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A police report had been lodged against K Parthiban, BN candidate for Ijok, by a journalist, M Yohalinggam. This is his second report against the man.

The journalist said he was threatened by Parthiban in March 2006, who also threatened to finish off his career.

At that time, Yohalinggam reported on the electricity woes faced by the people in Bukit Belimbing, Kuala Selangor and asked the Kuala Selangor district council to do something about it.

“He was not happy with that report and warned me not to write such articles. In a threatening tone, he also told me he would see how far my career would go,” added Yohalinggam, in the malaysiakini report.

The report also stated that at that time Parthiban was a Kuala Selangor district councillor and still is the branch chairperson of MIC Bukit Belimbing. Yohalinggam was then writing for the Tamil Kural daily. He is now attached to Malaysia Nanban.

In reply Parthiban did not comment yet on the report as he is “busy campaigning”.

His aide did not repute the report but simply questioned the timing of it, and whether it was done to tarnish the former’s image.

To me, after reading this report, it is clear that there is no need to ask Parthiban whether he supports a referendum on free speech. 

Whether All-Blogs go to Ijok or not, it seems, the answer or outcome, is clear to me now.

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  1. monsterball says:

    Well well well..So much about the nice teacher..BN candidate.. Parthiban..and officially documented with a police report. I salute the brave journalist filing a police report.
    So I was right…most BN politicians are actors…not really sincere.

  2. monsterball says:

    Pak Lah will have S.Times and Star to give his reply….and if the victim have concrete proofs PM is lying….forget about fair play or justice…you have no chance to publish your response…so filing a police report is only way.
    So much for little napoleans ..spoken by the man practising what he despises. Have we not seen such style and art of dirty politics before?…the master of the art…TDM?..yet they both quarrel?
    hi Europeans and USA politicians….learn from UMNO. They are miles ahead of you all in dirty …crooked …cunning… hypocritical …thick skinned politics…and USA politicians can continue teaching them how to con people….they are the best in that area.

  3. monsterball says:

    hahahaha…Go to Malaysiankini….read what Mahathir said…indirectly telling voters to vote against BN candidate. Go read it yourself.
    That old man will play cunning and dirty politics until the day he dies….that’s for sure. He started it all…now blame his successor.
    hahahahaha..And the police say…this is election..not war!!

  4. ricky says:

    TM should go and walk around in Ijok since bodohwi is there with his pant wet because the fear of losing is real.

    Voters of Ijok should ask bodohwi what he is doing there, to bring more goodies?

    Ask him about his 2004 election promises and what he has done about it.

    Ask him why dead body and live body are snatch away to become muslim?

    Ask him why hindu temples are being demolised throughout the country?

    Ask him why the illegal big bungalow in Klang is still there and the owner is still running free?

    Ask him why non muslim are treated as second class citizen?

    Ask him why his sil is lying that the big house in Perth belongs to his son?

    Ask him why now only he comes to Ijok?

    Keep asking him and only one sentence for all the above questions and many more which you may want to ask.

    I tak tahu because I am snoZZZzzz all the time

  5. wits0 says:

    I agree, Ricky, that these are the very fundamental points the voters of Ijok or anywhere should ask because they are pertinent and logical.

    But then, this is twined Bodohland and Bangsatland where tunas doth sing and pigs doth fly…..where ppl are cultivated to rush for crumbs and promises of bigger crumbs. The return to old vomit tend to reoccur. It’s when it doesn’t that there is hope.

  6. Philip Lau says:

    Susan, with due respects to you and all your supporters, I do not agree your PM Pak Abdullah is as bad as all of you say. I do not know him well enough. When he was your Foreign Minister, he used to visit Singapore. From my knowledge of your PM, he is a very friendly amicable person and very humble indeed. At the VIP at the Airport, he came up to talk to me a couple of times on different occassions when I am NOBODY.

