As a follow-up to my post “The prince, the lady and the policeman“, sources now say it is the royal family from Johor ( a commentator on the post including some journalists have mentioned it). However, this fact need to be verified before blogsville is a buzz with more rumours.

Now, we hope the newspapers who were said to be “an authority on the truth“, provide us with some verification. However, it has dealt poorly with the report – not mentioning the five important elements in a story – who, what, where, when and how. We were provided with none, except that the lady was a two-timer, an adulteress and the report was lodged at Bukit Aman. Doesn’t it look more like rumour mongering then? (sorry, my dear Fathi Aris Omar, but this is the basis of reporting or else the story is just not worth a print, at least that is what I have learnt).

In a story, I would also include “how come?”. Like how come no police station accepted the woman’s report and how come her married lover who is said to be a narcotics unit police man was said to be transferred immediately to Sarawak?

Well if it is the Johor prince, then I would say that the royal family in that state is no stranger to such ordeals. Here, I am not confirming that it is the Johor prince. But I would like to go back in time because it seems there were instances where the royal family acted out of line but impunity reigns supreme.

For example, in October 2005, a Johor royal was reported to have been arrested after he and his friends crashed into a wedding party of a Brazilian couple. There were about 100 foreigners.

A fight broke out and the foreigners were attacked with golf clubs and sharp objects, the Straits Times said without elaborating.

The report said that:

Several foreigners were hospitalised with injuries, the report said. Police arrested the royal family member and three other men.The report did not give the names of the alleged attackers or of the wedding party.Johor police chief Mohamad Amir Sulaiman confirmed that a member of the Johor royal family was among the four people arrested but declined to give details“.

The King himself is a”controversial figure in Malaysia“. He was dismissed as Crown Prince in 1961 by his father after being found guilty of assault in the Malaysian courts and sentenced to imprisonment. His crown was restored when his father died.While he was Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Iskandar created further controversy by assaulting a golf caddy. He also assaulted hishockey coach and teacher, Mr Douglas Gomez (19401999). This led to a constitutional crisis between the government and the Malay Rulers which culminated in the removal of the legal immunity from prosecution of all the rulers in March 1993.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who is part of the royal blood himself, has written at length about the royal family way back in 2005. See here. However, the Sultan of Johor is a great supporter of Pak Lah. How would this relationship be beneficial to the royal family, one would ask? Were there instances where it has indeed benefited the royal family? I am not sure.
But it is indeed well-known that the police comes directly under the powers of the prime minister. Which brings me back to the question: who has the ultimate power to transfer a policeman out of town in 24 hours? Can his boss do it without the approval of someone high and mighty?

The police should do well to clear its name. The force, while having done many courageous acts, have been also criticised and condemned on many others, especially cases of political significance.

Boasting a 200 year service anniversary on Sunday, the Royal Malaysian Police Force has fallen short of my expectations.


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  1. bamboo river says:

    For starter, I hope our IGP can comment on this if he reads Susan’s blog.
    For the main course, I hope the Gomen can comment on this if they read Susan’s blog.
    And finally for dessert, I hope we the citizen can have a well fed answers when we finish reading Susan’ blog on this issue.
    Bon Appetite!

  2. zewt says:

    what a way to celebrate their 200 anniversary. Bravo indeed.

  3. shar101 says:

    Ahh! Johore royalty antics and the removal of legal immunity from prosecution which led to the setting up of the Royal Court.

    Are we coming full circle on this issue? Shall we now proceed with setting up a ‘Wakil Rakyat’ Court? Since it would appear that royalties and politicians seems to have ‘more’ rights than the rest of us voters.

    Free the Judiciary and the RMP will follow suit. I’ve already written on this in part one of TPTLTP.

    Meanwhile, the fairer sex is still type-casted as ‘two-timing’ whilst the prince, remains a prince and the policeman, a policeman.

