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The only stories we hear about Altantuya Shariibuu were the ones told by the police, by Abdul Razak Baginda in his affidavit, and by the local newspapers.

The only pictures we have seen about the young mother of two, were the passport photos in the local newspapers, always depicted alongside her alleged murderer, whenever her case had news value.

Curious about her, I traced her life back to the exotic land of Mongolia, where she hailed from, and tried to understand the woman behind all the sleazy, unsubstantiated stories. It was not an easy task.

I tried speaking to her father, Mr. Stev Shariibuu, personally, but he speaks very little English. He promised, through friends in Ulanbataar, that he would send some information about his daughter. After several weeks of waiting, her father, finally sent this video clip to me.

In his agony, and to preserve whatever memory he has of his beloved daughter, Shariibuu put together several pictures of Altantuya, followed by a brief narration about her life. There is also a short video clip about her sick, young boy – Atanshagai, 3 years old, whose DNA is being sought now, by experts who want to determine whose child he is.

I am sure it was not an easy job for him to do this.

I would like to request my dear readers to help ease the pain of the Shariibuu family by leaving some words of comfort in the comments section. These words will be compiled and sent to Altantuya’s family as a gesture of goodwill, from Malaysians, who feel their pain and emphatise with the Mongolians, who though so far away, now have a lasting bond with us, because of Altantuya.

We, too, have mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and girlfriends. And it is simply too heart-wrenching to have not only been shocked with news about her death, but to be left wondering if the late Altantuya will receive the justice she so rightly deserves.

In this 4.41 minute video, Mr. Shariibuu said in his own words:

“(Altantuya) is a nice and young Mongolian girl who got killed by cruel murderers, terminating her young life.

“She was born as a dear child to her moderate parents, and like other children, she grew up, by spending ordinary days, day after day.

“She grew up playing with her sister, who is so much like her, as birds of a feather.

“The picture of the girl sitting on the lap of her Russian teacher in the remote Chimkent city of the Soviet Union shows the beginning of her educational path.

“It was in the secondary school of Leningrad city that she began to get acquainted with the great history of humankind.

“By giving birth to her first child, she became a mother to experience happiness of motherhood, although her livelihood burden increased as well.

“Besides bringing up her son she strived to learn Russian, English and Chinese.

“Her master’s, bachelor’s degrees and diplomas in Chinese Language and many other certificates bear witness to her increasing knowledge, certify her good command of those languages.

“But life is full of surprises, and to overcome all possible difficulties in life, she often overloaded herself with work, trying to repay her parents goodness, to rear her children and educate her sister.

“She had a rare nature, she did not begrudge her friends and sacrificed herself for the sake of others.

“But her lifespan was limited, yet the success she achieved in this 20+ years of life, will make you think, that she lived her life, racing to be ahead of time.

“ Later, Altantuya gave birth to her second child, and put in enormous effort to bring him up as a healthy boy. This is a witness of what an extremely good mother and unique good-hearted girl she was.

“The Mongolian girl who departed from this life so sensationally, deeply distressed her parents, orphaned her dear children and reminded the world of the realities of modern life.

“She will be remembered by all honest people, and frankly she will serve God after her death”.

Background voice and produced by: Mr. Stev Shariibuu, Ulanbataar, January 2007.

Translation by Dashvadaa, from Mongolia.


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  1. aman says:

    my prayers are with mr shariibuu and his family. truth will prevail.

  2. rodsjournal says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    I am not Malaysian. But as an ordinary person who feels, loves, hurts, and cherishes life, I am saddened by your daughter’s death and what is happening with her younger son (your grandson).

    I hope, with all my heart, with that justice will be done.

    My greatest condolences to you and your family.

    Wishing you well.

    Rod from Singapore

  3. cindy says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to your family.
    She is indeed a remarkable lady, a devoted mother and a lovely daughter.

    My prayers and thoughts to you and your family.

    God bless.

  4. monsterball says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a father of few daughters and can trully feel your pains and sorrows on the first day I saw your face from the newspapers. You are a brave brave man …able to go through all those ordeals and especially able to pick up few bones of your late daughter. Words cannot describe how you must be feeling…..holding few of her bones in your hands and mind may shut off….unable to comprehend how can this be true..but it is.
    We fathers will give our daughters anything and everything they ask. We have dreams of them getting into trouble or having bad luck to meet with a small accident…this or that…BUT never in your mind……..can you imagine she will end up dead…yet it is…and unbeleivably killed by such cold hearted killers…to that extend.
    All I can say in consolations to you is that the trial will be in June…until completed and thereafter……..my prayers are that her soul will finally rest in peace and you and your family be well and good. May Lord Buddha bless you and your family. Thanks.

  5. Rikey® says:

    May Your Family live thru this with light at the end of the tunnel.
    May She be united with her maker and be free.
    May The Monster(s) that did this wrong be punished well beyond their lifetime.
    May The Schemer & Accomplices be drag along to the Hell they truly deserve.

    ‘May The Lord Bless You, Your Family and Altantuya’

  6. DisgustedGAL says:

    Its not easy to give voice for anyone who is grieving, but somehow i know how it feels to lose someone dear to you.. i lost my dad when i was in my late teens.. the pain never truly goes away, it just gets smaller and condensed, tucked away in a corner somewhere in the deep recesses of the heart… though memories are there .. they are often painful and sometimes… just sometimes they just begin to fade away.. i know ur going through an immediate shock or numbness having just experienced a loss.. nevertheless i’m not a poet but i love reading poems.. and there is this particular poem that i want you to read…

    Pain—has an Element of Blank—
    It cannot recollect
    When it began—or if there were
    A time when it was not—
    Emily Dickinson

    ( God bless u and may her soul rest in peace)

  7. Black says:

    Dear Mr. Shariibuu,

    I’m sorry about what happened to your beloved daughter. But i’sm sure that the one who responsible will be brought to justice. If not by the court, it will be by the Malaysian people. Time will tell.

    Malaysian are sad about what happened to your daughter. I dedicated this post for your daughter: http://blackinkorea.blogspot.com/2007/03/woman-john-lennon.html

    For Altantuya, hope that now you rest in peace. Thanks for being a good mother…

  8. June says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    Rest assured that there are thousands of Malaysian that will be praying for you and your family. We hope justice will prevail.

    God bless.

    With deepest condolence,
    June Liew

  9. bamboo river says:

    May her soul rest in peace. May the criminal (s) rot in hell!

  10. wielmaja says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    This beautiful poem from an unknown author is specially adapted for you:

    Why God Takes Young People

    When God calls young adult to dwell with Him above,
    We mortals sometimes question
    the wisdom of His love.
    For no heartache compares with,
    the death of our dear child.
    Who does so much to make our world,
    seem so wonderful and mild.

    Perhaps God tires of calling
    the aged to His fold.
    So He picks a rosebud
    before it can grow old.

    God knows how much we need them,
    and so He takes but few.
    To make the land of heaven
    more beautiful to view.

    Believing this is difficult
    still somehow we must try.
    The saddest word mankind knows
    will always be Good-bye.

