MP for Kinabatangan Bung Mokhtar Radin out to be ashamed of himself. Yesterday, he urged the government to act against ‘insiders’ who reveal information to Internet blogs and news portals.

This was the MP, who in 2001, used the “F” word in Parliament. I attended the session that day in the August house and felt so embarassed that an MP was so rude and shameless. What an embarassment not only to his constituency but to the people in Sabah and Malaysians as a whole.

I wrote the story about his antics. He was forced to apologised but he did it so reluctantly.

(Picture from Resolution distorted on purpose)

The late speaker Mohamed Zahir said he would ask Bung Moktar to make an “unconditional apology” to the House and that his action was unprecedented.

“This is serious, the F-word should not be used at all in any circumstances,” said the veteran speaker.

This so-called elected representative often causes much controversy in the house. He is a loose canon and I suspect he is often being used to spew out the government’s view, which BN officials are too ashamed to spit out.Therefore, when he asked why blogs and portals were not monitored and whether there are laws to regulate them:

Has the police investigated these Internet sources? I wonder where these sources get their information from, how do they know from A to Z of every matter they report. The leakage of information to Internet sources must have come from insiders”.

The right response to that would be “There should be stringent laws actually to regulate species like him in Parliament”.

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  1. wits0 says:

    MP “Kena-batang-ah”? Then lost all his marbles? It figures. 😀

  2. wits0 says:

    “..he asked why blogs and portals were not monitored and whether there are laws to regulate them..”

    Next, please just ask for mind control.

  3. monsterball says:

    Susan .. It is this distinctive character that I simply cannot understand….that such guy like him can say as they like….yet judge if they are true Malaysians.
    Worst of all….you must gain their respects!!!
    What type of people think and act like this? Who are to be blamed beats me. No only this minister have no shame…Susan….he is showing bad examples to the young people.
    Worst of all…Pak Lah is keeping quiet…knowing very well..voters hate such attitudes. He wants to deliver all he promised to voters?….the body is willing….but the selfish mind cannot ..or is it the other way round?hahahahaha

  4. bayi says:

    This guy got away scot-free. That’s why he probably thinks that he did the right thing. Malaysia Boleh (yet again)!!

  5. Black says:

    One more candidate that will be Blacklisted by the bloggers for the upcoming general election.

  6. Black says:

    Now the candidate in the list is:

    1) Tengku Adnan
    2) Zainuddin Maidin
    3) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
    4) Khairy Jamaluddin

    and many more will be update soon…..

  7. kittykat46 says:

    He’s what you would call a “hatchet man”. A guy appointed to do the nasty work when those in power don’t wish to get their hands (or mouth) dirty.
    As for his questions, I’m very sure the government is actively monitoring blogs (including this one) and the police are very hard at work trying to trace anonymous bloggers who post leaked information and their sources of information.

    There really is a lot of government dirty linen being shown in blogs these days and its definitely more interesting to follow than “Desperate Housewives”

  8. nmbvf says:

    3 entries found for bung.
    To select an entry, click on it.
    bung[1,noun]bung[2,transitive verb]bung up

    Main Entry: 1bung
    Pronunciation: ‘b&[ng]
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Middle Dutch bonne, bonghe
    1 : the stopper especially in the bunghole of a cask; also : BUNGHOLE
    2 : the cecum or anus especially of a slaughtered animal

    As expected, Bung Mokhtar Radin is talking through his bung-hole.

  9. hasilox says:

    he says:
    “I wonder where these sources get their information from, how do they know from A to Z of every matter they report.”

    A validation that all the reports are true. Hoi!!! where are the lying bloggers?

    He sounded damned worried. Why ya?
    A sign that whistleblowers cannot ignore. Must zoom in on him!

  10. sinomalay says:

    You quote Bung as saying, “Has (sic.) the police investigated these Internet sources? I wonder where these sources get their information from, how do they know from A to Z of every matter they report. The leakage of information to Internet sources must have come from insiders”.

    Bloggers must say a BIG THANK YOU to Bung! This is perhaps the first confirmation from a government MP that what bloggers have been posting is the TRUTH; contrary to what Malaysia’s Information Minister would like the world to believe. Bloggers certainly need people like Bung, foul-mouthed though he might be, who owns up to the truth!

    And by the same token, Bung has also confirmed that the “mainstream” Malaysian media have not been doing its journalistic duty by hiding the truth from the Malaysian public.

    So, Mr Information Minister, do you blame NST, the Star and the other Malaysian newspapers and broadcasters from picking stories from bloggers? Talk to Bung. Apparently, he knows more than you do. The ACA would do well to invite Bung for a cup of tea.