    Yes, those Kaki below him, their atitude is “loo tau, Saya Tou.” I like Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s episode of the ‘ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES’ ie UMNO has 40 Central Committee members That is why their country is far backward compared with the tiny red dot. It is sad to say corruption is part of their blood. It will be impossible to cleanse off. The whole world knows it. Do you expect such a country to improve? You need people like Raja Petra Kamaruddin with his gang to be active in politics to lead the country. I must say he is an armchair politician. He can keep on exposing with little or no effect. It is matter of time they will put him in or even to use the C4 on him or even you, like what they did to the Mongolian Model. Remember, they are ruthless type of people. They will never like his exposures. The world knows there is little law and order in your country. Money and power talks. As a matter of fact. Remember, the Chief Inspector as alleged by Razak Baginder killed six to seven people. If Malaysia is well governed, it can and will be the richest country in South East Asia. I must say at least 100 times or more National Reserves compared with Singapore. Yon can dream of it. Your country have everything. Your National Wealth goes to individual pockets. It is very sad the ordinary Malays are as poor or even poorer as they are now (inspite of the pro Malays National plolicies exist in the last few decades)as they are as before. Just drive around the Kampongs and observe yourself.
    You can see the poverty. The Kampong Malays are very contented people.

    There is nearly no law and order in your country, a good example is in Johore. The moment you leave the bank to fetch your car, someone will place a knife on your neck. There are too many poor people and illegals who live by their crimes and protected by the police as it is well-known. The police is in collaboration with these people all the time as their salary is too low. But many of them have a few wives as they are moslems.

    Pak Abdullah promised to clean corruption during his last election. I must say it is NEAR impossible to do it as it is part and parcel in their blood. It can be done if they want to be clean as it must start from the TOP. Thaksin, himself stated that corruption is part of the lives of the Thais. It will not be possible to clean it. The recent coup in Thailand by the Army Chief speaks by itself. One of his wives had been demanding and accepting bribes, police reports made and yet little or nothing had been done. Look at the Army Chief’s life he had been quite a dishonest man as I can write a dossier on him. He had threatened there will be another coup in May 2007 when Thaksin’s party, THAIS LOVE THAIS, is dissolved with the Democratic Party. The Army says they love their King. This is nothing but pure lies and bull shit. The Thai Military the whole world knows are the most corrupted in the world. Read the Thai papers and you will understand better of the Thai Military’s mentality now and then. Since you do not read Thais, there is the Bangkok Post and The New Nation their English dailies can refresh you since you are stationed there for some time.

    If the Military do really love their King (which I must say is a very good man,) the Army should never started a coup in 1931 to remove their King from power. He is powerless now but only a figure head. If the King does not listen to the Military, he and his family’s lives would without doubt be in danger. Remember the sword is mightier than the pen and NOT the other way around.

    The whole world knows the Military wanted to KILL Thaksin and may be his whole family. Some people were arrested and charged in Court. Nothing has been done since because the Military is part of the plot, the Army Chief being a Moslem knows it too well. It is a fact that the great majority of the Thais, except the Bangkoknians, love Thaksin as he has done very much for the poor people of Thailand. Of course I must say Thaksin has his own faults but not major ones. I must say the Army Chief will never allow him to rule Thailand again. If he ever comes back he will be murdered like what occured in the Philippines.

    The public believes that Malaysia has reached the standard of Thailand. They say it may be worse as the police can use C4 explosives to end the lives of their opponents or it is alleged the Chief Police Inspector, under the Defence Ministry, killed six to seven people under his charge. Why the Inspector General Musa did no inquiries? The public is positive he knows everything about it but is ordered to cover them up.

  7. wits0 says:

    Dear Philip I think to judge a person merely on account of his demeanour isn’t quite adequate as a criterion to determine the goodness or badness that he stands for. Of course compared with his moon bat predecessaor, the present PM is a much more pleasant person. But wrt to his responsibility as a PM much more is required than just pleasantness. Credibility, and honesty for one thing. Remember that BN propaganda in the last election even likened him to be a Justice Kung. And he was Mr. Clean.

    Remember, he was once head of the Public Service Department (qualification : UM major in islamic studies) and it was rumoured that he used to sneak into the services, ppl who weren’t academically qualified for various posts. Older ppl, a few of them would’ve heard of this and I’ve personally heard from a self professing beneficiary then…long before it became a rooted policy of selective discrimination. So much for the exactitude wrt personal honesty that’s related to “goodness”.

