2004 general election result, where BN won with a majority of 1,649. Both parties have increased their vote tally by around 500 votes, partly due to the higher turnout of voters and the absence of independents. The ruling coalition took 58.6% of the voters while PKR, 40.1%.

BN won in seven polling districts while PKR took Malay-majority Kampung Ijok and Chinese-majority Pekan Ijok.

A 4,034 number of votes cast for the Opposition is not a small figure. If the Opposition works harder, it may bode well for the party in the coming general elections.

It speaks well of Khalid, Anwar Ibrahim and Keadilan as a whole. So, do not be too disturbed. Take it as a motivation to move on with better strategies.

A supposedly big majority for the BN may be a blessing in disguise. Let the anger and frustration of the people grow day by day, and this time perhaps they will pay heed to what the ex-premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad says: “Do not vote for a rotten government”. 


6.58 pm (malaysian time) Keadilan candidate Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is doubtful now over the party’s chances of victory in this by-election.

“I don’t think we can win now,” he said. “It’s okay, Susan…it’s okay”.

Speaking to him over the phone, he added that the 80 percent over turn out of voters, the highest in by-election hsitory, is something he “can’t imagine”.

“I’ve done my part. I will accept the results,” he told me.

Khalid is planning a separate press conference later (at 9pm) to speak about the matter and said Keadilan will pursue the phantom voters issue with the Election Commission.

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  1. WATTAHACK? says:

    As of 7pm, the unofficial result is: BN – 4,266, PKR – 2,389

    boy are we screwed again!

  2. wits0 says:

    The Ijokians screw themselves first to screw us.

  3. Philip Lau says:

    Susan, I commented of the election results after what Tan Sri Khalid said.What you have to do is to start to repare for the coming General end of the year, time is the factor. If you have the time, please glance at it. I feel sorry and sad.

  4. ricky says:

    Congratulation barisan national for winning the Ijok by-election.

    bodohwi, najis, all your menteries, the EC and the disgraceful sil, you all are a very happy lot and I understand you all are also very religious and also GOD fearing.

    Let me ask you just one question ( if any of the bn control media journalist got the balls to ask, please ask them when they make the press conference on their victory):

    Is Ijok by-election conducted in a Fully Democratic, Clean, According To Election Rules and Equal Playing Field?

    If your answer is yes from the bottom of your heart and it is really the truth :- May GOD bless you all with more wins to come.

    If your answer is yes from the bottom of your heart and in actual fact not true:- May GOD help you.

    No one knows the real answer except between you and GOD.

  5. Congratulations Barisan Nasional! That’s three in a row! Batu Talam, Machap and Ijok.

    With 1850 official majority, what else can PKR say? BN managed to get almost double what people in Ijok voted for Khalid Ibrahim. That’s the fact!

    Prepare for the next General Elections?


    Get real. UMNO has 110 seats. MCA, Gerakan, MIC have another 55 seats. Oppositions can’t even get it right in one Malay majority area like Ijok, you people think you can do the other 160 odd?????

    Dream on!


  6. April 28, 2007 20:55 PM E-mail this news to a friend Printable version of this news

    BN Wins With Majority 1,800 Votes

    KUALA SELANGOR, April 28 (Bernama) — The Barisan Nasional retained the Ijok state seat with increased majority of 1,850 votes in today’s keenly-fought by-election, returning officer Haris Kassim announced at 8.42 tonight.


    The truth did save us, at least most of us!


  7. wits0 says:

    The Truth is what It is. The failure of recognising it is a human frailty, an indugent weakness, not a Barisan propriety of it. Far from it.

  8. Regardless. Today, BN enjoy 199 reps in the 219 seat Dewan Rakyat.

    Even in a very microscopic campaign like Batu Talam, Machap and Ijok, the Oppositions, in all the trials and errors, they simply failed. What can they possibly do with a 199 – 19 + 1????

    Almost nothing! Now there will no longer be any by-elections anywhere in Peninsular.

    Even if the Oppositions can double up their effort, resources and refine their working together-co-operation/joined strategy (which people like me seriously doubt they can do!), the Oppositions will only gain 38 seats. BN will still have 180 seats in the Dewan Rakyat. That’s like, oooooo……. 82%!

