…and still counting.

To tourists and foreigners (and all bloggers, too), we apologise for this uncalled behaviour of a so-called Malaysian – truly Asia (?). Not all Malaysians are like that, as you can see from the below blog postings, and all the ensuing comments. We are very, very angry, too.

A note to journalists: Please ask the ‘dimwit’ to say sorry.

(Updated on 12.3.2007: The list of 66 (and more) ‘lying’ bloggers can now be found at the Bloggers Solidarity page.

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  1. […] he said sitting duck… they had hit back at him. Here are what their responses are (thanks to Susan Loone for the list of posts by women bloggers in retaliation to the Minister’s un-called for […]

  2. monsterball says:

    And may I add…. much much more than 66 comentators are supporting bloggers…including yours trully.
    God Bless Susan Loone

  3. kittykat46 says:

    I blog….therefore I lie….Hahahahaha…..lets see how they spin this issue.

  4. wits0 says:

    In trying to explain “All-That-Is”

    Rene Descartes: ‘I think therefore I am’

    Him: “I stink, therefore I am(minister)”

  5. zewt says:

    this is exactly why we need an association. but i can only suggest.

  6. […] am proud that we stood up and voice our anger. Hey, international women’s day is just a few days back and you are saying this kinda thing? […]

  7. susan loone says:

    hi zewt;
    even without an association, we have already created a ruckus, imagine kalau ada association, die man! take one thing at a time….:-)

  8. zewt says:

    okies… take it slow we shall….

    that fella just indulge himself in malaysia skim cepat famous… haha!

  9. Theo says:

    I’ve never writen a political post in my blog before. Yea sure I’ve linked political posts I felt deserve a read, but never actually wrote about anything political because I was afraid….. This has changed my mind however. A mighty ruckus is called for! We demand an apology!! Together we can move mountains… but first lets raise a mighty ruckus and demand an apology!!! Muahahahahaha… (sorry… ravings of a sleep deprived final year undergrad 😛 )

  10. monsterball says:

    Why be afraid Theo….We only die once and the death is not about us…I guarantee you. It is the death of stupid ministers…..literally speaking again…..that come election time….all these will be voted out .But no need to fear that so call self proclaimed “Tengku”. He will be declared a bankcrupt before election. It is God’s will for insulting bloggers and Pak Lah can do nothing abouT it.

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