    He is actually a slave to the philosophy of his Party and has to pander to its self-defeating ideology based on race(and religion). He is in no position nor has he the innate will to change things, even slowly. If he actually has any such intention or courage to address much that has gone wrong, we would have seen signs of that, by now. And we would have seen him giving speeches such as that which was recently delivered by Raja Nazrin, the crown prince of the Perak sultan on nation building . Whereas AB can just panders and give the selfsame hollow promises with tepid platitudes nowhere as significant as Raja Nazrin’s speech. How could a good man allow the nation to be inflicted with his beloved SIL, e.g.? Can that be responsible?

    The rest that you wrote, I believe, is largely quite true.

  8. ricky says:

    Philip Lau you wrote:

    Susan, with due respects to you and all your supporters, I do not agree your PM Pak Abdullah is as bad as all of you say. I do not know him well enough. When he was your Foreign Minister, he used to visit Singapore. From my knowledge of your PM, he is a very friendly amicable person and very humble indeed. At the VIP at the Airport, he came up to talk to me a couple of times on different occassions when I am NOBODY.

    You wrote very well about the situation Malaysia is facing and yet you differs from Susan and supporters from your above quote.

    What are you implying?

    Yes everyone agrees bodohwi is humble and friendly when he is not yet a pm but as you express yourself in the later part of your post, did he try his very best to change all of that? The answer is a big NO and news are spreading fast, far and wide that he himself may not be that clean after all.

    In an interview over the local tv station, he said his son does not get any contract from the gomen and has very little business in this country, most of his son contract are overseas.

    When he met up with TM he said TM children got more than his son in getting the gomen and local contracts.

    Should we call him a liar or just plainly that he is humble and friendly.

    When we talk about corruptions, he said, you must make report, must have evidences and proofs. I am not sure where you are from, most likely from Singapore. How does your CPIB conduct their investigations against corruptions? Do they just sit at thier office and wait for someone to report and provide them all the evidences and proofs before they can act?

    I had work in Singapore before and had seen how your CPIB works.
    I was working for a contractor building the HDB flats and there are building supervisors working on behalf of HDB to make sure we comply with the building specifications.
    One of the building supervisor was driving a new ford capri to work. At that time working as a building supervisor under normal circumstances would not be able to afford a new ford capri.
    One day he did not turn up for work and the following day we ask him what happen. He said he was pickup by the CPIB in the early morning for questioning about how he can afford a new ford capri with his salary. He was set free after he explain that his father is a business man and bought it for him. The CPIB did check further whether he is telling the truth which they find that it is.

    Another building inspector from another site was pick up a week later due to his high living style but could not explain how he got his extra cash. He was investigated and charge for corruptions and sentence to two years imprisionment.

    Please take note that there are no reports against these two but the CPIB act upon suspicion when they mingle among the crowds.
    These are the two cases that shows how to get rid of corruptions, you do not wait for reports and evidences and proofs before you can act.

    Our ACA have to toe the line with the ruling gomen and cannot act without instructions and with bodohwi statement that you need evidence, proof and report before ACA can act, it just show how useless he is as a pm of a country call bodohland.

    He cannot act as a good man for both the citizens as well as his corrupted gomen servants.

    This is just one example to show how bad he is and I am sure there are many others incidents that he cannot handle well as a pm of bodohland.

  9. WATTAHACK? says:

    “I do not agree your PM Pak Abdullah is as bad as all of you say. I do not know him well enough. When he was your Foreign Minister, he used to visit Singapore. From my knowledge of your PM, he is a very friendly amicable person and very humble indeed. At the VIP at the Airport, he came up to talk to me a couple of times on different occassions when I am NOBODY.”

    Mr.Lau, I had the opportunity to help the malaysian vision under TDM, Anwar & PakLah pushing for their ideas and supported them during their tenor. And all I can say is PEOPLE CHANGE! Good or Bad its up to you to do some homework on not just judge by face value.

  10. monsterball says:

    What the heck!… wattahack….short ..precise and absolutely correct.

  11. monsterball says:

    So are those learnerd commentators!!
    Most interesting debate points read so far.

  12. jeancumlately says:

    Well, I do agree with you peter lau. Badawi is a humble, friendly amicable person. That is why lky also fall in love with him. He can make a good golfing buddy and a good father-in-law too! BUT we need a prime minister. Brain, energy, resolve and charisma is required.

    Do you mind taking badawi as your prime minister? Mr bean and alfred neuman are also interested.