    So when our young one departs,
    we who are left behind,
    Must realize God loves children.

  11. Rikey® from WATTAHACK? says:

    Mr Jay Patterson of American Auto Consultants
    your domain will be blacklisted soon for spamming! and we won’t be moaning for your loss.

  12. Anda Marceni says:

    Every day we see more examples of how corrupt and divisive humanity has become. It is a disgrace that we cannot manage ourselves as a peaceful and united race on Earth. My heartfelt feelings for the family of the lost. Let us bring unity back to humanity.

  13. the Razzler says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    Words can never ease the pain & sufferings that you’re going through, having to part with someone so dear to you.

    She is indeed a remarkable lady, a devoted mother and a lovely daughter.

    Rest assured that there are thousands of Malaysian & millions around the world that will be praying for you and your family.

    We hope justice will prevail.

    May Lord Buddha Bless you, Your family & Altantuya !!

    With deepest condolence,

    the Razzler

  14. bamboo river says:

    Mr Jay Patterson, I believe your company is a one man show with lots of crap in your brain! If you are so stone hearted to advertise in this blog, your company does not earn our respect! Please get your butt out !

  15. monsterball says:

    hey Jay Patterson….have some respect for a poor soul. Go and promote yours whatever in another blog. CAN YOU READ ENGLISH???

  16. susan loone says:

    Dear gals and gall, I will delete the advertisement. rather insensitive these business minded people! 😦

  17. wendy says:


  18. monsterball says:

    me too wendy!

  19. susan loone says:

    dear all..as regards to the video, it’s probably slow connection … try again. i am considering cutting it in 2 parts for better viewing 🙂

  20. LOne says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    We will be praying for justice to prevail.

    May Buddha shower his blessings on you and your family.

  21. banapore says:

    apa pasal video cannot see?

  22. Shufiyan Shukur says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    I pray that justice will be done and those who committed this horrible crime will pay for it in this world and in hell.

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  24. Ben Daup says:

    Dear Mr. Shariibu, as a Muslim I strongly believe Allah will reveal the truth and punish the culprit who is(are) worst than animal in nature. Regardless what human being try to do to hide the truth, Allah will will prevail.
    Please accept my sincere condolence sympathy. As a father to several daughters, I can understand how devastated you and your family must have been. But be patient…for Allah is the all knowing and just…there will be no place for the culprit to hide..may be in this world but not the hereafter.

  25. […] Ini dia video Altantuya Sharibu, yang dihantar oleh bapanya Stev Sharibu kepada Susan Loone. Ia merakamkan kehidupan Altantuya, termasuk anak lelakinya, Atanshagai yang sedang diuji DNAnya. Walaubagaimanapun, video ini di dalam bahasa Mongolia. Terjemahannya di dalam bahasa Inggeris ada di sini. […]

  26. KerinchiGuy says:

    My deepest condolences go out to the Shariibuu family. I hope the perpetrators of her heinous murder will pay for their act. And pay dearly !

  27. haly says:

    May she rest in peace……

  28. […] for the inconvenience. Please try clicking on the video again. It might work this time. Thank […]

  29. kluangjohor says:

    May the souls of Altantuya rest in peace. Justice is not too far away for the perpetrator of the heinous crime, let us pray that those who committed the crime is brought to the gallows. Let us pray.

  30. IONIC says:

    Great Work Susan Loone, you are one heck of an internet marketer.. how else could someone capitalise on another’s misery and grief with such finesse. Salut!

  31. Dr Zur says:

    I’m Malaysian and feel very sorry about the losses of your daughter.

    We can see from the video she is just an ordinary woman who really enjoyed her life.

    I wish to Allah, whoever killed her brutally, must get the very heavy punishment.

    May she rest in peace

  32. kamasalindre says:

    may god bless u and ur family

  33. THB says:

    this is malaysia. we will have to wait and see.
    miracle will happen suddenly.

  34. THB says:

    miracle will happen suddenly. This is malaysia.

  35. mar says:

    Dear Mr Sharibuu,

    Ultimate justice rests in God’s hands. What this world cannot resolve will be resolved in the next world.

    May God’s blessings be with Ms Altantuya’s parents, sister and children.

  36. shazen says:

    Dear Sir,

    No want has the right to take the life of another person.
    The person who killed your daughter will not rest in peace as this the law of existence. May peace be with you. and May god bless her soul.

  37. Anonymous says:

    May your faith in God help you and your family ride through this tragedy, and, hopefully may the same God ensure that justice will prevail.

    My deepest sympathy.

  38. ke says:

    of being too close to power center.

  39. Bob says:

    Mr Shariibuu

    On behalf of all Malaysians, I apologise for the tragic circumstances of your beloved daughter’s cruel and untimely departure. May her spirit rest in eternal peace, and may her children find grace in forgiving the perpetrators for the sinful crime committed. Justice will have its day, but under the circumstances that powerful Malaysian political figures may be involved, it is hopeful that fair justice will prevail and that those truly responsible for her murder will receive proper justice.

    Malaysians are generally peaceful, friendly and law-abiding citizens and I hope this incident will not create a rift in the relations between our two nations. Peace be to all.


  40. Chee Yong says:

    First of all kudos to Susan. Her excellent reporting here certainly put many journalist to shame. This is real investigative journalism.

    To the family of Shariibuu, I pray for the day when I see the perpetrators are brought to justice.

  41. danny says:

    as bob message i’m malaysian n feel sorry of yoyr beloved daughter’s case but i want to say how can your be love with this old man ???? b’cause she like money…… she’s so beautiful n high educated i don’t think so lah of couse i realy pretty her about this but that must be so story that she didn’t told u before i mean when she in love with this marriage old man

  42. Jeremy says:

    Totally agree with Mar. Worldly justice is only administered to the extent to which administrator(s) of justice allow it to be administered within the existing legal framework. While there were times innocent people are wrongly convicted and guillty ones go scot free, none escapes the final judgment by Him. Ultimate justice rests in God’s hands. Have faith!

  43. Fiona tan says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu…
    First of all me and behalf of my family. I send our greatest condolence for you and your family.. I’m sure Ms altantuya will be at peace now…I believe there’s justice in this world,especially malaysia. whoever that done such an cruel things will be pay for it double the amount he did…May you and your loved ones blessed with peaceful life ahead and also bless miss altantuya will be at peace…


  44. Malaysian says:

    One might escape earthly judgment, but nobody escapes eternal judgment, be rest assured. Believe in that and be strong.

  45. Jen says:

    I pray and hope justice will prevail. I pray for the day the criminals, perpetrators, schemers get their just deals.

    My condolences and sympathies to Mr Shariibuu and family.

  46. AntiUMNO says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    If one day you know somebody from Malaysia..please ask them whether he/she proud of their Prime Minister. If they said Yes.. beware! please keep away from them because they are very dangerous. Your daughter is not the first victim of UMNO related crime. What happen to Anwar Ibrahim? UMNO do not care whether you are friend or foe. Their leader mostly involved in corruption, womanizer… and most dangerous currently is Najib Razak. And Khairi Jamaluddin also.

