Eric Shackle, a retired journalist whose hobby is searching the Internet and writing about it, emailed me recently. In his mail he said:

“Greetings from Sydney, Australia. Congratulations on your courageous website, which I visited for the first time. You may be interested to learn that Australia’s 107-year-old Olive Riley is the world’s oldest blogger. Her blog is at AllAboutOlive . I wrote about her in The World’s First Multi-National e-Book“.

Eric is not a nobody himself. Apart from being the author of The World’s First Multi-National e-Book,  his work has been published by the New York Times (US), The Observer (UK), Globe and Mail (Canada), Straits Times, Singapore and Sydney Morning Herald (Australia).

He also writes for OhmyNews International (South Korea’s citizen reporters’ journal0, and for senior citizen webzines in UK, Canada, South Africa and Australia. He is copy editor of Anu Garg’s US-based A Word A Day free newsletter, which is e- mailed 5 days a week to more than 600,000 word lovers in 210 countries.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to read about Olive. In her blog she sounds energetic and cheerful. Today, 31 March, is her 10th post. She gets writing assistance from Mike Rubbo. And today, she is planning for a lettuce and Thai meal. Read all about her in her blog. There are some interesting pictures as well.

To all aunties and uncles out there. Don’t give up lah! There is still time, and lots of reasons to start a blog!

Not too far away, my new found friend SK Thew of MageP’s Lab had also blogged about a senior citizen blogging in Singapore. Thew gave me a surprise call one fine day in Bangkok and alerted me to his post –  laozhabor (which in hokkien means ‘old lady’). 

Which makes me think of all the rude comments passed onto bloggers by ministers and their scums over the week and more. These lot know nothing about blogsville, bloggers or even the Internet, judging by the kind of comments that have been spewing out of their crooked mouths.

But then again, I think we have been judging them too eagerly. They are quite a smart lot, but cruel. I read that the Internet usage these days is about 41 percent or 11.3 million users. No wonder they are scared out of their wits! yet, surely not all are bloggers or read blogs. Some read porn, and others are simply un-interested, coz they’ve got interesting and exciting lives, to be bothered about politics or about you, stupid politicians out there.

So, give us a break, will ya. I know, elections are coming, and you don’t want us around. But that’s going to be difficult. You use to have phantom voters, but you can also have phantom bloggers now to sing your tune. I mean, fight us on the same intellectual level, please. Don’t stoop so low as to jump on the same bandwagon and show us what dimwits you are.

By the way, over the week, more dimwits have jumped on the bandwagon, the likes of Ismail Sabri  (BN-Bera) who said bloggers are “sowing the seeds of discord among the races, religions”. He added there should be a limit and proposed lwas to curb bloggers.

Earlier, another dimwit, Nazri Aziz, minister in the prime minister’s department, said: “We already have bloggers doing all sorts of things and only the opposition believes what they write.”

Which brings me to this:

Apart from the growing membership of dimwits in the skim cepat famous (get famous quick scheme), there is now an open war of “Dimwit United” vs “Bloggers United”. Anyone wanna bet? 

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  1. monsterball says:

    Susan must love betting in casinos…until all her money lost…but never give up… go back and try try again…hahahaha
    Susan must be thinking how nice she can continue blogging until 107 years too!! If so…I am so glad I am long gone few more years..I may turn synile…quite natural as you grow older…like we see TDM is becoming…aways forget this or that…..but can remember like an elephant if he chooses to do so.
    107 yr old blogger? Few more years…we may not need to press any keys to blog…but speak up and all words are written in excellent grammars and english…no more fun then…as no more true person talking like me making so many silly mistakes naturally…all control by man made stuffs. No more natural.
    Those dim/dum political nitwits?…who cares what they think.

  2. stenson chin says:

    I am damn sick of this bunch of twigs who are good at opening their

    big mouths but not witty at all.How come they can be elected.I wonder and

    I wonder n wonder.Susan..I cant help falling in love with you.You are a

    great lady.You must have cheap brains.Those politicians have expensive

    brains.Susan…you know why….caues you use your brains extensively

    and politicians dont use their brains..hahaha…that is why their brains

    are expensive.

