On 25th April 2007, at 18.15 p.m., Bernama (Malaysia’s News Agency) screams with the headline: “Khalid’s Tongue Slips And Urges People To Vote BN”.

That is Khalid Ibrahim, the Keadilan candidate for this Saturday’s Ijok by-election.

I said, ‘JANGAN (Don’t) undi (vote) Barisan Nasional …. there was no laughing or our supporters shouting that I allegedly made a mistake. They decided to take out that one word. Everyone was stunned because the FRU moved in,” was Khalid’s reply.

In his blog, blogger-supremo Jeff Ooi says: “Incidentally, yesterday (April 25), the (Prime Minister’s) Son-in-Law (Khairy Jamaluddin) was briefing Bernama journalists in the Training Room on reportage on Ijok, so said a Little Bird”.

Don’t know who to believe, right?

I wasn’t there at the ceramah, so I cannot say either.

But honestly, I would take anything Bernama says with a BIG pinch of salt. 

If you don’t believe me, read the below stories and tell me whether Bernama has developed a reputation for “twisting” or “leaving out” or worst still “manufacturing” facts?

I don’t base my opinion on rumours, but on my own experience with Bernama. Here it is:

1. Did Altantuya’s father actually speak to Bernama?

2. Altantuya son’s father: is someone lying again?

3. Ex-communist leader slams Bernama report

The rest is up to you.

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  1. monsterball says:

    If Bernama can stoop so low…you can imagine the qualities of reporting and journalism of our country….on the controlled papers of UMNO and MCA.

  2. monsterball says:

    Loosing Ijok means loosing Selangor control in the coming general election.
    Now you know why all the UMNO kingpins are there…because they know their chances of winning is slim.
    Next day….loosing reasons will blame the dead man…..poor fellow.

  3. wits0 says:

    Susan: “But honestly, I would take anything Bernama says with a BIG pinch of salt.”

    Gee, I’m not sure salt will dissolve in those unctuous fudge. They’re really quite unpalateable therefore…haha.

  4. hasilox says:

    By having the word ‘national’ in their name has done untold damage to the country. It is a national disgrace!

  5. wits0 says:

    It’s self evident that Bernama, from its onset, was created to censor news, like those from overseas and to proffer only the politically correct version to zombified Bolehlanders. It was also created as an employment opportunity for bumis and the top posts were alloted to those especially linked with the UMNO party. It provides easy well paid jobs for these.

    Don’t look for really factually correct versions from them, this outfit is all out to control your mind. Now the Internet has breached this stranglehold of information and their agenda is hard to be pursued as compared to the past. They’ll naturally tend towards more desperate spinning and reveal more openly their insidious falsehood as their rotten facade decayed away.

  6. I saw the footage where Khalid Ibrahim said “pastikan calon Barisan Nasional menang”. Three times. Once last night, twice tonight. It was seamless. Khalid’s own slip-of-tongue will cause him the defeat.

    Khalid Ibrahim is known not to finish his speech or a full sentence. Most probably his brain works too fast his mouth can’t catch up. He is not a good orator. He is not a debater. Yes he is friendly, but he doesn’t talk as well as Anwar Ibrahim.

    So if this election cause him the seat because of this small mistake, TOO BAD! Kick himself! No one is to blame but himself!

  7. monsterball says:

    So Kahild..a CEO of Guthrie is an idiot? Recording can easily be manuplated to make him sound like an idiot.
    He maybe nervous and have not experiences confronted dirty politics.
    Voters do not look for great orators. They look for CHANGE!!
    Tomorrow is polling day….God help Malaysia!

  8. monsterball says:

    Wow…If Khalid is what being described by others….Guthries would have been bankcrupt long ago by now.
    I wonder if Big Dog know anything about Guthries more than 150 years old British company with a great great reputation and history in Malaysia and now bought up by Malaysians ….just like Dunlops.
    You see…if you know next to nothing about world respected huge companies and blare out only political issues ….. to support your propergander work….it will never hold water….no matter what you say….because we smart voters hero worship such successful personalities….not a mere teacher.

  9. toyolbuster says:

    I oppose strongly to PKR because I don’t think Anwar and Tian Chua are credible leaders. PKR have many talented and committed followers whom I believe are formidable enough to gain more respect and support for their party and cause. And this Khalid fella, forget it, what a let down.

    But for the sake of our country, I just hope and pray that BN will lose their pants in Ijok, and it will be the folks of Ijok who will regain back some dignity and hope to our people of Malaysia.

    The BN loss in Ijok will send a Tsunami all the way to the 4th floor and in turn wash out the evils of AAB and KJ.

    To the people of Ijok, I wish you well and have the courage to save us from Hell. God Bless You and All of us.

  10. Ariel says:

    I’ve been following the news in the mainstream and alternative media for the Ijok by-elections and I am really saddened to see that independent and objective reporting is truly dead.

    Journalism 101: Journalists should report the facts i.e. things happening on both sides. Not just one.

    I tend to favour the alternative news media more than mainstream media (TV3 newsreaders openly slamming Opposition for dirty tactics?? helllooo?) but sometimes I feel that the alternative news sources also tend to take sides.

    Where can I find truly objective news? The only way is if I get down into the field to see for myself, I guess.

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