    Dont trust UMNO. Don’t trust Malaysian Judiciary

  47. M. Khan says:

    May God give you patience and rest your daughter’s soul in peace.

  48. Tan Boon Hock says:

    Dear Sir,

    My wife and I share every moment of your tormentous ordeal and understand fully what you and your family have gone through, even though we do not have children of our own.

    We shall pray for justice to prevail end of the day and hope your beautiful child shall then rest in peace.

    BH & Jane

  49. Lin Peh says:

    Justice will prevail.

  50. Angeline says:

    Mr Shariibuu and family,

    The video about your daughter saddened me. The fact that she was portrayed as someone negative in the Malaysian media is an evidence that we are hearing from one side party only. They dont know who she really is, they cannot be the truthful or better judge. It is all assumptions to spice up stories.

    As a family, you all knew her better. Your daughter is indeed a beautiful woman, very intelligent and a loving mother to her sons. She ‘s very close to her sister as well 🙂

    It is sad to see her sons will grow up without a mother. I hope your family will be there for them.

    I pray that her case will get the justice she deserves, so that her soul will rest in peace. I pray that you and your family will be strong too, I understand that it is not easy to lose someone that you loved so dearly. God bless you and your family, God bless Altantuya’s soul.

  51. Markljl says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    The pain that you are go through is being felt by people from around the world. Is so sad & embarass to see this happening in my own country. Whereby more often if the criminal is somebody they will face a light sentence or might not face any sentence at all but rest assure he will not escape the judgement after death. The perpetrator should be kill the same way.

    To all Malaysian we should stand unite and vote for opposition party in the coming election.

    May God bless you and your family.

  52. HT says:

    If there really is transparency in the Malaysian rule/government then Malaysia wouldn’t be rated so highly in the just released Corruption Index. There’s obviously something that make the ratings.

    The ” Saya Anti-Rasuah(I’m bribe free)” badges are a joke. There’s so much that Malaysian government/leaders need to learn from the world. On how to handle their own nation and their own citizens. Don’t only be fair to your same skinned type. Be fair to your countrymen; regardless of their skin colour. GROW UP dudes !!!

    To Mr. Shariibuu … justice will prevail and only if justice is justified in Malaysia. God bless you and may your beloved daughter rest in peace .

    p/s:I love my country but please let me continue loving it. Do something quick before everyone like me starts to have a change of heart !

  53. Eddie Wong KG says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    I am a Malaysian with a daughter and we feel deeply sorry for what had happened to your beloved daughter in our country. No words can replaced for whatever had happened and I hope you can be strong to accept the verdict from the court and only time will heal your pain.

    You still have a good looking grandson Atanshagai who needs love and care without his mother’s love. Do take care of him and bring him up to be a good citizen of your country on behalf for your daughter and only then, she will be Rest In Peace.


  54. Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    As a father ,the thought of such misery is unbearable to me.The narration though uncomprehendable to me ,potray a large tower of strength to the whole family to me.Hearing your voice brought tears to me.

    As an average Malaysian ,we want the justice to be carried to the full extend.

  55. raven77 says:

    Of all the great burdens a parent has to bear in caring for their child, nothing is greater then having to carry his child’s coffin on his shoulders to the grave. There is a God and justice will prevail.

  56. Gibi says:

    Dear Mr. Shariibuu,
    First of all, my deepest condolence to the demise of your lovely and beloved daughter, the late Altantayu. May god bless her soul and may she rest in peace.
    It is very sad that your daughter is being murdered by these bunch of so called respected dignitaries and guardian of the laws in this land.. These animals, hyprocrites, sex hungry monsters are being indoctrinated by their evil religious belief. They are very influential and they are capable of twisting the facts manipulating the law and distorting evidence to make the innocent look like fools in this racially discriminated land called Malaysia. I do not trust the judiciary in this country. It wont be surprising these murderers may be acquitted. Even if they are found guilty it is just an act to cover up. The murderers wont be hang. A matter of time they will be pardon by the king and be free again. It is sad and disheartening to see this beautiful country in the hands of the power of evil. Justice may not prevail in this land but one day the truth will.
    Be strong Mr. Shariibuu, take care and may god be with always.

    A born buddhist.

  57. Benedict says:

    Dear Mr. Sharinuu,

    On behalf of all malaysian who share my though. Our goverment has fail on
    our part to protect your be loved daughter. Unfortunately it seem to be our
    goverment servant has taken part on what happening to your daughter. Please
    accept my sincere sympathy in your bereavement.
    May God bless you and your family.

  58. Voo Shen Tshung says:

    ‘Justice will Prevail’

    Malaysians are with you, Mr Shariibuu. You gotta be strong and fight on no matter what.

    True Sabahan

  59. timojun, malaysia says:

    I am sure words alone cannot describe the way you lost your beloved daughter. The people who committed the barbaric crime maybe able to escape the justice of mankind but truth will prevail in the end and GOD will in His own peculiar way, ensure that all those involved in prematurely taking away your daughter’s life will be punished to no end!

  60. TUX says:

    I pray that God will provide comfort to you and your family’s grief and strength to meet the days to come.

  61. J.D. Lovrenciear says:

    Dear Mr. Shariibuu

    This pain that you will have is eternally engraved in all our hearts too. It is beyond any human and even animal act to do this to your late daughter. Any amount of punishment meeted out to the murderer or murderers and all those who had a hand in it will never be able to re-ay the pain and tears that we share with you. And I join you and the millions around the world that the inhuman, evil, satanic criminals will be brought to justice soon and in a transparant manner that the world can accept.

  62. live2learn says:

    Att:pissinmyloo(march17th,2007) Not a bad joke but ain’t good either.It sounded kind of sarcastic especially to us Malaysians even though it’s partly some traits in the characteristic of the races but please don’t make’s the remarks implying on racial slurs! When could we acheive our “Bangsa Malaysia”?

  63. segaran says:

    Dear Mr.Sharibuu,
    My family and I feel really very sorry for what had taken place in Malaysia.It was really very unfortunate and shamfull indeed.
    Please rembember that we as Malaysians do have a heart and will be with you all the time spritually.
    I pray justice will prevail and remember that Justice Delayed but Justice is never denied.Beleive in God.

  64. Chris says:

    I pray for your family. I pray for all the sunshine you need to move on thru the days of darkness and all the strength you need in your constant battle against the adversaries.

    Good Bless you and your family.

  65. The Voice says:

    Dear Susan
    Thank you for bringing us upclose and personal to the family of Altantuya and her past life. It must have taken you a lot of guts, hard work and dedication to trace and connect to the family of Altantuya.

    Dear Father to Altantuya
    I know no matter how many sympathy or condolences will never ease the pain and sufferings of you and your family. But be patient- whether be it by way of Malaysian judiciary system or by the Mother nature, the perpetrators of the crime on your daughter (no matter what excuses he will produce) shall be meet his equal punishment for his wrongful deed.

    be patient

  66. subra says:

    As a father of 3 girls, as a human being and as a person who respects humanity; my deepest sympathies to you and your family.

