Following my posting “Sin Chew reporter did not lie“, I received this clarification from Merdeka Review editor-in-chief Chang Tek Peng. So, it’s best I publish this verbatim, for better understanding between the two. Our fight is still against Adnan for his damning remarks. So damning that he caused one reporter her job.

As for Long Yew Foo, the reporter, he has done his best to tell the truth as it is. And I am not perturbed by his statement that Merdeka Review had used my words to attack Sin Chew. I understand fully how news stories are written sometimes. As I said earlier, my focus is still Adnan.

Anyway, here’s what Merdeka Review says:

Dear Susan,

I refer to your posting, Sin Chew reporter said he did not lie, and like to clarify misleading statement made by the reporter of Sin Chew Daily, Mr Long Yew Foo. I here quote three paragraphs from your posting:

Apparently, Long had read Merdeka Review and they quoted me saying something to the effect that Sin Chew had lied. But I remember, I was simply asking the question. “Sin Chew, did you lie?”

“Unfortunately, some people are quoting your words by attacking my company seems like for being liar and also affect my professionalism,” said Long.

He added that my statement was quoted by on Mar 19, 2007, with the sub-headline “Sin Chew, did you lie?”

The statements mentioned above have indeed misled your readers that was quoting your words to attack Sin Chew Daily seems like it is a liar. BUT we did not do so as what he claimed. I regret that Mr Long’s baseless statement, be it intentionally or otherwise, implies that has irresponsibly misquoted your posting to attack Sin Chew Daily.

I quote herewith the paragraph, which has mentioned Sin Chew Daily, published in for your perusal:

Susan Loone said, by watching Malaysiakini’s video clip of the press conference, she was disappointed to see journalists had not cornered Tengku Adnan at all. She said: “At the end, he was saying out-rightly that Sin Chew daily, who carried his comments, lied.” “I do not think we should be swayed by his sweet talk, and let him get away unscatched……Unless Sin Chew lied. So, Sin Chew, did you lie?”

From the paragraph, I would like to draw your attention that:

  1. It is clear that we did not make any comment and/or conclusion when quoting the sentences from your posting. We did not imply in any way that Sin Chew Daily had lied in the issue. But why Mr Long over-reacted to this? Only he knows the answer.
  2. We fully understand that you did not accuse Sin Chew Daily had lied but questioning Tengku Adnan’s denial to admit that he made the statement to lash out women bloggers.

I would like to stress here that as an independent news portal, stands firm on the professionalism of journalism. Since we launched in August 2005, we have uprightly explored many issues and incidents that Chinese newspapers, including the company which Mr Long is serving, were avoiding to touch on.

CHANG Teck Peng



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  1. rodsjournal says:

    Merdeka Review standing firm too, ay?

    I guess the Sin Chew Daily reporter “over-reacted” because it’s not the usual thing for journalists to be in the news, instead of writing ’em.

    But just as pertinent, it seems that Merdeka Review is over-reacting a bit. I’m sure Long from Sin Chew did not mean anything more than normal anxiety (or mild outrage) and the desire to clear his name. So, why did Merdeka Review seem to imply there was something deeper behind Long’s reaction?

  2. kittykat46 says:

    Since the Minister is basically denying he made the statements which Sin Chew published, the twisted logic of this will imply that Mr. Long is lying.

    I bet he is under tremendous pressure and may lose his job over this. All MSM are subject to the PPPA act and the threat of revocation of their publishing license is always there.
    Next may be a show cause letter from KDN to Sin Chew to explain why their license should not be suspended/ revoked etc. Rather than risk the whole newspaper, the journalist may be hung out to dry.

  3. Eng says:

    This is what the Tengku and the gangs want to see, journalists are backfiring each other because of Tengku’s Brain-smaller-than-the-mouth-syndrome.
    the Spotlight should now back to the tengku’s mouth before some allied medias twist the story as Journalist’s Dispute rather than getting the Tengku accountable for what he has said.

  4. KY says:

    It just impress me, how the information flow is done so quickly in blogsphere and online community…. faster than Ku Nan switch from “No comment” to “Because one lady”

  5. Rikey® says:

    that’s digital for you!

    unlike some still using pen & paper & post malaysia….

  6. Rikey® says:

    sorry it should be typewriter … hehehe

  7. elviza says:


    From the vidoe clip I can only see one thing – His feeble attempt of denial by avoiding questions related to bloggers. Don’t you agree with me?

    He loves all this blaming game because it would take the limelight away from him.

