Picture taken by Jeff Ooi, from Paul Choo’s blog: 

Choo, was the photographer-blogger, a friend of Jeff Ooi’s, who was hurt when a group of Umno Youth allegedly attacked the Keadilan candidate, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, in Ijok on 21 April 2007.

He relates a personal account of his story in his blog “Talking+Photo” today, at 2.30 a.m.

Choo said “I have never in my life, expected of all people in Malaysia, that this could happen to me. And happened it did on that terrifying day 21 April 2007 in Ijok”.

On that day, Choo was on a photography assignment with Jeff Ooi. Jeff’s account of the incident can be found HERE and HERE.

Both Choo and Jeff were invited to have lunch in a small Malay eatery with Khalid that day.

He said after lunch, as he was getting into the car and driving out towards the main road, they were surrounded by more than 20 rowdies in umno youth uniforms behaving in an intimidating unruly manner, trying to prevent us from driving out, at the same time kicking all over the car body.

“They even attempted to snatch our cameras,” recounted Choo.

Other acts of violence which Choo blogged about was “smashing a mineral water bottle hitting with such great force, with the intention of causing fatal injury”.

The act broke Choo’s spectacles and made deep cuts just below his right eye (as depicted in photo above).

“With blood dripping from the cut wounds and without my spectacles and my vision impaired from the blow, I still managed to drive away from the scene and stopped a safe distance in front of a petrol station,” he added.

Choo said he and Jeff were “shell-shocked as if we have just escaped from a war zone”.

He said he then grabbed some tissues to wipe and stop the flow of blood from the wounds. Then some KeADILan members who were following them, escorted them in another vehicle to Ijok town centre to seek medical attention in a nearby clinic.

“On further observation of the wounds, I realised that I could have been blinded by this stupid hooligans,” Choo said.

Choo added they could have called for a press conference to denounce the despicable action and behaviour that they had undeservedly suffered “in the hands of this bunch of hooligans”.

“And we could have easily too, allowed Parti KeADILan to capitalise on this incident to condemn Barisan Nasional for their members’ violent behaviour in their by-election campaigning to hopefully garner more votes to their advantage, which they rightly deserve,” he said further.

“We decided to remain calm and tried not to aggravate the situation for the sake of our own safety while we were still in Ijok”.

Read rest of his story here.

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  1. monsterball says:

    I hope Paul Choo is well now. Lets see what Pak Lah or Najib has to say about this. Ofcourse…NOTHING!! …as you will never find such incidents published in the controlled newspapers..and they will always say bloggers are rumour mongerers.
    But if Paul Choo was attacked by opposition party hooligans [if any}…..t will be headline news with PM and Najib snapping a photos at the hospital with Paul and he will be a celebrity.

  2. hasilox says:

    Are the hooligans recruited from the mati rempit gang? Some idiots are turning BN into a criminal organization!

  3. susan loone says:

    how right you are uncle monty and yet there is a suggestion to “calm the government down” ???- goodness!!! a revolutionised government yes, not this one!

    hasilox, not so sure where they come from, that’s why we must be there, we must…coz we’ll never know the truth otherwise!

  4. bamboo river says:

    Hello monsterball, I am back…….well, let me put it this way… If you are walking along a street and you saw a pack of PARIAH STRAY DOGs by the side. What would you do ? To me , I will identify the leader of the pack. Why? Usually this DOGs will stare at you but waiting for the leader to initiate the first move. Once the leader starts BARKING the rest of them will pounce on you.
    Now, what Paul Choo had experienced is exactly what I had mentioned above.
    Who is the LEADER of this PARIAH DOGs?
    BUT if you had identify the LEADER and whacked that dog, the rest of the pack will split .
    Sounds similar to what is happening to BN ?
    Now, about bloggers “turun padang” as suggested by Susan’s friend (sorry Susan ) who else will tell us about what had actually happen ?
    I don’t think the press will tell us the other side of the story as mentioned by Monsterball.
    I hope Paul Choo will get well and better be safe when and if he has to come to this situation again.

  5. luclai says:

    this is terrible. terrible indeed. we should all spread this news of the umno hooligans to ALL our friends far and wide, so that they’ll know the true face of umno (after all it won’t be publish in the mainstream media).

    put it up in your blog! mass email it to everyone!


  6. kerp says:

    hello. altho i’m all for brother parthiban to win, by no means i condone this act of gangsterism. its despicable to say the least. both sides are blaming each other but in fairness to all, unbiased reporting should be in order. glad im wired and fed with reports from both parties.

  7. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river…glad to see you back!

  8. jeancumlately says:

    I know the people of ijok quite well. As I said before, the majority is actually of javanese descents; humble, hardworking and not the “kaki gaduh” type. I think they are just mat rempit from somewhere, not necessarily ijok. Why were they there in Ijok? Someone must’ve brought them there. They are just hooligans. Are they politicians? No, they are the dogs of war… for a few ringgit, these guys will sell their mothers. The question is, who paid them? Correct, bamboo river. Get the leader. Afterall, its an open secret.

