As suggested by my good friend, who sometimes act as my voice of conscience and to whose views I fully concur with, All-Blogs (otherwise known as the National Alliance of Bloggers) must turun padang (go down to the fields) in Ijok and campaign for freedom of speech for Bloggers.

This campaign, also the first, in the history of bloggers, must see heavyweight bloggers like Sheih @ kickedefella, Rocky, Jeff Ooi, Nuraina Samad, Marina Mahathir, Elizabeth Wong and Raja Petra Kamaruddin, meet the Ijok people, or at least their respresentatives to tell them there is such a thing called blogger, bloggers united, alliance of bloggers, and freedom of speech.

In this campaign, which should be participated by all if not most of All-Blogs committee members, should take the opportunity to tell voters, why blogs are important, not only for free speech, but for nation building. Explain to them the role of bloggers (some) as watch dogs of the nation, and for some, as reporters or bearers of truth. Tell about the new media, and how it is sweeping the world over. Tell them that people do not anymore rely on one single newspaper for reports, or the truth, as many of these can be unreliable, depending on who their paymasters are: government or opposition, or even non-governmental organisations.

What All-Blogs can do is draw up a referendum and present it to the two election candidates: Parthiban and Khalid. The document, which is morally binding, should include articles of freedom of expression and respect for all bloggers. It must also oppose absolutely any attempt to restrict or control bloggers by registration with the government or the ilks of it. And lastly, it must get the commitment of the candidate to not only promote but protect the freedom of bloggers.

The candidate who supports the referendum gets our (blogger) support. The one who doesnt: siap lah kau (be prepared you). For other bloggers like me, would be churning out posts after posts about All-Blogs activities in Ijok. It’s also a short cut to solidarity among bloggers. For in a very exciting way, this adventure, not only get bloggers involved in the election process, it’s also a way for cheap publicity lah!

I also suggest All-Blogs to team up with writers and journalists from WAMI (writers alliance for media independence), who I think, will be campaigning in the by-election for media freedom. Like I said earlier, All-Blogs must never be exclusive, but inclusive and try to engage all forces, especially bloggers who also write in Malay, Chinese, Tamil and Indigenous languages like our East Malaysian friends.

So, what do you think, Mr. President – Rocky? Is All-Blogs prepared for this?

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  1. Libra says:

    “What All-Blogs can do is draw up a referendum and present it to the two election candidates..”
    This won’t work Susan. Every BN candidate must pander to the demands of his leaders and the party. They cannot afford to have any independent stand on anything.
    Make it simple. Just vote Opposition!!!! Full Stop. No ifs and but.
    Why vote on a referendum when there are hundreds of good reasons to vote against BN?

  2. monsterball says:

    Libra…If all vote for present opposition…who will be the future opposition?

  3. jeancumlately says:

    Put it this way la monty… what do we have to lose? I NEVER voted for opposition because I don’t like losers. Now, I am one of the losers… and its embarassing to be cheated by a sleepy head who failed his statistic. So insulting.

    How could we worry about the future when we could not even have “today?”

    I am not a blogger but I would be in Ijok because its close to my hometwon and lotsa my javanese relatives are there. So susan, if one girl in jeans and white t-shirt asks for your autograph, would u mind?

  4. monsterball says:

    If you wear an 8 inch jeans ..showing your whole sexy legs and wear white t-shirt with buttons off to expose half of your ‘curves’…why if Susan will not sign an autograph for you…I will make so much noise…she surrenders and comply to your wish to shut me up.

  5. jeancumlately says:

    Monty…monty… Its ijok… a very conservative town, nice, simple and humble kampong folks. Jeans and t-shirt are the furthest you can push. Susan should wear sari or kebaya to fish vote… so, monty, lesson number 1. Don’t ask or bring any gro to campaign in ijok and number 2. Don’t dare “kacau” a kampong girl like me especially in places like ijok. Its bad for your health.

    BTW, I have a reputation to maintain you know… in ijok especially.

  6. bakaq says:

    Tuan/Puan pemilik blog yang dihormati


    Mohon maaf kerana mengacau. Jika Tuan/Puan sudi dan mempunyai masa, harap lawati Malaysiakita. Salam.

  7. monsterball says:

    Your near by kampong…..Kulau Selangor…have nice crab restaurants..mostly waitress from Ijok….very open minded.
    Maybe I now go there and ask one to wear as I describe…walk with her to observe this weekend election and see who dare to hatam MONSTERBALL..hahahaha
    But if they do…make sure you nurse me back to health…you hear!!

  8. AI@ Black says:


    This Sunday i will arrive Bangkok. Maybe on Monday or Tuesday i will visit you. I will ask Ted to arrange. Many things to discuss..

    See you.

  9. rocky's bru says:

    thank you susan.

    all-blogs will have to “turun padang”, as you put it. i was just talking about it with zorro on our way back from the “media and national development” discourse at the perdana leadership foundation wednesday. zorro said we MUST turun padang for the experience and the adventure. i am planning the trip, sometime next week .. closer to polling date.

    but i must stress, dear Libra and all, that the Alliance (All-Blogs) will not be rooting for the Opposition. the good thing is it will not be rooting for the BN, either. the alliance will only arrange for the trip; support for the Opposition or the BN is up to the individual blogger. the alliance will protect the individual blogger’s right to be partisan; the alliance itself will be apolitical. how, you think that’s possible?

    will you be able to join us, susan?

  10. monsterball says:

    Wise move Rocky.

  11. mob1900 says:

    I never root for Opposition but still kena hentam at my blog.
    Anything against B. Najis is bad news to them even when it’s comes from a balanced/fair news media.

    There are no Grey areas at Ijok, either you’re with them or they will ‘provoke’ or move against you. Ijok is ‘ground zero’ now thanks to Raja Beruk instigating and provoking everyone.

    Experience is good but try not to get caught up in the crossfire.
    *putting on kevlar

  12. A Voice says:

    I VEHEMENTLY disagree with Susan Loone’s attempt to turn All-Blogs into a political or personal platform for any political party or NGO or movement/cause or individual.

    NO NO NO NO …

    All-Blogs is a congregation of Bloggers and talking, fighting for, and defending blogging.

    Whatever need be said – political, partisan or whatever is a private blogger and his blog.

    As a pro-UMNO/TDM Blogger, I am willing to defend a DAP blogger right to Blog but it doesn’t ever mean I agree with her ideology.

    It would be great if All Blog carries my Agenda but the principal is wrong and I will not do it.

    NO ONE SHOULD turn it into a platform for any private or personal cause. Who is to determine what cause to be that of All Blog.

    DON’T ANYONE DARE to turn it into so. I warn.

    In fact, Bloggers United Official Blog should not be part of Susan Loone’s personal blog. I have refrained from commenting about this for sake of Bloggers Unity.

    If this is her intention, then she should IMMEDIATELY STOP claiming her blog as the Bloggers United Official blog.

  13. A Voice is very right!

    All Blogs as an organisation should stay off politics. If individuals like Politikus or BigDog wants to go and write about their political affiliations, so be it.

    Susan Loone’s suggestion is abusing the fundamental principle what All Blogs stood for. She seems to be politically inclined towards against BN (its her right, so be it!) and she is also trying to incite and influence other bloggers to follow her thoughts of anti BN modus operandi. This is very unethical!

    If Rocky and Zorro wants to go anywhere in the country, including Ijok and experience the process of democracy, its their choice. But its ethically wrong to use the All Blogs platform as a vehicle to get Bloggers to go with Susan Loone’s wave of political thoughts.

  14. ali bakar says:

    Anwar cannot fail. It will be an irony and despicable shame to us Malaysians and whatever little values we have left especially since the Mongolian was killed right next to Ijok. Biar miskin tapi benar, jangan sekali-kali jadi kaya dan pembunuh. Itu bukan adat Melayu. Cannot speak for the Indians and Chinese…for they will probably vote “sensibly and realistically”. They will be happy as long as they get their money and development. But never true Malays. It is a disgrace Najib is even there without resolving first this murderous slur on Malaysian dignity.

  15. susan loone says:

    I said: “The candidate” who supports the referendum gets our (blogger) support. The one who doesnt: siap lah kau (be prepared you).

    Does this indicate support for the Opposition? I said “The candidate…”.

    Biggum and A Voice, no right thinking people would read my suggestion (and I repeat suggestion) as rooting for the Opposition. If you are angry with me because I am anti-BN, then I am really sorry for you, that you cant see the difference between and issue and support for party politics. Here I suggest we give both a chance (what can be fairer than that) – already BN controls all govt and media machinery – can it be less fair to ‘turun padang’ and ask both sides if they support freedom of speech? Look at it positively. And I said: BOTH SIDES.

    Does this mean, you are NOT confident that your party would support freedom of speech, that it would turn out that blogs would get the support of the Opposition candidate?

    I admit I was a supporter of Parti Rakyat Malaysia (no secrets there at all – PRM does not exist today), but I am wary now of the Opposition on the whole. And if my post on Freelunch doesn’t tell it all, I dont know how else to convince people. And I am not in the business of convincing people. Take it or leave, I owe no one. I am accountable, however for my stories. I am responsibe, however, for any of my commentators, or for anyone who cuts and paste my stories and get into trouble, together with me, if it happens someday, be you an BN or Opposition or non-supporter of any political party. This much I can tell you.

    And as for using ALl-Blogs as a personal platform, now how could I do that? I am not even in the pro-tem committee….hahaha! Thank God I am not in – and I can say, I do not wish to hold any such post because for the very same reason, I will lose the freedom (even to think or suggest) which I so dearly adore.