    Get real lah!


    You people will still be, DISAPPOINTED, AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN!


  9. Nstman says:

    congratulations to the opposition. It is a great victory despite the overwhelming odds. Keep on fighting.

  10. Frank says:

    The Indian voters saved BN.

    The Indian voters in Ijok loved the sudden attention and the sudden development of Ijok and of course with an Indian candidate, despite the Indians themselves of the poor performance of the former MIC state assemblyman for Ijok.

    Anyway, as someone said, you cannot read an Indian mind from what an Indian says.

    Final results reposted here :

  11. MalaysianWoman says:

    All things considered, party PKR did quite well.
    I think you should write articles, from now to the next elections, to educate the average Malaysian on our overall system of government.
    The general population is not aware of how the system works and instead have myths, like for eg. if they vote for the opposition, tomorrow the opposition would take over, our government would break down and there will be racial wars, and many other illogical ideas. They need to be educated on the important need for check and balances in our government. And I don’t like to word opposition, we should just use the name of the alternative party. We are not opposed to the government, we lover our country which is why we want an accountable, responsible and transparent government. Check and balances. Spread the word. Gently.

  12. […] PKR dan calonnya, Tan Sri Khalid di atas peningkatan jumlah undi  diperolehi yang ternyata bertambah sebanyak lebih 500. Janganlah bersedih. Ini juga satu kejayaan, ‘kejayaan kecil’ menurut sesetengah […]

  13. WATTAHACK? says:

    Regardless. Today, BN enjoy 199 reps in the 219 seat Dewan Rakyat
    What can they possibly do with a 199 – 19 + 1????

    You are not supporting Democratic policies you are supporting Dictatorship policies. its never in the best interest of anyone if one side gets too powerful. its proven in machap & ijok that with this sort of power it can be misused and will harm us back. your dream is actually a nightmare! there is no check and balance in the parlimen and all policies are bull dozed thru without proper debates and valuation. is this how you want Malaysia to be? I suppose so cause you are laughing.

  14. MalaysianWoman says:

    We will have no justice if we have no social progress, we have no social progress if we have no economic competitiveness, we have no competitiveness if we have no balanced government, we have no good governance if we have no democracy, we have no democracy if we do not vote, we have no voters if we do not educate. We may not leapfrog into justice but we can take baby step. We have time, time is all we have.

  15. monsterball says:

    The truth is villagers like Machap and Ijok have spoken. Let the more educated urban areas voters speak at the general elections…and I don’t think all villagers will speak same languages as Machap or Ijok…but the city life dewellers voters will speak as one great majority against BN…for they are not easily frightened.. …bought.. ..or intermindated so easily.
    Lets see!!

  16. wits0 says:

    Wattahack, had PKR won, I would have been glad but no way delirious like Biggum. The shallow naturally goes into the usual extreme in expression of rather childish glee for some people have demonstrably no depth but just blind and unrexamined partisanship.

    PKR did better than Machap’s ketchup. Their possibility is clearly not extinguished.

  17. toyolbuster says:

    A loss is a loss, period. the voters have spoken. Don’t blame the voters, cos PKR failed to convince the people of Ijok, just like Machap, and Batu Talam. I’m more than sure that BN used at least 1000 phantoms, but if they have won by 1800 margin, simple arithmatic will tell you that BN still won no matter what. If PKR are bankrupt with suitable candidates with upright calibre, they better do something about it instead of blaming the voters. Same for DAP, PAS and other opposition parties.

  18. WATTAHACK? says:

    witsO: i have no problem if BN won without using the whole tabung kerajaan (tax payers) money to flaunt around shamelessly and look at ppl and say they are fair and just. i feel ashame as a Malaysian, a human and a voter. it belittles us as many had taken bribes and would sell themselves to be hantu voters. even watching the SPR spokesman saying “angkat seluar naik kalau ada kaki bukan hantu lar” that really speaks volumes about SPR and their impartial role. i really hope there’s a true GOD to punish those that are really putting this country and its ppl to shame.

