A movie? No, this is real life, a Malaysia Boleh production.

Fathi Aris Omar, my ex-Malay story editor from Malaysiakini alerted me to this bizarre story in mSTAR online today. Fathi is editor with mSTAR online now:

Royalty beats lover. Lover is in her 20s. She was allegedly beaten because she was found to be having an affair with a married man. She was forced to lodge a report in Bukit Aman when no police station was willing to accept her report. The Prince also lodged a police report about the matter. The woman was said to be involved with a married police officer who is attached to the narcotics unit. He was later transferred to Sarawak within 24 hours of the report being lodged. Police is investigating the case and is currently questioning a few witnesses.

Fathi poses some questions in his blog:

  • Who is the Prince, who is the woman, and who is the policeman?
  • Where are they from, which state, is it somewhere near Bukit Aman?
  • Who had so much power to transfer the police officer out of the state within such a short time?

This story, at a glance, seem like a fairytale, but in fact has all the elements of a crime related to violence against women (she was beaten), abuse of power (transferring police officer out of state) and poor police ethics (police not willing to accept the woman’s report because it involved a royalty).

“Proof the power of blogs. If mSTAR could write about this story, why not blogs?” challenged Fathi.

Well, though a police report had been lodged, why is mSTAR online reluctant to publish the full story? Is it because it involves a royalty?

Tell us more!


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  1. monsterball says:

    good morning Susan and fellow commenters…Nice exciting real life piece!
    One by one ..such real incident is emerging from the police file? Well are you surprise? Look at the nature of some of these murderers..chopped victim into pieces..bombed dead vistim into pieces…what race will do such thing in Malaysia? Mat rempit simply defy traffic rules..what race.
    Many can insult you …they never apologise…even proven wrong ..but you must gain their respect..what type of logic..what race?
    Who are most racilalitics hypocrites in Malaysia…what race?
    WHY ARE THEY LIKE THAT? This I can answer..ask TDM!!
    So you story…bet you involving ONE RACE ..want to bet?

  2. Libra says:

    Going by Zam definition, this story is true since newspapers have authority to truth. If it had appeared on a blog first, then it would be considered a lie and the mainstream newspapers would have been barred from quoting them.

  3. art chan says:

    don’t bother investigating…waste of police resources…..no one will be charged….nothing will come out of this….

  4. wits0 says:

    Zam’s ministry ought to be be very busy – snuffing out information!

    Well, if a royalty can get into such a position, what sort of just-ice within the social system awaits the nobodies?

  5. monsterball says:

    Prepare to die for your country…then no problem. But all are safe actually…as our police an government are getting more proffesional and better.
    But I think…most killings are out of jealousies and revenge involving poweful ordinary citizens……..not royalties.

  6. Black says:

    PDRM are no longer relevan in Malaysia. The time has come for the government to abolish PDRM and create a new police forces that are truly independent, reliable and serve the Malaysian people not the ministers and the royal family.

  7. Liew says:

    This is just like an episode of The Sopranos. So called ‘royalty’.

  8. sis

    nobody should be above the law be it ordinary people on the street, politicians, royalties or the police themselves.

  9. jhmnb says:

    The police officer who is attached to the narcotics unit can thank his lucky stars that he is still in one piece, although in sarawak. Don’t play around with the lovers of princes, or else your splinters of bones would have to be scraped off the trees after the c4 blast. Pray hard that in your next life, you would be born not a police officer, but a prince. Then only can you play around with the lovers of other princes

  10. susan says:

    monsterball, you cannot ask like that lah…murder is murder..whatever race…and the sooner we treat is as murder, the sooner problems will be solved.

  11. shar101 says:

    Considering who’s involved, there is the legal avenue in the form of the Royalty Court.

    That should be the endgame but is our Judiciary truly independent from ‘Executive’ interference?

    There has been too many instances when the PDRM were unable to move forward in enforcing the CPC or even when investigations were done, it gets bogged down at the next level i.e. the A.G. office due to constraints put in by relevant outside parties.