    On Bloggers United Official page, I am sorry, I will continue the page as I like, it is after all my blog. You are most welcome to open your official page if you like, and if you choose not to visit mine, that’s fine by me. It’s time you realise there is freedom in blogosphere and if the NAB or All-blogs want to curb this freedom, then I regret the day you were set up. I will disassociate myself immediately from the alliance if this were to happen. No hard feelings there.

    Rocky, I am happy to hear that you will be visiting Ijok. If I were anywhere near the place, you know I’d be the first to visit – All-Blogs or no. Is it so difficult to explain to people that the only way we can ever achieve what we want is to get our act together, to confront the challenges that threaten us at the first place?

    I challenge now Biggum to prove to me how unethically wrong I could be to suggest that bloggers promote freedom of speech, by starting to get out representatives to regconise, let alone, support our cause?

    And I also suggest you ask around a bit about what it means to be involved in the political process. But if you are a supporter of BN, then I understand why you cannot understand it, because for BN, it’s always a “landslide victory” hands downs , by abusing, without shame, every possible machinery there is for victory. What honor in this kind of victory?

    No wonder we are stucked with this crap for 50 years and I believe another 50 years onwards.

    Good luck to Rocky et all in Ijok!

  16. monsterball says:

    BRAVO SUSAN!! Those two idiots are pro UMNO …yet one sided UMNO..not whole of UMNO. Such are hypocrites…yet can judge others.
    These jokers are actually very few in out malaysian soceity.
    a voice should be sacked from the united committee….disrespecting the rules and order of a newly formed speaking out like that.
    As a so call educated lecturer…he knows very well…those should be spoken at their closed door meetings…not openly.
    Lets see how the president Rocky and his vice …Jeff and even a voice immediate boss in the asso…zorro and patrick teoh have to say about this.
    Why must Susan put to defend herself over small fries in the newly formed Asso??

  17. monsterball says:

    Rocky…IJOK…translate to Chinese is…”YEE CHOOK”..meaning porridge with fish meat.

  18. monsterball says:

    But if it is IJO….it is a java word for green.

  19. monsterball says:

    But in Java…if you say Abang…it is for red colour!!
    To call a big brother is Mas!! Here mas means gold….but that word means big brother….hahahaha

  20. rocky's bru says:

    dear susan, voice and bigdog,
    i think we are all agreed that All-Blogs should be A-political. individually, as bloggers and members of the Alliance, we can lean left or right or be in the centre. like i said in my comment earlier, All-Blogs will not be rooting for the Opposition; neither will it be rooting for the BN. Zorro can do a pom-pom for Keadilan and I may wear a T supporting Samy Vellu but Zorro and I represent ourselves, not All-Blogs or anyone else.

    i never thanked Susan for the initiative ishe took n hosting the “official” bloggers united site as part of her blog. it was a time of relative disarray and her initiative provided the “movement” a direction then. and a crucial follow-up to the bloggers united logo that sheih created soon after the lawsuits against jeff and i were filed.

    thank you.

  21. susan loone says:

    Rocky, everyone else and I understand you, but your two protem committee members dont, sad to say….is rally for support for you and jeff and free speech = to getting involved in party politics??? sad that people cant see the difference. sad day for freedom of speech and sad day for democracy really. this is a challenge to all-blogs.

    Are you happy merely organising parties, holiday trips and sitting in NPC sipping wine and smoking cigars?

    I will be watching very closely 🙂

  22. kociriemann says:

    Big Dog & A voice are just two UMNO putras, enjoying the freedom of speech and expression of the cyberworld…which they rarely enjoy in their own party. Dont be too harsh on them.

  23. susan loone says:

    hahahah! kociriemann, i am enjoying it all too, so let them speak, but always be prepared … berani cakap, tulis or whatever, berani tanggung!

  24. monsterball says:

    Says sumpah…berani cakap…berani tanggung….freedom for all as one…Malaysians race.

  25. monsterball says:

    Rocky is a real nice down to earth sincere person….but Susan has put it very bluntly what freedom of speech means to all of us here.
    Rocky needs to check his own committee members do not step out of the line in protocall and comments and take sides in favouring one commenter to another. For that…I salute Rocky sincerely…as he never take sides….but now he must as a duty of a President.
    If Rocky is not strict at this initial stage…he can never control his members making a fool of The Bloggers Alliance Association and may label himself with not reasons at all….as an ultra.
    That’s why Susan said “I will be watching very closely”…as she is not satisfied with Rocky’s explainations. Thousand commenters are reading you two…and I bet you…all fair minded loyal malaysians are not satisfied too.
    How on earth…here Susan challenged Big Dog….and next minute…he is back to his nonsense…targeting me….because I criticise his boss TDM. Do Rocky support such committee members rights?
    We can joke and shake hands and forget all in next meet….but by insulting Susan..a worldwide welknown blogger…I hereby declare I will forever be on her side…since taking sides seems to be the order of the day.
    At the end of it all….Is Bloggers United…first initiated by Sheih with the fantastic logo…first to pull out from the idea..and put it back out of my request…have I make a big mistake…or is he more far sighted than me?
    Only time will tell the real strength of the Alliance Of Bloggers …its rules and regulations…objectives are noble and just for all MALAYSIANS.

  26. monsterball says:

    I am Susan loves to. It cost money .Who is going to finance and sponsor the trip crankshaft?

  27. monsterball says:

    I mean …..I am sure Susan loves it too. It cost money. Who is going to sponsor her trip…food and loading?

  28. A Voice says:

    Did I read some where below:

    “Susan Loone has no political master, a slave to no ideology, an admirer of no politician, but a great believer in humanity. Like her or hate her, you are most welcomed here.”

    I figure I am most welcome.

    BUt I do hope you be more honest and start to outrightly claim what you really are.

    You acknowledge you are Parti Rakyat person. Since they merged with Keadilan to become PKR, are you not one? Or maybe you wanna wait for PSM to be approved registration. Respectfully, you are consistent … anti BN.

    Oh no … Susan Loone is not political. She is a believer in humanity. Good for you.

    Thats your right and I will respect your right. It is not the issue here. But do not make claims that you are not.

    I make no bone abt my preference and I am honest enough. Although some allegations and assumptions are way off mark neither its intention nor reality. The most obvious wrong accusation is to assume I am in All Blog protem committee. There is another wrong accusation, but I’ll save that for later, if necessary.

    Oh well, if you claim yourself as a human right activist, other’s right doesn’t matter, is it? Does that include the liberty to assume whatever you wish? I like to believe not.

    At the end of your reply to Rocky, you say “Are you happy merely organising parties, holiday trips and sitting in NPC sipping wine and smoking cigars?”

    Only Monsterball is a cigar lover. Opps sorry .. that was the kind and friendly Mr SS Goh, not Monsterball. Monsterball shoots his mouth with abundance and curse anyone that disagree with him.

    I can’t understand why do you have to pass a cynical remark, just becasue people do not agree to your idea. You are even capable of stretching things further to say …

    …sad that people cant see the difference. sad day for freedom of speech and sad day for democracy really. this is a challenge to all-blogs.

    My, my, this Monsterballicitis disease is really spreading.

    They do their get-to-gether and stuff at their own leisure time. Do they have to be in the scrutiny of the high and mighty Susan Loone? Oh yes, she is a human right activitist. And she represent humanity.

    Reminds me of your episode with politikus, where you were being high and mighty to make wrong accusation and even crucifying her. She had a bloody right to say what she thought is right as someone with a legal qualification. No, you have to call her as divisive.

    I’ll learn my lesson now. With Susan Loone, she takes no dissenting view and take no criticism. She represent humanity.

    And all those others comments (jumping in like hyenas) … hmmm … not worth giving credibility with an answer.

    P/S The referendum is not relevent when both side are busy campaigning to get the people of Ijok to vote. It will not translate to votes and not relevent to Ijok. Be realistic.

    Opps … I just criticised the high and mighty Susan Loone.

    Please read Sheih’s early posting. This is my same stand agst All Blog being anyone’s platform. Its only MOnsterball there that wants to talk politics and yet he is agst BN, support DAP, but do not agree Pak Lah to be criticised…. strange man.

  29. Jun-E Tan says:

    Hi Susan, my response here as well.

  30. A Voice says:

    The loved and tolerated by bloggers and commenters alike is SS Goh, not Monsterball.

    Poor June-E Tan .. get ready for Monsterball!!!!

  31. monsterball says:

    Yes a voice….catch one word of Susan’s supporting a political party…so she said..BUT forget the other sentence…she is no more for years!
    Even is she or me are favouring a political party….we have the characters to dare criticise our parties for freedom of speeches and not ball carriers.
    So much on Susan.
    ME you want to criticise? The most loved and highly praised by bloggers and commenters alike ..decorated by my adopted son sheih …one of the most respected blogger…few times over…ME…ARE YOU NUTS??

  32. How come there is no call from Susan Loone for Bloggers United or All Blogs to go and join the fray in the two previous by-election before this, Batu Talam and Machap?

    Oh yes, PKR wasn’t contesting. Infact, Anwar Ibrahim engineered the Oppositions’ boycott of Batu Talam. Convenient isn’t it when PKR starts to contest, here suddenly Susan using the guise of “freedom of speech” to “strongly encourage” All Blogs to go into a political stage, like Ijok?

    Its a usual modus operandi, by these lot. Generating NGO’s resources doing political work. That is not new.