  3. monsterball says:

    Here we go again…that lover boy.
    stenson chin….You have not taken jeancumlately and my advises…nor answer our questions. Very rude man.
    Both of us are appointed God Mom and Dad to Susan….and how on Earth you expect our God child think highly of you?
    Have no one taughjt you….you must win the parents hearts first…before the daughter?
    But since this is blogging and you are faceless…we will just ignore your ‘falling in love’ nonsense. All… not only falling in love with Susan…but fall flat and stumpled…some are speechless…few had hard attacks….SEEING HER FACE TO FACE!!! Can you stand her fantastic irristable beauty. Imaging seeing Halle Berry sexy figure…with Tony Baxton lips… Cindy Crawford mole and Shakira type of walking towards you…can you take it??
    Tell us the place in Bangkok you want her to have your cup of coffee……SHOOT!!

  4. susan loone says:

    Monsterball: Can you stand her fantastic irristable beauty. Imaging seeing Halle Berry sexy figure…with Tony Baxton lips… Cindy Crawford mole and Shakira type of walking towards you…can you take it??

    Hahaha! Monsterball, you’d sure be very disappointed to see me lah 🙂

  5. monsterball says:

    hi Susan..Don’t upset and twist the facts lah.
    Even if you are as fat as an elephant and walk with bow legged steps…that’s how an admirer thinks of you ….and if by chance..that admirer does capture your heart by marrying you through my hypnotising his eyes….seeing you…just as I described…and found out not so accurate….well there are so many ways to keep on dreaming and let life as it is…fated.. by switching off the lights to talking and sleep facing opposite side …..hahahahahaha

  6. Linken Lim says:


    “laozhabor ” means “old Lady’,not”old Day”. Of course, you are not laozhabor, you are “sweezhabor”!

    Nowadays, Romeos are rare, Casanovas are fading away and the Don Juans of this world are considered an extinct species…

    Don’t fall prey to the false flattery of treacherous admirer, ha ha !

    Susan: Thanks Linken. I’ve made the corrections. Yes, its laozhabor = ‘old lady’ but I could be a “sweet old lady’..hahaha!

  7. bamboo river says:

    BTW …. monsterball m!!!! thanks for the offer..but I have to take a rain cheque. Got personal crisis at the moment and got to sort them out.
    Thanks a to run ..CIAO!

  8. stenson chin says:

    I fell in love with susan for her beauty in expressing her thoughts in

    writting.I admire her for her excellent command of english and

    uses words that fit perfectly where it should be.I salute you susan.

    You are my idol.I never fail to read your website.Your writings

    are thoughts provoking and stimulating.I wonder where you get

    your depth know what I mean.I dont know how you look like.

    I just fell head over heel in love with you.Haha.Do I tickle some guys?

  9. stenson chin says:

    I sincerely fell in love with susan from the ventricles of my heart.Dont angry

    lah whatever ball you are.If susan agree,we can have teh tarik with her

    in Chiengmai.I visited Chiengmai and I like that place.

  10. wits0 says:

    “Do I tickle some guys?”

    As some puerile mole from FORUM GERAK REFORMASI or its ilks, perhaps.

  11. monsterball says:

    stenson chin…Reading your so call love message to Susan sounds like either you are an idiot who totally ignore giving the details that jeancumlately and me asked you for…OR….you just came out from Pudu Jail…looking for a female to be funny with…as you are a sore looser….involving a female to be in jail for reasons you know best.
    No you are not in love with Susan…you are trying to be funny with her.
    Who the heck you think you are asking Susan to fly to Chiengmai for your stupid teh tarik treat? You think you are Brat Pitt? Do you always invite girls to a teh tarik treat by asking them to travel hundreds of kilometers to meet you…here or there?
    Trully….you are one screw loose….and that’s not funny anymore.
    So better put your future post on the message and stop your nonsense. You are embarassing men with personalities….got it?

  12. stenson chin says:

    I admit that i am not that smart.I dont believe in belittling you.Is it wrong

    to fall in love with susan?Why are you so jealous?You must be a born

    loser.If susan reject me,it is fine with me.I enjoy falling in love with her.

    It is my right whom i want to fall in love with.Susan is my choice.You

    sound like a sour grape.Maybe you want to be a minister..perhaps

    minister of tourism.Who cares?Hahaha.I love susan.

  13. stenson chin says:

    Fishball I think you got twisted personality.I dont think you are a real man.

