As expected by all and sundry, there are stories now that the police report lodged against the Tengku Mahkota (Crown Prince) of Johor for allegedly assaulting a 21-year old woman last month had just been withdrawn. Rockybru has an anonymous comment on the matter in his blog.

It seemed like a natural state of affairs as blog stories regarding the matter travelled high up in the echelons of society and politics.

On April 4, Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang handed to the Deputy Internal Security Minister, Datuk Johari Baharun and Deputy Speaker Datuk Lim Si Cheng a set of four blog stories, including this one, which carried postings of how no police station in Johore was willing to accept a police report on the alleged involvement of a Johor royalty in the physical assault case of a woman. The stories, based on a newspaper report also alleged top level abuse of power as the alleged married lover of the harassed woman, a policeman, was purportedly transfered to another state.

According to Lim, When Johari was winding up the debate on behalf of the Internal Security Ministry in the Royal Address debate on Wednesday, he had given assurance
that the police would accept reports lodged by the public and act on them.

“Johari had said that he was not aware of the matter, although he had earlier
spoken of cybercops appointed to monitor blogs,” said Lim.

Now that Johari has the four set of reports, it is time he gave, not only Parliament a report, but the tax-paying public an answer, of why no police station
was prepared do its duty to accept a police report just because a member of
the royalty was involved, but also the outcome of police investigations.

It is also time the police chief spoke about the matter instead of supervising cyber cops to patrol blogs.  Are you sure they are patrolling blogs or some “illegal websites”? And if there were doing their duty, why was the minister not informed about the matter which has been buzzing away in cyberspace?

Or else, do you blame us for believing on an unverified source, like an anonymous commentator’s comment that the police report had been drawn?


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  1. monsterball says:

    Thoughout history, Johore Royalties have bad reputations….even before merdeka time. The most famous one is lateAw Boon Haw…the famous ‘Tiger Balm” oilment owner had a shoot out spree with their late grandfather..sitting on cars…not on horses. The late Sultan had so many rape and murder stories…all forgotten. Strange as it may seen..he stripped off the present Sultan of all titles for shaminghim…and installed him days before he died…thus is now the present sultan. This Sultan has so many stories. It seems he once killed a caddy for something while playing golf….but the matter was harshed up…as the relatives accepted private settlement given. In get jokes tat few huys are placed at varuois positions when he play golf. When he hit the ball…gone no where to be found…one guy will throw a ball and yell”here sir ..your ball”
    Another story was he hit a ball blocked by huge rock and he orderd the bulldozer to remove the rock…to continue playing.
    So the point is…why suddenly highlight matters concerning Johore royalties…..when so many incidents were swept under the carpet during TDM’s time?
    When TDM made adjustments controlling the powers of many cases were brought up…actively debated..court cases seem to be issued…this or that…then all forgotten.
    So we can conclude…under UMNO..they pass the sensitive or serious responsiblities to another leader…and none have guts to do the right thing…for fear of loosing UMNO votes…others matters secondary.

  2. KY says:

    I guess on this subjects involving royalty, “no news is good news”

  3. kittykat46 says:

    Hahaha….you may find the appointed cybercops are spending a lot of time surfing “juicy” websites, monitoring their “illicit” photographs….all in the line of duty, you know….

  4. monsterball says:

    kittykat46! You always look juicy to me…and seeing your face at the bloggers meeting…you sure look juicier….hahahahaha
    And now having seeing Susan’s face….that is EXACTLY how I imagine her to disappojntment. All I can say..her whole life is destined to exposed injustices done to humankind…like a nun doing good only all her life…a somewhat ‘political’ Malaysian Mother Theresa in the making.
    We already have one in Indonesia…very dedicated famous lady…as posted by “black in korea” site. Check right way to get into his site!!
    Such are the people…men or women..that gives hope to a freerer world by pricking the conscience of the guilty parties and hope many citizens will support them. In that sense…..I salute Sheih….trying so hard to make malays changec their mindsets…like Tunku Razaleigh said recently about the malays mindsets must change.

  5. hasilox says:

    We expected such epilogue, don’t we?

    Isn’t weird that all scandal involving power-that-be have similar conclusion? Maybe, god programmed it that way for bolehland and lost the programming device during a toilet visit.

  6. wits0 says:

    The hush-up complex demonstrates the fundamental inability to place justice abpve privilege and class. This will remain the perpetual impasse that promotes the basis for individual cynicism.

    The NS youths are all expected to be wholely committed to defend such a status quo – in theory. Like all “feel good” motivational workshops, the temporary effect will evaporate in no time.

    When a vessel is holed, how long does it stay afloat?