    The fact is that, All Blogs has to remain impartial and not be dragged into a political arena such as a pre-election campaign time before polling. If All Blogs were to organise a trip to Ijok, at this point of time, it can be ONLY construed as political and nothing else.

    All Blogs should remain apolitical and impartial to any party or organisation, including corporations and commercial entities so that it can function effectively; a society of Malaysian bloggers that promote healthy and progressive blogging.

    What the members do in their private time its their bloody business. But All Blogs cannot be seen in and/or on a political arena.

    Example: If All Blogs were to go to Ijok and people like Dato’ Shahrir Samad were to tag along (because he is a blogger), he wears a BN cap and t shirt (he has no problem to ‘campaign’ because he is a BN MP) and he is seen to be in the same van with Rocky, Jeff Ooi, Nuraina, Tony Yew and that fellow from Gen M plus Dato’ Ron Ahmad (former BN MP for Parit Sulong), talking and laughing (they always have a merry time, cordial together). The impression people will instantaneously have is that All Blogs is very supportive of BN, even pro BN.

    Now, would you people want really that?

    Ijok is a political arena. Regards what anyone says, at this point, any activity in that N11 constituency is politically biased. A mere presence there easily construed “association to the activity”, regardless what the intention is. Its like going to a strip club for “wholesome family entertainment” and whilst there, organise a private discourse on morality and decadence of society at the table right infont of the stage?

    All Blogs should stay off any political arena, even as an observer. To suggest otherwise, especially from someone who has the tendency (and history) to be political, especially under the guise of NGO, is really inappropriate.

  33. monsterball says:

    a voics…There you go again…instigating! What type of lecturer are you?
    Are your eyes blind? All call me uncle monty…and Sheih from papa monsterball…plus mamy more praises ..ALL to monsterball…not to ssgoh!!
    Hope politikus read more and understand what is a man….speaking from the heart from another speaking with a twisted tongue.

  34. monsterball says:

    Big Dog talks only politics ib blogging in support of non other TDM. If no TDM…then UMNO okay lah. As an UMNO supporter….he swings like Tarzan with his logics. How on earth…such a man can correect others?
    Susan is above all of us. It is her blog and should ignore replying to small fut like you. Inviting you here for a fight is not to fall into a trap defending herself. Let us loyal supporter do like we do for Sheih….him sitting quietly. …sipping a cup of nice tea and relax.
    BIG DOG!!! Like I said…you are a real COWARD! You have been building up momentum to belittle me from your various messages out. Like Sheih said…you will never change….and all know why…DON’T WE…TDM BALLS CARRIER.
    Then your idiotic side kick …a voice will fan and fan.
    Both of you can support UMNO….Susan and me must becareful not to support any party..or else be accused like what you are doing.
    Your sidekick said I suppport DAP….YES I DO!! But I also support Pak Lah….Keadilan….and strangely..sometimes…UMNO.
    You think you are so damn smart to use blogging to talk politics only and find a small loophole on Susan…fire away your bloody nonsense. You must be very patient to find a weakness of her….and use that all the your cunning master TDM.
    WHAT OTHER TALENTS HAVE YOU GOT? You have no guts to talk and protect the so many injustices done to Malaysian people. Susan have piles of messages written on such things…RECEIVING WORLWIDE RESPECT AND RECOGNITIONS….WHAT ARE YOU TWO KUCHING KURAP REPUTATIONS?? Why are you not supporting true to life matters….alway talk politics in blogging? Corruptions are so great by UMNO and especially by TDM in the past…where are your comments? Ah a voice said….no concrete proofs…so he will not comment….and challenge me to give proofs at Sheih’s site. WHAT BLOODY CUNNING HYPOCRITES BOTH OF YOU ARE!!
    We citizens of the people the people and for the people do not need you thick skinned hypocrites to teach us how to live like noble human beings. Learn that first before trying to challenge us.
    As a guest here…I sometimes feel like an idiot talking to an animal…not a fully developed human.
    Both of you are trully a disgrace to Bloggers United …but then…that’s what you are really after…to disunite bloggers..even to disunite the races.
    You will only stop if all are like….hero worship TDM.
    DREAM ON. Both of you have the worst reputations as bloggers…don’t you know that? Both of you have been F…up by Sheih and Susan…two most respected bloggers…don’t you know that? Both of you have been F..up by so many many commentators..don’t you know that? SURE YOU DO KNOW THAT…BUT YOU KEEP COMING BACK ….NO CHANGE…SO WHAT ARE YOU BOTH? HUMANS OR ANIMALS?

  35. monsterball says:

    Again Big Dog tries to corrupt Sheih’s site with his long long message.

    I will not fall into your cunning trap anymore BIG DOG.
    Go to your site…I have responded there.
    This is MAN…and if you talk like a coward…like a pondan….go to hell with you wierd guys… simply a disgrace to your own family and friends.
    What shit fathers are you two to your kids?

  36. susan loone says:

    Big dog, I dont think you or the Voice actually read my post properly. You ask why I did not ask Al-Blogs to go to Machap or Bau Talam. Didnt I say this suggestion came (and only recently) from a friend? Its not even my thought to start with, but I agree with her, a journalist and a blogger.

    Did I say to get involved in politics and campaign for candidate? I say campaign for free speech. You can easily say No, like June did, And like Rocky answered, but no, have to go down to your low level and attack me. Thank you very much, it just shows your mentality.

    And there is no guise at all, everyone who knows me, knows I am political. Even in Malaysiakini, we say we do not support any political party, but it doesnt mean we are a-political.

  37. susan loone says:

    June E, thanks for your respond. Well said and well done. if only most people have the intelligence to argue like you, all blogs and the world will see a better place. 🙂

  38. monsterball says:

    bennyloh..I visited your site…good efforts on originals…all cartoons drawn by you. Keep it up..but may I say…they are too simple and not done with much artistic intelligence shown. Perhaps you are still very young.
    May I suggest you buy a book of world welknown cartoonists and see their works…ask yourself why are they so famous..
    For that matter…our beloved Lat is now world wide celebrity cartoonist. WHY??
    He put out with true humour and wits…yet it is a serious message. Check it out!! If you trully is interested to be a cartoonist for your future career…..first you need to have a strong foundation…that is master the art of drawing cartoons. Take few drawing lessons from good artists…found few at Central Market and ….like a singer…first copy a hero singer…then slowly come out with your own style. Your own style will be your character…your unique signature tune….like they say in music. Are you happy with that now on your cartoons?
    If you are…then as an observer….you have limited talent. Sorry to say that. Please take my criticisms as care for you…not belittling you.

  39. susan loone says:

    A Voice, for a start, I dont really have to proof anything to you. But PRM will remember one of my comments: that if it merged with PKR, I would reisgn. I gave the party a chance to prove its salt in the merge entity, but it failed to convince, especially after the 2004elections. and so now I am out. i am clear in my stand, i support no one, and will not even vote this coming elections.

    Thanks that you think I am high and mighty. I never claimed to be so. But if you insist, thank you again 🙂

    As for not accepting dissenting voices, you are totally wrong, as anyone can see. If I were, why am I allowing all your pitiful and dissenting views, plus personal attacks here, without even moderating or censoring your views? I think the answer is clear.

    You attack me again for being open and honest to politikus. I am sorry that it is you who cant seem to understand what freedom of speech is. to me, it is, speak as you like, but be prepared for the repercussions. of course politikus has the bloody right, as you put it, to say as she please, but i also have the right to disagree with her as i please, or don’t I?

    I trulu believe in free speech. I am prepared to be crucified, to be defended, whatever. i have put out a suggestion, and it is up to people to debate. it is not for me to decide if all blogs go to ijok to campaign or not, it is for you the committee members.

    and if you cant even take a suggestion from an outsider with some respect, i really now can imagine what’s it like when you discuss in the all-blogs committee. my, thank god again that i am not involved.

    you also say i assume wrongly, so correct me if I am wrong, is that so hard to do? is it easier to go ahead and label me and attack me personally? maybe it is for you. but the easiest way to do is say” no, you are wrong. i am not in the proten committee. then i would say, i am sorry for assuming things about you.

    you said:
    P/S The referendum is not relevent when both side are busy campaigning to get the people of Ijok to vote. It will not translate to votes and not relevent to Ijok. Be realistic.

    this seems to be the only level headed comment you made so far.

    and i did not say get people to vote for the candidate. oh my god, have i been so unclear. i said get the candidates to support free speech of bloggers. i suggest all blog make itself know to voters – it a publicity campaign for all blogs not for candidates.

    Please read my posting again. and this time with a clear head. or else it is pointless arguing with you.

  40. __earth says:

    I wonder, how many bloggers reside in Ijok…?

  41. monsterball says: have humbled yourself to explain this to them. I salute you sincerely. Did you not read Big dog said at bloggers meetings…they spent most of their time laughing and joking about monsterball….saying zorro..ewoon…my two good friends agreed I am an idiot too? It is their art to create enemies out of friends. Few months back…they concentrated on Sheih belittling me eating mee rubus every tuesday….trying to make me quarrel with Shieh.
    Look at a voice fanning me to response to June E.
    Now you have said it all….lets hope they come to your site like gentlemen and learn to correct others with respect and manners….especially to blog owners.
    Will they change their mentalities? I hope so…lets see.

  42. Jason says:

    Dear Rocky,

    My name is Jason, I am Jun-E’s classmate, and if you are reading this, I hope that you who are overseeing the development of AllBlogs will spare 5 mins of your time to listen to me.

