Altantuya Shariibuu in happier times” – Picture courtesy of Mr. Stev, Shariibuu, Altantuya’s father.

Soon the world will know who killed Altantuya, and why she was killed. As it stands now, it could be one or a variety of reasons: a love or business deal gone sour? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or, caught in a dangerous power play, when she was the mere spectator, or victim? Whatever it is, her family and the civil society in Mongolia seeking her justice were relieved that the court case has now been fast-forwarded to June this year, instead of March 2008.

However, the family is still concerned about the use of C4 explosives to terminate her. They had sent several queries to the government- both Malaysian and Mongolian, but have not received any response so far, said Mr. Shariibuu, through an NGO representative in Ulanbataar. [Mr. Shariibuu speaks mainly Mongolian].

Now that the case will be convening soon, it is hoped that the ‘mystery’ surrounding the procurement of the explosives will come to light.

While matters seem to be heading in the right direction as far as the trial is concerned, the opposite can be said of her young son’s health. He is in need of dire treatment, for a disease I am yet to ascertain. However, I have learnt that the young boy is weak and his physical movements are limited.

According to Mr Shariibuu, he had sent a request to the Malaysian government seeking compensation for Altantuya’s son’s failing health. But had not received any response to this matter as well. For since, two government officials were implicated in this case, the government should at least be held responsible? But Malaysia had neither apologised nor show any remorse for the incident.

It is learnt that Mr. Karpal Singh, lawyer conducting the watching brief for Altantuya’s family, had received all the documentation regarding the young boy’s health from Altantuya’s family, and will be proceeding with a civil case to seek the necessary compensation.

Mr. Karpal is not waiting for the trial of the century to be over, but will proceed with the civil case soon.

Last Monday, Mongolian NGOs who worked on seeking justice for Altantuya, met to discuss the case further. They had earlier planned to take the case up to the Foreign Ministry and several other agencies. But now that the case has been brought forward, other initiatives are in the works.

In a recent development, Mr. Shariibuu had confirmed that a team of Malaysian forensic specialists will travel to Ulanbataar next week to conduct DNA tests on Altantuya’s youngest son, as they search for clues to her grisly murder.

However, the identities of the experts and their time of travel to Mongolia was supposed to be a secret, said Mr. Shariibuu.

But Mongolian consul in Malaysia Syed Abdul Rahman Al Habshi had told Bernama (Malaysian government news agency) that the team will be leaving tomorrow to conduct the necessary tests, to determine if it matches Abdul Razak Baginda, the political analyst linked to her murder. Why is the man in such a hurry to announce the event to the whole world?

Other questions arise: What is the necessity of proving that the child belongs to who? Is the child the motive for killing Altantuya? Or is there a more sinister reason? Unless the identification of the child’s father is to prove something else?

Isn’t it more necessary to track down the submarine deal or Baginda’s business deal in Hong Kong, where he first met Altantuya? What is Altantuya’s role in the deal or any of Baginda’s dealing?

Her father had said earlier that she had come to Malaysia to claim the payment owed to her. If this is indeed true, then can Baginda’s affidavit, admitting he wanted to ‘get rid’ of her due to her harassment, hold water?

With the case pending soon, speculations are rife. Questions are many. Let see who is right: the still-believer of Malaysia’s justice system, or the cynic among us.

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  1. Black says:

    Soon the whole world will know the truth…
    Or they might not know cause of the kangaroo court will deny the truth…

  2. monsterball says:

    yea Black…..and also know how cruel…crude and stupid some killers can be. I sometimes agree with remarks that some Malaysians are barbarians…..and thank God…it is mostly …if not always… linked to one race. Remember….one victim was cut into 24 pieces? Is this not bringing your mind to think that the extreme jungle people and the high technology murderers are living side by side in Malaysia? What a colourful country…..different cultures…different religious beliefs and different style of killings…..all chosen from a mere 24 milllion people……..hahahahaha

  3. wits0 says:

    The result of the DNA test could seriously undermind Bag’s alibi.

    A team of International forensic specialists should have been deployed.

  4. kittykat46 says:

    I think the whole “affair” is a deliberately sleazy piece of red-herring to divert attention from Altantuya’s real involvement with Baginda – her interpreting job on the very sensitive submarine deal.

    She possibly picked up potentially very damaging information as part of her translating task. That would have made her a serious threat to some very powerful people.

  5. wits0 says:

    Kittykat, the whole of the thinking community comprising of ppl from all walks of life probably share a similar take here….discounting many who are conditioned to be gladly noosepaper enslaved and thus led effectively by the nose.

    This sleazy spin is earnestly maintained like a holy truth despite being holely and threadbare by appearance.