  8. wits0 says:

    Susan, I suspect Long’s reading skill in English is not very proficient and causes an awkward misunderstanding consequently.

  9. Linken Lim says:


    At least Sin Chew has the guts to publish the story about Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan’s comment , which caused an uproar because he said that “women bloggers were mostly unemployed, liars, cheats and “do not like national unity”

    Long had said :

    “I tell you now, I stand firm on what I wrote,”

    “Thank you for your support and other bloggers as well. Even the minister had admitted he said this was a joke? What kind of joke?”

    “I had repeatedly listened to the recorder and he did not mention that this was a joke. And because people are laughing (at it), this stuff is considered a joke?“

    Where’s the tape recording Long ? Upload it man !

  10. monsterball says:

    Newpaper is serious to defend their reputation and reporter.Then UMNO will come out with another issue for idiots like us to forget this issue…as the next issue will be for each his own goodies…making you happy and forget justice for others.For decades …..this is the art and craft practised for 22 years by TDM. Humans tend to be selfish and ignore this con job done over and over again for decades.
    Opposition parties take to the streets…making their voices heard
    We should FLLOW UP this issue in blogging……until the truth prevails.
    Do we have the strength and patience? Thanks.

  11. bodek says:

    witso- just because the reporter is fr chinese paper , u made the conclusion that his english is no good. u r really a xian jia lin !!
    go n lick Nan/s ball lar!

  12. shag says:

    Talk about a storm in a chinese tea cup! (no racism implied)

    The source of the problem seems to be susan’s original post (Tourism Minister escapes without a scratch) where I quote,

    “At the end, he was saying out-rightly that Sin Chew daily, who carried his comments, lied.”

    Problem being the phrase “saying out-rightly” where the hyphen is sometimes miss-interpreted as a pause rather than a word connector.

    Thus in casual reading be the phrase can be misinterpreted as “saying out, rightly” i.e. “correct to say”, instead of the intended meaning of “saying out loud”.

    I’d suggest that in view of the increasing influence & readership of sloone blog, Susan should be more careful with her language & not assume that everyone who reads this has an adequate grasp of english. This is not some small time 5 reader blog (like shag hah!).

  13. wits0 says:

    Bodek, I said “suspect”, as in a possibility, not like as in an assertion. As such, who’s jumping to conclusion?

  14. susan loone says:

    1. to my understanding, adnan was saying it clearly – if he didnt lie, then sinchew did

    2. as for being careful about my language, i can only say this: i say what i mean, i hardly beat around the bush, in fact desi2000, my ex-editor can vouch for this “susan is too transparent in her writings”, but misunderstandings can be cleared when all sides are willing to talk, as it is in this case

    3. i believe the matter of utmost importance here is the recording – long must let us hear his recording or else its still being debated now “who is not the liar”.


  15. raggedyanne says:

    dear susan, 1st of all thanks for dropping by my blog. This issue is an eye-opener for me, actually. I realize that we can do so much to make a difference in this world, just by making our voices heard. So I thank you and your friends, for transforming this silent bystander 🙂

  16. shar101 says:


    The audio recording is the key to making a mockery of what FAK, CDY and ZM are saying about bloggers.

    Apart from the “who’s lying” factor, there was TA’s seditiously racist remarks to consider as well.

    Let’s break the camel’s back with this issue.

  17. monsterball says:

    Those who ask for this or that evidences are talking like agents oF the government OR protecting their own race!!
    I repeat..why can’t Adnan learn from rightoues and non corruptable style of Lee Kuan Yew who proves his innocence. .. by sueing…….no talk nonsense or waste time. Adnan…sue the paper man..if you have the guts!!

  18. frostee says:

    Man… it makes me sick to the core that a minister can get away with this. Not even a word of apology. Speaks so much about their integrity and accountability, which equals to zilch!

  19. monsterball says:

    frostee…They have an attitude that you must earn their respect..while insulting you. I repeat…EARN THEIR RESPECT!! They never aplogise any thing.
    Now what tells you? Like Pak Lah said…’little napoleans” Who behaves like BIG…one and only Napolean in Malaysia?…TDM ofcourse!!
    So that is a difficult job for PM…..surrounded by hypocrites and liars.
    In our bloggings…you do see few self apppointed little naploeans commenters….hero worshipping TDM.
    This is where we must do our part as loyal Malaysians to expose them without fear nor favour…..right here at bloggings..
    Can you identify them? Slowey you will…not difficult really.

  20. Anonymous says:

    no idear

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