    I do not know if the people who commented above are part of the AllBlogs committee or not, but may i suggest that when you form the actual committee rather than the interim one, please do ONLY consider people who are mentally mature enough, and have enough patience and respect for others, i.e. people who can argue about the ISSUE and stick with the issue alone without making sweeping statements and assumptions as to the motive/thought behind others statements. Otherwise, I’m afraid that while I fully support the ideology behind AllBlogs, I fear that it is destined for failure, as nothing will be solved.

    Monsterball, A Voice, Susan, Big Dog:

    I am only 23, but I grew up learning that whatever the argument may be about, it will never resolve when people start name-calling or making assumptions about the other person. Susan made her point and suggestion, if you disagree, just disagree on WHAT SHE SUGGESTED? Why even turn it into a political discussion?! AllBlog was just about freedom of speech, it wasn’t about who Susan supported, who A Voice supported, or who ANYONE supported for that matter.

    I don’t see the matter being resolved, do you? Reminds me of a certain parliament that resorts to name-calling but never seems to get issues solved and policies ammended to suit the public don’t you think?

    If only everyone said sorry for inadvertant (or even blatant) personal insults, and focused more on the issue at hand, which in this case whether or not one feels AllBlogs should go campaign for freedom of speech….

  43. A Voice says:

    Its ok Susan, you can have all the convenient escape clause you want and you can have your last word after this.

    My last word.

    You understand what I mean and what happenned to Jeff?

    Good thing he text me that he was ok. Seemed another that went along was not quite ok. I got a text that another chap that was hit by a broom.

    I’ve got some honest takes from an UMNO and a Keadilan member on the account of the event yesterday and what is happening “behind the scene”. But its not the subject of this discussion here.

    For someone in Bangkok, you can tokkok. I am glad there are those that do not agree with the idea at All Blog taking a political position and defusing our infant organisation effectiveness.

    Lets not drag those socio-political bloggers not interested in inter partisan politics.

    I wonder will you take a fair stand to cover any possible victims on the BN side since you are apolitical and fair?

  44. Arifabdull says:

    Kepada semua yang berkenaan,

    Kalau Susan ditentang dengan cadangan tersebut, maka saya di sini terpaksa menyuarakan bantahan secara terbuka saya terhadap percubaan agenda pro-mahathir ke dalam perjuangan Bloggers United @ All-Blogs.

    Walaupun, saya juga sepandapat dengan kalian menentang pemerintahan Abdullah Badawi.

    Namun, akal waras saya tidak dapat menerima agenda bekas diktator yang telah menghancurkan negara ini dan tidak akan pernah memaafkannya. Dialah yang telah membunuh kebebasan media & hak demokrasi rakyat.

    Memang kelihatan bekas diktator ini seperti manusia mulia sekarang, seolah-olah bersih dan menjadi mangsa penindasan Abdullah Badawi menyebabkan beliau kini kunun menyokong para bloggers.

    Tetapi, itu semua hanya lakonan untuk menagih simpati dan secara terang-terangan mempergunakan kita semua. Mahathir yang kini kaya raya ada agenda sendiri, dia bukan mangsa penindasan. Dia pencatur bijak mencaturkan kita.

    Sekian, harap maklum.


  45. A Voice says:

    Pendirian saya adalah All Blog tidak harus di jadikan landasan politik mana pihak.

    Ada mereka yang berlainan pendirian politik saya ada memberikan sokongan.

    Adakah bantahan saudara bermaksud mahu agenda politik anda di jadikan agenda All Blogs?

  46. mob1900 says:

    Actually my point in supporting ANY bloggers going down there and cover the events is good for alternative media. Fresh pics and fresh news from BOTH sides of the rival parties is good for readers.

    Let bloggers who wants to experience the situation first hand do it, let them ‘encamped’ and ‘enthrenched’ themselves at the frontlines so they could bring us pretty pictures and write-ups for most of us arm-chair bloggers.

    Plus, we have more bloggers who are political-aware of the real situation of a by-election which would be a great blogging exercise for the upcoming G.E.

    It’s a win-win situation for all come to think of it.
    I heard the existence of ‘Brownshirts’ being used by certain party to intimidate rivals, the Klang Red Scorpions with emblems to matched, highlighted by a blogger(though he did declared he campaigned for opposition).

    Such news would never have made it into the MSM unless it comes from the horses mouth or by taking a dip into the water.

    Let us(as readers) decides if the contents are biased or not.

  47. zorro says:

    Damn it people. Free Speech does not mean name-calling. Free Speech means to say your piece and allow the other to say his peace and not tear him to bits because he/she does not buy your idea. Free Speech is respecting other’s idea/feedback.

    Rocky and I discussed a trip. All Blogs was not mentioned. What if people see us in Ijok and identify us as All Blogs? So what? Cant talk to anybody because we dont want to be perceived as supporters of a group. Some of us a putting too much meaning into a straight-forward issue: I told Rocky that should I go to Ijok, it is to go down to ground-zero, to feel the pulse of the election process. We all kn ow that the process is wanting. We hear that it is one-sided; we hear that election rules are not adhered to. I want to see it for myself. For too long I have believed what the mainstream wishes to impart. Going into Ijok will afford me first-hand feel of the process. And by God, I will pull no punches if I detect some “stunts”. So if I go with Rocky and All Blogs mee rebus fraternity….try not to put too much color to a simple journey. And people, respect the owner of the blog and JUST SAY YOUR PIECE and sneak out.

  48. monsterball says:

    Susan…I beg you not to response to a voice who is smart to instigate and fan others …yet ASKING YOU TO BE FAIR.
    IGNORE HIM PLEASE…You are too important to debate on such issues based on politics. They are ONLY good for that…nothing else.

  49. susan loone says:

    My last words: thank you to all commentators, whether they agree or disagree with me. and taking on Jason’s suggestion, I am sorry if I have indulged in “name calling” or “personal attacks”. like everyone, i am still learning. we were not born into an environment where free speech reign, but instead the opposite.

    I still feel the subject matter should be discussed in an honest, matured manner, for in a way, it does reflect the direction of All-Blogs. This could be a deciding factor whether people want to continue to support All-Blogs or not.

    Uncle Zorro, freedom of speech do mean everything, even the worst speech. but we can choose to deal with those in a few ways: 1) engage 2)rebuke 3) debate 4) ignore. we shall try as much as possible not to restrict.

    I am still open for discussion, and perhaps a follow-up article 🙂

  50. Jun-E Tan says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for accepting my views so courteously. =)

    p/s. Guys, it’s Jun-E! Not June E nor Jun Ee or whatever variation have you.

  51. monsterball says:

    Susan, If it is open for discussion, then my opinion is that the way Rocky and zorro are responding… the All-Blogs have shown.. it has no laws … rules and regulations …thus President or just a committee member are all equal in status..which no other association have so much loose rules..especially from the infantile stage.
    It shows clearly there is no strength at the formation… or no one understands laws and by-laws of an Association. Jeff as VP did not speak ….nor respected Patrick Teoh….not one word.
    This has infact exposed to us..that the government was right all along that bloggers are talking nonsense and cannot be trusted nor respected.
    However….few bloggers with respectable reputations like Elizabeth Wong….kickdefella…..Susan Loone….Patrick Teoh…to name a few…these will be observed closely by the government…..more of how much they all have influences with their good reputations towards voters.
    Government will always watch out guys like MT not to cross the line in rumour mongerings too much.
    Future court cases ….if any will not add strengths with a unstable All -Blogs …but like as before..a gathering of support from individual bloggers and commentators to show their support. In short…TO EACH IT’S OWN.

  52. monsterball says:

    If Rocky or zorro are trully interested in seeing the All-Blogs is heading the right direction…they should get some advises from few Chinese Asso. leaders….like the Hokkien Asso on how elected members should behave. …what can be spoken openly and what are the punishments for breaking the rules and regulations.
    Otherwise…it should be Band of Bloggers…not an All-blogs at all!!

  53. monsterball says:

    Rocky and Jeff should realise whatever they or their committee members do… speak or behave..they are representing ALL BLOGS!
    Are they thinking towards that line?
    If not…then my suggestion …Band of Bloggers is appropriate.

  54. Monsterball,

    What the hell do you about anything? You are not even a blogger! Stop giving your thoughts as if you are the expert!

    Everyone else,

    All Blogs as an entity should remain impartial and neutral to anything. It should not be seen getting involved into any arena even associating itself to any corporations and on line entities like Google or Yahoo (without the consent of its members).

    Members are free to be a member of any political party, NGO or be employed or associated with any enterprise/business entity. There must be a clear separation between All Blogs as an entity (which will be registered under ROS) and bloggers on their own right in their private capacity.

    What the members want to do in their own time and resource, its their bloody business but All Blogs should not organise trips into area where there is political campaign for a by election going on.

    Example Jeff Ooi can spend his day in Ijok all he like but its not ethical for him as All Blogs pro tem Vice President to bring All Blogs involved in his polling beat hopping.

  55. susan loone says:

    Big Dog;

    I do not agree with you. Campaigning for free speech is NOT a political campaign. I assume, when you say “political campaign”, you mean “electoral campaign”.

    If so, campaign for free speech is not a political campaign, I repeat. It’s just that it can happen on the ground during an election or by-election, it happens in schools or universities also, in trainings, seminars, conferences. For example, what happens during Wolrd Press Freedom Day is a campaign for free speech. What BUM2007 is doing is a campaign for free speech. Just the venue varies.

    By the way, if you want to promote and protect bloggers, as All-Blogs claim it wants to do, you have to campaign for it. You can choose the style of campaign, but there’s no running away from it. Unless you change your direction.