  19. wits0 says:

    The SPR is a laugh. Snigger, snigger at it.

    Given 9 months plus notice of change of address and it couldn’t change my address in time for a previous GE and that’s my personal experience with it.

    Both the gomen machinery and dumb voters share the whole infamy.

  20. monsterball says:

    toyobuster is right!

  21. mob1900 says:

    They’re isolating urban voters from being relevant in the next G.E. Example; Thailand. Urban voters has access to more info thus make their own informed decision while the ruling coalition control and dispersed their own propaganda at rural areas and tend to succumb to what they can ‘see’.

    It will be an uphil battle but that only makes it more prevalent to our lives. Kudos to all bloggers who ’embrace & engage’ the recent by-elections as these participations are ‘victories’ by itself for all of us.

  22. AnakBapa says:

    You have the police (13th BN component party) intimidating the voters during campaining and voting …..

    You have all the government machinery working for BN resurfacing road all over the place, street lightings, traffic lights etc etc ……

    You have BN bribing voters with money, sewing machine etc etc …..

    You have SPR (14th BN component party) with garbage electoral list, phantom voters etc. etc. ……

    You have Pemuda UMNO thugs led by Khairy beating opposition workers and smashing their properties etc. etc ……

    And people like BigDog is happy to see our beloved country going down the drain irrespective whatever happen. We see the so called developed country status but third world country mentality among UMNO/BN supporters.

    I’ve seen enough … and unless we stop this rot just wait the day for destruction!!!!!

  23. monsterball says:

    Khalid said….the loss is a COMMA….not a FULL STOP….meaning that’s not the end of opposition parties..neither his political career. I like that attitude. It gives hope to us wanting a change.

  24. monsterball says:

    Susan..Can we have a new subject to debate..Like ‘Who are the real half Past Six citizens in Malaysia?” OR “Are we ready For change? WHY?”
    or….” What are the attitudes of Malays….Chinese…Indians…towards a Malaysian Malaysia concept” or…..”Can handercheif fly?”[saw this in paper!}

  25. hasilox says:

    Ijok had an election? More like a circus show.

    We saw how the rules were blatantly twisted. Crimes endorsed. EC was no better than paid orgy performers. Police behaved like just another political party’s lapdog. Enjoyed the show? With the near complete circus team in place, more to come.

  26. monsterball says:

    If we care to study the real details..almost 50% of the 199 seats won by BN in last election were won by a razor thin majority…..including Najib. Only Pak Lah showed the highest majority ever recorded by any PM before…and created history for UMNO as well.
    That was excluding Keadilan with poor leadership. now Anwar is out…a general election is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT BALL GAME than a by-election…especially on villages. Try a by-election of an Urban place and see the great difference.
    It also shows the downfall of PAS…but give great hopes back to DAP. With Keadilan and DAP combinations against UMNO/MCA/GERAKAN…I think the voters will feel more at ease to choose the best of two…excluding PAS . Let Keadilan take care of PAS and UMNO in Kelantan and Terengganu
    MalaysianWoman spoke wisely. And I repeat…..general election is a totally different ball game…so maybe Susan can come out with some ideas that may convince Big dog to change side and make him realise that is best for the country.

  27. Hey Monsterball, a win is a win. Regardless how big the majority is. There have been 12 General Elections and BN will still win the same places again, give or take a little here and there. Where got 50% of BN’s 199 seats are razor thin majorities? Some, maybe lah! But not 50%.

    In Chinese majority area like Petaling Jaya Utara, Petaling Jaya Selatan, Kelana Jaya and Subang also BN have comfortable lead, NOT razor thin majority.

    The BN is really strong. UMNO nowadays can even win in Chinese majority area like Nibong Tebal. For the first time in history, UMNO have 110 reps in the 219 seat Dewan Rakyat and able to form a Government, without its coalition (BN) partners!

    Is this another of your stupid statement, just like “Sultan of Johor slapped Dr Mahathir?”????

    The worst GE BN have got to go through is 1990. That was when Tengku Razaleigh had the strong Semangat 46 and PBS last minute resigned from BN. Tengku Razaleigh was the ONLY person who could consolidate Semangat 46, PAS, DAP, PBS into a unified force. Even that, Dr. Mahathir managed to weather BN through and win 70% of Parliament.