  6. susan loone says:

    i really dont see a need for a DNA test lah…
    wits0 is right, forensic will do
    and a star witness to day who gave permission for the use of Ca explosives!

    black, u r the cynic among us….

    kitty kat, exactly why they r just trying to make her into a sleazy model…if she is so sleazy..why need blow her up? probably just discredit her or slander her in newspaper lah—some more blow up with C4 explosives…words and actions dont gel!

    hey monsterball,,,,in murder, i think the question of race dont arise lah…its how you value another human being and life….coz you see all over the world gruesome murders happen, whatever race, religion or educational/social status…but more importantly, how we deal with this people,…in this country, some of them run away free, especially those who are favourably linked…still lets give the courts a chance….perhaps, just one more chance 😦

  7. monsterball says:

    You are again right Susan…but I seldom hear such brutal murders and co-incidentally in Malaysia…from one race.
    Come to think of it.the Japanese water torturing system…even worst. They pump water into the stomatch…until th victim die. Can you feel how long that victim had to suffer? Bombing less cruel lah.

  8. wits0 says:

    Bag being a strategist probably thinks that using strategy, i.e., being clever (in everyday affairs)is the only thing in life, particularly having become very darn rich through association with the top personality.

    Monsterball, please do a physignomy reading on him.

    A trial, Susan. which avoid tracing out as to how, who and why C4 was issued would be simply inadequate and suspicious.

    We know that an end-user certificate is required for the party that import that explosive from overseas by international convention. Unlike Semtex, which is the commercial equivalent, only arm forces are privy to the use of C4. The trial has to investigate precisely the condition under which C4 was issued to the killer commandos. The whole system of its issuance has to revamped if found faulty and anyone else involved, appropriately penalised.

    But Bodohland has always censored and buried issues (with the MSM abetting!)under the carpet until they finally become a volcano. This has always been part of the living lie(depending plenty on amnesia) to present a wonderful image of life that is unreal. So lazy, unimaginative and prideful is this falsehood and collective Karma is catching up. Bodohland also likes to imagine itself an easy going society of 50 years ago that would attract tourists – it also hangs any of them in possession of a few grams of drug….this should have been put on the airline travel brochure but i’ll bet it isn’t. Obfuscation.

    People from overseas may even understand the rationale for such a Draconian drug law but it does not mean they agree with its barbarity. Understanding a thing and ageeing are two different things.

    In the name of sensitivties, many things are persistently buried and Bodohland will have to bury they truth as well. There seems no limit to how much parochial and tribal machoism overrides truth in bodohland. There is no true inward lookingness but a false egoistic (ever pampered)one instead as part of the national philosophy…. the hyped and hollow false pride substituting for real soul uplifting one. Always image, when it comes to substance, falls flat on face!

  9. monsterball says:

    hi witsO……Sorry…no more response to you ONLY…as you are no gentleman by not revealing who you are. Others I can accept…because they never challenge me on anything. So I will response and treat everyone as friends….except you. Take note.

  10. wits0 says:

    Sorry Monsterball, I never asked for anyone’s identity. Here what is expressed matters and on this basis, judged as level-headed or inane.

  11. wits0 says:

    Up front, the case at least requires a real experienced judge not a judicial commissioner:

    Its hard to convince the knowing public that the strange open signs of cavalier development hasn’t appeared in this coming “trial of the century”.

    Let’s see if any Rehman Rahman can spin it to make it look right.

  12. wits0 says:

    Correction: ‘Rehman Rashid’,.

  13. monsterball says:

    When one challenge another to a debate…both have to identify themselves….otherwise better talk to the wall.
    Ofcourse…in blogging world…we have smart alexes to give all sorts of ungentlemaly reasons not to reveal themselves…yet want to debate.
    But guys like bamboo river is not challenging me……..thus we can talk like so…all the time..two nice invisible friends.

  14. Cassandra says:

    US Security Agencies & NASA do have a minute by minute “map” of every piece of real estate in the world. Any shennanigans will be on tape. Even conversations on the ether are monitored. How plausible will it be to get the picture of the Altantuya C4 site just at the time of explosion? Will we be able to see exactly what happened and in whose presence?

    If such information is available, surely it will not be released for any number of reasons. But if a criminal case is on-going and this evidence is crucial, can not any interested party file suit in the US under the Freedom of Information Act etc to force disclosure?

    Surely the filing of the Suit itself could cause many to run for cover – maybe even slip up! I get the impression that the Malaysian prosecution is very clearly going in only one direction – find the two chaps guilty, and stop there. But much more needs to be answered. Who gave the order to kill, who facilitated the release of the C4, where is the PI, etc?

    Something needs to be done to crack open the case and force ventilation of all facts to get at the truth and stop all the rumors and allegations that will taint our Justice System, our Country and many of our personalities for decades.

    At the very least full ventilation will help the family of Altantuya to find closure, and is that tragedy, which is on the back-burner, not more important now? Why have we forgotten Altantuya’s family. She is gone, but her family will have to deal with it.

    And lets not forget another probable murder – that of the alleged baby in the womb.

    Yes indeed, we Malaysians do have a lot to clear up and answer for!

  15. ooleeoo says:

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