Go read Jeff Ooi’s blog for a personal account of how the Umno “hooligans” attacked his co-photographer.

Picture from Jeff Ooi’s  “Lethal Weapon“.

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  1. monsterball says:

    Jeff…Hope you are well again.Thank God for keeping you safe.
    Fellow Malaysians…Noticed the water is printed …Mineral water”?
    I estimated more than 100 brands of such water sold in Malaysia…majority are from malays nowadays.
    This is worst that DVD pirators…do you know that….as the water is filtered tap water!!
    Mineral water must come from the mountain water flowing down through natural process…no such thing as man made and call mineral water.
    It cost at least a RM Billion to start a factory and only one in South East Asia is Aqua from Indonesia.
    Most famous is natural mineral water comes from European countries..they cost alot. These guys uses 2 cents water…10 cents plastic bottle and caps…with another 10 cents printing plus another 5 cents cost in packing…total not more than 3o cents and sell it at RM1.20 per bottle.
    it is actually quite dangerous to drink such dirty water look clean by artificial devises….especially for babies and children…but I guess the government will act after few hundreds die drinking such bottled mineral water.

  2. rocky's bru says:

    susan, you have been awarded the thinking blogger award. go to my blog, take a bow, and find out what you need to do to receive the award.

  3. Jbabe says:

    “April 22nd, 2007 at 1:34 pm

    Fellow Malaysians…Noticed the water is printed …Mineral water”?
    I estimated more than 100 brands of such water sold in Malaysia…majority are from malays nowadays.”

    From my observation, you are the racist and trouble maker. Sometimes you just shoot yrself in the foot.

  4. monsterball says:

    jbabe……..I am telling the truths of the matter and you call it racialist. I just want to point out that the government is allowing it to happen because it involves mostly malays and if you want to know MORE…..in subang Jaya..most other races hawKers are shoo away…but if you are a malay…go ahead ….no problem.
    The problem with you is your are too sensitive and don’t unread the whole message …just one word and jump to conclusion.
    Perhaps you enjoy a racialistic government too much and ignore critisiing them?

  5. monsterball says:

    By the way..jbabe 99% of dvd pirators are chinese operators. Look at the good job the government is doing….100% owed to Mara FOR LOANS ARE MALAYS…NOT PAID BY THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS. Although highlighted now and then…how sincere are there after the loans. Is this not a racialist government?
    Look at all those broken down taxis still operating at KL city..who owns the licenses?

  6. wits0 says:

    The gomen is allowing such Neanderthal things to happen because it panders to the largest(and most fascistic) group of supporters who most easily motivated by race-based fascist sentiments constantly indoctrinated into them at every turn. After race, next comes elitist consideration or position in society.

    Because of the instigatory pandering, the gomen no longer leads as much as it panders. Hence there can be no emerging statesmen but unfettered politicians who will do almost anything to ensure their own position is maintained if not further enhanced. The wrong practice of the means justifying the ends becomes the order of the day when they know that the MSM is going to obfuscate for them.

    Meantime the BN governance also doesn’t want new challenging problems that demands proper solution, just easy governance while they prosper. The problems must be made to diappear under the carpet – as always. Image is all important, substance not.

    Familarity breed thick skin(and contempt for civility) and also if fascists are sensitive, it is unlikely that they would’ve have become fascistic in the first place. They become more boldly uncivilized because they understand that they can mostly get away with such behaviour because of that definite tribalistic edge by belonging to the power that be of the day.

    Primitive arrogance and abetting MSM. The ugly feudal culture has translated and is thriving at the expense of anything better. Tribalism unfettered.

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