  11. zorro-unmasked says:

    If you got nothing to hide, why are you afraid of bloggers?Why are they complicating matters. Heard you will be in KL on third. We will organise something…meeting some of bloggers tonite at NPC,

  12. monsterball says:

    Black…Your list of candidates not to vote should include:-
    1. Samy Vellu
    2. Ong Ka-Ting
    3. All Gerakan candidates in Penang…especially Koh Tsu Koon
    4. Najib!!
    5.Zorro….Oh sorry..he is not political candidate. If he is…vote him out…hahahaha

  13. Libra says:

    Indirectly he is saying that bloggers are not liars after all. He suspects they get information from insiders, which obviously must be true.
    All he is saying is that they must be investigated for getting the truth from insiders.
    On the F thing.
    The entire print and electronic media would have gone to town had the word been uttered by an Opposition MP.

  14. shar101 says:

    Neanderthals making a comeback.

    Or perhaps, this one never left.

    Nevertheless, if innocence comes from the mouth of babes, the truth has to make an exit from the ‘bung’.

  15. Black says:

    Ha ha Montie….

    We also can include:

    1) Nazri Aziz
    2) Rosmah
    3) Rafidah AP (ooops Aziz)
    4) Sharizat Jalil

    and many more will come….

  16. lucia says:

    oh! another instance of demonising bloggers from an MP!

    when will this ever stop?

  17. monsterball says:

    Black..We think alike. This means Barisan National should be the oppositions. Nice to hear Pak Lah talk as an opposition leader criticising…new government. That will be the day…Tun Suffian will laugh and be happy most!!

  18. zewt says:

    all bloggers unite against… what say everyone?

  19. DisgustedGal says:

    And this comes from someone with a despicable attitude who chooses to use F word in parliament?? how very civilised and modern… so now someone is accussed of being a “Russian spy” … he actually sounds jealous.. maybe he’s one of the last people on earth to get the jiucy news.. reminds me of an ill tempered kid who is sulking… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ……..

  20. wits0 says:

    “how very civilised and modern…”

    Heheheh, they teach us that civilization is attained and sustained by waving frog-stickers in the air and reverting to a full custume stage show of primeval tribalism.

  21. Roxanne says:

    “I wonder where these sources get their information from, how do they know from A to Z of every matter they report. The leakage of information to Internet sources must have come from insiders.”

    With that, he is leaking information himself through confirming that bloggers are telling the truth, and if there were any untruths, they must be planted by Government agents. So you have your idiot of the week!

    Bloggers must double check their sources for reliability before they blog, otherwise they give the Government grounds for their accusations. Whether bloggers like it or not, there are agents working for the Government (or spies, if you like) pretending to be with you.

    Some of you already know that, but many don’t. So be careful out there. But then again, if you’re counted not important or dangerous enough, they won’t be in touch.

    *As for the “F” word, only an idiot would treat Members of Parliament like drinking pals during a session.

  22. elviza says:

    I knew it! Why am I not surprised at all

  23. jeancumlately says:

    I would be surprised if they could restrain themselves from using the “f” word forever. That is their life. That word is them. Atleast they are just saying it inside the parliament while doing it outside day in and day out to anything, everything and everybody.

  24. […] Loone blogs about a Malaysian politician who asked the government to “act against ‘insiders’ who reveal information to Internet blogs and news portals.”. The same politician had earlier […]

  25. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately….. You really know how to F… them properly.
    From us..maybe not much effect….but from ladies….wow…how can they tahan man. Where got face anymore?? Better jump from the twin tower and be done with it….hahahahaha

  26. Black says:


    Yes. Why not Barisan Nasional be the opposition? It will be great. After 50 years with power, money and all the government instruments. They already felt like a king and untouchable.

    Malaysia will be very strong country when the check and ballance is strong as well. The only way is the opposition should unite!! If not, we will have the Barisan Nasional for another 50 years…..

  27. RANJIT SINGH says:

    Zaman dulu ini bung kerja main wayang kulit..jadi etong. Lepas itu dia kerja dengan royal circus of India jadi.clownssss jadi Bung Clowns…

  28. Alex says:

    one evening abt 3 years ago, I went to Sabah Royal Turf Club’s Karaoke, and saw Bung was playing pool, drinking liquor and with a woman (unlikely to be his wife). He walked around in baju batik. I was made to understand that he frequently that place.