    LGE went to jail for an underdog but the underdog was not even worthy.

  7. KerinchiGuy says:

    Does this mean now that all is hunky-dory, that policeman who had been dipping his joystick illicitly, can now come back from his exile ? Or not?

    Even if the report has been withdrawn the issue of the 24-hour transfer of the policeman needs to be addressed. Surely he will not be left to languish there in sabah or sarawak.

    And the police looks after their own man,right? Or will he be the sacrificial lamb to appease the aggrieved royal who was cuckold by his mistress.( ha ha ha, padan muka! ha ha ha ! Am sure he will buying a new car with a more phallic bonnet to salve wounded pride )

    Since all sudah ‘kow tim’ ( did i say it right? ) , it is only fair for the man to be brought back to the peninsula so that he can be with his children and his forgiving wife. The transferring officer would of course apologise for sending him away so abruptly.
    The T/O has mitigitatng factors, so apology accepted since it was a royal command.Hah!

    A promotion for the policeman would be a nice gesture to make atonement for the wrong done.

    Okay. Now’s all well in the State of Johor. Nothing stinks no more.

    Okay. chop ! chop! Get to work! We have a state to run.

    Life then goes on …

  8. tauke says:

    There is a saying TST – “tau sama tau”, meaning we all should understand lah. Everybody knows but is impotent and helpless to do anything. NAB may finally change all that…

  9. LOL, for some odd reason bloggers are now public enemy number one just because we say things on the mass media they can’t control and because we can speak the inconvinent truth about some of our less than respectable royalty.

    How does the Sultan of Johore expect to get genuine adoration and respect if he goes around doing the things he does one wonders…

  10. monsterball says:

    sinergystarall….Perhaps the Johore royalties and others like them do not have advisors with guts to tell them the truth for decades.
    Just like what Barisan National is doing all these 51 years…and stepped up real good for 22 years by Mahathir…SO WHY ARE YOU SURPRISED?
    Infact…we..Malaysians hopes they read our comments and question their advisors…as most of them live… isolated from realities in life.
    Indirectly…we need to understand and sympathised them….for they know not that they are doing wrongs!!
    Actually you can see some ordinary malays are behaving same…that’s why Tunku Razeleigh said malays must change their mindsets….but who set them up like this? Tunku Razeliegh must be growing old and realise he did contribute somewhat to the evils of men playing dirty politics…better late than never to change himself.

  11. jeancumlately says:

    At the same time, last night TV3 carried the story about this johor prince who made it good in indian military college, headed a parade on the horse, played polo and bla..bla..bla..

    Never mind the spin. Its just that, so many malaysians achieved so many accolades in their respective fields in their respective universities but he/she would be really lucky to be mentioned in one of the small column beside the obituaries. Surprisingly, this one made it to prime time tv. It must be a remarkable achievement for someone from a royal family to achieve or contribute anything. Well, for johor, it is already an achievement if they don’t kill or rape somebody, let alone contributing to society; the one paying for everything including their gold-plated toilet seat. And they said prince william is bad…

  12. wits0 says:

    Jean, that’s one reason why I haven’t watched local TV for a decade. It is oppressively insulting. Why would I need to know about local or world news through them since the Net? If it isn’t about religiousity, it’s heavily deluged with brainwashing intention.

    Can anyone advise how to bypass that Astro Decoder skipping biasly towards RTM1 each time it is switched on without first being in standby mode?

    I can usually read the Sun without puking. Whatever happened to the old Sun’s subscribers who signed for those yearly to 3 subscriptions after it was killed?

  13. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…..And for what you have written…you must smoke a cigar and drink coffee with me. Don’t worry….many smoking cigars live not less than 80 years old….and by world stardard….that’s enough.
    Start with a cigar….never too late to learn something.
    Love you gal.

  14. jeancumlately says:

    Monty, I answered you somewhere about the cigars.
    Now I know cigars are for smoking… Geez… Now you are telling me that somebody had been lying to me all this while? Damn you Ms lewinsky!

    Wits0… understands well your frustration. But I still do watch RTM/TV3. I need to see both sides of all stories. But yes, 90% of the time I would change channel in disgust and shout at the tv “do you think I am stupid?” Still, where else could we turn to for the latest news?

    Would you agree with me that most of the time, we don’t even know where our PM is?

    Just a pointer to you. If you want to watch badawi in action, just imagine that you are watching Mr Bean. You’ll have fun.

