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Newspapers are now “requested” not “directed” to refrain from referring or publishing contents from online websites and “blogs” who criticise the government.

Did we say we had more freedom of the press during Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration? Think again.

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  1. panjang says:

    why this chenghu so kiasi?
    why this chenghu so boh yong?
    why this chenghu so kei boh?
    why this chenghu so bor lan hoot?

  2. monsterball says:

    Susan..that’s guided democracy lah. TDM is most clever to guide….by twisting and turning to his favour in his 22 years. At least our Simple Simon Pak Lah give a black and white letter. TDM….he spoke was enough…everybody shivered!!
    All countries…including USA have so call guided democracies….but in Malaysia…our UMNO governmnt is trully a very smart government as a whole. They guide you to put an”x” at the ballot box for them. Don’t beleive me…wait for next election.
    As for me……who cares if Che Chee or Che Chor wins or is a Prime Minister. I stand on my own two feet to earn a living without depending on the government all my life.

  3. monsterball says:

    But this coming election…I have decided to vote for more democratic rights….by voting any opposition…except PAS or GERAKAN.

  4. wits0 says:

    What’s the difference between “requested” and “directed” in such a context?

    Both here carrires that implicit “or else” attachment.

    Can you hear the silent sniggers, Susan?

  5. deleted by Susan says:

    Sorry, no personal stuff like this please. Thanks.

  6. zewt says:

    hahahahaha…. must be you la susan… the alantuya video….

    anyway, do we really believe there will ever be press freedom?

    i looked out my windows from my workplace today…. didnt see any pigs flying.

  7. DisgustedGal says:

    Like what steven gan said.. Malaysia has freedom of press but no freedom after speech” The only country on earth whereby the political parties own the main stream media.. and even b4 the rakyat can know what’s the cover story this people would know… even the Queen Elizabeth has no idea what’s the British Media is up too… looks like there is a Mat Skodeng after all…. haiyoooo……

  8. Roxanne says:

    You’re one hell of a mighty awesome bitch to take on the establishment singlehandedly. My respect.

  9. bgfdh says:

    “Freedom of the press” to the sleepy guy means the freedom for him to apply pressure on the press, i.e. play down the bad news and ‘sex up’ the good news. For instance, he loves jeans and not denims, but the press cannot report on that as he says it is just rumours.

  10. hasilox says:

    What caught my eyes first was the “BERKHIDMAT UNTUK NEGARA” at the end of this very ‘democratic’ letter. Gotta make a cup of coffee and stay awake tonight to think what is “BERKHIDMAT UNTUK NEGARA” really means. Damn, I am so lost.

  11. shar101 says:

    So FAK have called up editors to reprimand the mainstream media.

    Now, CDY have put it in writing.

    I wonder when Bloggers United will be approached. And who will they pick to do the job?

    Are bloggers getting to be more credible than mainstream papers or was it because the prints have attributed their source as originating from blogs? Looks like our government are trying to circumvent B.U. by cutting off the hardcopy issues.

    We must be doing things right somehow and the mind boggles.

  12. bamboo river says:

    Dear hasilox, don’t have to stay awake lah. ” Berkhidmat Untuk Negara” means “Service to the Country” In the other words , those who is holding Mykad are OBLIGED to service to the country in any other way . So as long as we live, we must DO , SAY , SERVICE and DIE for the country.

  13. Jennifer Tai says:

    Ok so what if bloggers/news website use newspapers as source like the whole Ku Nan fiasco?

    If you as a newspaper reporter report on a blogger reporting on a newspaper report, how?

    What I don’t like is this para:

    Pihak akhbar juga dilihat terlalu mengeksploitasi isu2 hingga menyebabkan orang ramai membuat kesimpulan sendiri dan persepsi yang negatif akibat terpengaruh dengan penghakiman sendiri oleh pihak akhbar.

    News media are seen as exploiting these issues causing the public to make up their own minds and negative perceptions due to their own judgments by the media.

    So we aren’t allowed to make up our own minds???

  14. […] that we’ve been banned by the main stream media (request by the ministry), more readers will turn directly to our blogs. It’s natural, human nature being basically […]

  15. KY says:

    Hmm…I guess bloggers should think hard..since big bradda is watching…to kiss ass or kick ass in their blogs…

    Who am I kidding…former is just for sissy.

  16. […] with this email is a copy of a letter by Che Din Bin Jusoh from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (source). Trust me, such letter never will come from any members of Kelantan State Government. In Kelantan, […]

  17. mob1900 says:

    Remember peeps, do not let Bedol’s Hordes take credits for these so called ‘openness’ because they couldn’t stem the tide of technology and most important of all, The Truth from all of us.

  18. […] not only Tengku Adnan who does not believe what bloggers write. Zainuddin Maidin, Malaysian Information Minister, also issued a statement to Bernama, asking mainstream newspapers […]

  19. b.v says:

    Hey guy’s… i think there something that stinkd here.. mr. gun that was the produser of nila has sent his comment about nila;s case that clarifecates that Nila’s said is 100% true., he also Gives his comment for blogger to keep telling the truth..! “””this comment i read in ndoro kakung’s blog, but the in Indonesian Languange.
    Now suddenly there’s a letter from mr. Gunawan also that said nila is acting own her own? .. yuck’s … it’s stinks…

    Here’s my point…
    1. “Is SCTB try to wash their hands about this matter by sending the letter to MTB ?”.. or is it or is it mr. Gun that want to wash his hand?
    2. what’s wrong whith these guy’s ? …. Are they affraid to tell the truth about this matter?
    I think it’s obvius that Nila’s complaint is true, and MTB ,Mr. Gun , even the Minister with the one who responsible for giving such trouble to nila and the crew.
    By stop accusing that Nila’s complaint is not true, with this step everyone will have their chance to think and not doing their mistakes again in the future.
    NOBODY is Perfect, and There is NO such INSTITUSION is Perfect also.
    Without Critic and mistakes we aren’t getting anywhere, so face them wisely… By denying them it shown that u are a foolish person which lack of competence for solving problem wisely


  20. tihopilik says:

    Hi all!

    I can’t be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don’t have anything to say recently.


  21. Lung Hien Ching says:

    This is a prime example of “guided democracry”! They direct you follow. Hence guided! We should all live by the saying” People should not be afaid of our government. Our government should be afraid of the people!

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