    May God give you lots of courage and guidance in this time of great distress.


  67. Amy says:

    Dear Mr.Shariibuu,

    I’m terribly sorry for your loss. May your daughter rest in peace and God will shed his kind light in finding the heartless criminal(s).

  68. BH Lee says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    No words can adequately represent the pain that you feel. No words of condolence from us, however deep, can bring consolation to the horrible sense of loss that you must feel. Even as a third party, the sadness that I feel every time I read a report on the case is heart-wrenching, and more often than not it seeks to express itself in anger and rage at the heartless criminals who committed this heinous crime. Yes, whoever they are, they must be punished most severely by the laws of the land. And one can only leave to the Almighty to mete out the right punishment to these dark souls that must have emerged from darkest abyss of the Netherworld. While we wait, we can only pray for the soul of your daughter to rest in peace. God bless.

  69. bibliobibuli says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    i was horrified by Altantuna’s murder. i pray that justice is done with no cover up permitted.

    i feel deeply for you in your grief …


  70. ladybird says:

    No comment, no video.

  71. speedberg says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu & family!!!

    Our deepest SORRY to you and your loving family! We know the worst thing for a parent to do is bury their own child while being alive. I just lost my parents not so long ago, I try my best to hide my grief and sadness, but simply just can’t do it. Eversince God took them away from this cruel world-it’s not the same for me anymore!Alantuya’s life and her terrifying death has all malaysians united and we’ll stay alert all the way till justice is done!!! May her beautiful soul rest in peace!

    Truly Malaysian

  72. Edward fr. Malaysia says:

    Dear Mr Sharibuu, I have two daughters. I feel pain for the lost of your lovely daughter. I just cannot imagine what you are going through. Please be strong. We will always pray for you, your family and daughter. God Bless You.

  73. dayana says:

    I believe that humanity leads. Please be strong for that son Atanshagai (I send my hugs to you). Truth will prevail. All the best to your family.

  74. AThiru says:

    Hi Mr. Sharibuu.
    I am a malaysian Indian and i am ashamed of what has happened to your loving daughter. It’s beyond words to lose a daughter or son – only God would be able to help you cushion the deep sorrow. On behalf of all my malaysian friends i wish you all the strength to face up to the sorrow you and your family are in. With Warm Regards and God’s Blessing – Athiru.

  75. Linken Lim says:

    Rest in Peace Altantuya May justice prevail.
    It is high time that the challenge is taken seririously by Malaysian government to ensure the culprits are punished.
    May God bless you and your famly.

  76. Sad Malaysian says:

    Dear Mr Sharibuu,
    We, Malaysian grieve with u. We are so ashame that such murder took place in our beloved country. We pray that justice shall prevail & the murderers will suffer the same amount of pain that they have inflicted on your family. Please be strong for Altantuya’s young children and let her soul rest in peace. Take care!

  77. Alexandra Lee says:

    In deep grief of Ms. Altantuya’s death, i would like to express my condolence to your family. I believe justice will prevail. May God Bless your daughter.

    “What has happened in the past, we no longer can hope for it to change”

  78. JEET says:

    How could anyone do this especially to take away the mother of these two lovely kids who need her so badly. Words cannot express how we Malaysians feel. God will punish those who are involved. Looks like only God knows all. Don’t these murdereers know there is GOd watching all our actions. I am deeply sorry. It is hard to live on when you see these two kids looking for their Mother.

  79. Asiana888 says:

    Dear Mr. Sharibuu,

    I cannot imagine the pain you are suffering and will not pretend to say I know. Losing one’s child is painful beyond words and worse is the manner she was murdered. Have faith that those responsible directly or indirectly will receive their just punishment in their lifetime.

    My prayers is for God’s peace to be with you and family.

  80. Justice Bao says:

    Dear Mr Sharibuu,

    I know no words can ease the pain of the loss of your daughter. As a father who has a daughter whom I love very much, I can understand and feel your grief. I hope and pray that justice prevail and those respnsible for your daughter’s death be made to suffer for their evil deeds. I hope you also find it in your heart to let this go at some point and begin to live life again not only for yourself but also for Altantuya’s children. Tell them when they understand that some evil Malaysians killed their mother but not all Malaysians are bad. The good ones are many and they will always extend a welcoming hand to her children.

  81. w.mei yoke says:

    Dear Mr Sharibuu,


  82. elviza says:


    The pain of losing a child is unspeakable. The thought of her son growing up without a mother would be unthinkable.

    My prayers are for you and your family.

  83. winnie says:

    I’m a mother of two. I understand is not easier for a woman like us to handle a family without a reponsility husband. I feel sympathy to Ms. Althantuya and her family. Please do take care of you all. Mr. Sharibuu, I want to pray for your beloved family and also Ms. Althantuya who pass away from us so that the god damn murderers will suffer along their lifetime for what they have done on Ms. Althantuya. We have to believe that justice will prevail and they will have punishment for the sins they have done. And may god bless you all especially the healthier of your beloved grandson. Justice For All ! We will support you !

  84. focusinfinity says:

    mr shariibuu and family..,
    i remembered my heartbeat shot up when i first saw in the papers what happened, then i read the first two paragrh and i choked and simply couldnt go on. i can only manage to read the rest of it the following day. it …just blew my mind. wht is even more sickening is that another well connected guy, a so-called malaysian political analyst who started a doom relationship with a fine and gracious woman in which he couldnt handle-is involved. in this country almost the entire system failed..miserably and..it will continue to be so. politicians & well connected people DO get away with crimes. we all can pray and hope that justice will be served but mr shariibuu.. be prepare.. you may be disappointed once again by the very people in whom you place your trust on. we will never understand the pain you and your family and all who loved her is going thru. we can only say..we are with you and we share those pain together. god bless you all and altantuya.

  85. Abdullah says:

    Dear Dr. Shariibuu,

    It is beyond doubt that you feel excruciating pain due what has happened to your beloved daughter. Humans are one even though they are diverse in other senses. Every person hopes for the best and a full family. Murder is hated by all civilised societies and religions. Our prayers are with you. At this critical stage, we offer our unreserved condolences to you. We stand with you in pain and agony. We sympathise with you and curse those who sniffed away the dear life of your dear daughter. Justice can be delayed and pain can be inflicted, but the Almighty exacts retribution from those who hurt others. May you gain more strength and wither through. May your grandchildren grow to be better humans who appreciate all. May evil perish and may everyone live happily.

  86. […] by BH Lee March 17th, 2007 at 5:52 pm Here and my quote is the same! WPvideo 1.10 altantuya shariibuu (2) This video is featured exclusively […]

  87. GJ says:

    Dear Mr. Shariibuu,

    I understand how you and your family feel about the lost of your daughter, Altantuya. We pray that justice will be served to you and your family. The truth will prevail. The culprits will be hit hard by God. They may have the money to carry out all these evil acts, they may have all the power and money to cover up things. But they and the people who help them will lose to God. God will hit them hard that they will face punishment before they die.