    Thus, a “Free Judiciary” campaign will highlight the importance of this pillar of democracy including the setting up of an independent Judicial Commission which essentially decide on the selection and promotion of judges by their peers. The perception of a strong and free Judiciary may just create the right impetus for PDRM to get their job done according to the law.

    Here’s what we are up against:

    As quoted by SN, minister in the PM’s department (Star 22-03-07),

    “The selection of judges for the Federal Court, Court of Appeal and High Court comes under Article 122B of the Federal Constitution”.

    Article 122B states that all judges should be appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on the advice of the Prime Minister with the consultation of the Conference of Rulers.

    Furthermore, these are the words of Shad Saleem Faruqi, Law Professor in UiTM, with regard to our parliamentary system,

    “The legislative process is basically an executive process, not a parliamentary process”.

    Now, have you ever wondered why we have so many OSA-ed documents/agreements which do not relate to National Security?

  12. Gibi says:

    Great work susan, lets us know the latest developement of this episode. Why not Sue contact Edisi siasat at NTV7 and ask them to investigate this matter. They are expert for as far as i know especially when they can even discover the GROs hiding places in massage palours /karaoke in their program shown on Edisi siasat. Do they have the guts to siasat this case. I can bet on Mahathir old rusty balls on this that they wont.

  13. monsterball says:

    okay lah..my otak no diplomacy..very bad.
    But many murders not solve lah…unless bring out to the open. So mongolean..very lucky man…so many weeks we … commenters keep pouncing..until case brought up by PM.
    Susan…the head instigator . We just follow….hahahha

  14. wits0 says:

    Susan, this sort of things are waiting to happen because Bolehland is also an elitist bitten society, not an egalitarian one in spirit. Once racism is strongly entrenched, elitism must necessarily fluorish in step as well. The rot can only be hidden through censorships, not addressed.

  15. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, Susan, this scandal involves crime, royalty and sex. All the ingredients of a juicy story.
    Watch out for the sequel.

  16. monsterball says:

    hi kittykat46? You from Malaysiakini..I recalled…..correct?
    Is this not better than watching “desperate housewives”??.hahahaha

  17. zewt says:

    susan… go find out more… 🙂

  18. joehancl says:

    Hey You don’t like it, chinese go back to china, indians go back to india, malays go where? Die lah.

  19. Dear Susan & readers,

    Here is Sunday Star’s (March 25, page 5, bottom) story:

    Prince probed for assaulting woman friend

    KUALA LUMPUR: A member of a royal family is being investigated for allegedly assaulting a woman recently.

    Initial investigations showed that the woman, in her 20s, was beaten up after she supposedly two-timed the prince.

    The woman, who claimed that she had earlier tried to lodge a police report in the state, was forced to report the matter to the Federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman as no one in the state wanted to accept her report.

    It has also been learnt that a married narcotics police officer, supposedly involved with the woman, was transferred within 24 hours to Sarawak to carry out desk duties.

    The prince has also lodged a police report.

    Police have begun investigations into the case and are said to be in the process of recording statements from witnesses.

    >>> mStar Online (March 24) translated the copy a day before Sunday Star. So the original version is as published by the paper.

    >>> I am a chief reporter of the online BM paper, not editor as Susan previously stated.

    >>> The Star Online published the story today and it was the 2nd top (out 10) most read stories (as per 10.30pm Malaysian time)

    Whichever copy is, the issues are still relevant as I blog.

    We can NOT let the powerful, whoever is, go just like that.

    Still remember what IGP said when “Man Datuk” had been freed?

  20. KerinchiGuy says:

    the policeman was stated to be married. so can we assume, since it was not stated, that the prince is not? if he is, then he would also have been ‘two-timing’ his wife. and how come the name of the state is not mentioned? i thought good journalism would answer the What,Who, Where, When, Why and then the How, if any?

