Since several bloggers – some of who were part of All-blogs pro-tem committee – visited Ijok this morning and met up with 38 year old K. Parthiban, the Barisan Nasional candidate, I thought I visit Ijok virtually and have a chat with Keadilan candidate 61 year old Khalid Ibrahim. 

When I called the Tan Sri about 5.45 pm Bangkok time, Khalid was at a police station, with his campaign entourage, lodging a report on another violent attack on him and his Tamil spokesperson P. Krishnasamy.

Khalid alleged that they were attacked at Ladang Coalfield at about 4.30 pm, during their campaign trail, which begun on 19 April. Earlier, Khalid and his team had visited about 15 houses in the vicinity and shook hands with villagers and estate workers  without any interuption. However at Coalfield, about 10 men guarded the gates to the estate area, and refused to let Khalid in. Subsequently, Krishnasamy was punched, leaving his shirt torn and spectacles broken. The groups quickly led Khalid away from the scenario before further mishap happenned to him.

The estate is not the only area where Khalid is being prevented from meeting potential voters.

“I’ve also been threatened not to enter this area called Kampung Rantau Panjang, a Malay dominant area,” Khalid told me over the phone.

“Eventhough I called the village head to explain what we would be doing in the area, he simply refused to let us in,” he added.

I asked Khalid if he felt deterred by the violent acts (as on 21 April, Saturday,  20 people, several in BN Youth uniform, allegedly tried to intimidate him and two photographers-bloggers – Paul Choo and Jeff Ooi.

He said “No. I am not in the least afraid. This is a democracy”.

I querried if the estate workers had prevented him from entering the area because of his past as CEO of Guthrie, who is unpopular to the former due to poor wages and several eviction incidences.  (Khalid had written a letter to Malaysiakini setting some record straight).

“I am prepared to explain to the estate people about myself, about what I did in Guthrie. They can question me on the matter. I will not stop them from asking me any question, and no one should stop me from speaking to them,” he said.

“I am also prepared to debate with the government on TV about the matter,” he added.

In analysing the violent attacks on his group, Khalid said Barisan Nasional was becoming increasingly desperate to ensure that Keadilan lost at all cost.

When asked about his personal background and if he thought that his opponent, BN-MIC’s K Parthiban, had a better chance of winning since he was a local boy from Ijok, Khalid said he was born (and studied in his early years) in Jeram, Kuala Selangor, which is near Ijok.

“I used to cycle all around this area. My parents, who are now deceased had also lived here. So, there’s no question about me being not a local boy,” he told me.

I asked Khalid what new developments or changes he would bring to Ijok if he were to win the elections, scheduled for this Saturday, 28 April, he said “The people here need a scheme to improve their incomes”.

“This should be a community programme, where people can participate in and decisions will be made from bottom to top, involving all segments, and not the other way around,” he said, adding he will draw from his experience as a coporate man to try to improve the financial situation of the Ijok folks.

“For years, we have been segmented. The position must change to include the totality, and not favour one sector alone”.

“However, their financial capacity must also match their mental capacity,” he offered.

“Or else, the young boys would just sit on the street and count how many beautiful cars are passing by, without knowing a thing about car, or how to drive them”.

When asked how he felt about his first campaign trail, he said there was “much excitement and opportunities, and felt motivated”.

“I used to think that there was only Barisan Nasional, now I can see that I, too, can make a difference”.


For the take on the Barisan Nasional candidate, Parthiban, see Rocky Bru’s “Ijok visited: kedai kopi King Kuan” and Zorro’s “Ground Zero Ijok With K Parthiban“.

See also the “Another attack on Khalid“, by this evening, regarding the scuffle today at Coalfield estate.

For a balance view from both candidates – Parthiban and Khalid, see Malaysiakini’s “WalkAbout With Ijok Candidates“.

