Pixs from Nila’s blog “life is beautiful“.

Nila (pix: middle) has written a thank you note to all of us. Thank you Nila, we are with you! We are sorry for what has happened to you, and for your great loss. [Just when she is trying to get over the lost of her love companion, Nila has been suspended from her job at the SCTV after that post, read also unspun]. Nila, hope a time will come when those who hurt you will pay dearly. Read here, detikinet, an online media in Indonesia for more detail.

Now, Adnan has not only pissed off Malaysian bloggers but Indonesians as well. As Malaysian, I, too, apologise to all Indonesian bloggers for this ‘bodoh’ act on the part of our Tourism officials. Maaf.

Despite her pain, here’s what Nila says:

Dear bloggers,

I would like to thank you for all your support. Am very sorry that I haven’t been able to give any comments related to the statement of The Malaysian Tourism Board Tengku Adnan yet (on the “Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women”)) as I was still mourning of the loss of my special person in life.

I’m very touched to read the posts in the blogosphere. Just to mention some of them: Susan Loone, Elizabeth Wong, screenshots, Nuraina A Samad, Kak Teh, Skthew, Marina Mahathir, and many many more.

And today, I got even more responses in my blog as Tengku Adnan made a clarification on the remarks last week on women bloggers by saying “I didn’t mean all women. I was referring to Indon journalist” (Relishdish.blogspot.com),
Elizabeth Wong.

Soon after, I got a phone call from one of the online media in Indonesia, asking me about this matter. The media wrote 3 articles regarding this issue and there were some comments as well from the readers in their website as well as in my blog.

Reading all the comments and posts in the blogosphere, I’d love to thank all of you for the supports. As a blogger, all I wanted to do was to tell the truth, share my experience (and hopefully readers can learn from it), thoughts and how I felt toward certain things. I’m sure that’s what we all do )

So, again, thank you for Indonesian bloggers, Malaysian bloggers and all bloggers in the world! As for Malaysian bloggers, thank you for your posts and comments. I would love to visit your country again, and maybe promoting Malaysia in the near future (if not in the TV station – coz I’m still being suspended, could be in the printed media as I’m also a writer for a travel magazine).

Nila Tanzil

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  1. bayi says:

    My sympathies to Nila Tanzil. She has taken the issue well, so unlike our big man Tengku (obviously, magnanimity is not in his vocabulary!). I hope Nila gets her job back. She deserves this for her truthful reporting.

  2. monsterball says:

    Glad to see her smiling and well.
    I am sure others will give her a job anytime. She needs to rest and enjoy for awhile.

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  4. hasilox says:

    Huh. Now, is is Nila’s fault that he screwed up his job.

    Nila is just a convenient scapegoat. Right from beginning of the preparation for the VMY2007, there wasn’t a single work worth admiring. Even the 20mil target itself is a mind-blowing figure. Last year figure was 11mil or so. How the hell this 20mil figure is justifiable? If bigfoot is found in Johor, then it make sense. Finding the ‘bigfoot’ in him won’t do!

    With the out-of-the-space figure, then comes the multi -million ringgits FUTURISTIC TOILETS, multi-million ringgits EYE OF THE SKY, and so on. Despite these mega spendings, I have yet to see any reason why tourists would want to visit Msia. Can you see?

    Tunan, stop behaving as the world owes you god goody goody praises when you can’t even get a simple job done. Nila doesn’t owe you praises, neither do the Americans couple ambushed by the khalwat clowns. You are embarrassing Msians. Move your ass and go and earn the credits.

    By sabotaging Nila job, the tourism people deserve pariah status, don’t they? Great way to attract tourists, the bodohway.

  5. wits0 says:

    The Tourism Board has successfully demonstrated to the world the spitefulness and the core scapegoating soul of its administration by U-know-who. Tell us that isn’t cultural.

    Is that not “Truly Asia”? Aww…don’t let us insult all Asia and Asian Values. What happens is a revelation of how established rogue values always have that innate propensity to hijack anything that serve their purpose. They must invariably pervert semantics and add hollow blusters. This is now fully busted.

    Were it not for the Net, they may even get away scot free with such nefarious acts out of spite engendered from their deeply rooted authoritarian bent. Hence the RR Rectum spin.e.g., is no less odious an effort, for it serve that very obscurantist intention – also by pointing accussative finger on critics like bloggers.

    What precious face now remains intact?

  6. Rikey® says:

    It eks me when politicians ala ministers speak like blarring rectums … really sick of these fetish of blaming others…

  7. Chris says:


    Like you, I so pissed at the poor treatment given to the family.
    What would you think will happen if the victim is a Malay?

    I even coined the TM of http://www.MalaysiaBodoh.com

  8. daniel says:

    me parece perfecto y nada

  9. Kher Sham says:

    sorry Nila, I am truly sorry that it cost you the job for telling the truth. Nowadays people are just too hypocrite and too childish like our pig man (notice the p) Tengku. You will never walk alone, coz we are all behind you. Now Tengku has declared war against Malaysian and Indonesian Blogging community. I say we fight till the end.

  10. Jennifer Tai says:

    This is preposterous. Have these people completely lost their facking minds, pardon my French?

    Nila, you are in our prayers. And our blogs.

    And they can’t fire bloggers.

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  12. nila tanzil says:

    Hello everyone,
    Reading your comments make me feel stronger and stronger. Seriously. I really appreciate it. Having someone who support me, it feels good. Having more than one person, it feels great. You don’t know how it means to me.

    About my job in that TV station, we’ll see. Haven’t heard from them for 1.5 months (as you can count yourself). So, we’ll see…

    But again, thank you so much for your comments and support. Viva bloggers!!

  13. monsterball says:

    So glad to read Nila Tanzil is in good spirit. Concering her TV station job…I advise her to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Preparing for the worst by looking out for another job and apply ‘first come first serve ‘ attitude…that is if she is feeling bored…waiting.
    And if she wish to come to KL for another short visit…to be “kickdefella’ site guest…completely all taken care off. All you need is transport to & back to Jakarta.
    Interested….contact Susan..and Susan will contact “kickdefella’ blog owner and Sheih will contact me to keep my promise or else , he will skin me alive. Don’t we sound like spies contacting each other this way…….hahahahaha
    Whatever it is….chin up and be positively happy.

  14. Crankshaft says:

    You can’t be serious!! She lost her job for blogging?? But she didn’t disclose any secrets nor misrepresent anything…

    Good God.

    Oh yeah, Nila, you’re definitely in my prayers.

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  16. Chee Yong says:

    Nila, support you fully. the truth is always sweeter than wine or anything you can find in this world.

    But to the liars, truth hurts.

  17. monsterball says:

    Morgan is gone and I am sure he will want Nila to be happy ..to continue with the living…to experience new love…to marry one day and have a family.
    If she trully feels Morgan loves him…then this is what I think he wants her to be.

  18. keep write blogs Nila !
    Justice will follow u !

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