    Now there is no more Tengku Razaleigh or Semangat 46. The Oppositions failed! They cannot work together. You people should analyse election results and see the glimmer of hope of even creating a dent into BN’s holding is really a herculean task.

    How many Chinese majority area that DAP (perhaps with a little Keadilan slipshot) win? 20? 25? Dewan Rakyat has 219 seats, you know. The best DAP ever did was in 1986, 24 seats. Even that was because the MCA sponsored money taking co-operative failed and people lost their life savings.

    Keadilan is dead! They only have 1 seat in the Dewan Rakyat now. Ijok has clearly shown Anwar’s politics is no longer acceptable by the Malays. How many times have Keadilan tried this. They in Lost in Teluk Kemang 2000 and now they lost also in Ijok 2007.

    You people will be a bunch of frustrated hopefuls, again!


  28. Libra says:

    The win indicates that Malaysians condone and support toll hike, petrol hike, corruption, ISA, supression of press freedom, failed projects , shoddy workmanship and the siphoning away our wealth by our leaders.
    Why blame BN. Blame the voters.

  29. monsterball says:

    Big Dog can sure talk like a lawyer burok!

  30. wits0 says:

    It takes two hands to sustain the rot, Libra.

  31. monsterball says:

    Big dog copied wholesale TDM famous sentence..’a win is a win…no matter how small the majority is”
    Figuraltively speaking yes…..but logically speaking…that few voters can swing their votes and more educated children will educated their parents not to vote without serious considerations of their futures.
    Big Dog chooses to ignore alot of voters are old blokes..uneducated or simple minded people..thus peace and simple in daily lives are what they voted or….without any farsighted second thoughts.
    Big Dog continuousley ignored the vast majority MALAYS voted against UMNO…that’s a fact…and am glad he realises it is the Chinese and Indian voters that FAVOURING UMNO…but can be unreliable.
    UMNO is always afraid of young voters…but sadly thousands eligible are still not registered voters.
    Big Dog seems to beleive till doomsday…UMNO rules Malaysia!
    Big Dog do not talk logic…but a pro UMNO this or that i…s what makes him tick. So let him blow all the trumpets he wants and may UMNO reward him handsomely for his great balls carrying AND thick skinned character.

  32. Ariel says:

    agree with Monsterball Susan.. a commentary on flying handkerchieves is desperately needed. 😉

    Just read it this morning and nearly muntah darah.

  33. wits0 says:

    Never read the MSM or turn on RTM after any BN wins. Save oneself a lot of angst…for any experienced person unimpressed with the BN. 😉

  34. AnakBapa says:

    One thing this BigDog never realise. He has to pay same toll as ours, same fuel price as ours, same price for all basic necessities as ours …… while his leaders enjoy all the fat commissions (read rasuah) …… forever and ever…..

    Ni typical perangai orang Melayu …. menang sorak kampung tergadai!!!!

  35. kittykat46 says:

    Big Dog’s gloating over the BN win really gets on my nerves, but I will defend his right to express his opinion.
    Here’s my opinion.

    What we need to realise is that there are bloggers, like Big Dog who are really solid UMNO loyalists, and may actually support the corruption and money politics which BN stands for.

    They are heavily critical of Dollah specifically, sometimes simply because Dollah has brought in HIS own set of Cronies, and the old set of Mahathir-type Cronies have been left out in the cold.

    No more contracts for you, lah…

  36. wits0 says:

    Kittykat, Big Dog must gloat with his black-and-white mentality but he also projects the same cocksure attitude on to the rest of the populace. His loyalty is to his gain by way of his pocket and by no means related to any moral outlook. He may imagine others are also attached to politics on the same basis….like anything can be “tergadai”. But of course he has the right to his own delirium of glee….in the belief of living happily ever after.

  37. What is there NOT to gloat about? Kuala Brang, Pengkalan Pasir, Batu Talam, Machap and now Ijok. Straight win! On top of BN’s 199 rep in the 219 seat Dewan Rakyat? God, you people still don’t get it, do you????

