[Updated] Received this in the mail. I am not a liar. Tengku Adnan, if you wish to clarify, I am happy to apologise. You see, although I was rather angry at your comments, I’ll give you the right to reply. Does your silence means consent? It’s really not nice that bits and wits about you are circulating the net like this. I want to help you put a stop to this. So, please, help me, clarify. Thank you.

From: Malaysia Tomorrow

So who is this guy anyway? Dato’ Adnan was born in Malacca on 20th December 1950 at 610h, birth certificate no. 100502. Name at birth was Adnan bin Mansor. On 20th December 1962, Dato’ Adnan was 12 and a proud owner of an IC (IC no. 4079409). However, on 3rd October 1972, Dato’ Adnan had changed his name to Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansor. He also changed his dad’s IC name to Tengku Mansor bin Tengku Baba. Claims to be Malacca’s 3rd generation Sultanate heritage.Dato’ Adnan was once Tun M’s Setiausaha Kerja UMNO. Dato’ Adnan, a businessman, was known to be Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s favorite go-to guy for projects. Word on the street is that Dato’ Adnan has 3.5million shares in Berjaya Sports Toto via his SPV, Cimsec Nominees Sdn Bhd. Sports Toto has a total of 681 outlets nationwide and 2 overseas operations, one in Phillipines and the other in Ghana. Once upon a time, Dato’ Adnan, Tan Sri Vincent and Pahang State Govt through an SPV called PASDEC Holding Berhad used to own Bukit Tinggi Resort. After fierce pressure from the public, he relinquished his shares on 23rd May 2003.

So, you’ve got a respectable Prime Minister going all around the world promoting Islam and you’ve got this Minister under him going around screwing things up for PM. Well, one can argue that he was dropped at the last election and was called back to the Cabinet after the reshuffling. Don’t know what the end game is.

Tell if anyone wants to argue about his ‘tengku’ness, notice that officially, his dato’ seri title precedes his tengku title. That tells it all.

And in Bernama:

December 02, 2005 22:29 PM E-mail this news to a friend Printable version of this news

Bankruptcy Notice Served On Tengku Adnan

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 2 (Bernama) — Aseam Credit Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Malayan Banking Berhad, has served a bankruptcy notice on Member of Parliament for Putrajaya Datuk Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor through law firm Messrs Paul Chong & Nathan.

It was issued by the High Court in Kuala Lumpur on Jan 13 this year and extended for 12 months from April 13.

An advertisement of the notice was published in The Star Friday giving the former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department 21 days to apply to the court to set aside the notice, failing which he might be sued for bankruptcy.

Contacted by Bernama about the notice, Tengku Adnan said: “My lawyers are looking into it.”

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  1. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Susan,
    If I’m not mistaken this isn’t recent news. The proposal for extended operating hours for entertainment outlets was made in June 2006. It quickly attracted a lot of flak from many parties. I think it was quietly buried after that.

  2. oa says:


    Save your breath – it is pointless arguing with idiot.

    Especially idiot craving for attention.


  3. susan loone says:

    Hi Kittykat, you are correct. I wanted to draw attention to the accusation that his is not really a Tengku. Becz then, it makes him the liar, not us!

  4. sky says:

    oh this is laugh certainly needed.
    lets see how the liar gets out of his own shit hole

    another blogger…

  5. […] war. Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else.” – Tengku Adnan Mansor, Malaysian Minister of […]

  6. tengku says:

    Did ‘Tengku’ Adnan pay millions to get the Tengku title just as some criminals pay RM5 million to get freed from Simpang Renggam? Next, we are going to have Tengku Ong Kah Tin and Tengku Sammy Villu

  7. monsterball says:

    He is a liar. hip hip Hooray….He is a liar and going to be a bankcrupt.
    Best news.

  8. wits0 says:

    He must have taken a vow of (elegant) silence these days! Or awaiting the spin doctors at his disposal to restore Humpty Dumpty.

    While flying a airline plane, a wing breaks away, what emergency damage control can help? The pilot needs to get a life………a new one.

  9. terebei@lastik says:

    Adnan or Dene that people used to call him that nickname.Started career as bell boy at the KL hilton late 60’s and later as store keeper at the Carpet International. The title was given to him when Tengku Ismail’s daughter married him. The Tengku issue is not a big deal but to him it is..he tries to upgrade himself in the elite circle life. Dene has nothing to lose. From kg Baru selling tong gas. It was really tough time for Pak Mansor to bring up his children. Dene was not good in academic. But he knows how to tackle Tengku Ismail’s daughter. From there he made his millions ……

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