  4. monsterball says:

    This Prince who is now the Sultan of Johore was welknown for many shames he brought to his late father….but why bring out ALL his past history ONLY when he came out to support Pak Lah?
    Lets be truthful and sensible. He was brought up more than 70 years ago …like he can do anything and it’s okay… all the Kings in China…remember?? So do you blame his attitudes or the system….that we have 50 years of a government..dare not do anything to put things right..but ah..God is great….all of a sudden TDM put sultans with limited powers. Most knew TDM did that out of personal revenge on the Sultan of Johore slapping him…not really for the love of the country. Go get the details.
    And this Sultan kept a distance from TDM when he was PM…perhaps suffering in shame for causing his brother Sultans suffer along with him….on a personal revenge matter.
    Now he has grown be a very very old man…and learning the realities in life….at late age…not like us fortunate blokes…suffer and learn fast.
    His first most intelligent remark spoken AFTER so many years was saying….TDM should behave like a retired civil servant …did you not see the impact he brought to the public with that smart statement?……so much so TDM had to write an open letter to the public as ordinary citizen. Ofcourse TDM was being sarcastic at his best.
    Now this Sultan openly support Pak Lah….good or bad….what’s wrong with that?
    I think it is doing the country hell of alot of good…when loving kindnesses are shown in whatever forms or deeds done…..not like TDM like to pick up quarrel all his life!! Again God is great..TDM must rest. He is just too old for dirty piolitics…which he is the best in doubt about it.
    Now back to the subject of murder…this and that. Mind you…if it was done by the Sultan as hinting so much here…..blame it on TDM government………….and what can you do….except change more laws to see that …that cannot happen again. You mean all are waiting for the Sultan to go to court..tried….proven guilty and go to jail? TDM must hope so…let him dream on. ……hahahahaha

  5. susan loone says:

    shar101, your observations are correct on the bias reporting towards women. i can pull put dozens of examples on this issue alone. every paper is guilty!

    uncle monty, are you from johor? how come you know the johor sultan so well one?

  6. galadriel says:

    That story seems to raise so much more questions than answers. Who? What? Why? When? How?

    Why is the MStar story so scanty? Those ppl shud not run a story so potentially explosive without verifications. We can all speculate to kingdom come, but let’s start with some facts first.

    I have a feeling the incident really happened. 24-hr transfers r common. And I have heard stories of the Johor Royalty treating the state like their personal fiefdom n their citizens r all fair game. But that is just my humble opinion.

    So tell us more Susan.

  7. wits0 says:

    Susan, once the privilege ideology is permitted to grow without limit, this is what has and will happen and continue to spread like a metastasis, hence the appearance of misogyny(as a matter-of-fact) is not a surprise at all.

    The MSM has done its part in pooh poohing this assured cancer through uncrititical reportings. It has done its part in creating an uncritical and unthinking readership for many of those who have finished their (none too efficacious) education.

    If you women and right thinking ppl don’t object, only the abyss awaits through your own silence. There’s a big mindless herd at work out there.

  8. hasilox says:

    Doesn’t matter which problem is related to whom. As long as you mention “sultan of johor” people always cringe and turn their head.

    Even sporeans learned to steer clear of that clan. Last year (or the year before), there was this report about a sporean got abused by someone related to the sultan over a minor car incident. Escalated into quite a serious argument. But, that man was ‘correctly’ advised by some concerned hotel staffs to just move on and stay clear of that clan. Obviously, someone from a republic country not aware of the danger lurking around 😉

    But, how to avoid such ‘samsengs’? Even the govt and the police are just as useless as the commoners.

  9. monsterball says:

    Susan….Yes I do lived …schooled and worked in Johore for many years.

  10. wits0 says:

    IMO, Johore state has always come across as, comparatively, one of the lousiest state in terms of reputation although there are some Johorean who’ll (unconvincingly)defend its name.

    This negative impression is indelible because even in the course of following the truncated “news”, it is obvious that the Johore state is so damn resentful of Singapore. So much of a wannabe state without any of the the quality required to emulate any measure of that successful island state dispite its size and resources. High cost of living is what it seems to have acquire minus the high standard all along. Not to mention the persistent and infamous crime rate.