    Its just you people who chose not to realise the mandate of the majority. What ever you say here, the majority decides otherwise when the time comes. The cross on the ballot paper says it all.

    That is the real democracy. The mandate that BN get. The same like in Ijok. The majority alone is almost half of what Mighty Khalid Ibrahim managed to get.

    Whether petrol is up by RM 0.30 or not or toll charges in up or not, bottomline, the majority will decide at the ballot booth on issues like these or other issues that really matter to them. No matter how bloody smart you think you are and how full proof are your arguments seemed the be, the majority decided on something else at the ballots!

    So why can’t you people get through your thick skull that the majority, whether on the 21 March 2004 12th General Elections or any of the five by-elections there on, the bigger portion of the people (anywhere in this contry) still want Barisan Nasional as the Government?

    You people cannot respect the mandate of the people, is it?

    I gloat because you people are too stupid to realise what its real out there (with regards to the majoritys’ final choice whenever there is a poll) and what is make believe in your mindset. Your arm chair analysis infront of the PC have not got any of you people anywhere. Since the Reformasi days, you people have been frustrated, time and again.

    You neither have any facts (infact, you constantly get facts WRONG!), nor do you have anything even remotely intelligent or worthy to say. That’s why you cannot win in an intellectual discourse with people like me, on issues like this. Your strength, all the time is your ability to have a larger wealth of profanities and unpleasantries.

    How do you know I gained by the way of pocket for my loyalty? Do you know I am, what I do for living and have you ever audited my affairs, at any point of time?

    Typical shooting-in-the-dark Oppositions’ sore loser mindset!

  38. mob1900 says:

    Actually, it doesn’t matter which side we are on, losing the by-elections for the Opposition is always a good thing. It brings humility and charged them up to bring up and champion the right NATIONAL issues not personality-sniping.

    And for Big Dog, he’s actually the biggest critique of BN by exposing the wrong-doings and excess of powers at play. Don’t get me wrong, he’s also a big fan of BN’s ideals(although alot got lost along the way)and to me, he’s a reformist for UMNO and its component parties. There’s more than one way to make this country a better place and BigDog has his plans.

    Carry on, peeps. 😉

  39. MalaysianWoman says:

    Spewing numbers and historical data may reflect a level of intelligence but it does not translate into maturity. Nor foresight on how our beloved nation will be in 100 years – 200 years’ time. What kind of system do we want to leave our children and to their children. As for democracy, it is necessary for one to go abroad for a period of time and look at other methods of governance, then one will understand what true democracy is. Otherwise any further discussion will be like theorizing quantum physics with my 3 year old.

  40. monsterball says:

    Big Dog….So you have ALL the facts RIGHT …especially how malays voted in general election? Show them out to prove I am wrong…or just shut up and accepts other opinions with grace and dignity.
    Like I are a man… below 30 years old…..TALK facts better than a man double your age…who happens to keep track of out political situations of our country from day one since Merdeka…now that’s a fact. What are you good at besides…just quoting this or that in favour of UMNO and especially to TDM….and..BESIDES BEING A CHEAP PUBLICITY MAN FOR UMNO…….TELL ME WHAT OTHER THINGS ARE YOU GOOD AT? Lets debate on those facts…besides politics…I dare you.

  41. wits0 says:

    Mob, Big Dog has a strange way of criticizing the BN government and equally fine way of ticking off Monty for incorrect info while he reserve that right himself to spin and obfuscate. He would have us believe that his support for BN is made solely out of noble intent because of it’s indispensable core ideals….the most important invention since the wheel?

    Then his lips fell off when he gloated over the BN victory in the manner that tend to irk(as if I’m wrong about that). All this while ignoring all the nonsense and irregularities used by the BN right before us. He doesn’t seem to demonstrate the depth of understanding that the process is as important as the result but wants us to believe that the existing of voting right alone seal the whole process as a completely truly democratic one. Who is he trying to kid? Susan? 😀

  42. monsterball says:

    Bid Dog…Lets talk FACTS!! Lets rumble and debate.
    There are much much more important facts in life besides politics…such as why are you so fat and why am I so handsome and healthy old man.
    That you will lets try anothe subject…why I can eat crabs…lobsters…chicken fatty skins…liver…and if you will be died….within a year.
    Both you will loose…so you chose a subject lah.
    If you dare not debate on other subjects…more important to readers..young and old… about their lives matters…then the fact is know next to nothing about life at all…thus all you say in the past and future are FACTUALLY WRONG!! HAVE YOUR SMART BRAIN ANALYSISE THIS.