    The judicial system in Malaysia is controlled by UMNO and their dogs. Mr. Shariibuu, if you fail to get justice in the corrupted Malaysian courts, you should go to the international level, maybe United Nations. We Malaysians will be behind you. I am sure that there are more Malaysians in support of you than the corrupted UMNO govenment of Malaysian, which has no credibility.

    May God bless you and your family.

  88. Philip Lau says:

    Dear Dr Sharibuu,

    I have following your daughter’s tragedy, the cruelsome death. I hope and pray justice shall be prevailed. I fear you will not get justice. Over here in Malaysia, anything can happen. It is power, influence and money that talk. Countless of questions have yet to be answered. a) In what way the Chief Inspector was able to obtain the very high explosives, which you can only obtain them at the Ministry of Defence, etc. b) The connection with the 3rd Defendant and the Chief Inspector (1st Defendant) who it is alleged was the body guard of the Cabinet Ministers, c) the woman constable was alledged was the body guard of the Minister’s wife, and countless of questions are left unanswered. Since the case will be heard and brought forward to June 2007 instead of March 2008, there is political consideration. It is rumoured that General election shall be held before end of this year or early 2008. Only the PM himself and will fix the date. The changimng of the Judge many feel suspicious although it was explained.

    Even powerful figure like the former figure like the Dy Prime Minister, Dato Seri Anuar can be “fixed” your daughter’s case is in fact a small matter.

    Of cause, the world is watching every move, the police, the judical, the Malaysian Government, the lawyers, the courts and whatever they uttered will be carefully noted. It is very fortunate that you have a very good lawyer holding a Watching Brief for you. He is fearless and most important also a Member of the Malaysian Parliament

    Remember, the third accused Razak Baginda is an influential figure here in this country and he has connections. You have the assurance of the Malasian Prime Minister Pah Lah who has promised you that justice shall be done. Will his subordinates listen to him, that is a big question?

    The Inspector-General of Police stated a couple of times only the THREE defendants are involved. Why did he made such a statement when he was not asked? But according to Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today, owner of the Blog, it appears some others are also involved in this murder directly or indirectly. The inuendo is there. This man has never come out to deny his story. Remember the fact that what is or had been written by the said Raja, many a time, they are true. Not always of course.

    Good luck to you. All of us are watching the coming trial .

  89. Steve says:

    I wish to persuade everyone who plan to visit Asia not to step into Malaysia until the justice has been served. By spending your money in that country, you are indirectly aiding the Malaysian government to continue their evilness.

  90. Frank says:

    To: ladybird, Wendy, banapore

    The video on You-Tube could NOT be viewed because Susan had posted it as “private video”.

    The You-Tube link says,

    “This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request.”

  91. Odysseus says:

    Mr Sharibuu,

    Malaysians are shocked by the cruel murder of your daughter. The lost and pain you and your family are going through is unspeakable.

    There are thousands of Malaysians will be praying for you and your family. We do hope that justice will prevail.

    May her soul rest in peace.

  92. dogol says:


    we do not know who actually ask the two men kill her? However, God knows and He will punished the person..whether in this life or the next.

    Beware of the wrath of God and pains suffered by the family. Bila lah banjir besar ke, gempa bumi ke or tsunami besar ke nak melanda mesia hah!

  93. Donny says:

    I sincerely believe that justice will prevail eventually.
    By speculating its development will worsen the whole thing. My symphathy to the death and her family and hope the children will grow up to be good human beings. My condemns to the polices who involved in the murder and wish one day the house cleaning is achieved by our respected IGP.

  94. rsk says:

    My sincere condolences.May her soul rest in peace.May Justice prevails and the murderers…spent the rest of their lives in hell hole.

  95. attlan ega says:

    The first of it’s kind being blown to pieces in Malaysia. Malaysia is a democratic country, people speaks for the truth and at different aspect of opinion. Cruelty will prevail eventually and by causing death, it is the end of the road, no turning back! The truth and justice will be out for all to see. May the good soul of Altantuya rest in peace, god blessed the family and PEACE to all.

  96. Malay Jose Rizal (MJR) says:

    dear mr sharibuu,

    This is Malaysia…Unique country as a MULTI: racial, custom, religions, food and also MULTI judgement!

    Visit Malaysia Year 2007…..

    May God bless you and your family.


  97. Kenneth says:

    I’m truly saddened by this. My deepest condolences and may her soul RIP.

  98. low says:

    Dear Mr. Sharibuu,

    God to be with you and family. 节哀顺便.


  99. Dr. Jamaludin Jaffar says:

    Dear Dr.Sharibu,
    I am deeply sorry for what had happened to your daughter Altantuya. She is definitely a lovely lady, mother and daughter. I am praying to Allah to punish those who have been involved with this heinous crime.


  100. susan loone says:

    Dear everyone, thank you so much for your messages of solidarity to Mr shariibuu. i am sure he will appreciate it very much. i will compile them by next week, and sent them over to him. will keep you all posted then. meantime, keep the messages coming.

  101. Fione Lee says:

    Dear Mr.Sharibu,

    I am very concern regarding every latest news on Mdm Altantuya murder case. I hope god shall be with her and her family. Truth will be reveal one day! Here I send me deepest condolences.

    Ms. Lee

  102. Anna says:

    I’m a mother of 3 children, and I could not believe this could happen in Malaysia, a civilised and democratic country, further more the police officers are involve. What happen to our trust to these law enforcement official? What kind of controls do they have on all the weapon and machinery which where purchased using the tax payers’ money? All these question start running in my head.

    I hope the Malaysian politician will look into it seriously and Mr. Sharriibu, my deepest condolences and I hope justice will prevail soon.

  103. Chris says:

    I just can’t imagine anyone in this world woulddo just a thing to kill a chraming lady. It must be greed, evil or whatever to kill another human being.

    Pray thather soul be in peace and she is with God.

    Those responsible will be brought to justice and be punished in this world and the next.

    My condolences are with the family.

  104. TY Chong says:

    Dear Mr Sharibuu,
    I think most Malaysians understand and feel the pain and sorrow that you and your family members are suffering. Our multi-racial nation has educated us how to feel and love others irrespective of race except some ‘uncivilized barbarians’.

    I believe that truth and justice will prevail.

    May Altantuya rest in peace and God bless you and your family.

  105. Derric says:

    Dear Mr. Sharibu,

    I’m Malaysian. First of all, I feel so sad when I saw the news in the newspaper when the murder case first reported. Although most of us have no idea on the sources of this sad matter, but I definitely feel sad and anger…I does experienced when our loves one passed away, the feelings was strongly affected to the heart. Other things was no longer meaningful to us, until somehow we noticed that we have to continue our life bravely. This is a promise to those who are now in the heaven.

    I hope you and your family can be strong and brave to continue the life, and we strongly believe that the murderer will someday being caught and being charged guilty.

    Last but no least, my deepest condolences to you and your family.


  106. jatchew says:

    Dear Mr. Sharibu,

    Remember God is always on your side in time of sorrow and despair.