  56. A Voice says:

    I will heed wise Zorro’s advise. My olive branch offer. The first line to my first comment should change from below:

    “I VEHEMENTLY disagree with Susan Loone’s attempt to turn All-Blogs into a political or personal platform for any political party or NGO or movement/cause or individual.”


    “I VEHEMENTLY disagree with any attempt to turn All-Blogs into a political or personal platform for any political party or NGO or movement/cause or individual.”

    This line is basically is in reaction to your line on your original posting is below:

    “The candidate who supports the referendum gets our (blogger) support.”

    If we are to remain impartial, we have no business to take any party political stand side AT ALL. Party politics is very divisive in society. Lets not get All Blogs to be split. In politics and debating tactic, that line is like a “head or tail, I win”. I am sure you do not have the intention.

    Whatever your politics, cause, or claims, it is respectfully yours. And, I expect the same.

    There is no sincere intention to influence into my agenda as much as I do not agree it to be turn into someone’s private agenda. Any assumption is vicous accusation.

  57. monsterball says:

    Big dog..Susan ask opinions from everyone..including commentators and by the way..I know much more than you on Associations matter….even before you are born!! I am the founding Chairman of Retail Association of Music Industry for Malaysia and a life member of Malaysian Chinese Recreation Club. You are less than 30 years old…what are you….Chairman of Borak Association?

  58. monsterball says:

    By the way…..Big Dog….I was an active Junior Chamber International member and went for simimars…as far as HongKong…again long before you were born. Incase you don’t know what that is called Jayees International for short.
    I received awards for my good works.
    Clubs like this plus Lions International will vet every person before accepting their applications or even being norminated to be in.
    That’s why they grew and grew and after more than a 100 years old clubs..still well respected and yearn for by millions around the world.
    So Big Dog….what qualifications have you got to be the spokesman of ALL-Blogs?

  59. monsterball says:

    Big Dig does not realise commentators are as equally important for bloggers to be protected by All-Blogs so call members.
    They have started like a Band of Bloggers…do or speak as they like.
    I wonder why Big dog do not disagree so many commentators were supporting Jeff and rocky at the court house…using his logic.
    Commentators will become blog owners…that’s how all bloggers are today….they are hands and gloves.
    So Big dog must not assume bloggers from nowhere.
    And I agree and support with Susan’s on how All Blogs should behave …or else change it to BAND OF BLOGGERS!!

  60. monsterball says:

    Just to complete my credentials…..I was awarded with so many silverwares with words of praises carved into them from all over Malaysia…when I visited them as the founding Chairman of the music industry.
    I was the first to start manufacturing magnetic tapeS… 8-track ..cassettes..videos in Malaysia…..with also a plastic factory and mould making department… technology supported by my American partners….PLUS a strong research and development dept….INVESTING MILLIONS. I HAVE HUNDREDS OF WORKERS.
    So Big Dog..I am a humble man. Don’t try to belittle a Malaysian that helped build Malaysia!!

  61. monsterball says:

    Both of you AGAIN start to corrupt Sheih’s site with your messages to me.
    Don’t you have your own sites to invite me to battle?
    Is this All Blogs attitudes…to corrupt fellow bloggers site?

  62. monsterball says:

    And if you care to look into few ‘Who’s who’ interational books…you will find my name and credentials printed on.
    I hate to promote myself…but no choice meeting such low class citizens.

  63. monsterball says:

    Jayees International should read JC International. Thanks.

  64. monsterball says:

    I now challenge Rocky as President of ALL BLOGS to Patrick Teoh…Jeff….Sheih…and all others holding important posts at the Asso.
    Silence is not goldern!!..Please speak up. I know Patrick Teoh is fearless.
    He is one of the committee member that I trully respect and I think he is feeling shameful silently…if I read his character correctly.
    For what’s worth..any Association that have low ranks committee members speak and do as they like …. gangsters …will be immediately be sacked. …or else it is trully a BAND OF BLOGGERS asso..You noticed I response to them with that rough style character…as I know such borak people all my life in the music industry…..NEVER FEAR THEM.
    Is it All Bolgs or Band of bloggers Rocky is representing…and hope he does not use diplomatic words like a politician. We are here to expose the wrongs of the government,,,,people with power…and all political parties favourtism. How can we be that…if we do not project we are able to be fair and righteous and have respect to bloggers and commentators ? And more so..when we all know how small the Asso is right now. Who is trying to destroying the Asso…me and susan?
    How can rocky allows his member to corrupt another member sites and term it as free this or that….simply bullshit stuffs.
    I wait patiently for responses from high rank guys in the All Blogs.

  65. Arifabdull says:

    A Voice dan kawan-kawan sekalian,
    Jawapan dan pendirian saya di sini

    Kalau mahu Abdullah tumbang, lemahkan Barisan Nasional (UMNO).
    Tak jadi kalau sebelah kaki hentam Abdullah, sebelah kaki anda menyokong parti yang menjadi tunggak kekuatannya.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

  66. susan loone says:

    A Voice, if any of your olive branch is extended to me, i accept with an open heart. i can negotiate on that sentence which made you see red “The candidate who supports the referendum gets our (blogger) support.” Okay, DO NOT support ANY candidate, if you insist. But campaign for free speech and get them to support it, you must, that is what I suggest.

    By this sentence, I actually mean ALl-Blogs members to be impartial, to go ABOVE and BEYOND party politics but I can see that people are not prepared for this.

    The day that individuals and groups can accept or reject candidates despite their political affiliations and see the issue for themselves, is the day democracy has been won by people’s power.

    Big Dog, any comment from bloggers or non-bloggers, like Uncle Monty, is most welcomed in this blog 🙂

    Arifadull, terima kasih. Pendapat dan analisis anda memang tepat sekali. Jeff ialah contoh yang terbaik bagi ALL-Blogs untuk menjadi lebih pro-aktif. Sekiranya, kami harap kemenangan atau kehormatan terhadap kaum blogger akan seperti bulan jatuh ke riba, sorry lah. Tidak siapa, terutama sekali kerajaan, akan memberikannya kepada kami dengan sewenang-wenangnya. Lain-lah kalau kami dipergunakannya untuk mencapai matlamat tertentu. Kebebasan bersuara patut diperjuangankan. Seperti juga Merdeka, tidak di beri percuma 🙂

  67. A Voice says:


    Saudara masih enggan menjawab persoalan saya yang berkaitan dengan topik perbincangan.

    Mungkin ada antara blogger2 yang bertujuan untuk mentarbiahkan kepada pembaca akan perlu PM di ubahkan, tapi tujuan All Blog bukan untuk menumbangkan AAB. Blogger persendirian mungkin.

    Saya faham. Saudara hanya mahu berbicara mengenai politik bukan mengenai all blogs. Bincanglah, itu hak saudara.

  68. Arifabdull says:

    Everyone pls check this out;
    then, here

    A Voice, u sengaja tak faham atau u memang sengaja nak buang masa orang lain, i tengok u suka memutarbelitkan kata-kata.
    Ok, this is my last word 4 u. I wont entertain this kind of silly question anymore, pls!
    All-Blogs timbul setelah kawan kita bro rocky dan jeff mendapat tekanan daripada regim Pak Lah. Tak tahulah saya kalau All-Blogs dah maafkan Pak Lah dan konco-konconya? Kalau tak, tunggu apalagi….. lawanlah!!!
    Buat apa kritik pentadbiran Pak Lah dalam blog masing-masing tu? Sajer nak main-main ker?
    Kalau dah maafkan, ok. Maafkan saya, saya akan sukarela tanggalkan button Bloggers United dari blog saya (itu yg A Voice harapkan? hahahahaha).
    Bro Rocky dan yang berkenaan layak menjawab soal nih.

    Dan, kalaulah saya ni penyokong Pak Lah, saya tak akan ingin nak join All-Blogs. Boleh ker? (correct me if i’m wrong,pls!)

    Bagi PRK Ijok, seperti saya dalam blog, saya bukan anggota mana-mana parti. Tetapi, saya tidak suka regim Pak Lah… so, tidak melanggar prinsip saya untuk membantu PKR yang lebih ke hadapan dalam usaha menjatuhkan regim ini. Idealisme mereka saya tidak setuju. Tapi agenda perubahan mereka bawa adalah antara yang progressif (maju) – di Malaysia.

    Kalau mahu bicara soal lain, apalah salahnya….. ayuh!!! Tapi apahal pulak u nak persoalkan sama ada i hanya mahu bincang politik atau tidak? Blog i tu memang dikategorikan sebagai SOPO aper?

  69. WATTAHACK? says:

    our idea is to make a stand
    by making a stand we are already against any current gov policy
    means we have to make our policies be accepted 1st
    if its accepted then it won’t be against the gov
    this is universal as there are always + & – = neutral

  70. susan loone says:

    wattahack, i agree.
    it’s we who should decide the policies
    not the other way around!
    remember, people are the BOSS
    that’s what elections are for
    if not why even vote!
    now you can see why we cant get out of the rut?
    because we are afraid to make a stand, to rock the boat, and to make ourselves known to the powers that threaten to end our existence, let alone, challenge them.

  71. A Voice says:


    Eh marah? Awak kata saya nak memusingkan?

    Saya rasa awak tak tahu cerita ni. Orang pertama yang defend FreeLunch 2020 adalah bigdog. Kemudian Susan Loone tulis. Bila Rocky post the comment, siapa yang tak baca?

    Kalau awak nak buat tuduhan by association, tuduhan itu perlu dihalakan pada Rocky, Bigdog, dan Susan. Apa kena mengena saya? Kenapa salahkan Bigdog dengan blogger yang kita tak tahu? Kalau awak tahu siapa sila jelaskan?

