Dear Freelunch2020 a.k.a Jed Yoong;

I beg you from the onset not to be upset with this post that I am dedicating to you. For quite some time, I have enjoyed your blog. You do such a good job at bringing us news, views and pictures, which otherwise, we would never have seen anywhere else. Your blog is not only informative but colorful and humorous. For this, let me thank you. Losing you, through your blog, would be a tragedy.

I’ve just got to know your decision of wanting to close your blog after the Ijok buy-election. Our dear Uncle Monty alerted me to it. I could feel his worry as it shocked me and saddened me, especially after reading this statement in one of your latest post:

“ANYWAY, I’ve decided on shutting down this blog after Ijok. Because it would be hard for it to be independent….and then FreeLunch2020 won’t be the same again…” 

What strikes me, is not so much for you closing down your blog, coz that is a choice some us must make someday, but your inability to be independent, now that you are a paid staff of the DAP. To be exact, editor of the Rocket.

“However, there is a conflict of interest now as I am now a paid machai of DAP and hence I can’t really write many independent posts especially with a post like EDITOR.”

What do you mean you cannot write any independent post now that you are a paid machai of the DAP? Does this mean, you have no right to raise your own opinion, especially one that is critical of the DAP or opposition or issues that DAP champions? Your blog is your personal opinion, your deepest thoughts, and if you can’t do with this as you please (you are responsible all the time), then is DAP any different from Barisan Nasional, who owns newspapers and propagates its lies through their paid journalists?

My dear Jed, once or twice we chatted late into the nights and you always come across, though I have never met you face to face, as a cheerful, bright and clever person. I am hurt that you have to be in this position. You insist that you are not pressured to shut your blog down by DAP leaders, members or anyone. But in trying to convince us, you have shown us the stark reality, that party politics, BN or Opposition, is no supporter of free speech, freedom of expression, or freedom of the people.

Or else, why do you feel pressured, even by yourself, that now you feel you have to restrain yourself from speaking the truth, or what you know of it, is testimony enough, to me at least, that the Opposition – DAP or whatever – cannot guarantee our freedom, cannot break away from the pattern of repression that comes with every dictatorship, and the only thing that is different from the government or Opposition, is that one has the power, and the other, yet to have it.


So, is protecting the party interest more important than the people’s right to know? I am hurt that knowing the DAP has placed you in such a horrible spot. I guess, someday, sometime, some of us will find ourselves in this spot as well. And what we finally choose will speak alot about the kind of regime we are in, and I don’t mean the regime that comes with power in their hands, the other kind which hopes to get power by exploiting the kindness of people, and those who hope and dream for a better Malaysia.

Jed,  I am truly sorry.

Your predicament has also led me to think of my own situation. I am now seriously considering a job change, perhaps a return to my home country. But the truth stares me in the face: will my new boss allow me to blog as I please? What if the condition is that I never blog again? It would be a hard decision for me, for since I found a space to air my views, I do not think I want to look back. Which means I have to suffer in a place that tires me and bores me to death…but is this better than killing my blog?

Only time will tell.

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  1. monsterball says:

    Freelunch2020…Congratulations being employed by DAP!
    More so …you should continue your blogging..but leave politics out.
    Remember how DAP father and son went to jail for justice?
    Therefore….you should concentrate on all injustices done to the public….corruptions….lazy policemen…idiotic Public Works many many more under all ministerial so call leadership.Avoid talking about the about actual slow of half work done.
    Take pictures…as many as possible on potholes tat may kill a motor cyclist…this or that.
    Finally…if you trully trust DAP by acceppting the job and not because of the good salary…like Sheih to PAS….use your blog tom highlight whatever good DAP do for soceities that newspapers will not publish…like Sheih is doing for Husam.
    Now that I know you work for DAP…your blog should be one of your best contributions to good work for them.
    I repeat…control time…do not let time control you….so no excuse no time..before you say it again.
    Hope this will change your mind.

  2. zewt says:

    wah jed… editor eh? editor in chief?

    anyway, dont stop blogging… i am sure uncle lim will understand… no?

  3. 😀
    yar, in reality, in malaysia, it’s just not like that.
    ppl have yet to mature and most expect you to toe the party line.
    esp if i am representing the party’s newsletter.
    i have a right to freedom of expression. but at the same time, the moral duty to serve my paymasters in promoting their ideology and views.
    not that dissent is frowned upon but is welcomed in DAP, but personally i feel that such disagreements should be ironed out in private and kept away from the public sphere.
    unless, my right to freedom of speech surpasses that of my moral obligation to DAP, then i should resign and make my views known as a private citizen.
    as a paid machai of DAP — a political party, my greater obligation at this point is to understand the rakyat and champion their needs.
    thanks so much for all the concern.
    i am touched by the overwhelming support and it’s been encouraging.
    however, i hope everyone would understand my situation and respect my choice of closing down my blog after ijok.
    tks + regards,

  4. monsterball says:

    According to your explainations .. freelunch2020..Sheih of kickdefella should also close shop….maybe even Jeff…..and especially RPK of Malaysia Today.
    Nice to have good principles in life…but if you use those principles like me with no evil ulterior motives to hurt the country …or try to seperate the races..especially the chinese….since you are a machai of DAP..then why care hurting the ‘people’? I beleive you are saying the die hard DAP suppoters may misunderstand you….not the public.
    In the end…it is whether you want to be a machai with good morals in life OR a ‘YES SIR/MADAM’ machai to DAP…to safeguard your job. What have I not heard and seen before.
    Trully..if Lim Eng Guan and father do not mind you to continue your noble hobby as a blogger….then why woory? But if the do mind.. then they are not democratic as claimed. You must have other reasons…that are personal and as are not a truthful person to us…who love and care you so much.

  5. monsterball says:

    So do not put out a sentence …not supported by facts.
    In reality…you have used your blog….got attention….got a good job.
    That’s why you started a blog….to get a political party to employ you.
    So are many have same dreams….but none close shop!!

  6. Gan says:

    Freelunch 2020,

    I think you will be an asset to DAP, please hold onto your ideals and beliefs as many will try to tempt you to jump ship like many ex-DAP members.

    In my opinion, there will be no conflict of interest if you continue with your blog as your blog has always being pro-DAP so what’s new?

    Keep up the good work – I feel encourage that DAP is making good progress with all the young blood who has options to make good careers for themselves with the prospect of making good money but instead decides to take an active role in politics with DAP who might see themselves being victimise, harrass or possibly thrown in jail.

    For th country and rakyat’s sake, I pray that you will remain safe while working hard towards a just and equal society.

  7. jeancumlately says:

    So, what’s new… its the same ole story. Everyone started with their own ideals and sooner or later it would be compromised. Freedom of expression is an ideal. We fought it so passionately atleast until the right price is reached. It reminds me of demi moore in Indecent proposal… two people in love and nothing in the world can shake their love. Not until one million dollars being dangled on their faces… who cares about ideals.

    Jed… I don’t know you personally but atleast you are being honest to everybody that you are no longer able to hold on to that ideals. I know that its a tough choice. Good luck.

  8. monsterball says:

    What a diplomat you could have been jeancumlately.
    I think freelunch2020 is plainly full of shit right now.

  9. monsterball says:

    The only sensible secretive logic is that she is pregnant and getting married.
    Now’s that jeancumlately?

  10. bamboo river says:

    Got the news from a friend about this from Rocky’s blog. Had to MIA from work to log in to Susan’s blog. Hello Monsterball.
    Well, freelunch2020, please RE CONSIDER!!!!!!.
    To Uncle Lim Kit Siang. PLEASE COMMENT.
    BUT, if freelunch 2020 still plan to go ahead, well, all the best to you. I respect your decision. God Bless.

  11. c53k says:

    The main thing is the CORE of the issue.

    In this case it should be THE PRINCIPLE. PERIOD.

    Yes – freedom of speech. But whose speech? AND whose freedom? Individual or group?

    What about conflicts of interest with the group? Which direction should one choose – individual freedom or group idealism?

    Many has confuse individual freedom with group idealism. This is a very old contradiction, especially in our Asian societies. Questions of which has the priority – individual or group , have been raging over the Asian histories throughout the ages.

    Yet many claim that they can demarcate this dichotomy in clear distinction & conscience. To these people I say please don’t lie to yourself or put up a good face for show. You’re just a hypo*!

    If you really value your individual freedom then don’t be a groupie. There is NOT place for you.

    Once you’re in a group then be prepare to make sacrifices AND compromises. Group interests prioritise over individual wants, OK?

    I’m in no position to explain freelunch2020’s predicament. But in parting I want to state this old Chinese saying;

    修身 齐家 治国 平天下

    If freelunch’s guiding thought is within this saying then be well. Upholding of one’s principle is the guiding path of the first stage.

    Too many of our current M’sian politicians can’t even reach the first stage & yet want to be in the position of 3rd stage.

    Bush actually wants to be in the last stage!

  12. A Voice says:

    Don’t stop FreeLunch.

    I’m sure you’ve heard this.

    It is sad, coz just when we are “engaging” and beginning to find some common ground to “embrace”, you quit.

    But off course the choice is yours.

    I was the one who alerted BigDog to first write about it.

    He is so used to demand peopel to answer to him, now Lim KIt Siang has to answer to me now.

    Will he answer or will he chicken out? If he chicken out, I’ll find a way to drag this issue to Parliament.

  13. monsterball says:

    a voice is in the mood to brag again. In kickdefella site..he made such a hue and cry over Susan…wanting her to be kicked out of Bloggers United.
    HERE…he behaves like a nice respected guest of Susan’s.
    What a terrible hypocrite you are ..a voice!!
    BAMBOO RIVER…My friend!! stay well.