  107. Wee Yan Chia says:

    Dear Mr. Sharibu,
    Like many right thinking Malaysians, I would like to send my heart felt condolence to you and your family over the tragic cruel lost of your daughter. As previously expressed we are ashamed that such an act occurred in Malaysia, and fervently wish that those responsible will be punished. We are even more sad as we also realised that when the criminal act involves people in power, those truly responsible will not need to be held accountable.
    May those responsible face God’s justice.
    I do hope you find some solace in the fact that the wishes of the ordinary people are with you and you can find the strength to help you grandson to grow up without his mother.

  108. Cyril S M says:

    Dear Mr Sharibu,
    Remember these words God is Great and Justice will prevail in the when the dust finally settles

  109. Benny says:

    Dear Sir ,

    In this world there are only two kinds of people , and we all believeGOD is always on your side .
    The truth will prevail finally . GOD is just .


  110. theodore d s says:

    Dear Mr. Sharibu,

    What ever sadness you & family are facing no one know only god. Please remember whatever men do in this life unto others shall be answerable in his after life. Nothing can get away from the eye of god, so those who took your beloved daughter’s life will see the same thing happening to their daughter.

    We malaysians are praying for her repose soul to be among the angels & saints in heaven.

    God Bless Dr & family

  111. A Voice says:

    A human life is not the right of any other human to take away.

    Allah is great and Allah is just. Let us not seek justice from Allah till we have exaust ourself from executing it.

    My condolence to the children and family.

  112. picky says:

    Dear Mr.Sharibu,

    I hope you and your family can be strong and brave to continue the life, and we strongly believe that the murderer will someday being caught and being charged guilty.

    Take Care….


  113. Chan Loi Yan says:

    Dear grdmother&grdfather&baby

    baby very cute 。你们得继续生活下去,并且期望明天生活会更好。愿愿世间人不要这么残忍的杀人。希望嫌犯会遭到死刑,以还死者一个公道。

    Take care…


  114. socrates says:

    susan loone.. keep up the goodwork. sure like to get in touch with u some day.
    anyway.. i send my condolcs alrdy.

  115. Apper says:

    Dear Mr. Sharibu

    u must be strong and continue yor life on wan be despair.the murderer will be executed.

    Take Care…

  116. Sean says:

    Mr Sharibu,

    My family and I dedicated today’s prayers, for you and your family. We pray that your daughter will rest in peace and that you will find the strength to put this sad incident behind you and move on for the sake of your grandson.

    I have faith that the people who did this will be punished. We are behind you.

    Sean & Family

  117. James says:

    Dear Mr Sharibuu,



  118. RANJIT SINGH says:

    Mr.haribuu,Sir, your loving daughter Altantuya is now dead.We mourn her dead…master killer is still at large…you will know in due course…this is Malaysia…malaysia Bolih…There are no kangaroo in malaysia…but we have kangaroo court…May the Almighty God be with you and the family…truth will prevail…sooner..

  119. Stanley Ng says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu ,

    My deepest condolence to you and your family on the demise of your precious gem , Altantuya . Many tears had shed along with yours and please be strong . As a Buddhist , we believe ” cause and effect ” , ones who committed this heinous crime will pay back in due course severely. May Lord Buddha Amithaba show her the light to Nirwana .

  120. Jennie says:

    Dear Mr & Mrs Shariibuu

    I am sorry for what happened to your beloved daughter Altantuya.

    I pray that justice will prevail so that Altantuya’s soul can Rest in Peace.

    Let God takes the evil ones to task.

    Deepest condolence to you n your family.

  121. Pete says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu,

    I am deeply sad for what had happen to your daughter Altantuya.

    I am really ashamed that this happen in my country and may the culprits get what they deserved.

    I hope this incident does not really reflect what all malaysian are and there are really caring malaysian who have written in this post.

    My heartfelt condolence to you and your family.


  122. shirley says:

    Mr. Sharibuu,

    My deepest condolence to you & your family.
    A great loss to you and her 2 sons.
    May her soul rest in peace.
    Truth will prevail.
    God is Great, God is just….

  123. Zakaria says:

    Dear Mr and Mrs Dr.Shariibu,
    Deepest condolence to you and families. May her soul REST IN PEACE.
    She is definitely a lovely lady, mother and daughter. May GOD punish those who have been involved with this heinous crime.


  124. MummyM says:

    Mr Sharibuu & Family
    My heart goes out to you and your family for the tragic loss of a beautiful daughter and loving mother to her sons. I am Malaysian and mother of two beautiful girls in their early twenties; my husband and I called them our princessess, my first and daily prayers are for their safety and happiness above anything else. To have suffered such a loss like this is indeed heart wrenching, God is great to give you courage and strength to go through all this and you must continue to be strong for the sake of your family and for Altantuya’s beautiful soul. The truth will prevail and whoever did this injustice to your daughter will not have peace in their soul …. for right or for wrong, it is not for us to take lives in our hands. I wish to let you know that there are many kind & caring Malaysians who will pray for you & wish you enough to get on with life peacefully in time to come.

  125. ummi natasha peie says:

    May altantuya soul rest in peace at heaven as God beloved her most! Should be angel`s up there surrender on her feet by her so-called tragedy of tested way in saperated life from this world – phenomenonly will compelled the envoking spirit of truth by order karma……God is with you Altantuya!

  126. Noorul says:

    Dear Mr and Mrs Shariibu,

    Deepest condolence to you and your family. May your daughter’s soul rest in peace.

    Have faith that those people who did this will be punish and be strong for the sake of your grandson….


  127. buluhitam says:

    Dear Mr & Mrs Shariibu,

    We all share the sorrows and the pains of your untimely loss. Our sincere sympathies and condolences go to you. May the Almighty God bless her soul to rest in peace and may He accord you both and your family with the necessary strength and patience to live through this unfortunate catastrope and tribulation.

    We are confident that justice will prevail and the perpetrators of this hideous crime will be punished both here in this world and in the hereafter.

    Sincerely yours,

  128. Liumx says:

    May souls of the people unite against the evil deed.
    from somewhere on earth where justice is seeking to emerge.

  129. Foong Yen says:

    JESUS love you.

  130. Kudat says:

    Dear Mr. Sharibu,

    My deepest condolence to you and your family for the lost of such a beautiful daughter, sister and mother. Justice will be done under God’s sovereign hands. May Altantuya’s soul rest in eternal peace.

    God bless.

  131. maddox says:

    Dear Mr Shariibu,

    I have watched the video purportedly made by you and sympathise with your grandchildren who has lost their mum tragically and suddenly without them realising she is departed forever in their lives. As for you and your wife, we can understand the agony you went through after raising your precious daughter for many years in order for her to be brutally murdered in a land of corrupt leaders and government.

    Be comforted, “For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive by the Spirit, “

  132. Mongolia says:

    Ylanbataar word is wrong.Susan loone should to write that Ylaanbaatar.

  133. girl says:

    Ylaanbaatar is even wrong. Everybody should to write Ulaanbaatar.

