Tengku Adnan, what will you say about this?

By Travel Baxter: Hanging Around Melaka

“With so many women walking around with covered heads, everyone modestly dressed, and alcohol fairly scare and expensive I initially summed up Malaysians as pretty conservative. Then, escaping the heat outside I popped into an air-conditioned mall, one of many in Melaka. As I’m perusing through a bookstore, similar to Waldens, I discover “Adult Origami” in the Arts + Crafts section near the front of the store. In my naivety I was thinking to see home decorations adults can make from paper? No … how to make condoms, sperm, boobs + penis, etc out of paper! Oh Malaysia, you are so full of surprises”.

And this: Malaysia 2006 – A look back

We caught another cab and ended up driving around for ages trying to find this bar, that was at the top of a building. Our driver was lost and had no idea, so much so that as we rounded the Petronas Towers for the second time, he stopped his cab and went and asked another cabbie for directions! We were off again and were deposited on a street corner and told to walk ‘just up there and take a left’. Well we did so, passing a contingent of Ladyboys along the way, but still didn’t find this bar at the top of the building. John phoned for directions from Ian and we set off again, back past the Ladyboys into the crowded streets. As we walked along, Stsve told us of a mate of his who had received oral pleasure from a Ladyboy and when challenged about it, his mate said that they were lady enough from the waist up and he didn’t care. I looked at Steve and wondered – was this a mate of his? Or was ths one of those times where guys tell a story and substitue themselves for a mysterious mate? I moved a little quicker and decided to walk closer to John!


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  1. monsterball says:

    That guy trying to sell materials for making origami must have found no buyers from the normal children…thus thought of a smart idea how to attract guys to learn and buy for their gags at night with friends…especially the females companions. Smart bloke. Hope his business will flourish. It argurs well with broad mindedness……something lacking still with some malays.

  2. monsterball says:

    What will Tengku Adnan say about this? Susan…..are you asking a human being or a dog his opinion?
    Adnan is a DOG!! But if he can speak….his tongue will stickout like a sickening sick dog….enjoying these sex paper toys.. He is a dog that ill do anything to get his master’s attention. SO HE GOT IT NOW..hahahahaha

  3. susan loone says:

    hahaha. monsterball….i am very blur now lah. cant see the difference between dog and human. but i once had a dog long ago. his name was teddy. he’s so smart and cute…u know he even knew how to defend women – my mum and me – if my dad or brother spoke a little loudly while talking infront of us, he will quickly come in front and charge at them – a pro-women dog, i would say.

    cant say much about adnan can we?

  4. monsterball says:

    Susan dear..We have been forwarned about such things from the movies..’Men In Black”
    They use a pug to be a smart ass and all of sudden pugs are wanted by the public to buy one. Cannot get…stole one of mine…the best of the lot!! I just hope that guy treat the dog well and I forgive him.
    Then two months ago…mommy pug gave birth to 4…two die…actually very very diffiucult to look after when born. Day and nights we take turns to keep 24 hours nursing for three weeks!!
    Maid told me “Pa no give pugs away anymore. Sell them and reward us” I said okay. Then ready to sell….they say….no sell….keep pugs….so now I have 8 pugs and one chihuahua……to to succeed…in anything……….your assistants must love the job…any job……mine love the pugs….so happily they look after them.
    One said…when she started work……she hated the terrible ugly look..then she realises how beautuful they really are……..hahahahahaha
    Adnan?? He is a bird dog….know what is bird dog?

  5. monsterball says:

    And sometimes he changes himself to be a hound dog…bird dog..itchify lah…..hound dog…crazy idiotic with syphillis attacking the brain now……half crazy……hahhahaha

  6. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, I don’t know if you realise that a male dog is protective to his female owner and a female dog is protective to his male owner. This what I had experienced with my dogs. Any comment?

  7. susan loone says:

    i agree with you bamboo river…i had a dog like that.

    but we’re talking abt adnan who is a complete opposite. we dont need him to be protective – just be respectful, that is all.

    sigh…havent slept all night, and wishful thinking 🙂

  8. monsterball says:

    bamboo river…..Are you talking serious or talking cock? Seriously…my male dog is a timid fella…..trying to everyday win the bitch’s heart for sex. He will not eat UNTIL the bitch finish and he eats the left overs.
    They are both very loving and protect each other and will attack anyone together…. they do not like.
    Protecting the master….male is more furocious and stronger..and get the results..while female wil support by looking more than biting the enemy.
    If you have few male dogs like I do…it is same as monkies…lions tigers…all males wil fight to see who is the boss and win her heart..thus sayinga female dog is a faithful lover is full of shit. She will submit to the winner…thus always admire the he-man dog…..no choice..it’s in their genes.

  9. bamboo river says:

    Iaya , ,,,, Monsterball looks like the weather had got into you! I am talking about dogs and owners lah. Not male dog and female dog making LOVE. Mana lu sudah pergi! Looks like Susan got my drift. Take a break brother! Looks like the puppy TA is making you BLUR! Quick…. get Bro Shieh to do something on that TA poster!!!! Ciao!

  10. monsterball says:

    I like to be drifted away from yours and Susan’s wisdom lah..and “LOVE” best subject in any language.
    That is why Susan’s kelapa sudah pusing….hahahahaha

  11. bamboo river says:

    LOVE is the most wonderfull happenings in my life!

  12. monsterball says:

    okay….you smart alexes..let me decode the message to you:
    Tengku Adnan is an idiot…trying to hurt females bloggers ..because one has broken his heart …no more sex by him getting syphillis. He will not stop until all female bloggers suffer like him
    He and his wife are loving douple….and for better or worst will stick together. Both are active UMNO members…but when come to carry the balls of Pah Lah….wife will support …but the actions are all from Tengku.
    So many are carrying the balls of PM….but the best ball carrier will win the heart of Pak Lah’s recent wife…thus Pah Lah has no choice but to keep liking Tengku. No choice……that’s UMNO way of doing things. GOT IT??

  13. pugs says:

    Wow who would of thought. That’s gotta be one of the most interesting posts I’ve read today!

  14. Monsterball — wow, 7 Pugs plus another dog, you have a very full house! I agree with you that the portrayal of Frank the Pug in Men In Black movie has not done the breed any good as lots of people started breeding them without doing their homework. And I’m so sorry one of your Pugs got stolen, that is just horrible!


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