8.00 pm (malaysian time) Dato Hashim Subuh (Umno Kangar) defended the two women suspected to be phantom voters, currently held at the Ijok police station.

He said they were “tukang masak” (cooks) and have been in Ijok throughout the campaign period, which started on April 19.

However, according to Keadilan’s Shamsul Iskandar, when he asked the women when they arrived in Ijok, they replied “this morning”. 

6.45pm (malaysian time) About 15 Opposition supporters, including Mohd Ezam and Shamsul Iskandar and DAP’s Ronnie Liu may be arrested by the police for allegedly stopping the busses believed to be carrying phantom voters. However, they are unsure if they will be detained as suspects or asked to be witnesses.

According to lawyer Latheefa Koya, the 15 are now at the Ijok police station. Their identity cards are being held by the police while they have been asked to fill in police reports.

5.00pm (Bkk time) I could have updated this earlier but the wordpress server was down for quite sometime. You cannot imagine how frustrated I was.

At 3.30pm (malaysian time), Keadilan managed to “catch” two women believed to be phantom voters in Bukit Badong. They were brought to the Ijok police station and held for questioning. They were found to be using the identity cards of dead persons.

At about 4.45 pm 3 FRU trucks came to disperse the crowd gathering outside the police station in Ijok. Most of them were Keadilan supporters.

At 5 pm UMNO’s Khairy Jamaluddin arrived at the police station and told reporters that the two buses were “violently attacked”.

When asked “how?”, he couldn’t describe the situation.

However, a Barisan Nasional supporter said that stones were thrown at the bus.

The bus is believed to be from Perlis.

At 5.10 pm Keadilan’s Tian Chua and Wan Azizah arrived on the scene. 

Tian said the bus was supposedly carrying BN supporters. However, he said no vehicles were supposed to be used for voters.

The FRU personnel tried to chase the crowd away. who were like 200 km away from the police station.

It was learnt that when KJ spoke to reporters, the police did not interrupt. However, when Azizah did so, the police sounded the loud siren, interrupting the situation.

The police even sked the reporters to go home.

Up till now, Keadilan Mohd Ezam and Shamsul Iskandar are still in the police station trying to resolve the problem.

Police was said to be planning to let the suspects go as they do not want to create problems.

KJ said he will be around until they (suspected phantom voters) leave the premises.

As at writing time, several voters complained they have not got their balloting papers.

Earlier, I received reports that Keadilan managed to track two busses PGF 7000 and PFX 7000, believed to be carrying phantom voters.

BN also has its share of complaints.

According to the STAR:

Speaking at a press conference here later, Najib said the incident occurred as he was heading to the Jaya Setia polling station at about 11am as part of his visit to all the polling stations. 

As the Barisan Nasional booth was located beside the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) booth, the motorcade had to pass the latter to get through. 

A group of about 50 opposition supporters moved in front of the vehicle Najib was travelling in and blocked his way. 

“We then turned to move around them through a lane nearby but they blocked that path too,” he said. 

After about five minutes the police arrived at the scene and they too were aggressively shoved aside as they tried to get near the deputy prime minister’s car. 

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  1. monsterball says:

    Shameful…simply shameful. What can one say more?

  2. monsterball says:

    In the beginning ..I have high hopes on Khairy as one of our great hopes for Malaysian politics.
    At such a young age…he prefers to play dirty politics and gangsterism…breaking traffics laws….showing youngsters all the bad examples. But God is great…the only people he can infulence with his bad attitudes and examples are his ball carriers….which are actually insignificant…..but the most significant input he has given to the rakyats youngsters will be hatred and despises for him…like we old guys to TDM. He asked for it and will get it!!
    At one time…we old folks used to say Khairy will be the disgrace and downfall of Pak Lah….with his corruptions and dirty politics.
    But of late…it is like father…like son….so close…two evil families are the KINGPINS of UMNO….WHAT A SHAME.

  3. How are you so sure these stories are true? Typical PKR modus operandi when they cannot win; disrupts elections or cry wolf. Endless counts of hantu chasing which never lead to anything. This is not new with PKR. Teluk Kemang, Lunas, Indera Kayangan; we have seen it all. We have dealt with it all!

