Fairy tales are ultimately about two things: facing the dragon or climbing back to our world inside”Pan Labryinth. So is reality. What are our choices, what do we choose? To live forever comfortable in ignorance or to speak the unspeakable? Choose well.

Set in Spain, 1944. The end of the Civil War. A dictatorship. Brutal killings. Leftist struggles. A young girl seeks refuge in a mysterious labyrinth next to the cold house of her Stepfather, Captain Vidal, who served in Franco’ army. She turns to her dark fantasy to cope with all the evil around her. Pan, the guardian, a magical creature, reveals that Ofelia is none other than the long-lost princess of a magical kingdom. She has to accomplish three dangerous tasks in order to return…will she suceed?

Very often in life we too face such challenges. When we reach the edge of the cliff, what do we do? Jump or learn how to fly.

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  1. monsterball says:

    Susan..When one have been brained washed…given false informations to study in schools for 50 years….government master the art to divide to rule with the help of selfish racialists parties..formimg the Barisan National….all for the sake to enrich themselves and their parties…plus throwing out some goodies to the public..to make poor folks contented….ultras or racialists are in the makings for vote holders and poor folks just keep being satisfied….voting for their own personal benefits.
    You should post this 20 years later..when internet and bloggings like this give youngsters a better chance to hear what we could not..even 10 years ago. Freeing the controlled minds are working now….but still not totally effective against controlled news and medias….titlting favourably to the government only. No one can read anything said by oppositions….thus our country is actually run by a dictatorial government. See all those terrible no manners and downright coruptable people…still active in the government? Get rid of all thee first…then minds are free to give you fair answers.
    Do they want to live with diginty instead of identity…that should be the question you to ask the Malaysians.

  2. hey susan
    freaky pix
    back from machap and pretty exhausted
    anyway, this post was really good for me
    cos i am def learning how to fly 😀
    god speaks and works in mysterious ways ;D

  3. Chee Yong says:

    The ending was sad……….but the girl finally found happiness. A place where she truly belongs.

  4. monsterball says:

    hi freelunch2020….How is your car matter? All sloved?
    Sound like you found God help yo do something..that’s good.
    Take care.

  5. Very good questions you have posted. I believe these are questions that we should pose to our children, the next generation, when they are confronted by such a fairy tale. Perhaps, they would realise that the story is about so much more than the superficial.

    Great blog!

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