  13. monsterball says:

    For what is worth…I like Abdullah Badawi..even now….but he has no balls to be himself and want to prove TDM is wrong that he is a one term PM….so now speak for those UMNO vultures in the cabinet…like he is the leader of the pack.
    People do change out of total selfishness and Pak Lah is now a damn stupid selfish man.

  14. Philip Lau says:

    For what I observe your PM Pak Abdullah is very UNLIKELY to be a one term PM. It is unlikely he will be forced out as UMNO President he is “untouchable” powerful lord all over. No one can ever touch him except Allah. Your political system is such, the Head of UMNO is all powerful.

    Whatever you say of TDM he had done very much to make certain Malays very rich indeed. So far TDM is the best so far your country ever produced. But remember TDM is not PURE Malay as I understand his father is a Pakistani subject to correction if I am wrong. Remember Pakistanis are very clever people. But the poor Kampong Malays are illiterate and as poor as ever as they are now at the time of Tunku Abdul Rahman, may be slightly better. Knowing your country and their setup in every field, the progress of your country will be very slow, unlike the little red dot. Your PM stated time and again that Malaysia will be a fully developed country by the year 2020. That is his wishful thinking. As a neighbour hoping your country will progress fast, I doubt it will be so. I agree certain section of the population will do well and very well indeed but not the country as a whole. It will move like a snail but better than Indonesia as they share the same mentality. You mark my word Vietnamese’s progress will be very much faster inspite of their decades of war. Their people are indeed very dedicated and hardworking, laziness is NOT in their vocabulary.

    Knowing the country and their set up, it will be a miracle to progress speedily. The developments of your country is growing at a snail space. All the Grand Plan of Development of the Past you will see failed completely. As a rule, your national leaders, do not know how to plan the success of your country. You must learn from the Jews whom you loathe and hate. The world knows the Jews are the ones that are controlling the entire world because they make use of their brain. They control America and in return America controls the world. Most of the top Petagon strategists are Jews, like their leaders both in Congress and the Senate. USA, under Bush rule the world by force, through treachery and lies after lies and fabrications.

    Your ACA and our CPIB, there is no comparison whatsoever. Here in Singapore it works very well, their officers are well trained and dedicated. If ever our Minister is corrupted he will kill himself like by taking posion as it occured in the past. There is little or no cover up.

    Our civil servants and yours generally cannot ever be compared. Civil Servants are the ones who administer and govern the country but they must be dedicated to their respective cause. Are yours dedicated? Be honest with yourselves. As an example when Tan Sri Lee Siow Mong, the Permanant Secretary to the then Prime Minster, Lee Kuan Yew, retired as a Civil Servant, he was invited by your Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak to become the Head of your Employees Provident Fund, (EPF) he built up the organisation very well indeed, but upon his retirement from the EPF, I was told it has now gone topsy turvy to the detriment of your country.

    The components of BN are more interested in looking after their individual pockets and sectional interests and NOT National interests at all. With the present set-up I forsee and do not speak well of the country I am sad to say.

  15. monsterball says:

    How can a man who usually forget things and made four great mistakes can be considered smart and a great man?
    But when one say who is the greatest liar…con man..playing dirty politics par excellence by far compare to others…then Mahathir stand uniquely alone.
    Is that smart? No siree….other smarter guys refused to be dirty politicians… to cheat the citizens…they rather rob banks and con people who are greedy in bets and gamblings….one step higher than Mahathir …as a gentleman crook.

  16. wits0 says:

    Aren’t you a mite off topic, Philip, in bringing up the old TDM canard of”Jews ruling the World? This has long been debunked elsewhere before.

    No, the orthodox malay muslim mindset makes it impossible to learn from the Jews. It would rather be loyal to this sort of bigotry :

    One may factor for lack of progress is in the inability to think to arrive at the truth but dependence on groupie think which in turn is influenced by mostly indoctrination and constant media propaganda. And we know who firmly controls the MSM in Bodohland.

    It is hard to learn new things when (false)pride is ever so much in the forefront of one’s makeup and culture. That’s why for some ppl, their females always do better than the males because the former are less drowning in air head machoism by culture.

