I don’t think it was funny at all.

Malaysiakini TV has this little title which says: Tengku Adnan is cornered on the blogger issue HERE. The title could do with some editing though, like “Tengku Adnan cornered on blog controversy”. But that (the part about cornering) didn’t happen at all.

It all happened like this:

“Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan and I sat side by side this afternoon at a press conference after the National Press Club-Celcom VMY Treasure Hunt 2007. He was asked about the “blogging” controversy (Rocky Bru).

What annoyed me most of all (when watching the video clip) was that, the Tourism Minister who lashed out at women bloggers on International Women’s Day for being liars, cheats and a threat to national unity, was not cornered at all!

He seemed to have been allowed to get a way scott free by laughing away the issue and joking about it as if those who were present at the press conference were kindergarten children.

At the end, he was saying out-rightly that Sin Chew daily, who carried his comments, lied.

He also implied that reporters, were so dumb, they didn’t understand what he was saying. He added he was probably in a joking mood the other day when he mentioned the matter. But then he realised that as a result of the report, people called him male chauvinist and racialist.

Come on, Mr. Minister, do people joke about such matters? You are not a cadet reporter, you are the Tourism Minister! And after you have realised the impact of what you said, what did you tell the Associate Press reporter? “

I do not have anything to say right now,’ he said. (Associated Press)

But he said he directed his criticisms merely at Nila Tanzil, not other bloggers. So, how on earth did Sin Chew get this wrong? The paper nearly created civil war between bloggers and Adnan. If the reporter who wrote the story does not stand by his or her report, then I am really, really very sorry. And yet, was Adnan’s response to Nila justified?

In the press conference, he repeated his take on 50 years of Independence. “Whatever we achieved today was because of our people…we are multi-culture…we need unity…if there’s no unity, this country will not survive…don’t joke, don’t kill yourself…we have a lot of races in this country…the main three races and then you add in another 50 groups…blah blah blah“.

At this point, he didn’t want reporters to quote him….”dah lah orang panggil aku ini macam-macam (already people called me many things)...racists lah…they don’t understand what I was talking about the other day…”

Then he said he was not upset, not even with Rocky as they were close friends because it was a matter of opinion. He blamed STAR for not checking with him about Nila Tanzil, before they carried a report on her complaints, while she was shooting a programme in Malaysia.

A reporter asked if there was an agenda to bring him down, to which he replied…”It’s okay, I am just doing my job…” which is: making sure 3 million people, who directly and indirectly earn from the Tourism industry, continue to make a living, as many of them were unemployed such as university graduates.

What a tongue twister. Earlier he said women, and now undergraduates. What next?

“That’s my job, whatever they want to say, let it be…my friend Rocky Bru knows me quite well…I’m easy going, no problem..no worries”.

Yeah, so easy going that he blurted out one of the worst insults men could say to women.

The he added, and I do not take this too kindly. It is condescending and make all women out to look like a fool:

“I love all women, I am myself today because of a woman, because of the love affair between my mother and father.If there were no women, there will be no human beings”.

“Sorry lah…(at this point, one of the officers approached him and whispered in his ear). To which he added: “My supporters in my electorate are all women”.

And everyone laughed. Really, what is so funny?

I do not think we should be swayed by his sweet talk, and let him get away unscatched. He took too long to answer these questions anyway, and when he did, it was merely insulting not only women bloggers but the press all over again.

Unless Sin Chew lied. So, Sin Chew, did you lie?

After all this, I am really lost for words. Even my rectum is hurting.

Well, Read Rocky Bru’s side of the story here.

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  1. ‘tengku’ adnan sux…..sux………ugh

  2. susan loone says:

    yuk yuk yukkkkkk! 😦

  3. wits0 says:

    “And everyone laughed. Really, what is so funny?”

    That’s the Bodohland’s established cultural way of sucking up to the top. Essential key part of the 50 years of achievements!

  4. bamboo river says:

    He is talking shit thru his nose now! What a stupid statement!

  5. bamboo river says:

    “If there were no women , there will be no human beings” so where did he come from?

