I’ve been in contact with the male reporter from Sin Chew daily, Long Yew Foo, who wrote the story about Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan’s comment which caused an uproar because he said that women bloggers were mostly unemployed, liars, cheats and “do not like national unity”.

I tell you now, I stand firm on what I wrote,” said the reporter, in an email to me this afternoon. I can sense his disappointment, now that questions about whether Sin Chew had lied is circulating around.

Apparently, Long had read Merdeka Review and they quoted me saying something to the effect that Sin Chew had lied. But I remember, I was simply asking the question. “Sin Chew, did you lie?

According to Long, Tengku Adnan attended the GP sales press conference that day and he (Long) was there.

He said the translation by one of the bloggers (stated here) was pretty good and almost similiar to what he wrote, except for the part:

Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else.”According to the reporter, Adnan said “…Indians will kill both“.

Long said he dared not distort what the minister had said.

I am just reporting the truth. I was so suprise that no other press reported that matter….the PC (press conference) took a long time, almost an hour……Tengku said a lot…..may be the others missed it…”.

However, Long said that China Press, another Chinese newspaper did report the matter, but did not emphasise much on the issue. On the other hand, the Malay papers had decided not to highlight any blogger issues.

Meanwhile he asked what I meant when I said “Unless Sin Chew lied. So, Sin Chew, did you lie?” on my March 16th 2007 posting “Tourism Minister escapes without a scratch”.

Unfortunately, some people are quoting your words by attacking my company seems like for being liar and also affect my professionalism,” said Long.

He added that my statement was quoted by www.merdekareview.com on Mar 19, 2007, with the sub-headline “Sin Chew, did you lie?”

He repeated: “Now, I am telling you, I stand firm on what I wrote“.

He added: “Thank you for your support and other bloggers as well. Even the minister had admitted he said this was a joke? What kind of joke?”

I had repeatedly listened to the recorder and he did not mention that this was a joke. And because people are laughing (at it), this stuff is considered a joke?

He also said he needed my clarification on my posted words.

Are you accusing our paper of being a liar or are you simply asking a question?”

At last, I am just doing my job, of course hoping to achieve excellent journalism (but) it’s a long, long, long tough road, and still much to learn,” he added.

Well, I certainly asked a question, which should have been directed to Tengku Adnan on the day (15 March, at the National Press Club) he was supposedly “cornered” by reporters, but they all ended up laughing with him.

I was not accusing Sin Chew. That is clear and I am sorry to Long if this has affected his professionalism. I believe it was Tengku Adnan who had done that, not me. But I am glad I got my answer.

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  1. whatalulu says:

    if long still has the recording, could you get hold of it and upload it on your blog? it would be most interesting to hear “tengku” adnan himself saying it.

  2. monsterball says:

    So Sin Chew reporter said he did not lie….and that Chinese paper has a good reliable reputation to BRAVELY tell the truths….so lets continue to F Tengku Adnan….till we are seriously heard by Pak Lah..
    whatalulu…That’s not neccessary. Tengku Adnan needs only to sue the paper….why has he not?

  3. walski69 says:

    Damn… whatalulu beat me to the same suggestion… 😉

  4. wits0 says:

    Like in a crashed plane, the black box is all important….was the tape recorder switched on or was used/functioning?

  5. monsterball says:

    hey commenters..Lee Kuan Yew need no black box or tape recording to protect his clean reputation all his life!! That is why…he was chosen by China to be one of their well respected advisor.
    Why want this or that to proof? Why prolong the matter? It is in the Sin Chew paper….black and white…Is that not good enough proofs?
    Why don’t Adnan dare to sue the paper? You know why?
    It is because he will loose the case and proven true.
    Have you not seen how good all our ministers are…no suing….just say rumours this or that….not true …etc etc
    Well lucky for ….TDM is very old If he is as young as Pak Lah…he will see piles of law suits against him….but what do you gain to sue an old man…put him to jail and be call heartless….instead of righteous??

  6. susan says:

    lulu and walski..dont you think susan loone has already thought of that…trust me more :=)

  7. wits0 says:

    It briefly crossed my mind too but since I’ve never paid much attention to the modus operandi and standard equipment of reporters, was not sure a recording is a 100% standard prerequisite. Susan’s da professional one on this! 😉

  8. elizabethwong says:

    On the so-called phrase in question – I stand by my translation.

    “Suo yo de ren” (mandarin) or “So yo tik yen” (Cantonese) = the rest of ’em.

  9. zewt says:

    if he said indians will kill ‘suo yo de ren’… then i guess it’s everybody. i stick with you liz.

  10. jes tay says:

    elizabeth – is Tian Chua u airen ahhh??
    why everyday also talk about him huhh???

  11. DisgustedGal says:

    KU NAN : “Liar liar.. pants on fire”

    “Do not use harmful words, but only helpful words, the kind that build up and provide what is needed, so that what you say will do good to those who hear you.”(Ephesians 4:29 TEV)

    basically i’m pissed with the circus act..

  12. rocky's bru says:

    great piece of journalism, ms loone. many reporters would have loved to land this story. a necessary – and i repeat, great – follow-up!

  13. hasilox says:

    Not lying. Then, the reporter is in trouble. This is hunting season in bolehland. Hunt down victims, bloggers and whistleblowers. Boleh looters need peaceful environment to loot in style.

  14. shar101 says:

    Am anxiously waiting for the ‘blockbuster’ audio recording……..

    *Drumming my fingers on the table,
    Sipping me coffee in between biting me nails…(for dramatic effect)*

    Actually, I’m quite calm and composed. A premonition, I had.

  15. elizabethwong says:

    dear jess, not that i know of!!