  134. mongol says:

    Ene hereg yamar ch bsan zuv shudargaar shiidegdeesei gej chin setgeleesee husch bna. Shaariibuu guai bolon tuunii ger buld gunee emgenel ilerhiilye.Ta buhnii amidrald tohioldson ui gashuug chin setgeleesee huvaaltsaj bna.

  135. Boy says:

    I really sympathise on this tragic incident that had happened and agreed that nobody should take away anybody’s life in any circumstances. Having said this, from the media, we only seen and heard one side of the story. You wouldn’t be surprised with more insider information during the court hearing. We don’t know the dark side of that gentlemen as well. The stress level posted from this beautiful lady, as a family man. How much he had actually paid her over the years? What’s the limits? Eveyone is clear in mind on what she is after. Is it enough if that’s a million, or ten million? First of all, why she’s here to Malaysia? Money? How much is her price?
    Anyway, let’s pray for her soul in peace.

  136. exile says:

    My sympahty to the death of your daughter. I hope that those who are guilty will receive the penalty they deserve. The human life is precious but greed has driven the guilty to behave like animals. The guilty cannot escape because their Creator is all-seeing

  137. BEFAIR says:

    Dear Mr and Mrs Shariibu,

    I sympahty to the death of your daughter but what i m thinking
    if your daughter is good ,she will not met on this tragic incident .
    Sure have some secret behind. It’s cannot only blame only 1 side. Who’s wrong and who’s right nobody know, except your daughter and that man.

  138. maddox says:

    BEFAIR said:

    “sympahty to the death of your daughter but what i m thinking
    if your daughter is good ,she will not met on this tragic incident .
    Sure have some secret behind. It’s cannot only blame only 1 side. Who’s wrong and who’s right nobody know, except your daughter and that man.”

    What if your daughter gets murdered by someone…then we’ll say the same thing to u.

  139. susan loone says:

    You are not being fair at all. No matter what, does a person deserve to be killed, murdered and what more in such a brutal way?
    Are you saying, just because or maybe she is wrong, she can be murdered or killed?
    Then why do we have laws?
    Whatever happened between Baginda and Altantuya, if it did happen at all, cannot and musn’t justify the act of muder on Altantuya.
    It would be really dangerous – a dangerous country to live in – if people like you were lawyers, police or judges.
    God save this country!

  140. Boy says:

    I’m a Malaysian, but this comment doesn’t represent all Malaysians. Neither your statment as above. Are the 20 million people were killed like such everyday in Malaysia. An specific individual doesn’t represent the whole country at all. Let’s be clear. What an act of individual will deserve the penalty in the end. Let’s be FAIR, is there zero criminal in Mongolia all this years? I agreed that nobody’s life should be taken away in any condition. That include Saddam. I really sympathy on such an occurrence. Let’s move a step behind, if she is not here to look for trouble. What’s her fate now? Happily with the kids as well. Right? Malaysia is far better developed than lots of other country in Asia.! Or else, nobody will be here to seek for trouble.

  141. […] Videonya boleh ditonton di sini. […]

  142. nomin says:

    Dear Mr Shariibuu
    I am so sorry about what happened to your daughter I would like to send my heart to you and to your daughter

  143. kiko says:

    Dear Joohoo n him family,

    Im kiko from malaysia.when i know this hapenend i heart that bef’csxx
    bcos vbtv kiuho n my clasmade olso wanna the bed’csxx dier…….;.
    we yut voiup qutew n wegt from buf.

  144. Sarantuya says:

    Dear Mr Shaariibuu family,

    God bless your family.

  145. for boy says:

    for boy have you got any mother,sister?
    i don´t understand you

  146. susan loone says:

    so boy, what you mean is that anyone coming to look for trouble or looking for millions of ringgit deserve to be blown up with c4 explosives?
    my god, what an unsafe place malaysia is!

  147. Malaysian Unplug says:

    BEFAIR and BOY

    This is the wrong time and wrong place to make rude remarks on a human who was being murdered in the most gruesome way… a murder with allegations of dirty hands of powers-that-be.

    Both of you are out of line and extremely unbecoming of a Malaysian.

    We are here to give consolation to the father of a dead girl and not to engage in stupid debates.

    Go to another forum or on another thread.
    Get out of it… both of you are a bloody disgrace.


  148. BOY says:

    Few days had gone…
    Whoever put any remarks and words with no influence to me. I’m just here for the opinion and some surveys. The response is not impressive, however, the intend is reached. May god bless those on the feedback to me. Good luck to all, esp to my “Malaysian Unplug”.

  149. Bujee says:

    I”m Mongolian.

    Erhem Shaariibuu tanid

    Tanii hairtai ohin iim emgelenelteigeer amia aldsand gun emgenel ilerhiiley.
    Bidnii heden Mongolchuud maani biy biyniigee ingej tsag bysaar udeed baihaar tiim oluulaa gejuu dee.
    Shydarga unen yalj hargis Baginda zohih yosniihoo shiitgeliig avna gedegt bi itgeltei bna.
    Ta unchirch hotsorson 2 uriig n sain hun bolgoj humuujuulerei.
    Setgelee barij chand hatuu baigaarai.
    Za ene buh aimshigtai zovlong tuulj chadnaa. Buh zuils saihan boloh bolno.
    Bid tanitai urgelj hamt shuu.

    Manai ger buliinhen

  150. kreez says:

    Justice will prevail

  151. Gerald says:

    THE JUCTICE WILL BE DONE.Do Not Worry and the Worry Will Worry You.Its really easy to say but I know It will be very hard to do it.I will pray to GOD so that her soul will Rest in Peace and The Justice will be done.The Malaysian LAW KING Mr.Karpal will get justice done.LET All Of us pray for her soul and for the grieving family.Please offer prayer to them.

  152. Thinker says:

    I have try to follow this case. I am very sorry that such a tragic incident happen to your daughter. I really don’t know whether you will receive justice for this murder. I hope this current malaysian court will punish those responsible for her murder. No amount of compensation or monies will bring back your daughter. May the truth prevail and justice be done. Be strong and hope you will not not be blinded by monetary gains. Let the truth be known and your daughter’s dignity be preserve forever in history.

  153. ET says:

    It was cold blooded murder by some animals. Justice must prevails. If there is any plot to hide and to free the animals, I pray to God to act and punish these animals and those who hides.

    Their mind will forever be shadowed by their crime and guilt. They will never again live life with peaceful mind.

  154. sally says:

    I am a Malaysian residing in California. The news of your daugther tragic death shocked me and I have been following the court hearing online ever since. I share the pain and sorrow with you and your family and could not imagine the agonizing last moments of her life. To take a person’s life away in such a cruel manner could only be done by those who were worse than animals. I pray that the killers be punished.

    May justice and truth ultimately prevail.
    May the Lord give you strength and peace as you walk this difficult journey in life.

  155. Daniel says:

    Bangkok also is not a safe place! The murder is everywhere and some people can’t take care for their self.

  156. tuya says:

    hotel california

  157. wits0 says:

    Susan, “The Universe is a dangerous place”. So said Captain Dylan Hunt of the Andomeda in the AXN series.