  11. messenger says:

    [RE-POSTED for convenient reference]

    Yes Susan, he is from Johore.

    Some speculate the same ’samseng’ Prince, i.e. the same gangster-like Prince who used to be doing the same style.

    I am not so sure about him but a Johorean told me that there is such a Prince in Johore.

    The issue before us is: How could he get away with his actions. Besides, no police stations were willing to take the woman’s report.

    And she has to come along the way from Johore to lodge a report at Bukit Aman!

    Sh*ttt … I would like to see the IGP commenting on this issue.

    Last time the IGP once said everybody can come to him if any balai refuses to take report. He was then referring to a case in Malacca where a youth could not file a report. See Google.

    The issue is this: How mightily powerful the Prince is — the Police themselves are afraid of him. And how could he interfere — or whoever did on his behalf — in Police force.

    That is my biggest contention here.

    A scandal after a blunder after that mistake (assault). After all, if it is a mere allegation, why stop police taking the report?

    Yes, I am sympathetic to the victim. And hoping police investigate it fairly.

    But, to me, the biggest blunder here is when Police are subservient to the Prince!

    Who is he? Shhh**ttt.

    Has any paper followed it up after Mstar Online reports? And why are they not interested in following it up? How about the Sun? or Or

    Or no one has balls anymore, hehehe

  12. monsterball says:

    If one check on the list of royaltries shaming the country….it does not be only from Johore….although Johore seems to create most nonsense.
    The Sultan of Pahang was threatened to be arressted…owing a casino RM10 million 15 years or more ago. Did you recall TDM had to send a person to pay cash to get the sultan out of the hotel?
    A prince in Kedah was also welknown for street car racings at certain nights and take girls as he wishes….yet not highlighted.
    By the way these royalties are ‘special people’ in Malaysia and being recognised by the govt. and the people. you cannot blame them. Blame the govt.
    Everyone knows the Sultan Of Johore have an unstable mind….but not dangerous. ..only if he is angry. He is also known to be kind and generous and love his people sincerely. When he was Agong…did everyone noticed he spoke so little? Yet I was so happy he spoke so well….describing TDM exactly what he is..a retired civil servant…not a King.
    Now TDM is waiting to see what Pak Lah will do to this news dug out from the grave..all of a sudden by …you know who. Poliltics is still dirty within UMNO for sure.

  13. susan loone says:

    messenger…i also dont know why lah no one dares to follow up. for god’s sake, there is a police report and i am sure all details are there. so, now you can imagine the state of our police affairs. what 200year anniversary are they talking about. most cases of political significance pushed under the carpet. but of course they are very fast to arrest toll hike demonstrators?

  14. monsterball says:

    Susan…Your next best job is to be a stand up commedien. Serious!

  15. wits0 says:

    Susan: ” but of course they are very fast to arrest toll hike demonstrators? ”

    Image is all mportant, mah. The rest can be swept under he carpet because big names enable this. Duplicity has always been the Wawasan.

  16. jhyut says:

    Remember Tun Ghaffar Baba’s remark that they are about 20 kings in this world and half of them are in this country? Untouchable purple-blooded lords and masters…but Rudyard Kipling’s “The Man who who be King” shows otherwise

  17. Rikey® from WATTAHACK? says:

    rumours rumours I say! rumours! don’t trust blogs…. or my driver’s memoirs!

  18. wits0 says:

    “When the multitude detests a man, inquiry is necessary; when the multitude likes a man, inquiry is equally necessary.” – Confucius

    In Bolehland such an inconvenience is simply made into a taboo and the rot rocks on.

    Great is the vision!

  19. monsterball says:

    Rikey..You mean your driver cheats on mileage and petrol claims? Mine too!!..hahahaha
    But if memoirs also mean your driver’s private credentials he filled in to work for you…d later you found out he has two wives instaed of one….my same.
    But now employed to find ways he cannot cheat on petrol and make him work harder to earn overtime for two familes…Are you doing that?