  6. monsterball says:

    From Big Bird…sexually assaulted by a lonely jungle man.
    He is a bird man….half human …half bird.

  7. June says:

    Did he say sorry there or maybe he is a great fan of Elton John’s, “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.”?

  8. geekchic says:

    Can someone please examine that space in his head? I’m pretty certain it’s just an empty cavity giving you a resounding gong when you tap on it. How unfortunate we can’t just oust him for this.

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  10. jes tay says:

    SJ is only good at bullying small flies, come to Adnan – of course they
    hv to silence is gold , pity the reporter -may be he /she will be fired for
    creating a so DAI WOK thing.

  11. wits0 says:

    Nay, negatives all the way.

    Nothing funny about it. The pit merely deepens.

    Guffawing or laughing boisteriously over it does not accord any good natured humour or civil substance to it either.

    It just display a cavalier ministerial attitude that sycophants are reinforcing on cue because of political correctness.

  12. bamboo river says:

    Sounds like a castrated Hyena laughing in a pit full of elephant dung.

  13. frostee says:

    Just did some rebutt on my blog on what he said. This guy is indeed a joke!


  14. […] https://sloone.wordpress.com/2007/03/16/tourism-minister-escapes-without-a-scratch/ blogged about the Minsiter’s comments being insincere. Rather than apologising, he said that he was misquoted by the Chinese press who attributed him to have said that ’all bloggers are liars’ and most of these are jobless women. Then, as if he thought he had such a brilliant back up line to appease women, the Minsiter said “he loves all women and he came from a woman, his mother…”. BUT NOT A WORD OF APOLOGY! […]

  15. sjhkgb says:

    Old Pa Adnan needs to read this:

    She does not: GET PMS, She becomes: HORMONALLY HOMICIDAL
    She does not have: A KILLER BODY She is: TERMINALLY ATTRACTIVE
    She is not a: PERFECT 10 She is: NUMERICALLY SUPERIOR
    She does not have: SEXY LIPS She is: COLLAGEN DEPENDENT
    She does not get: DRUNK She is: ACCIDENTALLY OVER-SERVED
    She is not: A GOSSIP She is a: VERBAL TERMINATOR
    She does not have: A GREAT BUTT She is: GLUTEUS TO THE MAXIMUS
    She does not have: GREAT CLEAVAGE. Her breasts are: CENTRALLY LOCATED
    She will never: GAIN WEIGHT She will become: A METABOLIC UNDERACHIEVER
    She does not have: A HARD BODY She is: ANATOMICALLY INFLEXIBLE
    She does not: SUN BATHE She experiences: SOLAR ENHANCEMENT
    Her breasts will never: SAG They will: LOSE THEIR VERTICAL HOLD
    She does not have: BIG HAIR She is: OVERLY AEROSOLED
    She does not: SNORE She is: NASALLY REPETITIVE
    She does not: GET DRUNK She becomes: VERBALLY DYSLEXIC
    She does not have: BIG HOOTERS Her: CUPS RUNNETH OVER

  16. wits0 says:

    Oh well, BR, we may safely henceforth refer to such behaviour as Da Hyena Code – part and parcel of that regular Bull-Shit-Do one employed by his ilks without variation. Not as if they know of any other.

  17. wielmaja says:

    Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something.

  18. DisgustedGAL says:

    Xcuses me… are u a stand up comedian with the potential of competing with Russel PEters or are you a minister?? Do your job.. or the next time you open your mouth to “JOKE” again you are going to hell in a hand basket!!!
    “But he said he directed his criticisms merely at Nila Tanzil, not other bloggers. So, how on earth did Sin Chew get this wrong?”

    If what SinChew reported was wrong… why the long wait to correct things?? why now u buka your mulut??why did u procrastinate the entire issue which according to you was exaggerated or misquoted?? After half of the bloggers in Malaysia browbeat you into giving an answer… you ended up saying pretty much something that we have already predicted that you might say.. how cliche’ …. this sounds like the other weirdo who said he joked about the chastity belt…. for all the shit that goes around you people will end up putting the blame on someone else.. EXCUSES EXCUSES… to me either way he gali lubang sendiri!!! If what u say is true go sue Sin Chew for slander cause they falsified your statement… or make them apologies!! till then i’m gonna chill and watch you clowns make a fool of your self…

  19. bamboo river says:

    DisgustedGAL , These Clowns was trained in TIMBUKTU.