  15. monsterball says:

    Dear jeancumlately……Are you trying to live up to 107 years old? If so….you cannot stop work 5 years from now..impossible to have funds to last that long…..unlesss you are a ministers…hhhemmmm…M……? GUESS!!
    Even if so…you maybe the next mongo girl ….if you try to do a manbo jumbo stun….hahahaha
    So smoke lah…..never too late to learn.
    Do you know alot of successful ladies smoke cigars in Europe? NO JOKE!!

  16. monsterball says:

    For good world news..go to chaneels 20 or 36…all english.
    For good debates…check out weekend time on 93..British news.
    For shits news…watch CNN channel 90…channels 1.. 2..and 3…but try 7..not bad!
    But for me…love the Discovery Chanels 50, 51 and 52 only…plus sports.

  17. monsterball, I am not surprised at all actually. I am actually amused and cynical about all this. Guess my position didn’t get through eh?

    Honestly when people come to power it gets to their heads and those around them particularly if they are in the circle of people who got in for less than noble reasons want to cling to it. Why jeopardize their positions and invite the wrath of powerful people over such an issues which by the way has managed to be covered up time and again? Why go against the establishment over a few average blokes when they usually go down quiet after awhile? Malaysians tend to just want to wish away all the inconvineint truths and avoid trouble. That is what I believe is the royalty and their circle of advisors behave the way they do,

    Stuff like this happens all over the place and all over history so don’t judge them too harshly. As you pointed out so clearly, the forefathers are partially to blame with the myth of the royals being invincible and should be insulated from the harsh realities of life.

    Blogger outcry is good since its bringing knowledge of such shameful actions of certain less than respected royalties to the masses but I doubt much will change unless people actually react en masse to this problem in a very visible way and if we ditch that ‘lets just swallow it, let it be forgotten and hope such outbursts don’t happen again’ attitude . Another day in paradise ain’t it?

  18. monsterball says:

    Have anyone saw the movie…..’THE QUEEN”? There is saw young Blair actually warned Queen Elizabebeth about public nagative opinions of her if she does not respect the death of Diana by lowering the flag half mast at the palace and give a speech of condolence. Thousands of flowers were written with messages f.. her attitudes and Brits want a Republic more real than ever.
    She shallowered her pride and gave a hypocitical speech to save the crown. That is a true story.
    Hope we can have a brave and sincere government in the future to correct the wrong by advising Johore not to bring his fellow brother sultans into shame. The Pahang sultan changed completely after the casino incident…why can’t Johore make a 180% degree turn? But actually the people of Johore do love the Johore royal family there….like I told you all in one of my message. He did so much for his people during the flood disasters….faster than anyone else came to help first….especially from the government. Check it out!!

  19. monsterball says:

    And may I finally add….a country with a monarchy is more peaceful than one than have no royalties…but Bhutan is first to show signs of changes….but that is because the royalties are dictatorial and corrupted lot there. Here in Malaysia and England…we have non corruptable royalties..especially from Negri Sembilan…showing the way how to get rich with business brains. Maybe monsterball can give them some advises how to do good businesses ..instead of monkey business…..hahahahaha
    Our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman…’Babak Malaysia” was a wise and far sighted man….warning the country of Mahathir before he died. Now check out his warnings.

  20. monsterball says:

    sinergystarfall….It is a difficult position. We all know Malays must be the frontliners to make the Royalties hear loud and clear….not me or any other race…except the malays.
    But we have many more important issues as priorities for the benefits of Malaysians….and sometimes I do suspect such an issue is brought out to divert the attentions of citizens to forget the terrible unjustifiable issue….like the murder case and many TDMs corruption cases…all seem to be forgotten. What it means…he is old and what benefits do we get if proven guilty….but government forgets…that they must prove them in court…… cement TRUTHS ..GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY..another matter….or forever be labelled hypocrites. NO ONE WANTS TDM TO BE JAILED..even found guilty…BUT ALL THE CASES MUST BE SOLVED BEFORE HE DIES OF OLD AGE FOR OUR HONEST TO GOODNESS HISTORY BOOKS. It also seems Tun Salleh is destined to live in shame on being sacked by TDM rightfully?
    Patterns of short memories by people are welknown…not because they do not care….but because the government is smart to bring out new issues that humans cannot focus their minds of the past issues and move on….thus labelling us ‘short memory’ blokes…..quite rightly so. They are smart to do that.
    So lets forget the royalties……even few got raped…killed…or other misbehaving issues we read recently. Forget…not that we do not care…but not fall into the government’s trap ..on bigger issues unsolved…that’s what I mean. Consider those victims of royalties most unfortunate…as Malaysians are somewhat… still living under jungle rules…if one thinks carefully…as we agree to lived under a dictator for 22 years. WHO IS TO BE BLAME?

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