  43. Monsterball,

    I don’t have to play into your childish pranks, although many keeps reminding me that you are a 68 year old man (however you behaviour never reflective of your age). I am not obliged to present anything to you, here because this is not about me or what I can or cannot do (no I do not juggle dishes while I play the harmonica!). What my competencies are immaterial here. Your inaccuracy and inconsistency, however is not.

    The point is that do not make false claims or statements if you don’t have the facts. That is how people with adequate intelligence and ethics have an intellectual discourse.

    No point if you say you have been tracking the political scene for 50 years when your facts are WRONG, ALL THE TIME! You, being your usual obtuse self could be imagining these points that you stubbornly defend.

    Stick to the topic and DO NOT make statements that you cannot defend. Makes you look stupid!

  44. karuppu says:

    The Indian voters saved BN.

    The Indian voters in Ijok loved the sudden attention and the sudden development of Ijok and of course with an Indian candidate, despite the Indians themselves of the poor performance of the former MIC state assemblyman for Ijok.

    Anyway, as someone said, you cannot read an Indian mind from what an Indian says.

    Look at our pathetic Tamil schools…remember the BN striped away our freedom to learn our mother-tongue in our very onw schools!!
    Remember kampung medan, when our youths went rampage due to poor state of living!!
    With just a election gimic BN promised to “give back your own rightful lands”, you decided to vote of the rotten BN despite you know well how many temples have been destroyed by Khir and Sivalinggam.
    Lands, monet and washing machines for your freedom!! A very good trade, I supposed!
    Why can’t you see it for yourself…it is true that what they said…Indian in this country can be bought over very easily as we should remember that we came here as “coolies”

  45. monsterball says:

    FACT is Big Bog ..a pot…calling a kettle black!
    Fact is..Big Dog talks talks talks only politics..nothing else.
    Fact is Big Dog DO NOT TALK POLITICS!! He talks carrying balls politics…so be balls carriers like him…and if you don’t know how to carry balls like me….you must at least speak in favour of TDM OR umno…or else he will despise all of us as know next to nothing…and he knows all.
    Fact is..Sheih said his out to disunite bloggers
    Fact is Susan termed him ‘ANONYMOUS”
    Fact is so many commentators are against him…yet he is always right.
    Fact is …he hates my guts and try to beliitle me on every opportunity he can get.
    Sadly…he has such a thick skin inherited through TDM influences…he will continue his clowning…thinking how smart he is….which he is not…only know smart is such a man….yet politics of one sided facts.
    We all know what I put here out are facts. ..about him….except himself.3
    So new fact found…He is a blind man…though can see. Big Dog cannot understand this religious quotation….which means new fact found again..he is not religious.

  46. monsterball says:

    Big Dog…calling a challenge by me to debate facts of life…a childish prank…hahahaha
    New fact found….He has no life….so becareful folks.
    It is a thin line between becoming a wakco or a genuis at a risk he dares to take to being us along. I see a wacko in the making..what say you all..

  47. monsterball says:

    I repeat Big dog….Majority MALAYS are against UMNO and especially TDM.
    Go tell the marines you want proof from me.

  48. monsterball says:

    Now Big dog is praying…asking God to forgive him for all his sins….then he will start hatam be again…just watch!!

  49. monsterball says:

    I forgot! Fact is I am do damn smart..that he is a childish jealous bloke to say otherwise.
    Proof of what I say….papa monterball…obi-wan…most trusted frontliner…..uncle monty most welcome to my site…so manyothers calling me uncle.
    And in no time…Sheih will get younger and I aged gracefully…he will call me granpa monty…just watch future loving tittles.
    So Big Dog….what smart titles do bloggers give you…..since you claim I am stupid. You speak like my drunkard friends in bars…talking nonsense all the time. Are you drunk whenever you put out a post?
    Prayers comes Big Dog.
    If no response…..God must have scolded him…..hahahahaha
    But he will never change……just rest few days and out comes his nonsense again.