    Susah ni, saya dipaksa mengaku. Kalau tidak saya dikatakan memusingkan fakta.

    Ginilah brader. Susah benar nak terang kat you. Nak cerita politik, cerita lah. Dalam perbincangan ini, pokoknya begini. Entiti yang di bincang dua:

    1. Anda, saya, susan, big dog dan mungkin blogger ijok blog itu sebagi blogger.

    2. All Blog sebagai satu persatuan, buat masa ini protem dan mungkin kalau tidak aparal

    Entiti nombor 1., itu pelbagai rupa, bangsa, pendirian politik, boss politik, cenderongan bukan politik, dll. Kalau dilayan perbezaan ini, no 2 tu berkecai berai lah.

    Tujuan no 2 bukan nak tumbangkan dolah/UMNO, atau naikkan anwar/PKR atau naikkan hadi/PAS atau tumbangkan LKS/DAP. Bacalah balik tujuan All Blog. Untuk kebebasan Blog, Mempromosi Blog, Membantu/pertahan Blogger, dan lain2 hal berkenaan Blog dan Blogging. Itu saja.

    Siapa nak jadi ALL Blog … tak kira asal sokong tujuan All Blog.

    Simple saja concept, tak ada existensialism, tak ada metaphor, tak ada metaphysics, tak ada epistemology, tak ada inference, tak ndercurrent, … bukan flip bukan flop bukan bukan bukan …


  72. A Voice says:

    Susan Loone

    “By this sentence, I actually mean ALl-Blogs members to be impartial, to go ABOVE and BEYOND party politics but I can see that people are not prepared for this.

    The day that individuals and groups can accept or reject candidates despite their political affiliations and see the issue for themselves, is the day democracy has been won by people’s power.”

    The problem is the political ideology between parties are too far apart. Idealism and realpolitik differ to far, even in well develop democrasy.

  73. Arifabdull says:

    To Bigdog,
    I’m very sorry if the way i put your link and the IjokSelangor one is seem like i was angry (dead wrong), nah….. untuk apa i marah, its not mine? but, actually i just try to get your attention to the IjokSelagor blog comments on FL2020.

    since i read FL2020 expalanation which she admitted never been pressured to stop from blogging, i think it enuf (and we must respect it). That why i tot, its not fair for the IjokSelangor or whoever else to raise up it again…..
    Tapi, nampak seperti bukan BigDog terasa pedas? maybe since i never accused or pointing anyone on the IjokSelangor link matter.

    As I promised in my last comment (in bold), my personal position is clear and i stake to my stand. I’m not going to comment on it anymore, enuf pls?

  74. monsterball says:

    I wonder how did the blacks in USA apply their peoples’ power so effectively that the mightiest government on earth was subdued and conquered?

  75. monsterball says:

    Our immediate neighbour Indonesia peoples power is also very real that a President stepped down voluntarily and his son went to jail. HOW DID THEY DO IT?
    Gatherings may look one race…but no.. from all sorts of races….with one purpose and one heart….how did they do it?
    Susan said and I quote “The day that individuals and groups can accept or reject candidates despite their political affiliations and see the issue for themselves, is the day democracy has been won by people’s power”
    Do we agree?

  76. monsterball says:

    Susan made a good reply to wattahack. I hope a voice have read it before he made his opinion after reading it.
    Ignoring good remarks and continuing pushing the issue with another question…is this not a political art to create attention away from a good answer?

  77. monsterball says:

    Dear Susan…Go to your top post. Rocky is more interested in playing games with you than make further responses to this debate.

  78. Ahchuan says:

    1. This is my first posting.
    2. I am a reader not a blogger.
    3. As a retired GOVT-agent(SUDAH PENCEN) tasked to INFILTRATE AND SUBVERT specific anti-govt/establishment/opposition bodies for 25yrs, I can tell with confidence (after reading postings on the All-Blogs) that there is INFILTRATION here (in the committee) by at least 2.
    4. We report to and get our rewards from the Min-Info, both on the job and subsequent, cash or in-kind.
    5. Examples of my comteporary? Zulk_rn__n N_k__hi, PAS, Vice-President.
    Z__d Ib__h_m, B_r Co_ncil .
    6.Be-warned and beware

  79. monsterball says:

    After reading all these and noted Rocky’s …zorro’s further responses…and mute from the other honourable committee members….my own conclusion is it is a BAND OF BLOGGERS association formed….thus good noble bloggers that are elected as members of so call ALL BLOGS must make their stand to support or resign from the association…to start all over again…but this time…the rules and regulations…laws and by-laws of the association must be printed that no one can step out of the line. No company or association can function at all without laws and orders ..unless gangsterism…bully and belittling and free for all are approved by the President.
    Like I always said…one can identify what is the character of the blogger by reading all the post…political…NGO….freedom fighters…just about daily lives…promoting a State like Sheih…must make a clear stand…gangsters or bloggers. We commentators need to becareful not to be discouraged and be shoo away by bloggers…trying to bully you. Take my example….never run away…and I dare say now that my experiences and credentials are far far more sincere that most in the persuing of a country for MALAYSIANS..with no race identities….yet very often I am labeled as a racialist.
    From today onward…I will need to learn who are my friends in bloggings…sitting on the fenCe guts type or like me ..tiotally sincere type… those few hypocrites saying my nick monsterball and my real identity ssgoh are two different persons as a start to their nonsense again. They like and respect ssgoh…do you beleive it??Luckily…I do feel totally at home with so many bloggers that ….even when we do not agree ….yet we respect each other sincerely. Thank God…I have so many bloggers that feel this way with me.
    So Susan…no use to waste time on this matter anymore…even new messages comes….unless the president will stop playing games and go to serious stuffs…which he is not prepared to …so t is BAND OF BLOGGERS!!
    And my goodness!! MY ADOPTED SON SHEIH is one of them? Wake up son! I am sorry to ask you put the logo back.
    You are wise..but silence will not help! Do something!

  80. monsterball says:

    If they do not like Band Of Bloggers label…perhaps Pack Of Bloggers…to make them more united as gangsters…that’s what they are a team of gangsters..which unfortunately few elected members are truly not….but accept to be members thinking unity is the objectives. I challenge the President and zorro and all to elected members to debate me on this matter or else accept the titles in silence
    Those who do not resign have also accepted to be a gangster in the group.

  81. shanghaistephen says:

    Dear Susan,
    After reading all the above comments ,I’ve said my piece on Jun-E ‘s blog and I think we should be all partisan to only All-Blogs and then pursue only to each his/her own prefferential and personal agenda ….Lets not make All Blogs politically inclined for God’s sake !
    As for monsterball, I believe and strongly recommend he sticks to the topic in hand and not stir shit on every blog he chances upon ,like maybe get his own blog perhaps or better still get out of all blogs ! … lets not confuse the issue here monster, and in the meantime …Cheers, go dunk yourself in wine and cigars !!

  82. v9 says:

    Wow Monsterball,
    You are so multi-talented and a multi-decorated veteran. It is time to take a back seat and let the more ‘inexperience’ young people come out with their own solutions to problems. Otherwise, 50 years from now, it will still be the same shits and mess which you and me left behind…by giving wrong advices. There are many ways to make All-Blogs better. Here are a few suggestions.
    1. Don’t go to Ijok
    2. Organised funding to sponsor cybercafe in rural areas.
    3. Set up a revenue generating vehicle for expenditures and
    4. Recruit young geniuses out there to develop new scripts and programs.
    5. …..By the way, did All-Blog even bother to get feed back from cyber-critizens, beside drinking and smoking cigars (don’t get angry, only joking). Cyber world allows you to tap the young minds and geniuses in our universe to volunteer helps, yet you want to go out and become a local vocal. Selffish. v9

  83. […] into vehicles for something else: specifically, vehicles for the opposition. Like Susan Loone’s call for All-Blogs to “turun […]

  84. AnakBapa says:

    Bukankah kemelut yang berlaku sekarang ini kerana tindakan kerajaan BN/UMNO? Dan penubuhan All-Bloggers pun kerana rasa perlu bersatu kerana ancaman daripada pemerintah yang cuba menyekat kebebasan bersuara yang telah lama mereka lakukan kepada kita! Media yang berat sebelah dan akta yang mengongkong (OSA, Printing Act, AUKU dsb)..

    Dan bukan pembangkang yang mengancam kebebasan bersuara ini…

    Saya tak faham ada lagi bloggers yang nak support BN/UMNO selepas segala bentuk penindasan yang sedang berlaku ….. dah tu cuba cuba pula nak halang orang lain mengemukakan pendapat ::


  85. pulasan says:

    So, this means that you telling us bloggers ”
    If I am a “Manchester United ready to die supporter” CANNOT go and watch live match between Chelsea and Newcastle because you will be sportingly biase and politically unsporting because you might be supporting either team where your loyalty towards MU is questionable.
    Commonlah , let Chelsea and Newcastle knows that we are here watching
    your moves. You have to know the actual situation LIVE to understand how the game is played. Why want to shoot people BLATANTLY just because it was merely mentioned?
    Just because you don’t like what you read, no need to go to far to dig here and there like you got nothing else to say or write.
    All this sounds like “KOMEN BERBAU POLITIK ” Don’t you agree?