  16. coda says:

    re rockybru’s comment on great journalism, it only happens when people DARE ask the pricky questions and have the courage and tenacity to dig deep, to follow thru.

    this is quite different from the OTHER sort of so-called “investigative journalism” that harvests from unidentified sources; email inbox contents that mau or may not exist, and other unverified gossip.

    Sadly most “journalism” asks the SAFE questions, and churn out a “different words same story” thing. It’s PR, not far from SPIN.

  17. Beck says:

    Long ah Long ah Long….can’t he read between the line???
    Sorry lah Long

  18. June says:

    Yes! Upload the recording!

    Or maybe not, he might just say that the person on tape is not him…


  19. bamboo river says:

    Mr Long, you are true reporter ! I believe you had proven to the people of Malaysia that if you are assigned to a job, you must be committed . That is why the public pay to read your paper. . You don’t have to put the recorded tape in the NET. Your words are good enough for me. By the way, when that minister re butt on the issue a week later. He himself had unconciously CONFIRMED what you had wrote. Stand tall and take care!

  20. neurolept says:

    “Suo yo de ren” (mandarin) or “So yo tik yen” (Cantonese) = the rest of ‘em.

    You all mean Adnan fella spoke Mandarin or Cantonese? Gimme the original spoken words la..If not we’ll be ‘arguing’ about mis-translation over a mis-translation.

  21. zorro-unmasked says:

    Yes the reporters at the Press Conference laughed with him and left him off unscathed. That is why I posted “What about the seditious bit Addy?” on Sunday 18 March. Are reporters, these days, given a set of questions prepared by their Editors (like Star and NST)…I know it does not happen at Sun. Needless rules, policies, are made when authorities have lost control and still want to control.

  22. Jennifer Tai says:

    I hope Long kept a recording as proof man. Kasi podcast, Long.

  23. elviza says:

    Liar Liar Pants on Fire
    Liar Liar Compulsive Eater!

  24. jes tay says:

    but i saw u blog r full of his photo ohhh!!!
    not true meh??

  25. pavlova says:

    Is anything going to be done about this??? I think someone should be responsible over here for saying such remarks that incite hateful resentments.

    For too long now we have let a lot of things/ people off easily. If we had done something about it earlier on, hold someone accountable every time something screws up, we wouldn’t have been in this state. ( or unless people are still relatively comfortable with our state of politics)

    Yet I am not sure how much change do people want…

  26. monsterball says:

    One need only to observe….listen to journalists talking in Malaysia and note the end results by reading the newspapers what they are reporting for us to read. Very few are daring and live to the code of conducts set out for lawyers…doctiors…proffessional teachers …to name a few.
    Commenter ‘code’ put it very well. Thus….few are really not living up to their names as journalists……but develope an art to survive by taking other people’s ideas.
    This Mr. LONG is a true reporter…aiming to be a journlist and he should become one soon…with his daring..unselfish…unbais report for the good of the country.
    He should stay unafraid of revealing the truths…as sometimes…that’s what life is all about.

  27. Kean-Jin Lim says:

    rocky’s bru,

    Possible for NPC set up a website for this purpose? Journalists can upload the press conference recording to this website after the newspaper had published the news. By doing so, those Ministers must be more aware or responsible to their remark(s).

    Journalists are not the scapegoat for their irresponsible remarks. There were many cases journalists or reporters were blamed misquoted their words. I really hard to believe some many ears there can heard them wrong. Unless they (reporters) were “cursed” before enter the press conference room.

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  29. Hoyohoyo says:

    It’s good if Mr. Long can upload the recording….

    but I doubt that… because his company would not want to get into too much trouble… and may not allow Mr. Long to do so… after all the tape is… “Company’s property”… 😦

    on the other hand… I must say Mr. Long was being a little bit too defensive… hmmm… a little trace of agony in his writing… =/ but fine… Sin Chew has been attacked by ppl since years ago… perhaps that’s what he felt… =/

  30. wits0 says:

    It won’t be easy to “slay” Sin Chew(because a tape exists) as it was with theSun some years ago because of an error in reporting. Scapegoating Long out won’t be well taken either, especially by their readers.

  31. […] Sin Chew reporter said he did not lie I’ve been in contact with the male reporter from Sin Chew daily, Long Yew Foo, who wrote the story about Tourism […] […]

  32. Andrew says:

    The recording is property of the reporter and the organisation he represents.

    He cannot just give it out to anyone. Right Susan?

  33. susan loone says:

    No Andrew, we are requesting for not only the newspaper but the reporter to make it public if they want to clear their name. They can choose of course to allow the public to lose credibility in them. Their choice completely.

  34. […] March 23rd, 2007 in tourism, solidarity, malaysian madness, articles, women, blog, media, news Long Yew Foo, the reporter currently embroiled in the bloggers’ controversy with Tourism Minister Tengku […]

  35. monsterball says:

    OR….Susan…The accused will loose his creditableties..he chooses not to sue for defamation of his character.
    By right ….the accused should act……..especially a minister…….not the paper nor reporter. What more do you want from the reports….when the owner backs up his reporter?? What nonsense of proving this or that with so call proven evidences?
    Any stupid simple good lawyer will advise the paper and reporter not to release the proofs….simple as that.
    Why some commenters INSIST on paper to give proofs out?
    You mean all ministers must be proven lying by this method?
    Go to court man….that’s the best! Why Adnan dare not sue?
    Silence and avoiding sueing are not goldern nor noble by Adnan. It is downright avoiding the truths…come out LEGALLY in court!!

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  37. […] dared to report on what this fella has said, probably for fear of penalisation, except for a reporter from Sin Chew Daily. As a matter of fact, in this country, when you try to tell the citizens truthful news, the […]

  38. warren says:

    not much press freedom in here as we should demolish the printing and publishing act.

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