It seems the UMNO ‘hooligans‘ (as politikus call them) are at it again and this time, they have hurt even a blogger, friend of Jeff Ooi, the vice president of the NATIONAL ALLIANCE of BLOGGERS! 

The report from Malaysiakini says:

About 20 people, including some in Pemuda BN uniform, allegedly tried to intimidate PKR candidate Khalid Ibrahim and two freelance photographers – one of whom is a well-known blogger – in Ijok this afternoon.The 2.40pm incident was said to occured near a restaurant at Batu 8 Ijok, where a Pemuda BN operation centre was situated close by.

PKR acting Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar said one of the freelance photographers was injured during the incident while Khalid was unscathed.

He said the party had police report had been lodged on the incident.

In a SMS reply, Pemuda BN deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin said he was unaware of the incident.

“I am not aware of any incident involving Pemuda BN and the individuals you mentioned,” said Khairy.

Face ‘smashed’

Popular blogger Jeff Ooi, one of the photographers present during the incident, told malaysiakini that he and the other injured photographer were guests of Khalid at the nearby restaurant.

The two photographers ducked into their car after witnessing a ‘mob’ trying to stop Khalid’s car from leaving the area.

Ooi said the injured photographer, who declined to be named, was later hit by a water bottle hurled through a half-open car window when trying to inch away from the venue after being surrounded.

“A person in a Pemuda BN uniform threw the water bottle which smashed into the face of my friend. The impact caused his glasses to break, cutting the area below the eye.

“It was from a close distance. We were basically surrounded… he now requires medical treatment,” said Ooi.

He also claimed that a member of the mob also attempted to grab their cameras in the car but failed.

Ooi confirmed that he had pictures of the incident, but added that it would not be distributed to the press.

Read also PKR’s website.

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  1. monsterball says:

    All these have happened in all elections in Malaysia….without the public ever have chances to read or know about it..except few fortunate guys like me getting informations from reliable politicians…that’s the only way to know things in the past.
    It is only now…these few years..we get to read and see photos of proofs because of few blessed bloggers like Jeff Ooi …dedicated to fair play.
    Hope he is not seriously injured.
    Bloggers can certainly contribute to a better tomorrow for all MALAYSIANS…so lets hope few with different mentalities and mindsets will change and do not spoil the good reputations of their fellow bloggers.

  2. hutusi says:

    Is this the Malaysia we knew all along? Or has Malaysia gone the way of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe where opposition leaders are bashed up by the ruling regime? Next, we will have the running gun battles as demonstrated by Fatah and Hamas in Gaza.

  3. monsterball says:

    hutusi…Yes..if we are not careful and supporters love to poke fun at each other. May 13th 1969 riots..killing few hundreds was started this way..with the support of the late Harun Idris. Everyone guy knows the truths..except present politicians.
    Goodluck to you all….I am too old to be afraid of anything…but feel very sad for the future generations terrible behaviours…getting worst year by year….because they read about wars and mindsets are programmed to favour one race. Lets hope the changing of school books include respecting other races in Malaysia that have contribute MOST to what we are today. Will government dare tell the truths?

  4. monsterball says:

    I will like to take this opportunity to tell the truths of Chin Peng to prove how ungrateful our government is . He is already 80 years old..yet cannot return back to die in Malaysia…as he requested.
    Under the Federation Of Malaya ruled by the British…there was always a Communist Party in Malay recognised by the British.
    When the Japanese conquered Malaya…chasing the British out…it was the Communist Party supported by China to fight the Japanese..saving thousand ..especially villagers chinese and malay girls being raped by Japanese soldiers. Japanese are so cruel and sex crazy that most girls have to disguised themselves as young boys or men.
    Sultans were helpless and surrendered … for the sake of peace for his with the Japanese.
    It was Chin Peng and Rashid plus few others of all races fought for months..until the British came back and both combined to fight the Japanese. Chin Peng was DECORATED by the British Empire!!
    When we got Merdeka…Tunku Abdul rahman did not recognised the Comminist Party…breaking a promise made by the British!!!
    Thus forcing Chin Peng and Rashid went into the jungle to fight for their rights.
    You all can now judge is Chin Peng anti malays when he save thousands from being killed and raped ….yet not told…but concentrated on his jungle warfare personified to make him look like a devil….even until today.
    Sure he hated the British..for Tunku broke their promise and the British did not say a word to defend his rights.

  5. MalaysianWoman says:

    Ohhh … now we know why Khairy and Um Youth has been wooing and spending our hard earned bucks on all those Mat Rempits ….

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  7. yh says:

    like father like SIL. “I dont know.”

    anyway, is the country slipping into gangsterism? ask yourself. Remember Bandar Bukit Puchong, now Ijok. What’s next. Imagine what will happen if the whole mat rempit goons come under their control. Scary isnt it?

    Ask the PM. he will tell you he dont know.

  8. wits0 says:

    “Pemuda BN deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin said he was unaware of the incident.”

    His FIL’s famous line was usually, “I have not been informed”. And then no follow-up, hoping everyone has amnesia….like the MSM.

    Then BN’s known Neanderthal behaviour on the ground aren’t going to carry on unseen as b4 with the new multimedia technology available today.
    The FIL is “reassessing the situation” like Fagin in the old Oliver movie – as to how to STFU criticism wrt the Net. Haha. Not likely to succeed.

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