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  1. monsterball says:

    Great effort in getting an interview by phone with Khalid. How sad ..Malaysian politics have stoop so low.Reminds me seeing the Taiwanese politcians
    loves to fight each other…men or women instead of debating at Parliament sessions…what more at elections!!
    A Pack of Bloggers totalling 10 went to Ijok Susan….not all are so call elected members of the All Blogs…as I understand Big Dog is one of the 10. Jolly good show!! What are they doing there? Rocky is at BN interviewing their candidate…zorro another place? Lets read their comments against Khalid later.
    Personally…I wait to see how voters speak with their votes…real soon now.
    Relax and watch MU won 1st leg against AC Milan and now Chelsea/Liverpool . MU should win making it an all British final come true. Liverpool always play lousy British football…but great in European Cup. I wonder why…but a great darling for all bookies.

  2. monsterball says:

    More than 10 Susan..Politikus Jeff are on their own….no mixing.
    Read Rocky’s good interview on BN ..Pat?[cannot remenber his full name}…the teacher candidate. nothing much….just saying everyone knows him as a teacher….this or that….indicating a yes man in BN…with no initiativeness.
    Never knew 50% are malays voters in Ijok…thought less than that.
    Good luck to both…but my bet is Khalid will win by big majority…as BN yes man will makam gaji buta like so many BN representatives….only talk alot at elections…..after winning….all promises are as good as dead….win or loose..same attitudes. Take most of them big and small time actors….never sincere….just acting. Don’t expect too much….than you are smart citizens.

  3. Nstman says:

    During the Thirties, I was a small boy in Nazi Germany. I witnessed thugs from Hitler Youth, and the dreaded SS and Gestapo carrying out Hitler’s reign of terror. Today, history has repeated itself. Seig Heil!

  4. Nstman says:

    Monsterball, Liverpool makes me sleep when they play football. their policy of defending at all cost and relying on counter attacks makes me mad. Long live Manchester United, death to Liverpool. Let Liverpool supporters walk alone and rot.

  5. monsterball says:

    Nstman….You must have lost alot of bets whenever Liverpool play another team.
    Yes I agree Liverpool is shit and Stephen Gerrard is the corrupted leader…like Lampard for Chelsea..and Ronaldo of MU is trying hard to get the bookies attention….he is the best to be bought and swing games in MU.

  6. jeancumlately says:

    Parthiban Monty, its Parthiban.

    I read Rocky’s interview too. Obviously the guy gave a good impression. Not such a bad candidate obviously. That is why he became a candidate in the first place. And that is why he became a politician.

    But we have seen that before too. That is what we thought of badawi too. The pious, humble, non-corruptible and what have you. And when samy vellu first became a candidate in what seems like a thousand years ago, I can bet that he looked even better than Parthiban. Even Anwar knows the trick and hired a media consultant. Hell, I would even hire a make-up artist before being interviewed by rocky and spend the whole day infront of the mirror learning how to act and look good.

    I am being prejudice but don’t blame me. My MP failed to drop dead and I am still angry.

  7. monsterball says:

    So jeancumlately….we both agree we are idiots ..being fooled over and over again by sweet promises and cast votes for wrong cadidate….. all the time or mostly?
    Me?… trust…out they go I ALWAYS talk to them sincerely and truthfully.
    Same in votings….but yes …I did not spend time thinking or hesitating voting for Pak Lah…like I did in past elections. THAT WAS MY BIG MISTAKE!!
    Today….he spoke to defend UMNO wth his life…saying oppositions this or that…are bluffers and UMNO is all saint. And why not?
    He clearly is playing race politics. I guess he feels most malays love to be seperated away from othe races?…hhhhhmm…lets see. Mahathir did that…majority malays were against him,
    I guess coming elections…still depend on the most selfish people in Malaysia…the Chinese to open their eyes and vote wisely for the country…..including me.

  8. Black says:


    Thanks for this post. At least the neutrality of All Blogs can be maintained. Rocky and the others did thier part by interviewing the BN candidate. You with your interview with Khalid. This means All Blogs at this moment can be consider as Neutral for this Ijok by-election.

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