  20. lo says:

    my question is, should we ytust our future to people like this who can’t even talk straight?

  21. lo says:

    my question is, should we trust our future to people like this who can’t even talk straight?

  22. […] you “accept” his explanation? Have a look at here, here, here, here, and more to […]

  23. monsterball says:

    Dear Susan….will appreciate you assist me in responding a message I put at your below post {father interviewing..}… Thanks.

  24. The witness says:

    for some funny reason-the womens group in Malaysia became dumb.I still remember how people like ivy and zainah went to town barking thier heart out when PAS announced the dress code rules in Kelantan.

    One sided Umno stooge-if it comes from Umno they will all just smile and say-jangan lah begitu Datuk-tak manis lah.

    This shows where the women movement in Malaysia stands.

  25. Kean-Jin Lim says:

    Possible for NPC set up a website? This website meant for the journalists upload those recorded interviews after the newspaper had published it. By doing so, the journalists can’t always be scapegoat. It also helps to encourage be responsible to your talk culture in the society also.

  26. whome says:

    Whatever we say about Tengku Adnan or our politicains, we must remember we put voted them in “with the biggest majority ever.” Instead of calling them names, we might as well call ourselves those names.

    The real test for us, about us will be the upcoming GE, it will be a show to demonstrates if we “bloggers” are all talk or are we prepared to walk.

    One Man, One Vote, One Chance……GE12!


  27. Landed Angel says:

    He’s is an insult to the male population. Bloody Chauvinist P.I.G. (Ponderous Indecency Gastrologist)

  28. Meng Yee says:

    This is man is known for his crudeness. Was it not him who lifted his middle finger for the camera to catch?
    A minister in Pak lah’s cabinet behaving like a gangster, there again i think many of them are because the BN has been there far too long…

  29. zewt says:

    what else do you expect? sigh….. boleh boleh boleh!

  30. royce says:

    i met the reporter from sinchew today and he says tengku said what he said about the women bloggers.

    the fact that tengku used a silly retort like that in the original instance, and in the instance to deflect that what he said wasn’t what he said just goes to show what kind of govt we’ve voted in.


    in any case, for another spin on the issue, i urge you to read the letter that appeared in The Star today by the minstry’s director-general

  31. 1ofHis says:


  32. hasilox says:

    Now, Nila Tanzil alone makes up the 8,000 mostly unemployed and lying bloggers. Waste of time listening to him.

  33. ke says:

    the end of a dimwit regime,
    bring them in….

  34. mindspring says:

    Susan I have posted some thought on “the next steps” for Tengku Adnan here:


    any one care to share their thoughts?

  35. Jim Lunsford says:

    So, are politicians the world over just as stupid? It seems to be the case. But thanks to blogs like this one, the word is getting out. Hopefully, there will be more and more people who will stand up to these people. Until then, I think that this world needs more Susan Loones’. Thank you very much, Jim

  36. wits0 says:

    For politicians in a democracy(of sorts) to be stupid is just one side of the coin. The other that is insufferable is that arrogant propensity to offend and then afterward seek refuge in the cultural hubris of Da Hyena Code, fully abetted by the functionaries(I hesitate to call such journalists, without qualification) of the obsequious and fawning Mass Media people. That’s a double whammy.

  37. Jim Lunsford says:

    I confess, I am an American, and am unfamiliar with most of what goes on in Malaysia. I WAS fortunate enough to stumble onto this site after this post made #1 on the blogroll. It does seem that arrogance is one of the more common traits of the stupid. What is frightening to me, is the public’s inability to understand they are being lied to constantly by some gangster government official. That the traditional media is nothing but their Don King (a controversial boxing promoter for you non-boxing fans!). And that they don’t have to stand for it. Not now. Not with the internet. Yet, they still do. That, to me anyway, is the ultimate whammy. We all choose to live oppressed lives. Sorry, got carried away as you kind of got my brain achugging! I tend to rant on, so I’ll stop it here. Thanks, Jim

  38. Kean-Jin Lim says:

    Nila Tanzil had expressed her gratitude to all bloggers. However, she was suspended by SCTV after that post in her blog.