  14. monsterball says:

    You bloody low down thick skinned son of a gun calling me fishball!!
    What is a real man….you tell me…you??
    Real man do not talk to tease and belittle the blog owner like you are doing. You have no balls..not even a pondan…but one of the scum of the earth….a worm…that’s what you are.
    Everybody loves Susan…but you are teasing her with low class style.
    Susan have been very open minded and democratic to let you continue your nonsense. But do not mistaken her kindnesses as a sign of weakness….you blockhead.
    Calling monsterball fishball?? What balls have you got….shitballs for bettles to eat??
    Stand up and reveal yourself…scumbag. Remember…I am not faceless like you . Fishball?… must like to eat that…don’t you. Eat me?? My monsterball will choke you to death….before you can open your idiotic mouth.
    Those who loves and respect Susan…please expose this fella. He is out to discrupt our conversations….just like I exposed an American …trying to preach in disguised to help us…remember??

  15. jeancumlately says:

    Cool it u guys… let susan handle this herself. I believe she had faced more than a lovestruck romeo before.

    BTW monty, I don’t mind being susan’s godmother but I am a bit too young for that and she’s smarter than me…

    I love susan too so I’ll just say this to her….RUUUUNNN!!! (Especially from a man who visits chiengmai regularly…)

    Now… Back to the topic again. DIMWIT UTD vs BLOGGERS UNITED

    On the positive side, their eagerness to attack bloggers will back-fire. There is no such thing as a bad publicity. The more the attack, the more the curiosity and more readers will go to the blogs. Just look at Rocky Bru. As long as bloggers like susan maintain their integrity, they’ll do just fine and will become more relevant.

    Don’t let them demonize altantuya, susan.

  16. monsterball says:

    jeancumlatel…As usual…so nice to see you come forward. You are right..Susan is smart and can take care of herself….but that does not mean we both… less inteliigent cannot be her God parents? Afterall…she is not married yet.
    Where were we? oh yes….Dim Vs Blog Uni…..yep…you hit it on the nail. Listen to Jeancumlately Susan..she is smarter than you…..hahahaha
    Altantuya another name is Anna Ana Ang.

  17. anon says:

    This post gives blogs and bloggers yet another huge credibility while at the same time refute what those dimwits had said.

    It also shows that you can age gracefully and happily to a ripe old age.

    Keep blogging Susan…

  18. Crankshaft says:

    What on earth has this post turned into???

  19. bamboo river says:

    Wooooh….Monsterball… you sure let off your foh york!. The way you speak shows that you are a “No nonsense, straight to the point, do not beat around the bush, like to be frank ” type of man! Okay, to Mr Stenson, let’s cool things down and maybe have Teh tarik together here three of us. I will bring my whistle, Yellow and Red card just in case. Sorrylah, no boxing gloves. Just friendly chat and drinks. I believe once you get to understand Monsterball character, you will learn to respect him. I do, by just reading his comments. About Susan, well that is none of my business, if she can run a fantastic blog, she can deal with this !
    Monsterball, you sure make me smile today after all the crisis I am facing now. Thank you man! Just curious lah, Are you JEALOUS ? Just kidding.!

  20. monsterball says:

    bamboo river…Hope you crisis is over permanently!!
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Am I jealous? I am always PROTECTIVE over my love ones…children and anyone else..including my love for the country.
    Am I jealous because someone loves a woman I love…Ofcourse!! But please don’t mix this with Susan’s case. On her ….I am protective as I am welcomed to her to her site….her home… and someone outside is shouting nonsense….Got it?

  21. monsterball says:

    ‘bring your whistle’…..bamboo river….I think in your previous life…you are a naughty monk….eating too muck bak kut teh secretly and got derobbed by chief monk…as you like to settle matters peacefully….hahahahaha
    I also feel I was a romatic monk in my previous life…derobbed….having the same good heart lah.

  22. monsterball says:

    Did you look at my ‘wonder woman”?…Always come out to defend me..if she is not flying elsewhere making woopies….hahahahaha
    That is another lady I love to protect…but alas!! is her fate to protect me…not I to her. She is such a strong…smart …funny and truly down to earth lady…that jeancumlately. NOTICED IT?

  23. monsterball says:

    crakshaft….This post needs to be exciting…somethings full of shit…holy…respectful…talk to frioends… to show Susan how to live up to 107 years old.
    But it will go back to the main topic of Anna Ana Ang…don’t you worry. WE ARE FOCUSSED!! Thanks.

  24. stenson chin says:

    Susan i am losing my mind over you.