  9. monsterball says:

    Susan…Judging the limited time frame is against bloggers to plan a trip to Ijok based on an agreed formula how to do that as united bloggers…not as individuals…. forget about Ijok.
    Even they agree..alot of things need to be organised….playcards…posters….tents to be together…like a camping trip with rules and regulations….laws and orders. I don’t see how that can be done…especially Rocky…Jeff and others have shown no interest with their silence. I guess..they are going as individuals and do as they like….so much on bloggers unity.

  10. kasi naik says:

    u got beaten ,with all the witness and prove , yet u dont wanna make report
    because u dont wanna make it an issue, wanna wait until by election overlar ….
    this jeff ooi also talk big, dont know wat u al thinking
    cakap tak serupa bikin

  11. monsterball says:

    kasi naik ….Nothing funny about Jeff’s want to make a report after the election. Afterall..even if he make a report IMMEDIATELY after the incident..it makes no difference….but he will loose alot of valuable time to miss on the spot of the many acivities there. That’s his intention to be there.
    Why are you thinking Jeff talk big? He is such a humble cultured man.
    Do you know him personally?

  12. bamboo river says:

    kasi naik….I think the BLOG is mightier than the press! Do you think immediate action will be taken if Jeff Ooi lodge a report ? However it is up to Jeff to decide . But if you so say “cakap tak serupa bikin” Let me ask you…Were you at Ijok when Paul Choo was attacked ? Jeff was ! So I conclude that you are only “CAKAP KOSONG” or just another “kasi naik BN” .

  13. wits0 says:

    Seems, kasi naik, you are just another umno minion attempting to discredit by wild sneering…. those trademark puerile effort so very typical.

    I have no reason to doubt the integrity of Jeff although I do not agree with his oversea’s worldview. He happens to be excellent with local affairs. If he wishes to make any police report only after the election, he must have good reasons and that’s his choice.

  14. jeancumlately says:

    That wound (or scratch) does not justify the title of this posting. Nearly died… from scratch? I had nastier wounds by falling down from my bicycles when I was young and damn, my dad only laughed at me. Didn’t he know that I nearly died?

    Ok…ok… sorry guys. But kasi naik do have a point. If you have something more to show, then what the heck. We are all getting sick of anwar’s and azmin’s “I have boxes of proofs” kinda statements. Their promises to reveal “at the right moment” never came?

  15. wits0 says:

    Jean, I’ve had my share of accidental injuries from the bicycle too and never seeked hospital treatment….was not fashionable then. Still have ’em faded scars.

    The point, I think, that make them different, is the nature of the causes – that which was inflicted by another party with full jacketed premediated malice make them so.

    There is no moral equivalence possible while the title of the post may be debateable, the deliberate inflicting of the injury makes a world of difference between what’s accidental and what’s rooted in plotted violence. Anyway it’s clear that the victim could have been blinded. And that’s serious enough even if he didn’t die.

  16. jeancumlately says:

    Witso… I do agree. Its just a joke to accentuate the point I was trying to make. Why do all these guys kept on saying that they will reveal this and that “at the right moment?” We heard that before.

    BTW, my dad did applied “minyak cap kapak” to the wound. I don’t know what’s in it but it can heal anything. Surprisingly, it is still fashionable now. I bet you have that too somewhere…

  17. wits0 says:

    Jean, I do remember the “I’ll reveal this and that”, and that is a bad blackmark. Hubris it was, too.

    Nowadays kids go to hospital over a centpede bite or bee sting that shows little or no inflammation. The virtue of getting a cut sutured(two or three stitches) these days ensures no formation of scars on healing.

  18. monsterball says:

    Inspired by Paul Choo…now commenters are talking about their own accidents..who else can lead the pack?….jeancumlately ofcourse!…hahahaha
    No need to tell you all my near deaths accidents and no fictions. I must have nine lives like a cat….but ACCIDENTENTLY I came to know about bloggings and the good news is I met so many nice friends. The bad news….well you all know…hatam left and right..and I ask myself like Susan…..is it worth it?
    Feeling great doing the right things in life….sure it is!!

  19. monsterball says:

    bamboo river ..No…kasi naik is hoping to get noticed by Najib…[PM always sleep..know nothing!} by carrying AIR BALLS…then have chance to meet Najib…. carry real balls…..then meeting monsterball…no more balls..hahahaha

  20. bennyloh says:

    Take care Paul,
    All the best

  21. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…When I was below 30 I was offered to be Sales Manager of of large Muslim medical oil factory..I think their famous brand is ‘Minyat Geliga”??
    Owner real real nice to me..so are all the relatives working there….but I moved to KL from Melaka for job opportunities. I spend some time teaching them the basic of cost and savings…quality controlled..R&D…trying to part in theory what I would have practised if accepting the job. Whenever I drive to JB..that factory is still there.
    One cannot forget good vibrations…correct jeancumlately?

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