    ~”Setelah itu, aku dapat kabar dari orang SCTV bahwa tulisanku bikin heboh orang Malaysia Tourism Board. Lalu oleh orang SCTV dijawab bahwa tulisan itu bersifat pribadi, tidak ada kaitannya dengan SCTV,” papar Nila.~

    ~ Tak hanya membuat gerah pihak Tourism Board Malaysia, tulisan Nila di blog tersebut juga mengubah nasibnya di acara “Melancong Yuk!”. ~

    ~ “Setelah kejadian itu, SCTV membatalkan perjalananku ke Makassar. Dan sampai sekarang tidak ada kabar dari orang SCTV, dan tidak ada surat resmi tentang statusku sekarang ini,” kata Nila. “Aku jadi bingung, padahal di kontrak tidak disebutkan ada larangan menulis blog,” ujarnya sambil tertawa. ~

    Read here, detikinet an online media in Indonesia.

  39. MarinaM says:

    Susan, I couldn’t view the video for some reason but I can imagine how the slimebag handled it. Everything he says just makes me madder and madder. I bet his own people are cringing at what he’s saying.

    For those who are accusing the women’s groups of not responding to TA’s remarks, how are they supposed to do that when this issue has not appeared in the mainstream media at all? Reporters are not going to ask them about an issue which ostensibly doesn’t exist. If they write a letter to the papers, it won’t be printed because technically nobody will know what they are talking about. To me, it is highly remiss of the mainstream papers not to say anything about an issue which is raging all over the blogosphere. But it’s also hardly surprising.

    If TA thinks he is going to appease women bloggers by being patronising, then he’d better think again.

  40. monsterball says:

    hi Jim..On behalf of Susan…may I welcome you to Malaysian bloge site. Yes Susan is all about justices……rights etc etc….non political.
    Feel free to comment on our stupid government policies…..this or that.
    However..the whole world knows USA politicians are evil minded…greedy for money not theirs…brutal..and cowadly too!
    Do you agree?
    Since after world war two…so many wars are started by USA. Wherever they go….they devide to rule. North and South Veitnam…but luckily never succeeded. North and South Korea…China and Taiwan…..to name the few big ones and on going method…still using now…especially at Iraq.
    If you do not agree with me…then you must think other human beings are less important that certain beings …and the so call whites are more superior beings?
    But if you agree with me…then it will be most noble and gentlemanly of you to tell your country’s evilness and then say…wow I never knew Malaysia also have such people like our country….which is true.
    In short..and to be blunt…American opinons are not welcome…if they do not feel shameful of their terrible satanic evil politicians.
    Have a nice day!

  41. Jim Lunsford says:

    Monsterball, if you read my blog, you will know where I stand. But, it does seem all politicians are satanically evil. But, they are not going to win this war. I have decided to help unify an army of bloggers to help bring them all down so we can all start over. Malaysia is most welcome. Peace bro, Jim

  42. Penny says:

    You know why he’s taking it all so easy?

    Guess who voted him there? The people. And guess who’s going to put him there the next round? The people and that includes the women in his electorate. THEY WANT HIM DAMMIT. And he knows it. So why worry.

    As I always say, we’re in a situation of our own making. We always get what we deserve.