    What can you expect from PKR? The party risen from street mob mentality. The party consists of rift rafts who chose their expression of ‘democracy’ through street riots. The party whose its own credible leaders such as Chandra Muzaffar, Marina Yusuf, Nell Onn, Ruslan Kassim, Lokman Noor Adam and the Mighty Zainur Zakaria left and don’t look back.

    Unlike UMNO, was formed in a palace, Istana Besar, 11 May 1946 under the auspicious of HRH Sultan Ibrahim, the Sultan of Johor. The fact that UMNO leaders were never caught the British administrators, even when they were going against the formation of Malayan Union because HRH Sultan Johor gave his patronage to UMNO and HRH Sultan Johor is very much highly regarded by the British.

  4. WATTAHACK? says:

    Unlike UMNO, was formed in a palace, Istana Besar, 11 May 1946 under the auspicious of HRH Sultan Ibrahim, the Sultan of Johor.

    what has this to do with KJ? he is not of noble blood neither a true oxfordian. he’s a mat rempit that married the PM’s daughter. Will anyone give a kahoot about him if he doesn’t have PM’s name hanging on he’s shoulders?. He will be viewed as another bum on from the gettos. KJ is playing with racial fire and one day it will burn everyone including the supporters.

  5. Philip Lau says:

    In twelve minutes time, the official by election result will be out. I feel sad that the Opposition Candidate has announced that he has lost in view of the very high voters’ turnout mainly those in the Malay wards. The constituency iself has 51% Malays.

    I feel very sorry for Anuar and his wife as they are excellent people and very human. They will have to analyse what are the causes of defeat immediately after the elections. The loss I feel will be higher than the last election of 2400, as the deceased candidate obtained a majority of about 1,650, and now it will be very much higher. My forcast of the elections is wrong as I am not on the election spot being a foreigner.

    In my next note I shall endeavour to analyse more in detail the cause of the defeat for an outsider like me.

    Well what I see the General Election as seen will be sometime before the end of this year or early as BN will make certain that Anuar will NOT be able to stand as a National Candidate. It will be without doubt. I am sure Raja Petra Kamaruddin knows better.Start prepare for the General Election NOW and never to procastinate, Every minute counts.

  6. MalaysianWoman says:

    The alternative parties should address the common man/woman with common issues: what can you, the candidate, do for me and my family.
    The common man/woman is not interested to know about grandiose schemes to eliminate corruption, etc. The common man is more concerned about his next house installment and his children’s school fees. As far as he is concern, all politicians are corrupt to a certain degree so it’s all a pot-calling-the kettle-black sling fest. Which leaves him/her continuedly confused and back in square one, so they prefer to stick to the known and not rock the boat. They need to know what the other party can do for them, not for their neighbors or friends. Make it simple. Address the issues according to the common man/woman’s heirachy of needs. We are not a developed nation yet. Lay it out in layman’s terms.

  7. toyolbuster says:

    What do you expect when they field in Khalid. People in Ijok may be fed-up with BN but they know too that Khalid won’t do shit all for them. They would compare him with this Zakaria satay fella. At least Zakaria knew who he wanted the voters to vote for. This Khalid couldn’t even make up his mind, him or the BN candidate

  8. monsterball says:

    toyolbuster..A loss is a loss. Hope we don’t find scapegoats like BN. I wonder what will you write if he had won.

  9. toyolbuster says:

    If Khalid had won, I would have written, Good, now that will buy the opposition some time and HOPE, to prepare for a bigger onslaught in the next GE. I wouldn’t even dream that Khalid would do any good for the people of Ijok. He would just merely be good enough as a messenger boy to tell AAB that the PEOPLE are fedup and ready to sack him.

  10. monsterball says:

    We have hope toyobuster …as long as we have people like you caring for the country. Chin up!!
    Just had few Muslim friends living at Kuala Selangor visited me and have nice tea and long chat about the election they went to watch.
    They said they were also questioned and harassed by UMNO gangsters..
    I asked them…is it true Khairy was riding a motor bike..wearing no helmet….breaking traffic laws. They say it is true.
    Many incidents of gangterisms…they suspect Khairy gave the orders at the back……but never seen with those rowdy guys.
    They feel very sad Keadilan lost. I ask them…are they members of that party. They say no…but love to see more opposition voted in.

  11. monsterball says:

    Remember Mahathir asked Ijok voters to support opposition?
    Maybe those who hate him like poison..wanting to actually vote for opposition…voted for BN …just to spite him.
    Is that ruse from an expert con man?

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