    I feel it also irrelevant to promote the faddish anti-Americanis like a PC requisite at Susan’s Blog since Susan herself here has nor exhibited that propensity. M’siakini has that propensity however, via Steven Gan. I don’t think BDS(Bush Derangement Syndrome) is very ingenious or required calling card either. Let’s not patronize anyone else’s incongruous prejudice – something which they can’t actually account for, convincingly, either. It is redundant and misplaced.

  17. bamboo river says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is the most interesting and well rebutted comments that I have come across! Keep this up ! Since what I want to say was already written, I have no comment for now.

  18. WATTAHACK? says:

    Bamboo “I have no comment for now.”

    wise words oh your greeness, spoken like a true politician! hehehe

  19. WATTAHACK? says:

    by the way PM and DPM are not best of frens (I think everyone can see that) but they will never admit it.

  20. WATTAHACK? says:

    “Your ACA and our CPIB, there is no comparison whatsoever. Here in Singapore it works very well, their officers are well trained and dedicated. If ever our Minister is corrupted he will kill himself like by taking posion as it occured in the past. There is little or no cover up.”

    Please spread some of that virus to our ministers and gov dept…. we welcome this virus!

  21. monsterball says:

    WATTAHACK….You talk too much as an out sider and have no manners to address me properly.
    Time goes by…you dare to pass sacastic remarks on bamboo river and myself.
    Watch your dirty mouth and don’t talk too much about Malaysian politics…when you are a Singaporean. …that’s what you make yourself known to be.
    You are welcome to comment…but Malaysian affairs are not of your Singaporean business!!

  22. bamboo river says:

    WATTAHACK, I take your comment as a pinch of salt into my nasi kandar. If you had read thru the comments posted , I believe you are able to decipher the commentators views theoritically . Some can be done here but some needs TRUE person to get it done.
    Monsterball, sarcastic remarks are better then sweet remarks with a cynical smile ! Right?

  23. ricky says:

    Philip Lau,

    You keep writting what we already know and that is the reason why we keep on stressing that this bodohwi fellow is useless but you did not answer my question pose to you.

    You said:
    Susan, with due respects to you and all your supporters, I do not agree your PM Pak Abdullah is as bad as all of you say.

    In that sense you are saying he is good but you keep on harping on issues that are not good. If he is really good he should tangle all the problems you had stated but he did not.

    Don’t said that these problems are not his but the one before him. He is leading the country now and cannot push the problems away and must seriously act upon it and just simply put; the responsibilities are his baby now.

    But instead of doing a good job as a leader he himself is involve in controversies and tainted himself.

    Your very own statement:
    For what I observe your PM Pak Abdullah is very UNLIKELY to be a one term PM. It is unlikely he will be forced out as UMNO President he is “untouchable” powerful lord all over. No one can ever touch him except Allah. Your political system is such, the Head of UMNO is all powerful.

    proofs beyond doubt that he is as bad as others.

    Now from a friendly and humble person he has turn himself into a power crazy fanatic, not willing to give up power even he himself knows he is not a capable leader.

  24. wits0 says:

    Ricky: “even he himself knows he is not a capable leader.”

    Therefore he’ll only be able to muddle along and enjoy the fruits of his labour to the full (he might as well, obviously… while he can). But what is positively harmful is his complicit promotion of ultra shameful members of his family, like his opportunistic SIL

    Does anyone remember how he reacted to the TDM accusation of nepotism? It semed to hurt him especially much. Can we guess why? Can you, Philip?

  25. WATTAHACK? says:

    wise words oh your greeness, spoken like a true politician! hehehe

    did you guys see the hehehe behind? and I also wanna know why Monster is so upset when I asked him jokingly why he so free so many postings in same time frame? I mean the response was like a NUKE coming back! come-on read my words again lar! you know what is hehehe… when you post something jokingly and someone flame you back you will know how it feels. what goes around comes around!

  26. monsterball says:

    wattahack….I repeat I am not a monster…but monsterball….got it?
    But if you want to be nice…you can call me monty like my friends…that’s why I am upset…don’t you have manners?

  27. bamboo river says:

    WATTAHACK, that’s what I meant. Anyway, enjoyed your comments. What the hack! We are in the same boat don’t you think.? Monsterball, its just another friendly remarks from WATTAHACK, so lets play along for the sake of friendship. Ok you guys?

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