  50. monsterball says:

    Folks….continue your postings. Don’t wait for his response!. Have nice long holiday. Enjoy….you hear!

  51. bau bau cafe says:



    AT Bau Bau Café

    30th APRIL 2007
    DOOR OPENS at 8.30 pm – hingga SUBUH


    NOTE : Dress code – cool/stylish/trendy/ and counter culture


    Indra solo gitar
    Man Iblis solo violin
    Lala solo seksafon
    Sampah Masharakat dugrido
    Man Jambu/Pijan Gitar


    will be playing his SIFAR instrument

    DJ for the nite – Le Mignon Grapy

    Musik – 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’ – into CORE, Metal, Grunge, PUNK and post PUNK

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    ALL wellcome/Semua DIAJAK datang –

    RAVe Party – Monday Nite Malam Isnin 9.00pm
    30 April 2007
    Central Market ANNEX – Live Music/DJ
    Enter Free before MID NITE
    DRESS – Trendy/cool/ NO Office Look

  52. monsterball says:

    Than you very much bau bau cafe for those informations.
    karrupu…I salute your brave and honest message. All I can say….you can include the Chinese….although their objectives are different to vote for UMNO. Money making is their success…thus Chinese are self independent Malaysians.
    They feel no differences whoever becomes the ruling party…as they do not depend on BN briberies….hands out to be selected and be helped getting rich without working. So if they see peace and harmonies and can tolorate all sorts of indifferences from the government…yet can make a living….they will vote in favour of BN for peace and harmony. THEY ARE DEAD WRONG!! They are too selfish to think that way….especially from the filthy rich guys. One day…they will learn a lesson that they will regret for the rest of theirs lives…if they do not vote seriously for the future of the country…their children and grandchildren…and not for their personal benefits. UMNO is also smart to carry balls of Chinese by allowing Chinese schools to flourish…indirecting admitting the schools are better than their controlled type….which is true. Tamil schools should all be closed…yet they allow…showing BN plays race dirty politics.
    Don’t be too hard with the Indians karrupu. More And more are getting well educated and can think beyond the race issue….actually implanted by BN. I have full confidence BN will be an opposition party in Parliament very soon.
    God bless you…karrupu.

  53. monsterball says:

    I like to repeat this. Do we all remember Mahathir asked Ijok voters to vote opposition party?
    Maybe few thousand hate him like poison….actually wanted to vote for Khalid…voted BN …just to spite him back?
    Is that a ruse from an expert con man?

  54. NonRacial says:

    The hardship or issues faced by some Ijokian is very different from the ones faced by the voters in Machap or even in Urban areas. While some of us will think of what is the next car we want to upgrade to in the city life there are some voters in Ijok will be worrying of whether they will have enough to eat for their next meal.

    As such, when faced with situations like the overnight celebraties, the minds and the value systems tend to be shaken.

    With this aftermath of the election, the question we have to ask ourself is –
    a) Is it a flash in the pan of this sudden windfall or will there be continous development for the Ijokian to bring them back to the current stream ? (There are articles which stated that they are the most poorest constituency in the developed Selangor state)
    b) What are the roles that both you and I could play ? This is what I called (personal perspective) the true New Economic Policy that is Non Racial based and I believed this is the intent of the original NEP until it was distorted by those who used them for their own fame of political mileage.
    c) For every Ijok constituency in Malaysia, I am sure there are other constituency with similar issues / problems and just because there is no by-election, does that meant that they will continue to be deprieve of the “goodies” ?