  25. stenson chin says:

    Susan I love you,I swear I will always love you,though your

    heart has gone astray I still belong to you.Dont let the jealous

    fishball bully you.

  26. stenson chin says:

    I visited Chiengmai once and I like the place.Jean,u should not passed

    judgement on me unless you have no faults of your own.Do you want to be

    like the dim twigs politicians?I admire susan for her comments and her

    writing skill.I love her depth of current events.She got gut and courage.

    I heard that she is pretty too.Fishball just plain jealous and possessive.

    He is a big bully.

  27. monsterball says:

    okay okay shitball…let Susan decide..

  28. susan loone says:

    Dear All;

    Thanks for all the comments, and for some, declaration of love.
    I do not censor any comments at all and will not do so unless I felt it has extreme racial and religious slurs and could create war :=). of course this is also subjective coz i am rather open minded.

    When a comment is allowed to be published here, hopefully others understand it doesnt necessarily reflect my views nor do i agree or disagree with it. also, apologies that i sometimes do not respond due to lack of time. need to make a living too you see!

    I believe here is a platform for all to express their views, and for others to respond. hope there’s no hard feelings. take everything in good faith and in good jest; and have a good laugh after that. coz if we are willing to speak, be also ready to receive the feedback, comments, criticism, praise, etc. and for those who believe in free speech, be ready, not only to be supported or complimented for your thoughts, but to be offended as well.

    imagine if everyone in the world could do this, i believe it would not be necessary to go to war :=)

    happy reading!

  29. monsterball says:

    Susn is in love….but not with shitball.

  30. monsterball says:

    Sorry spelt your important name wrong.. Susan. Once I made a remark..your next best job is a stand up commedien. Now I found out you can be a Diplomat for any political ruling party. WOW…so talented gal…shitball…you no chance lah.

  31. stenson chin says:

    I dont know where hell belly is.Maybe fishball last resting place.

    But I do know where heaven loone comes from.Hehe.

    Thank you susan for your wisdom and understanding.

  32. monsterball says:

    Hell belly? Why right at the back of your shithead backside when the shitball bettles eat you up slowely…and you will find out the ‘resting place’ real soon.
    Thank Susan? Mine…This guy is weird!! But okay lah….he knows he can never win Susan’s love….that’s okay……now attacking monsterball?
    But with due respect to so many wanting to GET FOCUSSED on the subject…I will take bamboo river wise words…none of my business.
    So shithead…I will ignore you as of now.

  33. monsterball says:

    mm…I visted that site. What doe it say? This is an English speaking blog you know….so translate lah.

  34. Crankshaft says:

    Yeah, exciting. Okay monsterball.

    If you guys carry on like this, Susan is going to live up to 200 years old.

    Either that or she’ll lose 10 years of her life having to deal with lovesick puppies.

  35. monsterball says:

    Crankshaft….Susan will never loose 10 years. She may aged 10 years thinking….thinking and thinking how to choose the right lover boy……hahahahaha

  36. monsterball says:

    EXCLUDING….YOU KNOW WHO. Don’t his head get swell headed!!

  37. monsterball says:

    Susan said….’imagine if everyone in the world could do this, i beleive it would not be necessary to go to war’
    Susan…They spoke for weeks like this at the UN Assembly in New York ..before going to war against Iraq.
    Now what happened??
    I think what we are doing now is something quite new ….starting from the 21st century….is that we have avenues to speak out and let the whole world read how Malaysians think. Many US citizens thought we were living in tree tops for decades… that’s done with. Now they can judge our brains.
    They will now think twice before trying to fool us….whoever they it local or foreign politicians.
    In that sense…..maybe few unnecessary wars or conflicts may have been avoided.

  38. stenson chin says:

    One fine day I will make susan my wife.I saw her inner beauty.Her

    charm and her personality has added to her beauty.We will settle

    down in chiengmai,maybe the noth pole.Away from the mad crowd

    esp.the fishball barking dog whose brain is as big as the fly’s toe,

    whose vulgarity as crude as drunkard lorry driver who pretend to

    be an intellectual.

  39. Crankshaft says:

    Do flies have toes??
    I SO love Malaysian insults. 🙂
    Can’t say they ain’t original.

  40. bamboo river says:

    Stenson Chin…. God Bless You!