  20. well susan, it is the prince from johor , there’s another blogger name tunku has confirmed it too…but how truth it is we don’t know. let’s wait for the police comment on this matter, when it comes to royalty its quite difficult for the police to act, there are pressured too, i don’t blame them

  21. kittykat46 says:

    This is getting more interesting than “Desparate Housewives”

  22. Bagai ketam suruh anaknya berjalan betul!

    Aren’t we getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of all these spin-doctoring, gobbledegooking executive of this country?

    This country cannot soar like an eagle as long as it is being run by turkeys.

  23. wits0 says:

    AM, Like the Dodo bird, it may even lose the power of flight soon because of countries like China and India. Dream on.

  24. monsterball says:

    I told you so kittykat46.
    Anak..lets kill some of the turkeys coming Christmas… by voting them out in next election…but watch out those big rats!!They are most dangerous…and dirty. Now you try to identify the turkeys and the rats. Not hard..just keep be true anak malaysia.

  25. Michael says:

    Aiyah.. malaysian police.. ~_~ no comment about them.. say them bad can’t.. cuz sometime paying them really helps.. say them good oso can’t.. because so many of them are sOOO lazy!

  26. Libra says:

    Comments here focuses on the prince and the policeman. What about the poor lady? Why is that in Bolehland, the lady almost always end up the loser.
    Did she two-timed the prince or the prince dumped her after having “used her” to satify his lust?
    In Bolehlan the poor victim is blamed if she is raped? (Oh her dress aroused the animal instinct of the rapist).
    An unwed mother is ostracised?
    A wife is legally beaten for refusing her husband sex?
    The women is divorced at the whim of her husband and she is mocked?

  27. monsterball says:

    Micheal…Say them best actors can? Another word…best hypocrites can?
    Now work so hard with no nonsense IGP…then go back to same lazy habits..when no one watching them…mostly like gaji buta jobs…spoiling the real real good cops reputations…just like taxis lah.
    So again …who is to be blamed? Our famous ‘close one eye’ government ofcourse!!

  28. KerinchiGuy says:

    The latest ‘the economist’ coverdated 24 -30 march has an article on sleaze in Malaysia. Among other things it says:
    A survey this month by Transparency International, an anti-corruption watchdog, hinted at one explanation why so few cases are cleared. It showed that both the public and businessmen see the police as by far the most corrupted institution (see chart). From business’s point of view, only political parties come close (though the public, which should presumably reap the benefits, has not noticed). Reforming the police is another of Mr Badawi’s broken promises. Two years ago, a royal commission he set up called for an independent police-complaints body. But the force’s chiefs objected. So far they have had their way, despite sharply rising crime—murders increased by 22% last year.

    for full article and to view the chart go to:

  29. sinomalay says:

    You say, “…not mentioning the five important elements in a story – who, what, where, when and how.” You left out the most important element of all: Why? Every cub reporter is taught the 5Ws and an H: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? I find that Malaysian journalists rarely ask the Why question. A lot of bad copies find their way into Malaysian newspapers because Malaysian journalists are afraid to ask the Why question. I remember, many years ago, during a BN crisis, I asked the then Premier Mahathir during a Press conference in Kuching why he had made such a decision. He retorted: “You tell me why?” The whole Press corp was silent.

  30. wadi wadi says:

    Dear Susan.I am a Johorean and proud of it.It’s a lovely state with a very cosmopolitan feel to it.People there are very bilingual.But, it’s not perfect and it’s partly due to the feudal shenanigans of the royal family.They treat the rakyat like crap.They use the Johor Military Force like a troop of goons.And the goons go around misbehaving as well.
    The TMJ and his brother have a long history of using women for their own ends..partly learnt from the father of course.It is the nightmare of every Johor parent when one of the Tengkus takes a liking to their daughters.
    I am curious to know about the incident of the Sultan slapping TDM though. Did it really happen?
    50 years of independence is enough time for us to impose the law upon the royals. Enough is enough. They must be held accountable for their actions.

  31. SHAH says:


  32. […] would be good to revisit the story of the prince, the lady and the policeman (part 1), (part 2) and (part […]

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