    Just some thoughts…

  55. v9 says:

    Whether BN won or lost…does it matters anymore? It wasn’t a convincing win after spending millions and mustering all the Big Names to canvass. This is not a football match, where you jeer or cheer. It is not ‘a win is a win’. A win like this will only makes your opponents stronger and smarter. And if the analysis is anything to go by, this result might persuades many loyal BN supporters, even more resolved, to send a protest vote if BN does not deliver at least some of the promises given during the last election. In the pasts, many were reluctant to do so for the fear of reinstating the Opposition as the core government. A win by BN in Ijok may have removed the inhibition to vote differently. Remember during the GE it is all candidates for themselves. No more big moneys or tickets to help. Can making post-dated promises work after the precedent to use hard cash and deliveries were used in the by-elections. Tough luck. v9

  56. Cauchy says:

    All have been said…and done. But a letter fron Kelantan MB Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz to Tan Sri Khalid is a soothing antidote to the “poison” of defeat. Check it out…

  57. WATTAHACK? says:

    ” While some of us will think of what is the next car we want to upgrade to in the city life there are some voters in Ijok will be worrying of whether they will have enough to eat for their next meal. ”

    and may I ask which minister and gov put them in this sort of predicament? it won’t chance after this election contraly their cost of living will spiral up even more… else BN won’t be known as Barang Naik for nothing.

  58. monsterball says:

    I am going to give my final post on this site.
    Hi folks!! I love you all and what peace we have without Big Dog.
    Remember…he claims to be an expert in politics. Experts must know facts of life. Remember that…to challenge him anything about life…love…sex…money….temperature changes…..are we poorer or richer….ANYTHING!! HE KNOWS NEXT TO NOTHING….not even politics. HE IS A BALLS CARRIER OF TDM. NO TDM …THEN… HE SWITCHES TO UMNO. He is not smart..just full of shit!!
    Memorise my messages to him and quote to ask him response…if he ever try to be too smart again.
    We never claim to be experts in politics….just debate….so all of you do not need to feel shameful to post anything…even do not know facts of life. I am after hypocrites and cowards….which Big Dog is the biggest in blogging. He is a real danger to bloogers unity too!!
    Thank you for responding to my calls!
    United we all will stand. For or against a debate…no harm…a long as we all behave cultured and sincere Malaysians,
    That you all are…and God bless you all!

  59. noname says:


    a man with your experience in life should start your own blog. Perhaps get the help of some of the bloggers or or programmer to assist you. Doesn’t matter if its ugly what matetrs is the writings. I;m sure there’s a lot that you can share with the youngsters out there. Try as your son sheih, i’m sure he is more willing to help you. afterall he came up with penembakbadak in no time.

  60. monsterball says:

    noname…Thank you very much for your compliment.
    I have said many many times….I love to be a commentator…love a good ..there and everywhere….and put out my opinions….if the subject is not debatable.
    I am very happy everyone welcome me to their sites.
    I feel so at home…that’s what I want.
    kickdefella will always remain my home base….as Sheih and I share a very special loving relationship. If you have read Sheih’s site for these 12 months or so…I have parted as much advises I can to youngsters on various subjects…and so many call me uncle….that’s rewards enough for me.
    Thanks again…noname.

  61. noname says:


    Exactly what I’m saying. You should compile all advices and make it easily accessible. You know very well the younger generation like me need it. I think it will be a good cause for your to pursue besides being a commentator as you are now. Perhaps it will be great if you can do a service, a contribution back to the younger generation through those compilation of advices. Hey we have a common cause here, to create Malaysian and you’re the best candidate uncle. Common, kick start a blog. Cheers.

  62. monsterball says:

    Thanks again noname. I do not need to complie….there ae all there.
    Please close this subject. I will never start a blog, I am happy as I am.
    Go to Rocky’s site and read”two on2″ post and see how they reacted there on me.
    Thus..travelling from one site to another do give me chance o study more truths about myself.
    Bless you noname!

  63. monsterball says:

    If any of my messages are that good..why…they know how to print it out and keep them..don’t they?
    Me best candidate to create Malaysian Malaysia?
    Again…go visit Rocky’s site…and read their opinions…..but ofcourse …Shieh and I are sincerely trying to unite all as Malaysians.
    Take care.

  64. […] After much observation and conversations with those who had been to Ijok, Keadilan (PKR) had failed to win the semi-urban seat due to its own shortcomings, which they must address at once, to prevent […]

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