When politicians do not say anything new, I think we should not report them. Give them publicity for what? For repeating the same old stuff? Yeah, yeah. Journalists must be responsible. Bloggers must be responsible. Tell me something new. Like, hello, who has been irresponsible so far – making all kinds of wild promises before elections, and later, not fulfilling them?

I am beginning to be tired of this word “responsibility”. Because for some, it only means, I should not offend you or that I should not criticise you. But what people do not realise is that freedom to speak means you would have to be prepared for what you say: be prepared to be offended, to be criticised, and yes, to be called irresponsible.

What is responsibility? Reporting the facts. But facts do no thrive in a vacuum. Facts do not lie, statisticians will tell you, yes, but interpretation of it does, the context in which they (facts) are presented can be a lie. So is merely reporting facts make you responsible? I do not think so. To me, it is how you interpret and in what context you present your facts make you either responsible or irresponsible.

It’s becoming like a broken record: bloggers must be responsible, freedom comes with resposibility…bla bla bla..don’t we know it? Even if we are, still the unspeakable can happen to us, like how it did to Rocky and Jeff. So, responsibility by whose standards? This is the question reporters must ask. “What do you mean by responsibility?”

You see, it doesn’t matter what you say or do: if the powers that be want to get you in trouble, they will.

My former boss Steven Gan said this at the recent 6th Perdana Discourse Series entitled ‘Media and National Development’, organised by Perdana Leadership Foundation in Putrajaya:

There is a code of ethics which journalists need to abide to – the dos and don’ts of journalism, so to speak. This include getting the facts right, in exercising discipline in the verification process, in not peddling hearsay as news. All we ask is the freedom to do our job.”

I’d like to ask ‘facts’ according to who? Coz a lot of facts are churned out by the authorities and we are uncertain, at least I am, how far those facts are real or true or representative of what they represent. Sometimes, it is best to go beyond those facts, beyond what is visible, and behind what is proclaimed as truth by super powers.

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  1. monsterball says:

    Dear Susan..freelunch2020 has put out a message that she wants to close her blog! Freelunch2020 is one of the smart and most respected blogger in Malaysia. I hope you can put out a message at her blog to stop her from closing . It sounds like she has not enough time….but one must be able to control time..not let time control us…so her reason is not too good.
    Please try to stop her from closing. she can always see Rocky or zorro or me…if we can be of help to her. Thanks.

  2. WATTAHACK? says:

    no not another one tutup… we need more malaysian blogs else we’ll be marginalized!

  3. wits0 says:

    “It’s becoming like a broken record: bloggers must be responsible, freedom comes with resposibility…bla bla bla….”

    That is part of the selfsame Systemic insult levied on to the masses who can think. A subtle authoritarian threat disguised like (a century stale)advice.

    Defined as, “You may only praise….as in any given Utopia.” Critics must STFU and never ask WTF?

  4. monsterball says:

    Few of them open a blog to advertise their credentials and if successful…will get employed. Quite a natural harmless style geting a good job.
    Sheih is most successful….but have laid down rules to his PAS boss..he will have nothing to do with PAS politics…as he is still a UMNO member. And continue blogging is his way to repay his boss with the sole purpose to promote Kelantan…very sincere from the start.
    Freelunch2020 is a DAP employee and from her blogging….perhaps got a good promotion…thus have achieved her goal…therefore blogging is no more effective…I am guessing!!
    Few bloggers like Rocky Jeff and above all..RPK are bloggers with political agendas. But Rocky is more liberal. Jeff is also liberal and let everyone knows he supports Gerakan…no harm done. ONLY RPK…is clearly anti-establishment blog…supporting TDM…but can swing away…if he finds that is no more good for his blog. Ironically…he supported Anwar..that’s how he started blogging and even gone to jail for that under TDM time. I guess TDM is applying compensation time to him….in one way or another. Otherwise…why is RPK so clearly supporting TDM?
    Only bloggers like Susan Loone….Black….Sheih …zorro..NIAMAH…to name a few are not die hard political BLOGGERS. THEY EXPOSE THE INJUSTICES DONE TO MALAYSIANS… more than politics.
    Will ‘Bloggers United’ Asso. have a short life? Yes I think so…but bloggers with gain strength and recognisations as individuals..not as united…for impossible to be united with so many bloggers having selfish ulterior motives…starting a blog.

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