Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who is heading the Barisan Nasional campaign in Ijok, asked ex-deputy premier and Keadilan advisor Anwar Ibrahim this: If you now say that you fight for Chinese rights, tell us what exactly did you do when you were education minister?”

This coming from a man, who “in 1987, as UMNO Youth Chief, defended special Malay privileges in a speech where he vowed to bathe the keris (Malay dagger) with Chinese blood.

“Shortly afterwards, the government launched a crackdown on extremist elements, termed Operation Lalang, although Najib was not detained.[1] At the same rally, banners were hoisted carrying phrases such as “revoke the citizenship of those who opposed the Malay rulers”, “May 13 has begun” (referring to the May 13 racial riots in 1969), and “soak it (the keris) with Chinese blood”. [2] – Wikipedia.

Veteran opposition leader Lim Kit Siang has come to Anwar’s aid.

Lim openly backed Anwar, arguing that the former education minister should be credited for showing regret for what he had done. (

Below is an extract of the story from 

Lim was one of the 119 politicians, social activists, unionists, Chinese educationists and religious missionaries rounded up under the massive crackdown. He was detained for one-and-a-half year without trial under the Internal Security Act.

“Anwar has regretted for what he had done then. Shouldn’t he be given credit for it?” he asked the 400-odd crowd in Mandarin, who responded him with a loud ‘yes’.

“Has Umno, MCA or Gerakan regretted for what they did then? Who was the main culprit then? It was the Umno Youth chief then Najib Abdul Razak – the man who is leading the by-election campaign in Ijok now,” the DAP supremo added.

“He (Najib) had made the most extreme statement where he wanted to bathe the keris (Malay dagger) with Chinese blood. Why nobody asks him to apologise? Where is MCA and Gerakan? Do you think they dare to ask Najib to apologise?” thundered Lim.

The crowd responded with shouts of ‘they dare not!’ Continuing, Lim told the crowd that Anwar was courageous enough to show regret, unlike Najib and the two BN Chinese-based parties.

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  1. wits0 says:


    Looks like a duck,
    Walks like a duck,
    Quacks like a duck,

    can even be a turkey… Bolehland!

    I don’t recall Anwar also waved a frog sticker then.

  2. ricky says:


    Najib: I risked more for Chinese than Anwar
    The DPM says he risked the wrath of the Malays by revoking certain controversial provisions of the Education Act involving Chinese schools.

    najis let me tell you this:


    This is the time to remove all these arrogant, hyprocrites, corrupted, liars and shameless running dogs come the next GE.

    Ijok voters, vote wisely tomorrow, throw bn out.

  3. stupid says:

    Aiye, aiye…..agree with you.

  4. Libra says:

    Can Najib itemize all those things he had done for the Chinese.
    Yes, in this country pigs can fly.

  5. wits0 says:

    And tuna sings too.

  6. ricky says:

    And monkeys can tell lies

  7. monsterball says:

    Najib played out Tunku Razaleigh when he was the Youth President..PROMISING Razeligh his votes…BUT…..favouring Mahathir at the last minute …in UMNO Presidential election.
    Mahathir was counting on his support…when he confronted Pak Lah. He played Mahathir out.
    So you see…even on these two important issues..INVOLVING HIS OWN PARTY…..he showed his true colours. That’s why Pak Lah never wanted him to be DPM and never trust him….even now.
    He help Chinese?

  8. hasilox says:

    He did risked a lot for the chinese. Risking of damaging his keris by using it on the them! Shouldn’t the chineses be grateful for the risk he took?

  9. wits0 says:

    What kind of spew is only possible coming from his inferior os? More of the same najis!

  10. toyolbuster says:

    Now you see what kind of leaders we have in Msia. leading a bunch of
    idiotic ministers.
    The reason why there have been so many ridiculous straight As in the SPM results was because the Education Minister had to vette through the exam papers 1st and for him to be able to understand those questions, the examiners had to set ridiculously easy questions or they better be looking for another job.
    Theres a saying “Like Father Like Son”. But these 2 idiots have just proven it wrong with a whisk of the keris. Come to think of it, it could also be in the gene.

  11. OA says:


    Psychologically speaking, dpm is a known demented insecure.

    He was insecure then when threatening to be bathed in the blood of others.
    In this byelection it has all the signature of his insecurities – threatening the oppositions via undemocratic means.

    He is not a leader and will never be one except a dictator – where threats and insecurity are one to him.

    His threat shouldnt be taken lightly by the others.

    What audacity he has to say he champions for the Chinese when he had threatened to kill them?


  12. WATTAHACK? says:

    OA: quite true your preception but in the world of politics they always sway to the tune of power and money. one never knows who is true now and later or if he/she was ever as Clean as they were made out to be.

  13. wits0 says:

    OA : “What audacity he has to say he champions for the Chinese when he had threatened to kill them?”

    The perverse and tortuous mendacity of the utterly corrupt.

  14. monsterball says:

    OA is wise and correct…Insecurity is Najib’s clear character..BUT worst …he is also very cunning and unpredictable. WHY?? …..TOTALLY SELFISH GOOD FOR NOTHING MINISTER!!
    So PM knew he cannot trust Najib at all…..period!!

  15. monsterball says:

    Najib won with a razor thin majority under TDM last election. He has to change side to save his own skin..not for the country,…you bet.

  16. toyolbuster says:

    All good leaders have to be good politicians. Good leaders would know how to speak well and mean what they say. They can’t boast about killing the Chinese and later claim that they were misquoted or didn’t mean exactly what they said. They have to say what they mean and as they meant it. Period. How technology have changed so quickly. Before they use a keris to kill, now they just use C4. How stupid can one be. Can’t even differentiate a Mongolian from a Chinese. Or was it a practice run.

  17. wits0 says:

    Politicians aren’t expected to be always that honest but some dickheads really take the pot for vulgar dishonesty as a right by itself because of assumed self-importance abetted by the sycophantic media and their ugly supporters via the full blast boosterism that displaces all decency.

  18. […] thing again. Malaysians are forgiving. We even forgave Najib Tun Razak for wanting to “bathe the keris in Chinese blood” in 1987. So why can’t Khalid be […]

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