  41. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball!!!!. ….just came back from Kickdefella ‘s blog. Seen Susan’s poster. Fantastic lah !… Lara Croft also kalah. No wonder our friend Stenson is ‘Kepala atas tumit ” (Head over heels lah) . So when is your poster coming up from Commander? Opps! Sorry to start another fire, 🙂
    Susan, poster or not , you are beautiful to me.

  42. monsterball says:

    God bless Crankshaft and bamboo river.
    God bless an interlect imposter …vulgar.. drunkard.. fishball barking dog with brain like fly toes???
    God will be groggy listening to my prayer…but He is all understanding and may need to laugh once awhile. Amen

  43. stenson chin says:

    Most educated and refined people sip wine and champahne at leisure

    or at occasions.Toddy is just fine for you fishball.That is your standard.

    You walked out the way the way you came in – NO CLASS.

  44. monsterball says:

    yea bamboo river….Did you read how I described Susan? Now you know why so many go crazy….just looking at the poster. REAL LIFE?? They will have their tonques out like hound dogs.
    I am sure Sheih is planning a post for all commenters as promised. Is he ready for it? Looks like not yet…but Sheih is unpretictable and have a nuaghty childish nature to tease everyone…so he can sit back and laugh free of charge. Just wait for that mood and usual…I will be targeted. He enjoys seeing me getting F… up!!
    At his best..Sheih is the real monster…hahahahaha

  45. bamboo river says:

    Stenson, you are beginning to flirt with Monsterball. he had already put his gun back to the holster. So, lighten my friend. Stop . Because if Monsterball draws his gun again, hell will break loose! Ghouls,banshees and all the creature in hell will run to the end of the universe. You are beginning to reveal your inner self which does not conjure with all the lovey dovey words you expressed!
    About wine and champagne, I have drank RM 2500 per bottle of wine but I am not the most educated but very refined person. Monsterball, lets enjoy our toddy and talk about how dogs make love!

  46. monsterball says:

    bamboo river….Dogs can make love more than 20 times per day!! Based on my own experience..humans can do most 7 times….until no more juiice. Next one… blood will flow out instead of juice…..hahahaha
    Toddy?? I drank few times….but WINE….ah my bamboo river friend….that I do enjoy. Infact I builT a wine cellar to house not less than 100 bottles…and I buy from private sellers…non found at shops.
    Most drink wine based on red or white…but best quality wine must be bottled at the Rhine area in Germany from water dew collected at certain place and at certain seasons. Those wine are called ..’ICE WINE”…white wine ofcourse.
    I drank alot of those wine..but for dinner…no choice…..follow the trend or else others will say I don’t know how to drink right wine for certain occassions….but when I was in Rome….my tourist guide brought me to a village to drink red wine at so cheap prices!! They taste so smooth…and nice. Bought few bottles back…but later taste like shit!!I don’t know was I conned or not.
    I gave up drinking hard stuffs some 15 years ago….as wine women and song will kill me faster….not that I am afraid to die anytime….but trying not to be a burden to others….should it not kill me …but instead leaving me half dead for others to jaga me everyday……..hahahaha

  47. monsterball says:

    bamboo river…..If you WANT dogs to make love and produce litters…They must make love till get stuck like glue!!!
    Not stuck….no chance to get bitch pregnant…..hahahaha
    I am sure few females reading this wish their lover boy can do such stunts….especially Susan. That’s why she is still single. Have not found one with VOOOMP……..hahahahaha

  48. monsterball says:

    bamboo river…do you notice when the waiter open a bottle of expensive wine…. he wil pass you the cork..and you are supposed to smell the fresh quality and fragrance of the wine? Then he will pour little to a wine must actually not drink it….but guggle and spit it out….then give your comment.
    For me…I told the waiter…. stop wasting time….start pouring and stop that ritual. If no good…I WILL CALL THEM UP. I actually did that very rarely and proved I was right….thus exchanging a bottle for me with their apologies.
    In brandy manufacturing…a person can be a millionaire with the right nose…usually long and can SMELL good or bad brandies….with the final say in bottling. How powerful and rich that nose is…hahahaha
    Brandy and whisky…will be another long story. Cheers!

  49. susan's friend says:

    to all you hopeful guys out there:
    susan is NO longer available. look here: this is her “sayang”:

    he’s really a nice guy, not to mention good-looking too. and he’s really sporting to allow all you guys to say all these crap to the woman he loves. if it were me, habis lah you all.

    anyway, he must be really one lucky guy to have captured susan’s heart. as you know, its not really easy to please a woman like susan.

    i tried…but, sorry lah. so dont waste your time, susan’s too busy for you all!

