Thanks to blogger Timothy of Justchal for this piece of news.

In the midst of all that blogger-bashing tirade, one lecturer (perhaps there are others), Mr. Pau Kiu Nai, had introduced a blogging assignment for the subject “Engineers and Society” in Multimedia University Melaka.

Pau customized a WordPress engine and asked students to blog as an assignment for the subject. The assigment also required students to read the blogs of their peers.

According to Timothy, it seems to have been well received. You can view the system at the MMU site.

In his mail to me, Timothy said: “With all the negativity surrounding blogging lately it’s a breath of fresh air that some people recognize its potential”.

Tim, has written about the matter in his  blog as well if you want more details.

Meanwhile, I’d like to introduce the Bloggers United Malaysian 2007 gathering planned for 19 May 2007.  It’s a one-off bloggers gathering in conjunction with World Press Freedom Day. Themed “Embrace & Engage”, the whole objective of the gathering is “to embrace the blogging phenomenon in Malaysia and to engage it by blogging (for those who haven’t yet)”. Check out their website at B.U.M 2007. It says:

And when did this start?
Howsy and Lucia planned for a gathering of socio-political (SOPO) bloggers in March. Howsy was the initiator since he’s back from UK for a few months while Lucia volunteered to be in the organising committee.

Initially, the event was to be held om 3 May, and I was happy to say I would attend. They promised a gathering of some 100 bloggers. Wonderful! Unfortunately for me, the event has been postponed to 19 May. The organisers have invited me to be one of the speakers but I had declined as I would be travelling then. But any change in my plans, I’d fly over to be with you guys, definitely!

Other interesting developments in blogsville include: SOPO Sentral Malaysia.  SOPO says “This Blog (is an attempt to) compile the Directory of Blogs on Society, Politics, and Economy of Malaysia. If your Blog is one, leave a note for up-date“. I’d like to thank The Voice (of another brick in the wall) for this effort.  It’s amazing to think of the kind of things bloggers do for others.

Lastly, there is a classification and terms used by bloggers in Malaysia, courtesy of Pulau Duyong.  HERE, I am classified as a bloggerita, which means woman blogger. Find out which classification you belong to and I bet it will bring a smile to your face.

And if all this fails to brighten up your weekend, try this: There is now the Bloggers Open School by Penarik Beca. The school is currently under construction but it was set up to assist newcomers or bloggers to sharpen their blogging skills. What a nobel act!

I guess it answers one of the aims of the All Blogs club. By the way, the newly formed National Alliance of Bloggers had their first pro-tem committee meeting. Read about it at the secretary’s blog.

Now, have a good weekend, will ya! 

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  1. lucia says:

    hey, new design i see, susan. neat. better than the previous one.

    thanks for pimping us (the gathering on 19 may). appreciate it.

    i also like to thank the person who started the SOPO sentral malaysia. great effort indeed to do the compilation.

  2. monsterball says:

    The good new is that Josh Wolf the American blogger sentenced to 7 years jailed was released after 7 months jail.
    This argurs well with Bloggers sense of justice tilting favouraby towards them day by day.

  3. Roxanne says:

    PINK? And pale lilac? Echoes of 5Xmom. Your blog design has lost much of its previous punch impact and is now looking like one of those blogs of frivolous feminine silliness that giggle of “I’m a girl therefore I’ve the right to be stupid, hehehe”.
    I just feel the layout is NOT strong enough for someone like you. It’s not revealing who you are and what you stand for. It’s too tame and timid. Too neat and nice. Too soft and unfocused.
    Maybe that’s too harsh a judgment I’m making (part of an occupational hazard) but I’m known for saying what I mean without any packaging, so forgive me. I’d like to say it’s better but I can’t.
    It’s your blog anyway, you can do as you f…… please.

  4. monsterball says:

    Roxanne must be given credit for her opinion on the design of Susan’s site…but personally..I am getting used to it and like it.
    She is geting very popular…so changing design may not be a good idea now. is the stuffs inside a friut that counts…not the layer of skin.
    It is her the way she loves modern art may not suit many people…includimg me…..yet we respect her choice of arts.
    This is my opinion only.Thanks

  5. wits0 says:

    Susan, the text size is a mite small in default 100% setting with both Mozilla and Firefox browsers where a 120% re-setting on our part makes it better 😉

    Perhaps the 4 comparative large linked graphics, the bloggers United, e.g., could be reduced a little bit more?

    Certainly Susan’s Blog is light years ahead of 5X….what kind of previous dumb Fark rating that placed Susan’s below that?

  6. Roxanne says:

    I’ve got to add this before someone jump to his/her stupid conclusion. Needless to say, I’m NOT comparing the content of Susan’s blog with 5Xmom’s. That would be simply unthinkable, only idiots would even suggest it. Hope that is loud and clear. Don’t mix things up. Design is design and content is content, OK?

  7. monsterball says:

    Roxanne comment was written with sincerity….lets not make fun of it. Give better ideas…..if any. Thanks.

  8. Roxanne says:

    Hey monsterball, I don’t need defending. I handle situations like that everyday but anyway, it’s very thoughtful of you. Thanks.

  9. Lame Basket says:

    “Meanwhile, I’d like to introduce the Bloggers United Malaysian 2007 gathering planned for 19 March 2007.”

    Don’t you mean 19 May 2007 instead?

  10. Roxanne says:

    May you never fear saying the truth, may you never stop fighting for the truth and may you never put yourself above the truth.
    “May the truth save us all.”
    Yes, Susan is back!

  11. cjcm says:

    Hi Susan,

    It wasn’t planned to coincide with all the chaos surrounding the Malaysian blogosphere, but I had just launched CJCMedia Network, the first blog network in Malaysia… I hope blogging will be a lot more fun with all the happening around us 🙂 p/s I am looking for bloggers, especially new comers with talent and passion for writing… appreciate if any of you can spread the word around. And yes…. I am coming to the 19th gathering. I hope to see you there! Cheers.

  12. monsterball says:

    What a witty way to confirm it is May by Roxanne.

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