Updated: Bloggers United birthday cake on Feb 22, courtesy of Kak Nuraina.

Pix Courtesy of Mulah.

How time flies: Today (a month after Jan 20), Bloggers United is one year old. Hoo-ray!

So much has happenned since the day I contacted Sheih asking him what happened to him and to our other brothers Jeff Ooi and Rocky – after rumours were circulating that the trio will be sued.

I was glad that Sheih responded positively to my mail, and with much concern about my safety too. I didn’t know other bloggers out there were worried about me when I do not update my posts. Sheih and I started emailing each other then, saying we should check on each other’s whereabouts at least once a day, and that was how the ball started rolling.

Sheih then came up with his now world famous poster “Bloggers United – No Fear” on Jan 13. When news about the defamation suits against our brothers hit the streets, we decided we should make a stand. That was how the press statement was issued and then the Bloggers United Official Page was launched on Jan 20.

Before that …

I mean Sheih was a complete stranger before that fateful day. I knew Rocky briefly as he interviewed me once for a job. Jeff I knew since my Malaysiakini days, and who I kept in contact with since the day I started my blog.

You see, I cant describe the wonderful things Blogger United has done for me.Through BU, I met many other bloggers, who before this were completely unknown to me. I met many whom I can now call friends though I may not even have met you before. Other than bloggers there were readers too who happily shared their concerns with me, and motivated me to write issues which are close to the hearts of people.

Through BU, I’ve come across so many blogs which are interesting, inspiring and motivating. I am convinced the voices out there are real, and with their support and faith, there is much Bloggers United can achieve in trying to change or shape Malaysia. Mentally, spiritually and emotionally, I do not feel alone now, knowing the things I care about my country Malaysia, are also felt by many, many others.

Recently, Imran Shah Yakob posed the question whether we bloggers are the new reformists? Well, the mention of the word reformist might turn some people off as it is closely associated with the reformasi movement and Anwar. But to me, whether we are radicals, revolutionaries, reformists or otherwise, we are bloggers, claiming our space in the blogsphere, sending a message loud and clear that we will not compromise this space, that we will continue the good fight, when this space is threatened or whenever they come for one of us.

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The best part of Bloggers United to me is that we can and we have transcended many barriers – race, religion, ideology, politics. Can you imagine what a wonderful thing that is. Right here and now we are building a special space for all Malaysians, through all Malaysians, and we are out there fighting for a cause we call Malaysian. The other best part is that we have non-Malaysians too believing and supporting our cause. And to these bloggers and readers, we thank you for your solidarity.

Lets continue to strengthen our bond. Anyone of us can start an action and others can decide to follow suit. Let our voices grow, multiply and ring clear.

Let the truth save us all, let there be no fear. Bloggers United. Hidup Blogger!

Looking forward to our one year old birthday!

Meanwhile, see kickdefella’s blog for more info on BU’s one month old celebration in KL. Cheers!


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  1. humanly says:

    When a baby is one-month ole, it’s very adorable. Adults like to pinch its cheeks.

    Happy Full Moon, Bloggers United.

    Though only one-month old, it’s already kicking with gusto and full of innocence.

  2. rocky's bru says:

    Hey SusanL,

    Happy month-old blogger united! On behalf of all, I would like to thank you for setting up the Bloggers United’s official page. Ain’t no mean feat. It’s easy to start something; not that easy to keep it alive; tougher to get it kicking (and that’s why we’re lucky to have kickdefella!).
    I know I still owe you something. Should be able to send it over after the 22nd’s hearing!

    In the meantime, enjoy!

  3. bayi says:

    I don’t think the NST and the people behind the legal suit had ever imagined in their wildest dreams that their action would ever cause the bloggers and supporters to consolidate in uniting in this manner. This is the best birthday present yet to the Malaysian bloggers.

    So, Happy Birthday! And that’s a great job you and Sheih have done. You have created an imprint forward in the development of Malaysian blogging. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. onevote says:

    Happy 30-days old, Bloggers United!

    It might as well have been an equivalent eternity days for all we care. We are here to stay, right? Our journey with rocky and jeff had begun but with the first step. We shall walk with them wherever the journey may take us and as long as it may take us.

    Celebrate and enjoy the day!

  5. Linken Lim says:

    Happy Birthday ( Full Moon , according to Chinese ? ) !
    Bloggers United !

  6. jango ang says:

    The struggle against lies, treachery, hypocrisy, idiocy continues (with apologies to Mein Kampf). We must not waver. Anwar Ibrahim is the person to lead us to a new beginning. Long live Anwar.

  7. hi susie,
    great work. and it’s amazing how everything snowballed into this movement.
    tks so much for organising.
    i believe that we are part of a new movement to greater press freedom.
    we live in exciting times ;D
    see u on thurs? will u be there.

  8. jango ang says:

    We shall turn their days into nights, we shall turn their nights into hell, we shall let them see stars on high noon. Long live Anwar.

  9. Rikey® says:

    Just like a month old baby
    Blouni passed the critical stage into the full moon stage

    Just like a month old baby
    Blouni gets all the attention and support from loved ones

    Just like a month old baby
    Blouni learns that somtimes crying and sometimes laughing gets others excited

    Just like a month old baby
    Blouni wants to Grow Up Fast to see the World!

    This baby’s nick is “Blouni” from “Blo”-ggers “Uni”-ted

  10. […] but Bloggers United had brought so many bloggers together. Susan Loone had put it nicely in her Bloggers United’s birthday “speech”: I mean Sheih was a complete stranger before that fateful day. I knew Rocky briefly as he […]

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