  50. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, all the wine and dining I have experienced courtesy from my hosts in Italy. The best wine that I have drank is from the northern part ASTI. To buy wine without being cheated, get a good local friend along.
    I am not a wine expert but I do enjoy them .
    To Susan’s friend, my dear as you can see both Monsterball and I are giving manly advise to that gentleman whom are so called himself most educated and refine and SIP wine and champagne to SOBER UP ! He drank too much cheap fine wine.

  51. monsterball says:

    I’m singing in the rain…just singing in the rain
    Oh what a glory feeling….how happy I am
    Hooray….Susan is well protected at last…but that lover boy of hers should put out a message to thank so many of us protecting Susan from crabs..dirty dicks and worms. Otherwise…I have my suspicion that it is Susan herself putting an APRIL FOOL message.
    bamboo river, my friend…yes Italy is the place to drink wine red wine….but like you ..I am not an expert also ..but that’s all gone now.
    On Saturday…attended a classmate son’s wedding. Met few old old friends..had one glass of wine…face all red..drove home slowely ..went to bed…. dosed off like a baby. So wine do give me nice nap.
    That guy is history now. He may need to change is nick to try another stunt. Characters like that are thicked skinned blokes….cashing on cheap thrill by disturbing others. But don’t worry…. .. you and jeancumlately and I will fry every insect… trying to eat a hole at this wonderful site.

  52. monsterball says:

    I have the strange feeling that guys will keep chasing after Susan from time to time…unless she shows us a wedding photo….beter still with a baby.
    I have seen guys never give up…a woman..married but no children..thinking can easily divorce and he still have a chance.
    Maybe the destiny of Susan is having so many admirers applying ‘NEVER GIVE UP. ..TRY TRY AGAIN”???
    So bamboo river…it looks like our job protectin Susan is not over yet……hahahahaha
    But you are right…none of our business…unless provoked or trying to actually disturb the site. I was right..was I not bamboo river….about that wine expert drinker.

  53. ekeen says:

    all of them are in deep love with susan. sigh. none left for me.

  54. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, you are right! To ekeen, we are in deep friendship love with everyone who support Bloggers United. You can join us for teh tarik okay?

  55. monsterball says:

    bamboo rive…Nice to be back to realities and thanks your comments at Sheih’s.
    Here I seem to be mostly wise and right………..but at Sheih’s…biggest old fool……..hahahahahaha Anyway..that’s win some and loose some.
    bamboo you see…our deep affections and positive magnetic forces towards Susan… pure in the heart [quoting you}…imagining her like those sexy celebreties which she denied…but even ust the opposite will not be the real reasons we love her. It is like a marriage vow…..for better or worst…or ‘Ask not what Susan can do for us. Ask ourselves what we can do for Susan”…or simply willing to do anything to protect her expected 107 year old life”doing our best for few years and pass the baton to others…..because I will be long gone dead. However…bamboos are known to live from generations to generations without moving one inch from where they are standing…thus my good friend bamboo river will have a very long life.
    ekeen…nick is already cute and naughty! Such a person cannot be left out to share our love for Susan. So I hereby confirm to ekeen…there is always room for one more where love is concern…never enough!!
    Having been F… for no reasons at Sheih’s is nice to be around cultured commenters.

  56. monsterball says:

    This is the 58th message. If you want Susan to live to at least 107…but I prefer this number has great meaning to life….we must continue posting till that number lah.
    By that time…she may have all false teeth and still look ravishing!!
    So.. those who say they love Susan…phyisically…mentally or spiritually……show your true colours……hahahahaha

  57. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, you are welcome! By the way , everyone is entitled to their opinions. (Sheih’s blog) . We just take what is good for us and leave the rest. Keep on blogging!

  58. stenson chin says:

    What happen to your balls fishball? Do you need your lackeys to push

    them up for you? Cant you stand on your own? Why the need to go

    foreign land to get cheaper wine?