  86. monsterball says:

    Susan…Sheih send his best personal regards to you! Spoke to him on phone for more than half an hour….very busy man indeed.
    He told me to tell you these:
    1.a voice and Big dog are not elected committee members of All blogs. No rights to speak on behalf of All Blogs.
    2.All blogs has yet to submit to the Registrar Of Soceities..the required forms to be approved…. thus All blogs is infact non existence yet.
    3. Rocky and zorro were speaking for themselves also…not on behalf of All Blogs.
    4. He beleives others have not out out their opinions….because of point 2.
    He confirms he is a non political blogger….although an UMNO member.
    5.He does not agree with you on sending bloggers to Ijok. I explained that you have accepted Jun-e objections ….and asked me where to find and read everything.
    I wonder why Rocky nor zorro did not say a voice and Big Dog are not elected committee and let us know the true position of All Blogs.

  87. shar101 says:

    The All-Blogs pro-tem committee are in the midst of preparing the constitution whilst at the same time, looking into other issues i.e. membership criteria(s), funding, blogging programs, etc.

    The committee members consist of both the older and younger generation with participation from almost every race. It could be better but for the sake of expediency, all of them are based in the Klang valley. (Let’s not forget that ‘out of pocket expenses’ will be borne by the committee members themselves).

    Equally important, All-Blogs came into existence on 5th April’07 at a time when the administration were considering legislative means to ‘control’ bloggers. By formalizing ourselves and later, registering the National Alliance of Bloggers with the ROS, we are seeking recognition from the government, thereby, representation in our civil society.

    It is very heartening to see so many passionate voices advocating freedom of speech in Malaysia especially in the blogosphere which I believe can be further enhanced through the efforts of ALL bloggers via All-Blogs.

    Preserving the sanctity of your individual right to free speech and/or personal preferences and/or political affiliations must be a cornerstone within the All-Blogs constitution. Individually, some of you, especially the SOPO bloggers are practicing this but can you envisage the clout you can have as a group. It is for this same purpose that All-Blogs must remain apolitical so that you can exercise your individual right(s).

    We are a fledgling movement, galvanized into being when Rocky and Jeff Ooi got sued by the NSTP, chose our colors through Bloggers United and now, are putting up the All-Blogs flag for all to see.

    Choose your battles wisely. As much as you individually wish to empower yourselves, will you not share this with the people of Malaysia? Seeking a consensus from the public to support free speech is decidedly better than to seek a referendum from political parties.

    When you empower the people, you intrinsically do likewise for yourself. Haris Ibrahim is doing this for the ordinary citizens with his “The Peoples Parliament” blog. If you’re a blogger, help him to help the others get better representation and governance. It’s your choice to make, not one made for you.

    Meanwhile, Ijok is a done deal.

  88. monsterball says:

    Shanghaistephen……Try not top prove you want to be a band of bloggers as I have described. i will speak out as I like …when I like and how I like. Got IT?

  89. monsterball says:

    v9…I will take your message with an open minded heart….but I do not agree old guys like us must take back seats. This is not a 50 year old soceity of bloggers. Infact…old guys should speak out more of their ideas of wisdom….like what you have just written. We do not say we are ALWAYS RIGHT…certainly not me….but they should learn to respect and point out our sincere mistakes with politeness to the elders …..if they do not want to shower compliments…that’s ok.
    You and I should know..bloggers are getting more influencial to citizens in Malaysia…young and old.
    So you should fully understand…if the roots of a young tree is will produce rotten fruits…thus the ROOTS and in human forms….the BRAINS must be strong and healthy to produce good results with right attitudes.
    No my friend v9…I will not suit back and see few bloggers trying to give bad names to other bloggers behaving like gangsters. THEY HAVE TO PROVE ME WRONG….THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY ATTITUDE in matters that are serious and important.!! And this is also about us wanting a Malaysian Malaysia.They can hate me as they like….as humans hate to be corrected…….I can only hope they will one day realise my real loving motives for all these……making sure their directions of thoughts are pointing to the right way.
    What is the right way… much have been spoken by Susan.

  90. v9 says:

    Our dearest Monsterball,
    Very sorry to have offended you if I did. You have every rights to your opinions and suggestions. But to ‘corner’ Rocky and the rest is not what I would like happening. All those actions that you and Susan mentioned, have been used before but still there is not much change or reform. Going about things the old fashion ways will not help at all. We need new solutions and methods. Cyber space is one new tool and space that can achieve changes (hopely for the better) and unite all races gobally without fears or credentials. With cyberspace now intricately inter-twined with normal day to day operations, it is almost impossible for a government agency to enforce cencorship on your freedom of speech. When you want to go to Ijok, you actually wanted to attach a face to your freedom of speech. Is it a wise thing to do now? Cyberspace have evolved tremendously in part due to the facelessness of her critizens. It is easier to put aside racism, social rankings and differences when we are faceless. That is why, you can curse and swear in cyberspace without offending anyone. We are still quite young in this evolution and that is why I appreciate Jun-E advice. For the time being let us all remain ‘faceless’ until the whole new concept of a world without racial and difference divides set in…..probably in another 3 or 4 generations according to Charles Darwin. Rocky and some of the Bloggers have already attached their faces to the space. It is a brave move and let us just appreciate it and try to support them as much as we can. Like one commentors said ‘Nature will find a way to correct itself’. Let us enjoy life.

  91. v9 says:

    Dearest Monsterball,
    This will be my last posting here. I do not know about you, but I aged side by side with the first IBM PC using DOS operating system. Before that, I was busy punching holes in paper cards to write programs. In short, you and me were probably the first critizens of cyberspace. Without you spicing up the comment sections, things might just get too boring. Let’s just trust the new generations…but feel free to bamboo them if you are up to it.

  92. monsterball says:

    pulasan…In a way…yes…as during the formations of a serious soceity like All blogs..they must make their stand very clear.
    Do we want freedom of speech…rights and achieve peoples power seriously?
    So it as to start with rules and regulations that are very stiffs….like going into a warfare with a dictatorial government…war of words…not with arms…get it clear….yet show love and respect to your enemy like true noble opposition.
    It is one for all and all for one….for what? So for what must be clearly spelt out and accepted by all bloggers and they must want commentators support very badly….as we are the millions frontliners ….doing the job they want…if they know how to lead and get our respects.
    YES…pulasan….Starting must get all bloggers decipline and serious attitudes…SOLELY on freeing Malaysian from the yoke of dictators.
    Yes…they have to put their political rights to support any part aside and put in a freedom fighter label for Malaysia. I repeat in words….not with arms.
    Once this is already understood…practised and become our lifestyle…why not..mix with your enemies….go cheer the opposition football teams….go party with the enemies and do what you want with your natural lives….PROVIDED we do not have a fixed mindset…now we have a flexilble mind developed so powerful…that politicians will think twice to battle with us…AND THOUSANDS WILL want to join us day by day. …and listen to our calls seriously.This is my personal opinion.

  93. monsterball says:

    dearest v9…Hope is the last for the day…and not last for this site.
    Yes we are the first on cyberspace. I recalled paying hundreds of thousand RM and have a special room to store the huge hardwares operating by magnetic tapes system. One need to pay not less than RM50,000 ..40 years ago for the cheapest system…what you can buy now for around RM2000 on t laptop size.

  94. monsterball says:

    By the way v9…I have been forced to exposed all I am and was. I think I am the most exposed blogging commenter …face…everything in Malaysia…..hahahahaha
    Those guys did a wonderful joke to make me do that…but hope they don’t ask an old man do a strip tease show to prove I am ssgoh…..I AM!!!

  95. monsterball says:

    Lets imagine Bloggers all group together and go to Ijok with the banner ‘ALL BLOGS” party. We sit at our tent…walk around..but NEVER support any party…but talk to voters and explain what our objectives are and if a political candidate approach us …we say like idiots ‘NO COMMENTS’ to everyone one.
    What is the objective? To show to the people they have a party to speak for them…a non political party…that’s bloggers teach them how to use their votes wisely…to teach them how powerful they are as voters and to teach them they are bosses of the country…this and that.

  96. GreenGiant says:


    My first posting.

    No, Let Monsterball speak. ANd you too.

    Please have proper net etiquatte. Do not spams with repeated posting and dominate posting.

    All you veteran shd be given due respect but plse respect the young people here. They are quite articulate and educated.

    Say our piece and do not be insecure to answer every criticism line by line. No to mention dishing insult and instigating quarrels or what malay say “batu api”

    Please lah uncle and aunties, follow net etiquette.

  97. Helmet Supplier says:


    Yr last idea I lagi scared. Both side will throw mineral water bottles.

    Buy from me helmet ah!

  98. hang tuah says:

    how can one write something which is not infavour of anything ?

    infavour of something pricipled is different from favouring something unprincipled. a universal truth is what being favour by any sane human.

  99. monsterball says:

    Well said GreenGiant and bless you!
    So you sell helmet..helmet Supplier…hahahaha
    Why scare lah….love begets love…kindnesses begets kindnesses….so why be scared when we just teach voters how to vote?
    Oh I see…those being brainwashed …may suddenly become violent? Walk off cannot convince everyone..easier said than done….but doing it we must…to free minds to know how important their votes are. Are you a voter yet?
    hang tuah…are you favouring one religion? WHY? Because it is good for your soul right? So why can’t voters want to value or favour their own very rightful freedoms in life and not simply cast a vote based on others influences? why can’t they be more responsible? and we are teaching them all good..nothing bad.