  21. Tenacioussoul says:

    whenever i read stories about woman brutality it makes me want to sharpen the tiny pencil around me to zilch~

  22. Tenacioussoul says:

    whenever i read stories about woman brutality it makes me want to sharpen ALL the tiny pencilS around me to zilch~ :((

  23. bamboo river says:

    Who should we sympathise? The prince whom was two timed. the woman whom was assaulted or the policeman whom was transfered within 24 hours ?

  24. wits0 says:

    We should rightly lament much more the lack of transparency and the haphazard operation of the murky “law” and the way the selective and elitist System works more than waste too much undue sympathy on the individuals in this particular scandal. I think this constitutes the real moral of the tale.

  25. macha says:

    haiya, the prince is from johor.

  26. monsterball says:

    bamboo river my friend…..the message is already making me kepala pusin..why add more. You should sympathise ME…getting so many bullets at Sheih’s site..and don’t you dare say I deserve them….if you dare not defend me. When can I have a freelunch in exchange for a nice cigar?
    macha…How do you know? Can it not be a person with a princely title….like self appointed TENGKU Adnan? Do you know what is a tengku?….hahahaha

  27. monsterball says:

    Susan..I am not a racialist…I assure you….but the Mat Rempits are 100% …..mostly policemen sons and daughters!! So what race?
    Previously…babies found dead or thrown into dustbins were also from one race..UNTIL…a report showing from all races.
    These are the real problems…why like that….how to educate them not to do it.. for the future of right thinking Malaysians. Afterall…our country is very small….can easlily correct them…thus back to BARISAN…good for nothing but talk nonsense.
    Aboveall….how to make everyone proud to be Malaysians. Why so hard to do…when China and India did that easily…2000 times bigger than Malaysia!!

  28. […] 2007 in police, malaysian madness, articles, women, media, news As a follow-up to my post “The prince, the lady and the policeman“, sources now say it is the royal family from Johor ( a commentator on the post including […]

  29. dollyprincess says:

    Hello Susan. 1st of all…congrats for this awesome blog. It is really interesting. 2ndly…I can’t wait for the movie…and finally…do come and visit my blog. 🙂

  30. wits0 says:

    And the gomen(via Najib) told the poor people to change their lifestyle when there is no leeway for change. Why don’t the same dude give the appropriate advice to the correct parties where there exists much that needs addressing and correcting changes?

    Irony is a way of life in Bodohland but some ppl cannot discover that.

  31. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, you do not deserve our sympathy. You deserve our words of support for being the most OUTWRItten & outspoken person in all the blogs that I managed to check in. As the saying goes, ” the more you talk (write) the more you would be talked back” Some talk can be nice but some are like “bullets” . But I read all your comments and most of them makes sense but sorry to say some makes me blur. However, enjoyed your pieces of mind in those blogs. Lunch for cigar you say? Hello Monsterball, you like Bark Good Day? Let me know.

  32. hasilox says:

    Monty, don’t associate anything to any particular race lah. There are different statistics for different races in whatever crime or activity. These are issues of influence and opportunity. Whatever found higher in one race, the others are catching up, for good or for bad.

  33. monsterball says:

    hasilox.beleive in me…I was trying to hightlight that paticular group..so that the parents and teachers can do the neccessary things. Furthermore…is that not the truth?
    To be a true Malaysian….one must be brave to tell what one feels from the heart…and I love all Malaysians like my children….but if one of my own is a black sheep….I cannot just ignore. That’s my attitudes towards being a true Malaysian…feeling no shame to shame the devils.

  34. monsterball says:

    hasilox….Many issues like the cunning and very selfish attitudes of the Chinese are not brought out. I wonder why. My kind is the worst in Malaysia. The government is to be blamed…not daring enough to exposed all these weaknesses…afraid to loose votes…and see what happen?

  35. monsterball says:

    Why bamboo river…you really light up my life today!! THANKS.
    I just had that for lunch AND dinner two days ago… bought from PJ old town…the best.
    Tried famous Klang..still like PJ ccokings.