  14. KY says:

    I guess in the end, Freelunch took the easy way of not wanting unwanted speculation over biasness if she continue her own blog

  15. susan loone says:

    Of course I do respect FL2020’s decision, who wouldn’t? its the reality in life. like i said: all of us will be challenged over this some day. but i guess some might compromise, and like suggested, write instead of gardening, and cooking and love-life etc. but FL made a stand, and what can we say?

    I am just questioning the ability to stay independent in a groupie. C53k, you are right, it can never happen. So one must go alone, as I often have to. But its really not my loss, but the groupie…

    All the best to FL2020 anyway. See how much we all love you.

  16. mob1900 says:

    Me making this short and sweet:

    Minishorts during the TNB debacle + rants about ppl protesting against TNB tariff hikes + everyone clueless about her work + someone discovered she’s Marketing Manager for TNB + SHTF(sh*t hits the fan) = direct conflict.

    FL2020 = declared herself as hired gun for opposition political party + comes with a warning lable.

    me rest my case.

  17. ylchong says:


    I see thy Comments everywhere, BUT I had never engaged you because I find you seem to have too much time (a luxury) that we don’t have. I am making an exception today becos you said:

    “The only sensible secretive logic is that she is pregnant and getting married.”

    Can you get it into your FUCKING DICKHEAD you don’t have any right to speculate along such lines. I know FreeLunch quite well and am now co-chairing the Org Comm with her for a Bloggers Gathering May 19, 2007 in SJ.

    Please iuf you are a gentleman, or gentlewoman, do tender an Official Apology to FreeLunch aka Jed Yoong, and withdraw that blardy statement I quoted from your comment.

  18. monsterball says:

    What is so fucking wrong with that remark? Depending on how you wish to interpret it…Susan has said it…out of love and concern..we put out our opinions…not to belittle her…except not accepting her reasons to quit…with my sincere remarks.
    Go fuck off!!

  19. monsterball says:

    yichomg…You are the real fucking dickhead!!
    Co- chairing a meeting with such a narrow minded limited understandings?
    Goodluck to whatever that forum is. You should apologise to me…you idiot!!

  20. monsterball says:

    yichong…why do you ignore mob1900 remarks?

  21. susan loone says:

    Uncle Monty and Uncle Desi;
    I know you both love FL2020 very much, so does everyone else.
    But we can criticise each other without using swear words right?
    Dont make it harder for FL as it already is.
    Lets respect her right NOT to blog.
    If we are all kind enough, she’ll come back. She’s a smart lady 🙂

  22. kasi naik says:

    life will be going on without freelunch!No one is indispensable!
    anyway there is no freelunch in this world.
    there is always a price!

  23. monsterball says:

    Susan…I sincerely apologise…using fowl language on my response. I will try to control myself. Again, please accept my sincere apology. Thanks.

  24. susan loone says:

    Uncle Monty, apologies accepted. Thanks a lot.

  25. luclai says:

    uncle monty, for once i agree with you (well er… maybe other times i did agree but did not speak up). 🙂

    i suppose we can speculate all we want on the reason FL wants to stop but a the end of the day it is her decision, so we should respect her decision… and i also trust her, to believe in her reason (not wanting to speculate).

    btw susan, you are reverting back to your old design? i like the new design. i hope you are not reverting it back because of what people said (their comments on your new design) but because you too don’t like the new desigin.

  26. susan loone says:

    hey hey lucia, its true that the font was too tiny and even my 30 years old reasons were complaining, so i reckon, i should revert back. till i find a better, more suitbale template 🙂

  27. monsterball says:

    Thanks luclai…I appreciate it very much.
    God bless you.

  28. Nstman says:

    Freelunch, i am not convinced by your stirring speech in defence of your right not to blog. Let Lim Kit Siang come out openly and clarify the issue. To Kit Siang, I have always supported DAP and its concept of a fair and equitable Malaysia, but if you do not clarify this issue then i am very disappointed with you. Kit Siang, have the balls to speak out openly .

  29. monsterball says:

    Nstman…I guess LKS silence means small matter…leave it to freelunch. It’s her future….she should know what to do… he is too busy with not much sleep like us at Ijok.
    Go tell your buddy Rocky….
    papa monsterball…ssgoh..and their shadow will always remain ONE. Tell him to be sensibly logical.
    Praises are given to commenter monsterball….not to ssgoh..tell him that.
    Aboveall….tell him as ALL Blog President…He has a duty to see that his committee cannot speak out to belittle another blogger. It is a very serious offence…if he understands so call unity. Criticising commenters by his committee members seems to come from two…Big Dog and a voice. He has to check them out…not to indirectly mess up other bloggers sites too…like what they are doing to Sheih’s site.
    Do this good deed …my friend….is more important than getting LKS to response.Otherwise so call All Blog Asso will have no respect from serious observers….not mentioning the govrt. It will be the individual bloggers like Susan Loone .Sheih…Patrick Teoh’s Niamah…that they will gain respect by the hour. HE WILL BE MADE A CLOWN BY BIG DOG AND A VOICE!!

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