UPDATE: The said Deputy Internal Security Minister, Johari bin Baharom, was recently cleared by the ACA who investigated him based on allegations on an anonymous website which claimed that the deputy minister received millions in bribes to free several detainees held under the Emergency Ordinance.

Is freedom so cheap these days? Can we ask those lucky chaps who allegedly escaped from the draconian Emergency Ordinance (EO) recently. Are they for real?

According to the newspaper report, it takes only RM5 mil to secure freedom from the detention camps. Does it mean it also takes merely RM5 mil to buy one’s dignity, credibility, and honour. Ask the high ranking politician who was alleged to have accepted the money to assist in the release of several men detained under the Emergency Ordinance.

This doesn’t sound good coz the suspects are from various parts of the country, allegedly involved in illegal activities, including gangsterism, loan sharking, vice, violent crime, hijacking and extortion.

But why may I ask, are they detained under the Emergency ordinance, which means they are under detention without trial? The “illegal activities” mentioned above can be dealt with the existing laws in the country. But are they involved in “illegal activities” or ‘a threat to national security”?

Emergency Ordinance was said to be only used as the last resort to assist the police to detain and investigate in cases without solid evidence to prosecute someone or eradicate crime.

But “since January this year, police have arrested more than 300 people and have recommended to the Internal Security Minister to detain more than 200 of them under the ordinance”. (STAR)

What an over-crowded detention camp it would be! Are they no decent laws to detain these people, other than the EO or ISA?

Yesterday’s STAR report says that Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said nobody was above the law and those who broke it would face action.

The country’s laws did not shield wrongdoers, he added. “Whoever breaks the law will not escape punishment, no matter what influence they may use to secure their release,” Najib said.

Najib, I am still waiting for you to break your (non) elegant silence over the murder case of Altantuya Shariibuu.

Who ordered the c4 explosives which were allegedly used to blow her up into pieces?

Have the police started questioning Musa, your chief security aid, who seem to be privy to to the crisis between the Mongolian woman and your chief analyst Abdul Razak Baginda (though I am now suspicious if you two still have a good relationship?)

Najib also said that it was up to the police to take any form of action even though the person is a high ranking politician. The ‘suspected’ deputy minister had denied the allegation here.

Up to the police“?

Welcome to the club of (non) elegant silent politicians (miniters or whatever)!

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  1. yar man. najib’s comments made me laugh. HYPOCRITE.

    wahlau. this MONGOLIAN MURDER MYSTERY won’t go away la. NAJIB must clarify his association!!

    also, “But “since January this year, police have arrested more than 300 people and have recommended to the Internal Security Minister to detain more than 200 of them under the ordinance”. (STAR)

    ya lar, polis so useless at finding evidence. must rely on confession. actually can’t blame police also cos so underpaid n when they compile everything, the COURTS can’t prosecute bcos of technicalities…also…dunno how la…

  2. monsterball says:

    Did Najib said there is no” basis without proof”? Why can’t he say ‘utterly nonsense’ or ‘i will sue that spiteful rumour mongerer’
    Seems Najib is hinting….lets go to court to proof your accusation. Why some of our ministers are forever so nice guys and not like S’pore LKY who value his non corruptable reputation all his life…..by suing everybody left and right calling him a corrupted man. Why can’t Najib be like him?
    Besides all the good morals and deeds they learn from the Koran…..why can’t they learn from others…..still living??

  3. RANJIT SINGH says:

    Susan what on earth were you doing in Thailand…are you working there ? very much in love with the Thais I suppose…come home quick..malaysia is sinking. Day in and day out problems crop up..PM is sleeping..he cant cope up anymore…this lady Jean Danker is giving him headache…the rakyat got headache too…roumours has been going around about his marriage…there are times when PM and deputy were out of country…lucky there was no coup…and madead also lie low…all malaysians are haprakkkk….

  4. Bedouin Singh says:

    Jean Danker is not only giving the 68 year old bum headache but also backache, pelvic ache and risk of heart attack as well as prolonged holidays abroad using the taxpayers’ hard-earned money

  5. yh says:

    hi susan, how about starting a page on the number of accidents/deaths and the reasons for that on national service? semi paralyse from strenous training imposed by overzealous trainers; death from drowning in toilet; death from….dont know what…death wrap in white cloth and send off..gosh what a mess!
    think its time someone really dig into the happenings in ns. you will find it interesting, i bet.

  6. kittykat says:

    The politician, whoever it is, was a lousy negotiator. For some of these guys, the freedom to direct their activities from outside is definitely worth far more than RM 5 Million. And they can definitely cough up the money.

    I better not say too much, some of these guys could make me disappear far more efficiently than what was done to Altantunya….

    But I’m not condoning detention without trial. The immense power of the Minister/ Deputy Minister to detain and release people without right of judicial review is at the root of this scandal.

  7. wits0 says:

    Kittykat, “The immense power of the Minister/ Deputy Minister to detain and release people without right of judicial review is at the root of this scandal.”

    And it’s the reason for increasing the sense of skeptiticism of officialdom and not baseless cynicism wrt all things related to the so-called “nation building” as well.

  8. anilnetto says:

    hi Susan, thanks for dropping by my blog. Have been following your blog with interest. Hope all is well over there.

  9. zewt says:

    RM5m…. quite affordable to ‘a lot’ of people i am sure.

  10. manggishitam says:

    Star online 5/3/07 http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2007/3/5/nation/17046263&sec=nation :

    Now, let’s see what the result from the Anti-Corruption Agency Malaysia will be.

    Btw, not all Malaysians are haprak, Mr Ranjit Singh 😉

    Peace Malaysia

  11. rustypipe says:

    Hi susan,
    could you do an article on our ZZZZZZZZZZZZ PM oversea’s trip ? I don’t think George Bush nor Blair travelled as much as he does.

    He could be the most travelled Head of the govt in the world. If you could itemise his trip from when he became a PM zzzzzzz, it’s amazing.


  12. hate_Pak_Lah! says:

    This is a good video.. something everyone should LISTEN to….

    related to pak lah..

    “Pak lah tak ada mood memerintah..”
    ” Tun Dr Mahathir….

  13. abu ameerah says:


  14. monsterball says:

    Actually whole matter involve someone else…not NAJIB.
    yea zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. hate_Pak_lah! says:

    who is the some one else????
    Dying to know…

    Anyway, read Berita Harian and NST headline today..! Pak Lah is defending HIMSELF [indirectly]. ;(~~ * puke

    tumpang semangkuk lah tu!


  16. hsudarren says:

    we need a totally independent commission to combat corruption in high places. ACA is not effective.

    I have many a times written to ask for setting up an ICAC like HOng KOng. In Malaysiakini as well as press.

    Today, I have posted on my blog a detail structure of how an ICAC should be set up , how there should be check and balance, and it should have the power to investigate, arrest and prosecute.
    No one is exempted . even PM can be hauled up for questioning.

    Pls read my proposal at my blog http://hsudarren.wordpress.com . Dr Hsu’s forum.

  17. susan loone says:

    wah…yh and rusty pipe…asking me to do more work ah…mati lah aku

    ranjit singh…not all msian haprak lah…but the thais wont let me go 🙂

    and hsu…thanks for the links..guys and gals, make sure you read ’em 🙂

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