  43. […] been in touch with Nila Tanzil, who had been suspended from her job at SCTV, and she has this and this to […]

  44. monsterball says:

    Good to hear that Jim…but I repeat…to be a leader…to unite where everyone truist that person trying to do so….a reader must feel reading his message is from a person…. totally unselfish …with no smart selfih ulterior motives.
    Let me be blunt again….the Americans have a bad reputation on thier so call sincerities…..be it from the political or ordinary folks. Do you read or hear millions WHITES are marching…against Bush? Similary…the great passion of the BLACKS did that in millions and continue….sometime dying for the cause.. UNTIL their voices are heard and now known as Afro Americans…equal to all whites…no more Negroes or Niggers.
    Like the great Mahatma Gandhi….freeing his country from the yoke of the cunning British politicians. I can give you few more…even Ho Chin Min of Vietnam and Moa Tze Tung………both fought against American evil minded ‘divide to rule” and robbing others countyry’s wealth for their own selfish reasons….caring less of hundreds of millions lives dying to defend their country from you own so call rightoues reasons..that USA is the policeman of the world.
    Their ONLY strength has always been war weapons …others do not have…..not braver people to fight for so call freedom of the people.
    Why is American so afraid of Middle East countries having modern war weapons?? To protect the stupid Malaysians being massacered?? WhY also North Korea? Why can’t these countries develope and improvec their war weapoms?? The biggest idiot in Malaysia will know….it is American evil politicians feeling soooo guilty that another ‘teaching’ ….much worst than the bombing of the NY twin towers is coming. And for God’s sake…why are they sooooo cruel to America? Need I explain more on the valid reasons? Ofcourse….using so many other nationalists died at the towers to DIVERT the real reasons are always the best by Americans….no doubt about their fantastic brains in advertising.
    You may read it like I hate America. Far far from the truth!! My busineesess have always been with American partners to make money. I can….because I make them rich partnering me….but once cannot make money….they are HEARTLESS and leave you as “DEADWOOD’ That’s their nature. I laugh recalling Americans calling Chinese .people from hell and coined the word ‘communist’ as evil. Now China is treated like long lost buddy by these hypocitical poiticians.
    So my dear Jim….I still say you have to prove your sincereity to unite bloggers by putting out why they are not messages that others beleive you are sincere. So far not so.
    Without that…your messages are doubtful. Some may beleive you….but some ….at the back of their minds think you have .. ulterior motives to convert others to their religion…this or that.
    The world is full of bullshitters JIM.

  45. zorro-unmasked says:

    But no reporter at the press conference asked him about his reference to Malays kill Chinese, Chinese kill Malays and Indians kill everybody. Surely reporters cannot play safe and therefore ask too many close-ended questions. Unless ordered by their editors (in most cases?) Less edition make good copies/stories?

  46. monsterball says:

    Yes I read your most messages and I am right. You are indirectly propergating your so call….’First Cannabist Church”
    Look at you .. quoting scriptures at your previoyus message.
    So.. you really do not love bloggers. You are fishing for ‘BORN AGAIN’???
    How many Christianity sects are there in USA?? Why are you all mocking Jesus?

  47. monsterball says:

    Jim…The real truth is you are going all out to help unite all bloggers in Malaysia…so that you will be the hero and then converting most to be ‘BORN AGAIN” in your First Cannabist Church??
    You are lucky to have met me. Malaysians will make your head turn inside out and upside down…if they find out the real truth.
    The smart ones are mostly die hard muslims..buddhists..hinddhus and the minority good well educated Christians are clearly happy be basically catholics and methodists.
    China has more than 1.2 billion fishes for you to catch…try it there……but ah……those Chinese are smart blokes!! All religions …less than 50 years registered are not allowed to teach religion there. I heard they now increased to at least 1000 years old.
    Have a nice day Jim and may God open your mind and soul for more truths. Peace.

  48. Jim Lunsford says:

    Monsterball, I do not intend to convert anyone. nor do I intend to be the “leader” of a movement. I only intend to do my part to help unify bloggers. Personally, I don’t want to lead anything. I doubt my ability to do such a thing. That is in both religion and politics. You may doubt my sincerity, but I don’t care. This isn’t much, but it’s something. And we all know how people laugh when someone does anything at all in this world. Please, show me how you will help unify bloggers. Don’t tell me though, just show me. Jim

  49. wits0 says:

    Susan: “Tourism Minister escapes without a scratch”.

    Incubus usually escapes thus.

