Long Yew Foo, the reporter currently embroiled in the bloggers’ controversy with Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan, went on record again, this time in Sin Chew Daily, saying that the minister had indeed made the statement, condemning women bloggers as liars. (This article was translated by a friend).

I still have the evidence in my hand. He did not say this was a joke, nor had he ask to say this off the record,” said Long, in his article featured in the Interactive Platform column in Sin Chew yesterday (original article inside).

Long reiterated that Adnan’s press conference that day (8 March) lasted nearly an hour, with his critic on bloggers taking up most of the time.

He added that during Adnan’s press conference, the minister had mentioned that STAR’s Wong Chun Wai should not have quoted a blogger’s statement in his column. (Wong wrote about Nila Tanzil, which subsequently led to the minister’s sweeping comments) – corrected.

Thus, the critics on bloggers had replaced the issue of ‘mega sales’ in the press conference,” added Long.

Long said he did not want to repeat the minister’s statement as it had been published on Sin Chew’s March 9 edition.

Then he took a swipe at one of the Chinese news websites, probably Merdeka Review, calling them “one of the Chinese news portal who hardly double check their news writing” and said they “later quoted a comment from a blogger, insinuating that Sin Chew was a liar“.

This has indirectly questioned my professionalism and ethics,” said Long.

The reporter went on to lament that the website quoted a person’s statement, and created a false impression that Sin Chew was a “liar”.

No doubt it has turned white into black and claimed that the black was even blacker, but the one who wrote the news did not even attend the function on that day, hence what is the basis for making this malicious statement?

Again, this is another concrete attempt of an Internet portal to tarnish Sin Chew’s image and harm its credibility to promote itself”.

It seems Long is now on the defensive mode, trying to prove that Sin Chew did not lie. But until Long reveals “the evidence in my hand“, in this case the recording of the minister’s accusation, we would never know who indeed lied, would we?

Below is the original copy of the article in Sin Chew by Mr. Long.


旅游部长的确有说过这番话,我手上还保留著证据。他并没说这是开玩笑或要求Off The Record。





这又是一起电子媒体抹黑报纸,企图打击星洲日报公信力,抬高自家形象的实例。 (星洲日报/沟通平台·文∶龙耀福·2007.03.22

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  1. 阿始 says:

    Hi, Susan, I am the reporter who wrote the article in Merdeka Review which according to Long, has used your words to attack Sin Chew Daily. Although my first article has clearly brought out the main theme of your article before quoting the following,

    “I do not think we should be swayed by his sweet talk, and let him get away unscatched……Unless Sin Chew lied. So, Sin Chew, did you lie?”asking Sin Chew “did you lie?”

    Long’s article in Sin Chew accuses “a news portal” of smearing the newspaper by implying Sin Chew has lied in the incident.

    He refused to name the publication, but we can tell from his content that Merdeka Review was his target. Since we are the only online news portal in the country which has followed the latest progress of the whole “Tengku Adnan thing.”

    He also accuses the writer of maliciously twisting the facts, again, without mentioning my name.

    What have I done? All have I done was just throwing out a question to Sin Chew who is the liar? How come this can turn out to be “maliciously twisting the facts”? I really feel sorry for the newspaper for being so vulnerable.

    Meanwhile, I am also puzzled why they remain totally silent when Adnan outrigtly called the newspaper a liar, while react so fervently against our query?

    I’ve written a piece of column article in reply to his accusation. Those who can read Chinese please feel free to click on the following link:


  2. 阿始 says:

    I’m the one who posted above comment. Sorry, forgot to put name there. I’m Chan Wei See, a reporter of Merdeka Review.

  3. KY says:

    The sudden turn of event is indeed suprising. The writer being on defensive mode could spell that he may not reveal the “evidence” easily. Surely, his sudden outburst will catch Ku Nan’s alarm.

    It’s going to be even harder for us to hear the truth that started it all because if he dare to do it, it will definately trigger a reaction from the power on top….

  4. susan loone says:

    thanks wei see, for your clarification. whatever it is, i think journalists should now ask ku nan. if indeed he had lied :=)

    thanks for publishing the ku nan episode in merdeka review. both you and long had done a good job.

  5. Libra says:

    In fact all reporters who were present at the press conference with KuNan should stand by Long and tell the world that it was the minister who had lied.
    Shouldn’t journalist stand by the friends in times like this. Just stand up for the TRUTH. It is turth that will set you free.

  6. susan loone says:

    libra you are right! but alas…if there were unity of journalists, this country would not be what it is today!

  7. elviza says:

    I think Susan has point – reveal what is in Long’s hand

  8. hhahhaahahhaha serves adnan right for dedicating entire PC to whacking bloggers n WCW, AND NOW SIn CHEW….hahhahahahhhahhahahha GOOD ON THE REPORTER…

  9. monsterball says:

    freelunch2020…When can I have your nasik lemak..bring forth to year 2007? Why wait till Vsion2020 year? Are you implying..most of us will go to jail to have freelunch with you on year 2020? Hope I am dead by that time……hahahha
    Are you not sick of these twisting and bickering amongst our fellow Chinese reporters?
    Like Susan said….why not ask ku nan…the VIP accussd?

  10. wits0 says:

    Susan, when a matter is actually capable of being presented in a plain straight-forward way, some people simply must partake in self-defeating bickering that confuses and loses clear sight of the issue. Seems almost like a deliberate kneejerk thing too tempting to avoid.

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