  36. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river….Are you trying to tell me to bark at good days only? Don’t play with words lah…hahahaha
    Which day is good to bark…give me some hints..paydays?

  37. hasilox says:

    Don’t get confused with the stupid ‘mat rempit’ title. Just call them illegal racers.

    I know chinese friends who have relatives died in motorcycles accidents, racing or not, still suspected to be careless driving at high speed. If you go to chinese towns, you can also see groups of chinese youngsters fooling around with motorcycles.

    Assuming all illegal racers are malays – which is totally wrong. They do illegal racings because they are malays? The chinese youngsters involved with estacy pills because they are chinese? I would say, the respective community leaders did not do a good job.

    Don’t get sucked into the stupid racist political agendas. No problem can be solved if we classify each problem with race-related ‘ownership’. See the problem as the problem itself, then, the solution is much clearer.

  38. susan loone says:

    dear hasilox, you cannot be more right. how to analyse an issue base on race? once we do this, we limit ourselves to racial prejudice. we need to de-construct. race is not objective at all, especially when we are multi-racial and multi-cultural, and we are all alike in one way or another, or different. we are so mixed sometimes you cant even tell the difference.

    i have always been thought not to start and argument based on race, but the issue itself. then we can see clearly, what needs to be done. of course certain quarter would like us to use the same old argument. it ‘s easy and need no thinking out of the box.

    but uncle monty, it doesnt mean you cannot be honest. it is also good that you are. but you need to move on from your race-colored spectacles…hahaha..dont know if you are wearing glasses or not. because you are just stating the obvious. from reports we know what and which race. but after that, what do we do? that’s the important question.

  39. messenger says:

    Yes Susan, he is from Johore.

    Some speculate the same ‘samseng’ Prince, i.e. the same gangster-like Prince who used to be doing the same style.

    I am not so sure about him but a Johorean told me that there is such a Prince in Johore.

    The issue before us is: How could he get away with his actions. Besides, no police stations were willing to take the woman’s report.

    And she has to come along the way from Johore to lodge a report at Bukit Aman!

    Sh*ttt … I would like to see the IGP commenting on this issue.

    Last time the IGP once said everybody can come to him if any balai refuses to take report. He was then referring to a case in Malacca where a youth could not file a report. See Google.

    The issue is this: How mightily powerful the Prince is — the Police themselves are afraid of him. And how could he interfere — or whoever did on his behalf — in Police force.

    That is my biggest contention here.

    A scandal after a blunder after that mistake (assault). After all, if it is a mere allegation, why stop police taking the report?

    Yes, I am sympathetic to the victim. And hoping police investigate it fairly.

    But, to me, the biggest blunder here is when Police are subservient to the Prince!

    Who is he? Shhh**ttt

  40. monsterball says:

    hasliox and Susan…Thanks for your explainations and advises.
    Now that hasilox mentioned abouit drug dealers…yes most pushers are Chinese devils…THERE YOU SEE….I can never change…hahahaha
    Perhaps…I have always been not interested in politics….but also perhaps I saw with my own two eyes..all these illigal racers caught and sitting at a police compound are malays. I pity them.I have experienced so many idiotic risky motor cyclists..risking their lives. I had to pulled a brake to avoid knocking the bike down. Again all I saw were malays. Beating the streets lights..caring nothing and thinking how smart…again malays. ah perhaps Indonesians in Malaysia?
    To sum up….these are my beloved young Malaysians that have no brain…and mind goodness…..hasilox has just waken my mind to the most evil thing…drug traffickings….maybe by other foreign races importing in….but certainly….the chinese devils are the most evil minded doing this business. Infact..bookies…prostitutions…pimps are mostly chinese.
    Now that I have put out my style of identifying few evils in Malaysia….perhaps the govt. can give us why certain things are done by certain race…sincec they are the experts. Once they can do that….solving the problem is much easier……is that not hasilox?