  50. Jim Lunsford says:

    By the way Monsterball, on my religious beliefs, I have stated in one of the early ones that I am Buddhist, but I am using the Christian words as they work best for my country. I am not trying to convert anyone, it is none of my business how anyone else worships. It is theirs. I am not trying, nor did I say I was trying, to “lead” anything. I am only trying to help unify. I realize much of this was in the previous post, but I wanted to make my voice as clear as possible for you. You seem to think doing something is a joke. What I am doing isn’t much, but it’s all I can think of at the moment. And something is a lot better than nothing. At least, if you want change. Don’t you think so? Or is that something else to deride? Please, I really do want your action. Jim

  51. monsterball says:

    Well Jim…It is better you prove me wrong than I am right….but I still have my doubts….as being a Buddhist myself….I wonder how on Earth you can signed off as Reverend for ‘First Cannabist Church”…then say you are a Buddhist. You cannot be a Buddhist Reverend!!!Are you trying to play tonque twisting game with me?
    By the way….what Buddhiat sect do you belong to?
    As a Reverend….surely you can answer me that .
    I do not have an answer to how to unify bloggers. Everyone…..including you can do their best…but as for you…I have the suspicion you are trying to promote you religious beliefs….more than anything else. …if not…..good and I sincerely apologise for wrong conclusion of you.
    Continue your most noble gesture to humankind. Just do not quote any scriptures in anything you wish to do for the bloggers. I am waiting for you tell me which buddhist sect do you beliong to. BLESS YOU REVEREND.

  52. Rikey® says:

    Yo My Furry One,
    Ignore the Misinformed
    for the more post the more curious
    I’ve been getting spam posts and I think some of you are getting it as well
    we know someone is taking us seriously to care to spam our blogs.
    I had place mine in moderation from now.

  53. monsterball says:

    Yo wise one Rikey…..how the heck you can put that “r’ that way??
    Will take your advise.

  54. monsterball says:

    By the way dear Rikey…’furry’ means covered with fur…but ‘fury’ means wild angry one. Which one are you refering me to?…hahahaha

  55. Jim Lunsford says:

    I practised Theravaden for years, though I confess now, I am using the Christian texts so much, that practise has subsided. All that is left is the meditation. In that my whole practise rests. I must also confess, I don’t care if you trust me or not, I have always noticed that there will be people out there who will never be satisfied and they always take up the most time and produce the least amount of fruit. Satisfy yourself with your own practise and I think you might be happier. Beyond that, I am utilizing every aspect of my blog for political activism, for change in the USA, and not another dark age. I will do what I have to do in order to help affect change here. If that’s not going to make you happy, then I really have to let you know that I have very little time to waste and you will have to be the one carrying your sufferings; for I will refuse that gift from you. Oh my! Did I just paraphrase a story attributed to the Buddha? Take care, Jim

  56. monsterball says:

    Jim..You are insulting my religion.!! BECAREFUL!!….but then why am I surprise!
    You know next to nothing about Theravaden Buddhism…but perhaps learning how to medidate from such a monk.
    Theravadens do not swing like Tarzan in religious beliefs.
    I am a Theravaden all my life and I suggest you stop calling yourself that and sign Reverend “First Cannabist Church”
    Visitors are getting bored….or else I will expose you know next to nothing about Therevaden Buddhism….and stop mocking Jesus!!
    PS: Rikey..Sorry ….need to break promise. This guy is a devil in disguise.

  57. susan loone says:

    hey monsterball and jim, this post is about the dimwit minister, so criticisms, cynicism should be directed to him, not to each other, right? GOD bless both of you :=)

  58. monsterball says:

    Sorry Susan………..I also apologise to all commenters. Will not response again to him. I promise.

  59. monsterball says:

    That dimwit minister? He is a dumwit…a nitwit…and all the stupid wits one can think how to describe him.
    A recent photo showed in the paper…he was smiling away ….sitting next to another dim/dum/nit Najib.
    I guess Najib is showing to Malaysians …..they are one gang. On this…hats off to TDM…..anyone not willing to give him part of the corrupted money…he stayed away far far from him…..like that new Sanator…Pak Lah just appointed…Muhammed Talib.

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