  100. monsterball says:

    And I must say clearly…in every freedom fighting cause…there are risks of loosing lives. History has shown us Mahatma Gandhi fought to free his people with words and thousands died for supporting the cause. We can only hope we can achieve our objectives with no deaths..but we must be prepared…yet never take revenge!!
    Nelson Mendela went to more than 24 years in jail to free his country. Mother Teresa should us best to date… to apply our sincere love for our country to succeed .
    And may I be so bold to say Jesus died on the cross to free the sins of his people….so did Prophet Mohammed in his own ways. Sithattha Gutama gave up the throne of a country to preach for 44 years…one thing…truths of life.
    Gods of the Hinddhus…Shiva..Ghanish..and Murugam straighten the monkey minds of India.
    What do all these tell us? One must be prepared to suffer and sacrifice to achieve a noble cause. They infact have shown us lowly people how to succeed in life…first be prepared to suffer and be awakened!!
    That is why..I am sick of seeing so much indeciplines and gangsters type bloggers attitudes at the infantile stage of forming bloggers noble cause…or am I mistaken?

  101. Way to go Shanghai Fish!

    Well said. Infact, that message has been said BY SO MANY PEOPLE SO MANY TIMES OVER! Some people are simply too “tak tahu malu” and go around blog comment hogging himself, anywhere and everywhere, as and when he pleases.

    A new term is coined here, “Blog comment hogging”! Monsterball’s contribution to the Bloggosphere. Congratulations, Monsterball!

    Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahaa 🙂

  102. […] comment “All-Blogs must NOT go to Ijok” , in reply to my most controversial post”All-Blogs must go to Ijok“, deserves my […]

  103. monsterball says:

    Thank you BG. Susan must be proud of me too….being so precise for once….hahahahaha

  104. monsterball says:

    Go to ‘road to hell….” post and read Sheih’s long message about Big Dog and “a voice”
    Sheih is a man of few words…but what a long message he put out…saying Big Dog and a voice are out to destroy bloggers unity with their change.
    Big Dog will ignore everything to continue his really low down thick skinned style to belittle me…simply because I am TDM greatest critic.
    Sudan call these two bloggers…”anonymous”..hahahaha… i simply love her style of writing.
    Sheih’s message have inspired me to watch out these two outcast bloggers don’t try to disunite commenters and bloggers good relationship.
    I will ignore his idiotic remarks on me personally …as after reading Sheih’s message…these two outcasts are simply a dog and a cat to me from today onwards.

  105. monsterball says:

    ooop Susan..not Sudan…thousand apologies!!

  106. monsterball says:

    And here I quote Sheih’s message about Big Dog and ‘a voice’:
    “Try to hantam Mahathir and see how they react! ha ha ha
    Try to hantam Sazmi Miah and see how they react he he he.
    Sadly they always prefered to choose others blog rather than theirs to clean the dirty linnings.
    It is this mentality that going to destroy the unity”..unqoute.
    So when they start their nonsense again in any blog..especially here and Sheih’s…please protect these blogs with your brave remarks. Do not keep quiet anymore. PLEASE HELP TO UNITE!!

  107. Noname says:

    way to go monsterball. Sudah pandai quote.
    So sheih and susan have put up their comments on the two bloggers. Shall we have a vote for the rest of the bloggers (bloggers only la). If commentators also not enough polling station later. What more with people casting more than one comment/vote at one go. 🙂

  108. GreenGiant says:

    Monsterball – I observe from the above postings of yours that you are clearly trying to smear people here. You are indeed very vindictive. They stop commenting and you continue to rubbish them.

    I observe that you have an attitude to flame anyone who disagree with you or block you from commenting at their blog. You do not respect differences and people’s rights.

    I observe from reading early postings of Sheih that IT WAS YOU who started behaving badly. YOU POST RACIST COMMENTS, as one said, by “making stereotyping remark”. When you were highlighted and explained, you chose to quarell than correct yourself.

    I observe that the two – a voice and bigdog have explain themselves clearly, whether one agree or not. Even one can offer olive branch to susan and they can see an amicable stand.

    I don’t really care what sheih said. He doesn’t determine what others can or cannot do. Unless he write here and defend you, I don’t buy any of what you claim sheih said.

    I conclude the problem and attitude is YOU, MONSTERBALL. Not others. They and many others are just reacting to you and expressing where others do not bother.

    Its looks very clear that you are not explaining yourself clearly and comment hogging. The last is already 3 postings in a row. That is called hogging.

    WHats wrong with behaving and observing net ettiquette?

  109. monsterball says:

    GreenGiant….Thank you for your comment. Me having the last word to defend myself does not mean I am creating an issue?…but you can conclude as you like…It is a free country.
    Sheih will not be that stupid and stoop so low to come here and defend me….a simple commentator. Go and read what he said. Once is enough by a great blogger….no need to repeat it. He knows I can defend myself quite well. Afterall..I am a commenter…not a blogger…got the differences?
    Now we know where we stand… good luck to you..
    By the way…Susan welcomes my postings …it is her site…she is not complaining..why should you?

  110. monsterball says:

    GreenGiant…First you said..
    let monsterball speak” you are teaching an old man etiquette. Do you really know what it means? It means be polite….so who started to be unpolite?
    But you have a mixed mind…so let it be…you are right..okay?

  111. […] already begun rolling a day earlier with the controversial installment from Susan Loone, titled “All-Blogs must go to Ijok”.  June E, later responded with “All-Blogs must NOT go to Ijok”, which saw Susan episode 2, […]

  112. monsterball says:

    Noname…Thank you. Like Susan said……no voting lah…just discussions.
    Take care.

  113. Jbabe says:

    There is a lot of truth in Green Giant’s comments at 10.16pm. Being the older and experienced person, one would have thought Monsterball can handle the situation with calmness instead of getting all fired up and flamming it further. Sure Susan is not complaining your lack of net etiquette but is that the attitude to take? Have you no consideration for others that visit this blog or others?

  114. monsterball says:

    Jbabe…Why are you all asking me to consider this or that? Why are you all so silent when I get insulted for nothing over and over again?
    Consider this or that?? Go consider ..are you fairminded before judgine me.
    GreenGiant is a young man…just started posting and that was his second message…both contradicting each orher…and you are taking the opportunity to use his to judge me? Please get lost…don’t waste my time…and yes…I am showing youngsters to speak with straigth forward way ….like me.

  115. noname says:

    Your welcome Monsterball. Keep on commenting i really liek to read yours especially when there’s bashing here and there.

    Btw do look closely at my message. I clip in a coded message in between. Perhaps someone can help out. Take care all.

  116. EMY GEN M says:

    Saya bersetuju dengan big dog yang all blog tidak perlu di seret ke ijok cukup sekadar pergi atas dasar individu.

    To arifa abdul i still remember one of bloggers inform me that u x mahu letakkan banner sokongan ke atas rocky dan jeff hanya kerana terdapat nama di banner tersebut . persolan saya yang mana lebih penting supporting rocky and jeff atau dendam yang tak sudah?

  117. EMY GEN M says:

    quote arifaabdul “All-Blogs timbul setelah kawan kita bro rocky dan jeff mendapat tekanan daripada regim Pak Lah. Tak tahulah saya kalau All-Blogs dah maafkan Pak Lah dan konco-konconya? Kalau tak, tunggu apalagi….. lawanlah!!!
    Buat apa kritik pentadbiran Pak Lah dalam blog masing-masing tu? Sajer nak main-main ker?

    sorry to say i x pernah jumpa u sama ada di mee rebus maria or what ever function all blogs, are u the type yg hanya tahu menulis di blog? or pengecut?

  118. bennyloh says:

    “they are too simple and not done with much artistic intelligence shown. Perhaps you are still very young.”

    Scratch my head over this. Started cartooning almost 35 years after I left school that makes me to be at the age of most grandfathers. Lat is a great cartoonist won the first prize to Perth in a cartooning competition organize by him more than two decades ago.

    Just wonder if you had done any cartooning yourself or maybe done some editing for cartoonists.

    Thanks for the comments

  119. bennyloh says:

    my error in earlier post ”
    “Scratch my head over this. Started cartooning for almost 35 years i.e only after I left school that makes me to be at the age of most grandfathers.”
    Cartooning (for most) is a lower form of art there is no ncessity to go to the Central markets to learn from the artists. Some with lousy drawings can be famous too.

    I can identify works of most of the world’s greats (mostly current).

    I have even seen a 14 year old schoolgirl who could make great comments on cartoons that all cartoonists would agree in the most well-read cartoon forums. She know her stuff well. It’s either you know or you don’t.

    Thanks again (be sharper next time)

  120. Jbabe says:

    “Monsterball: Jbabe…Why are you all asking me to consider this or that? Why are you all so silent when I get insulted for nothing over and over again?
    Consider this or that??Go consider ..are you fairminded before judgine me.
    GreenGiant is a young man…just started posting and that was his second message…both contradicting each orher…and you are taking the opportunity to use his to judge me? Please get lost…don’t waste my time…and yes…I am showing youngsters to speak with straigth forward way ….like me.”

    I’m not judging you from GG’s postings. I have been to many other blogs and I can see you scattering your filthy and nasty words and at times cursing. Provoked or not is immaterial. As for showing youngsters to speak straighforward, it’s more like showing them how to be vile and spiteful. Clearly you have a lot of anger in you and it’s looking like towards one particular race. Asking me to get lost …. how rude!

    This will be my last posting here. Just wanted to say my peace and move on.

  121. […] have been observing with interest this post of Susan Loone’s, pushing All-Blogs to go to Ijok to “campaign for freedom of speech […]

  122. […] United transformed become All-Blogs (National Alliance of Bloggers). Before someone opposed the All-Blogs must go to Ijok idea, as suggested by […]



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