  29. monsterball says:

    Good Morning Susan and all!! Black…For all oppositions to unite..some must give up their not so easy…but you can be sure..few parties will have their supporters…mostly gone to new opposition parties……such as Keadalan…and”Born Again” DAP without Pas.
    Keadalan has aleady taken thousands of UMNO members in East MALAYSIA …and Kelantan and Trengganu have signaled their desires to support them.
    Did you see how much Barisan National is paying attention to MACHAP by election? Lets wait and see the result of DAP there.
    Yes Black..Barisan National..have been a pain in the arse far far too long with their selfish…dirty and corrupted politics.
    Why did they last so long? Well one reason….is people were not so well educated and another was …there was not much choices between the devils….but people proved they were concern and educated enough during TDM’s last election… and gave Pak Lah a chance.
    I said before… matter how much PM do..if he dare not bring out the case of Tun Suffian to be tried open prove TDM was guilty…they will loose thousands of malay votes…just for this case only…and few other reasons…will see them loose more malay supporters.
    And most important is hoping the Chinese for once….think of the country and not for their personal benefits….as their attitudes are mostly ‘who cares’..who is PM..THEY DON’T DEPEND ON THE GOVERNMENT.
    This time they must care….which they showed 6 years ago…and I am sure they will care enough not support Gerakan nor MCA.
    All in all….Oppositions should win by razor thin majority to manage the country for once. If that happens…you will see alot of bald headed men walking along the streets …showing signs of gratitudes to God. You know how Chinese behave….a gratifying race.
    ME?? Go bald lah at nearly 70 yrs old…..if opposition manage the country. Will you follow Black?…hahahaha

  30. monsterball says:

    Sorry…..the court case of Tun Salleh Abas…Not Tun Suffian!
    My apology to both Tuns…but I do hope we DO NOT HAVE SHORT MEMORIES!! Many more mistreatments and unfaiirness done..especially UMNO to protect their own kind…and showing clear favouritism to their own party members. Lim Eng Guan had to go to jail…for what??

  31. Apandi says:

    An elderly Ah Pek taxi driver yesterday laments the fact that the flowers around KLCC and Bukit Bintang, the ones on road dividers etc. are replaced by men coming in huge lorries every 2 or 3 days at about 1 am. He should know, he plies the area. Haiya, why can’t they just plant hardy flowers that should last, why must waste public money ? You know ah, I must pay income tax, cannot afford even driving 16 hour a day and they waste money change flowers, for what ?

    See, and we have some asshole in charge who are more interested in what people say about them then really doing their job in making lives better for the people.

  32. stenson chin says:

    Susan…i admire your good command of english.I admire whatever you

    wrote. Your seem to have matured and analytical mind. I would like to

    have a cup of coffee with you one day. Will you grant my wish?

  33. ABSD says:


  34. monsterball says:

    stenson chin….To make a date openly to Susan…you are brave and a gentleman lah.
    But you must give your details..age..married or unmarried …drive what type of rent or own..etc etc etc. most important..put out your photo…height…very important.
    Do you know Susan has a face of a killer? That’s why she is still available…hoping one who wait longest is best for her. Will you be patient to join other applicants?..hahahahaha
    By the way….if you drive a Proton or ride a motor cycle…no need to apply lah.

  35. monsterball says:

    Just do not want to mention how many funerals Susan attended ..died of broken hearted for her or is just too old…..broken hearted easily…hahhahaha

  36. jeancumlately says:

    Whoa… learnt something new today. We are used to hearing the normal pick-up lines like “U have a nice eyes,” or “U have a nice smile,” but now there is a new one … “u have a good command of english…” Hmm… good luck…

    Just a pointer… dont ever use the “f” word! Its not a good command of english.

  37. wits0 says:

    Susan, consider the imponderable that admirers may come bearing C4! You know that C4 being pliable like colored plasticine, may be shaped like flowers too.

    (Hope you ppl have a sense of humour :D)

  38. monsterball says:

    I always imagine jeancumlately has the sexiest shape..eyes..mouth.. that can launch a thousand ships.

  39. monsterball says:

    I must apologise my long message 7am. I was refering to Tun Salleh Abbas and not Tun Suffian. My sincere apologies to both of them. Thanks.

  40. susan loone says:

    coffee, anyone? :=)

  41. monsterball says:

    Suddenly…Her Majesty..The Queen speaks!! Yes Mum…I will have one.
    Shall I milk yours?

  42. Meng Yee says:

    Between tengku Adnan’s lewd sign (was it the middle finger or the palm hitting the fist?) and kenabatang-an MP’s F word – which is worse?

    All a bunch of gangasters we’ve elected into parliament….

  43. […] perhaps he was referring to the fact that there may be some insiders providing information to blogs. Nothing wrong with that – In fact, I think exposing corrupt politicians is a rather good […]

  44. Ahmed says:

    Sorry 😦

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