  59. bamboo river says:

    Hey, Stenson my friend! You are back! How ‘s the wine or champagne? I hope the alcohol has already properly diluted in you bloodstreams and straight below. Mind where you pee man. Tell you what, saw you yesterday at a popular mall car park. I think it is you, no, I confirm it is you. Blabbering to a guy in the car about what monster with balls and how you hate his balls for insulting you in a certain blog. Well, you must be a damn brave bloke doing it in the car park. Too bad I don’t have a camera phone. Oh yeah, you are drunk at that time. Becareful, you won’t be lucky next time. Tsk, Tsk, pouring you inner desire to this poor bloke in a car park! Take care yeah! I ‘ ll get you some toddy but keep your hands off okay. Ciao!

  60. monsterball says:

    yip bamboo river…Certainly that thick skinned sore looser does not know when to stop. I guess he wants me to entertain him with a reply…and so it goes on and on… making this site a fish market with a low class comments to suit his character.
    Do you sense someone maybe trying to make Susan’s blog low class?
    I will still take your advise. This is Susan’s blog and we are her guests. There is a limit to everything.
    Wait few days to hear Sheih’s important anouncement. Again…your wise message is appreciated….although even with Sheih’s harsh words to the instigators….those guys never stop their nonsense.
    I refuse always to put out nagative messages …here or anywhere.
    jeancumlately will say to herself ‘at last ..monseterball getting smarter’…..hahahahaha

  61. monsterball says:

    Got this from a joke blogger!

    Brain Tumour
    Doc: I regret to tell you have a brain tumour.

    Mr. Bean: Yess!! [jumping for joy}

    Doc: Do you understand what I have told you?

    Mr. Bean: Yes ofcourse! You think I am dumb?

    Doc: Then why are you so happy?

    Mr.Bean: Because that proves I have a brain.

    The site is ” htpp//”

  62. stenson chin says:

    A low class fishball will call another low class.To keep the reputation of

    this blog intact and for the love of susan,I have decided not to trade

    punches with the classless balless fishball.I dont have the time to

    entertain you fishball.Dont make yourself big in here.You are actually

    a nobody.Respect susan and keep your nose stick in the mud.

  63. bamboo river says:

    Stenson my friend, enough of potshots okay? Just blog relevant to the postings and make everyone HAPPY . 🙂

  64. monsterball says:

    Good Morning Susan and all.
    hi bamboo..had nice reading at Sheih’s? Did you read last comment
    Well now I tell tell you let that idiot talk to himself like a lunatic. Just ignore him. You taught me……now you do it yourself.
    Just think of a subject we both like to talk….or any one….like to join in.
    Like we did give more than 108 comments on tha Adnan matter..lets give Susan same treatment….but this time for her to live longer than the subject..who is still living healthtily at 107!! What a great blessings from GOD to Madam Olive Riley…..being the oldest amongst 4.5 billion people!!
    jeancumlately and Susan and all inspired ladies wanting to try live like Madam Riley… should realise…..definately no sambal balachan…roti chanai…and must move to Cameron Highland…as cold weather do give you longer life. Goodluck ladies!!

  65. monsterball says:

    Yesterday was a very auspicious day. Good Friday…celebrating the crucifixtion of Jesus! Churches were packed’
    It is also Kuan Yin Mah’s {Goddess of Mercy}birthday.
    Temples were also packed!!
    This is also ‘all souls “2 weeks praying time for toaistsm buddhists. Go to grave and pay respect to the loving dead…okay….but bad luck those praying near a tree to strike a four digit number….all ghosts dare not come out on Friday lah….wasted efforts.

  66. monsterball says:

    Susan….You are exactly as I dream you are to be. Saw your face at the meeting. Now you are not faceless to me and hope we can meet one day. for nice coffee…your friends…. all are included.
    May You Be Well And Good!

  67. monsterball says:

    I had a discussion with few learnerd people telling me if one live up to 75 and above is considerd lucky..and anything above 80 is well blessed.

  68. monsterball says:

    Susan….Now I have seen your real full person on photo….I really respect and love you even more….but since I need to add more years to your message will have chapters after chapters…to achieve my target of long life for you.
    God Bless Susan!!

  69. monsterball says:

    And to idiotic fishball stenson….take bamboo river’s advises.
    You are the one not respecting Susan with your junk mails.
    Mine have positive responses from few commenters. Yours have NONE!!

  70. […] blogger Susan Loone blogged about the world’s oldest blogger Olive Riley, who currently resides at Sydney. Even at 107 […]

  71. Sotiris says:


  72. Themestoclis says:


  73. Kypros says:


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