According to the Mongolian Notsoi Medee newspaper recently (reg: 2007  08/282), Altantuya’s father Stev Shariibuu had received death threats (column in blue). This is a speculative story which implicates the Malaysian government. According to the report, Shariibuu will be ‘disposed off’ by way of accident before or while on his way to the trial, scheduled for 4 June 2007 in Kuala Lumpur.

The story also mentioned about the fast-forward trial in June, which was carried forward from March 2008. The unverfied story also indicated that Malaysia wanted to end the trial soon as it was related to arms deals and weapon business.

To be fair, an advance trial would only be good for all sides and if we remember correctly, the accused persons, through their legal counsels, have asked for the earliest trial dates. Justice delayed is justice denied.

I was upset when I received this information. I have many misgivings about the country, but felt it was not fair to spread rumours implicating our government in this manner. Any harm to Shariibuu would be a total disgrace for the nation.

Moreover, the paper did not have any evidence to even imply that any Malaysian was planning this horrible crime. It cast a bad light, not only on our governance, but the Malaysian public on the whole.

According to sources, Shariibuu was unhappy to have read this story, saying he had never been threatened by anyone. The trial is only less than two months away, and we wish Shariibuu a safe journey to Malaysia.

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  1. hasilox says:

    Why would the newspaper lied about non-existent threat. There must be someone who paid for that lie to be published, right? The reporter should be investigated.

  2. monsterball says:

    I agree with hasilox that the reporter needs to be investigated, For one ….commonsense will tell us that such a threat should be very secretive to be true.
    No idiots will expose it…..unless a prank to create sensational news.
    But I like Susan..also wish the father safe journey to Malaysia and protected well throughout the coming trial .
    Her late daughter deserves to have all her pieces of bones found…. to be buried in one grave by the father.

  3. def says:

    the reporter!

  4. rodsjournal says:

    Okay, another important question is…how did you get your hands on the Mongolian newspaper??


  5. monsterball says:

    So easy lah in this internet world….rod

  6. sinomalay says:

    Newspapers don’t report rumours and journalists, including bloggers who hold themselves out to be journalists, should know that they can’t repeat rumours. This is why sourcing of stories are important. It is not enough to rest on “according to sources”. Who are these sources? They may be the very rumour mongers so often newspapers, particularly in Malaysia, quote for their stories. Newspapers and journalists must get back to basics: Their job is to report facts not rumours.

  7. susan loone says:

    sinomalay, it’s easier said than done. in this country, the line between facts and rumours are blurred, and sometimes purposely done so. in this post, i did not repeat “rumours” but pointed out that this is a speculative story, which is unverified and could be baseless. A response from the government would be great but as you already know, they wont give bloggers the time of day. i have contacted the father, through sources who are in direct contact with him, as they are the translators for him (he doesnt speak english). “sources” because they requested anonymity and we have to respect that. but nevertheless, shariibuu has said he had never been threatened so this story is disputed. so, i dont see the point you are making here.

  8. monsterball says:

    And may I add…bro. sinomalay….when a blog owner find any new news to keep an important issue such this alive and kicking…not easy.
    Susan must be credited to find new we see so many issues just swept under the carpet…no follow ups. So which do we prefer?
    I for one hope Susan find more news…be it rumours..or real facts or simply a prank….not Susan’s fault….as long as she can verify the source she gets the news from. If she were to check every news given…true or not…..then that news maybe old or stale news by the time she finish such an idiotic process. Susan is a sesoned blogger with great reputation and intelligence. So lets not put her on a defensive side… lets comment on the message. Thanks.

  9. jeancumlately says:

    …but felt it was not fair to spread rumours implicating our government in this manner….


    Agree with you susan. We should all be thankful to this government. What more can we, as tax-payers, expect from THE GOVERNMENT. This government s everybody’s dream. We know that all these years, all criminal cases had been handled with full transparency epecially those involving the datuks and tan sris. All corruption cases were handled without fear or favour. We saw zakaria went to jail along with his gucci sunglasses, johari baharom grilled, the one-eyed jasin mp expelled from umno and kj was forced to sell his shares in ECM-Libra. Everyone lives happily now. The corruption index had went down since hadhari was introduced. Robbery and snatch thefts are TDM’s legacy. Its history. With the economy doing so well, no one has the time to rob, kill, or rape another.

    I understand well your concern. This is a hadhari government led by hadhari people. They don’t look like somebody who would blackmail MR sharibu. Altantuya may have blew herself up for fun…

  10. wits0 says:

    Meantime in Utopia, this happens:
    Not as if Lina can look forward to much joy ahead….by all appearance.

    Leaders in Utopia don’t lead ; they pander selectively to certain “Sensitivities”. How can they be wrong when they do so?

    Anyway, couldn’t somebody pay some sleazy tabloids in Mongolia to inject some trash into the already murky water. It takes just a little $$$.

  11. monsterball says:

    hi jeancumlately…I am going to the farewell party for Sheih at NPC at 8pm tomorrow. Love to meet you there and have a cigar puff.
    I heard this ‘voice’ telling me to go and said its Susan speaking to monsterball. You know the name is very common…but that inspred me to go and mix around with bloggers…face to face….more often.
    When you are at your best…your above message is simply best.

  12. jeancumlately says:

    I can’t. I would love to but I’ll be somewhere between Tronoh and Tanjong Malim at that time… time to go back to school.

    One fine day, I would be bold enough to do the sheih and really kick de fella… that is why I need to retire by 35 or risk having a c4 shoved down my throat. Right now, I would just admire susan and hopefully she would not mind me tumpang my 2 sens worth in her blog…

  13. monsterball says:

    Noted with regrets.
    Take care.

  14. ggyewyu says:

    Yeah, Altantuya blew herself up for fun— so too had the American CIA agents who disguised themselves as Arabs and slammed the hijacked planes into the Pentagon and Twin Towers, all for fun. Saddam hanged himself for fun and the Iraqis blow up each other for fun too. And the MIC goons attacked the DAP members in Machap for fun too. The victims of crime all died happily in the name of fun.

  15. monsterball says:

    JUstice NAXXYA…I talk like you when provoked…but who provoke you here? I will talk like you at blog owners site…so did Susan provoke you?
    We can F….anyone trying to insult you or Susan…like me alot of times…yet…not that crude and vulgar like you,
    Please don’t provoke on religion…and if you claim to be a Buddhist…..I am ashame of you. You know next to nothing about religions talking like that.
    You are a sick man…go get help from a brain doctor.

  16. wits0 says:

    In fact, usually unhinged comments deserve little reply but it is to the credit of Susan that such are not simply denied and trashed. WE don’t find such similar gumption in other blogs such as in 5X where contrarian ideas expressed are not likely to be allowed to appear. Not that it matters but one cannot deny one’s own perceptional faculty.

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