  41. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, I believe each race has its on merit. But it also depends if the gomen had equally desiminate benefits and opportunities. Well, what can I say? About BKT? Well, there is one in Bukit Raja which is my favourite. Cigar you say? I had one years ago! Anyway, see if you are free , I will bring you to my BKT place someday soon I hope:).

  42. bamboo river says:

    By the way , Monsterball, Friday and Saturday is a good day to BARK!. Ha , Ha, HEEE!

  43. monsterball says:

    You BARK for once. I wait my GOOD DAY…no no Sat or Fri. Sat those idiots are too busy chasing girls. Friday ..they ask for forgiveness from God. Otherdays….they look for monsterball r to kill. Got to BARK real GOOD on these DAYS…neve afraid of these toothless monkies.

  44. monsterball says:

    Now my wise fellow Malaysians told me that what I wrote about chinese devils…true in a sense….but not true in realistic sense…as those are businesses…meaning though not good for the country….but they are businesses forcing NO ONE to buy.
    They are against the law…but not showing right infront …defying laws.
    Furthermore…few like prostitutions ..are age old entertainments accepted by almost all countries. Those do not are living in stone age eras..good for them really…but illigal motor cyclists are defying the law ….right in front of them.
    hhhhmmm never too late to learn how others think!

  45. monsterball says:

    Bamboo river….You are invited to have nice curry laksa at “Secret Recipe” at Summit Shopping Complex in the evening…anyday!! You name the time…and I will be puffing away at smoking area…outside waiting for you.Their coffee taste better than StarBuk.
    Post your reply in any current site.
    PS: Sorry Susan…making a date from your site…but man to man lah….no hanky panky. And my invitation is always open to you…when you are in KL…just contact Sheih.

  46. aloongmas says:

    ps…. sorry i no comment a bauot but …. be happy….. don’t worry………

  47. monsterball says:

    aloongmas….don’t be shy…write what you want…in broken english like me most of the time…why worry?
    Bless you.

  48. […] young lady allegedly beaten up by the Johor Crown Prince – stories which this blog has published here and here,  taking the cue from mSTAR here by long time friend and chief reporter: Fathi Aris […]

  49. bru99 says:

    I hope kaptenbersara read this : ini lah penjuang penjuang dan pembela pembela raayat yang kita sanjungi membela raayat jelata………

  50. […] Datuk Johari Baharun and Deputy Speaker Datuk Lim Si Cheng a set of four blog stories, including this one, which carried stories of how no police station in Johore was willing to accept a police report on […]

  51. Brown Superman says:

    Is main kayu tiga a big issue? As if the guys are good fellas.
    The batterer needs to be taught a lifelong lesson that each individual has his or her dignity and everyone has to respect that. Lie it or not, that is the way.
    In the worst of scenarios, there is always a court to determine things – criminal and/or civil.
    We can only prevent crime from happening, not commit it! Paradox, ya!

  52. Brown Superman says:


  53. MICkey says:

    Malaysia needs to remove its monarchy. They have too many sultans that are of no use to the nation. No other country on planet earth has that many “Sultans”. Its a complete joke.

  54. […] would be good to revisit the story of the prince, the lady and the policeman (part 1), (part 2) and (part […]

  55. Bloombergmalays says:

    Dear, I have been reading all the comments and pretty damn angry with some comments that put some merit on races. Does it fair to generalise the race on the mistake done by a few. Some were commenting on Malay race on their dare devil action defying the law.. but could anyone name one race who has never had broke the law, after all laws are meant to be broken. For those who recently talk so big particularly chinese and Indian… for god sake… wake up. Malaysia is the only country in the world willing to accept your grand grand father as a citizen, the only country who allow thi MINORITY to have their own school teaching their own thing. You guys never say thank you on this and in fact keep on asking about malay rite… our king and our system. By all means.. if you are not happy.. just go back to your mother land. The sad thing… some of these people who are so dare questioning our rite not even know how to speak malay.
    My advise… you live in this system and move on along the system. You don like the system, f*ck Off… ( I Start thinking ,, are you guys really malaysian,, )

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