    Why not?

    ““Your beliefs form reality. Your individual beliefs and your joint beliefs. Now the intensity of a belief is extremely important…””

    We all create our own reality, individually and en masse. Seth is spot on and any intelligent thinker/contemplator/meditator can only come to this fundmental conclusion…. so lttle mental abstractness is actually needed. Only that some conventional misconception about Truth be first unlearnt. This is where personal courage , integrity and the spirit of inquiry plays their defining part.

    Bodohland’s (majority)dumberized people creates their own reality because of their straijacket propensity of believing in their cultural (feudalistic, e.g.)indoctrination that promotes racism and (naturally)elitism in its wake. If its denizens have taken the personal responsibility of (some) incisive thinking instead of the comfort coccoon of blind faith in their ugly self-agended tokoh tokoh(like tokong, tokong)and their STFU diktates over the decades, things wouldn’t have degenerated the way they have.

  158. tuya says:

    wat kinda philosophy is this??????witso…u memang psyco!!!

  159. saile says:


    You will find that in malaysia the accused are always not guilty but the deceased is. Malaysia ‘bolehland’ (everythingcanhappen land)

  160. wits0 says:

    When a crab returned from a trip to terra firma to the water and spoke of it to a fish, the later ejaculated the same thing tuya.

  161. cheryl says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am very sorry and sympathise you and your family for a lost of God’s greatest gift to you, your late daughter. i am still young but i know this thing should not happen to any of us…always know that her soul and your family will always be in our prayers!i hope that you and your family know that God is watching over you, giving you His blessings, courage, strength, guidance and protection. human’s law some times do not judge a person rightly, but God’s laws are greater, fair and just. may her soul rest in peace and be put with all the angels and saints in heaven, Amen. Always know Sir, that we Malaysians, care for you and your family….

  162. hantutelur says:

    a great loss indeed, a daughter that meant a lot to you. a great loss of part of the loot. what we don’t understand dear sir is that, you told the press one shit 3 days before the trial, but you told a totally different shit when you were in the stand, under oath

  163. kakodah says:

    Dear sir,
    Deepest condolance from my family and I, to your lost and to your sorrow of undergoing such a heartbreaking judment in here.
    Each day I will follow the trial and discuss about it with my husband, from our opinion there is other thing, something much bigger, waiting to be revealed…(if the judment is really done purely for the sake of juctice… )ever think what on earth an under rank policeman do at Najib office before the incident? Why did altantuya n those “officers” are pictured together in some social meeting? why did Malaysia F1 manager vanised from his position and found out to be absent-minded?

    my husband and i agree that if this case is related to country’s safety, then it is something,( ah… cia and fbi did this always) but if this case is only about trying to get rid of somebody who tail you for dollars, and personal affair…than it is too much to blow her up!!

    Thank to Mr Karpal Sing to be there…we like to hear a truly justice..somebody must deserved the punishment..this time. and everybody who related to this case will receive thier punishment from God..fairly..every bit of it….

  164. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Tun Razak -all the incriminating evidence & fingers seem to be pointing in your direction.
    The submarine deal kickbacks over 500 million ringgit helped in negotiations by Razak Baginda (the accused & so called ‘political analyst’- more like ‘ crooked thief stealing nation’s wealth’ & the murdered victim who knew too much!
    Our hearts go to you Mr.Sharribu & your family. Lets see if the Malaysian Judiciary is as dirty as the politicians of the ruling party.

  165. Indy says:

    Tand bolon tanai ger buld iim emgenelt yavdal tohioldsond tuiliin iheer haramsaj baina.
    Ene bugd manai ulsiin zasag zahirgaa hun ardiinhaa tuluu ogt yu ch hiihgui baigaag haruulj baigaa hereg.
    Ene site-g gargaj hen yamar hun baisniig taniulsan ni zuv zuil bolson baina gej bodoj baina.
    Unuugiin niigemd uneheer ingeed shudarga yos gej ugui baigaa ch, temtssenii etsest hun shudarga uneniig olj chaddag gedegt itgeerei.
    Gun emgenel ilerhiiliye,

  166. liza says:

    On behalf of all Malaysians, we extend our deepest sympathy to the family of the late Altantuya Shariibuu. We are all praying hard for JUSTICE!! WE SERVE A FAIR AND JUST GOD, WHO IN HIS OWN TIMING, WILL BRING DOWN THE TRUE CRIMINALS….IN JESUS’ MOST MIGHTY NAME, WE PRAY….AMEN.

  167. helen Isaac says:

    Keep believing !. Your pain is real. Your daughter:s horrendous death, will haunt the muderderer as much as it cut into you and your family in your memoirs of her. Lies are a cloak to hide the deed,truth is the shield that will free and shield the soul. Truth. It will come no matter what. Her death will be avenged thus. Keep believing, dont give up hope.

  168. not indifferent says:

    I have prayed to God that the murderers will be caught and justice be done. I believe in God and His righteous judgement.

  169. unnkown civiliant says:

    fuck to the Malaysian goverment!!!!!!!

  170. nancyf11 says:

    in this country…. murderer will get away n this was not the first time.

  171. a mummy too says:

    in my opinion, no matter what her mistake and how hard we wanted to avoid her, SHE SHOULDN”T BE ENDED UP THIS WAY… Have mercy please…

    I pray hard for the peaceful of his family… especially her sons…

    rest in peace Altantuya…

  172. mohd kamal kannan says:

    Dear Mr Sharibu,
    Your daughter was murdered by evil peoples. I am sad when i see your 2 grandchildren i am very sad, i do have 3 grandchildren. I understand their longing for their mother’s love.
    Dont worry “GOD IS GREAT” the “EVIL” will be defeated by the supreme mighty power. Those who are associated with the evil doing will face it as soon as possible. They will face the same thing your daughter went through. May the ” MIGHTY ALLAH PUNISH THOSE EVIL SATAN AND GIVE JUSTICE TO THE FAMILY OF Mr. Sharibu, Altantyu and her 2 children”. AMIN

  173. mohd kamal kannan says:

    Dear Mr Sharibu,
    Your daughter was murdered by evil peoples. I am sad when i see your 2 grandchildren i am very sad, i do have 3 grandchildren. I understand their longing for their mother’s love.
    Dont worry “GOD IS GREAT” the “EVIL” will be defeated by the supreme mighty power. Those who are associated with the evil doing will face it as soon as possible. They will face the same thing your daughter went through. May the ” MIGHTY ALLAH PUNISH THOSE EVIL SATAN AND GIVE JUSTICE TO THE FAMILY OF Mr. Sharibu, Altantyu and her 2 children”. AMIN

  174. farmerchew says:

    it always pain me whenever a life is snatched away cruelly and by blowing up someone for whatever reasons torn my soul asunder. retribution does not comes by the hand of human because human can be tainted. retribution will surely come as the sun will rise tomorrow.

  175. Vienna says:

    Dear Mr.Shariibuu,

    Justice and truth will reveal itself.
    If you ever need help raising your grandchildren, do speak out, we will hear and help you.

    With love and care,

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