Didn’t I say it’s coming soon? Well now, its out in the open. Two guesses – who’s the Malaysian minister and who was she doing the act with? This blog learned that the minister is one of the longest serving minister in the cabinet. Sadly, the woman here has been victimised.

Leong Wee Keat

She is a familiar face on Tamil television shows here. But of late, Malaysian singer Shaila Nair has become the star in a too-revealing reality show.

Being circulated via the Internet and mobile phones is a three-minute video in which Ms Nair, 32, is seen engaging in sexual acts with an unknown man.

Ms Nair’s face can be seen in close-up shots, but the man’s face only appears as an unclear image in one scene on the poor-resolution clip.

The video generated the inevitable shocked reactions and rumours.

TodayOnline understands from industry watchers that the singer — formerly married to the son of a prominent Malaysian minister — has left Malaysia to escape the negative publicity.

A spokesperson from Vasantham Central told TodayOnline that Ms Nair is a freelance artist employed by production houses, and not in the station’s stable of artistes.

People who have worked with Ms Nair have come out in her support. Vasantham Central producer Manjula Balakrishnan condemned the circulation of the video and refused to watch it, even though she had received it in an email.

“This (video) is very wrong. This damages her reputation, it brings shame to her … a woman who is very much in the public spotlight. It is something personal blown out of proportion,” said Ms Manjula.

One 22-year-old fan said at least 15 of her friends have seen the video. “She (Ms Nair) comes across as a soft-spoken and respectable person. So, I’m shocked by what I saw in the video,” said Kamini.

Early last year, a similar controversy brewed when a video clip showing a Nanyang Polytechnic student named Tammy engaged in sexual acts surfaced on Internet sites here.


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  1. lucia says:

    sad. it is always the women who had been victimised. the women identified and critcised/ridiculed by all. it takes 2 for sex, mind you – the man and the woman, so why the man was not identified? (same as in the case of tammy).

  2. Ariel says:

    Honestly, I think it’s just blown out of proportion. So what if she behaves that way in bed…I’m sure plenty others do it to.

    Sex is a reality of life. People who are shocked at watching other people have it shouldn’t watch such vidoes.

    Having said all that, I am a little bit disappointed with the fact that a woman of her calibre – she know tht she is a public figure (somewhat) – should never have allowed it to be recorded unless she was ready to face the repercussions. I think anyone who wants to be recorded when having sex should be ready to face the possibility that it might be circulated widely. There’s no such thing as being naive or ignorant about the possibility of such a thing happening.

  3. sarah says:

    what a woman does in her private life should be her business. Nobody has a right to judge Shaila Nair for what she did in her bedroom.

  4. haras says:

    The two adulterers are lucky to be in Malaysia– in certain Asian/Arab countries, they would have been publicly flogged and then stoned to death, even though they are not muslims. Their relatives would also suffer, as shown by the ‘honour’ crimes in Pakistan.

  5. panjang says:

    who is the lucky minister? tell-lar.

  6. stenson chin says:

    Haras can go n fly kite.He/she is the greatest hypocrite.Do not judge others by ur own
    low standard.

  7. wits0 says:

    I should think that human rights is exactly and inherently what it is. It isn’t something one have to be grateful for to another human being or government “for granting that”.

    A bad government denies human rights but a good one cannot claim the credit for it. You cannot claim the merits for what is not yours to give, that which is however your implicit moral responsibility to ensure.

  8. mob1900 says:

    Shaila Nair’s ethnicity ought to give yall a hint. If not, remember the ‘…Jangan hisap dada…’ comment he made on national tv years ago?

    – longest-serving pr*ck
    – has a toupee
    – certainly one of the most corrupted in the universe!
    – tells a reporter to ‘f*ck off!’ last year
    – wants whistle-blowers to be arrested recently
    – an ars*
    – blames God despite clear evidence he had neglected to take preventive measures whenever there’s a landslide on highways

  9. gowll says:

    Don’t tell me the big black lollipop being licked belongs to that toupee-wearing old golliwog!

  10. wits0 says:

    In the days of AG Abu Talib and Vijendran’s case, the former can burn the VHS tapes. The reason being unexplained till today.

    Now, how to burn such things as videos housed beyond reach – that technology has wrought?

  11. JAM says:

    where can i find the video clip?

  12. dudie says:

    well the moral of the story is ..it is a lesson to all ladies out there to be careful and dont take things for granted..as for shaila nair..im speechless

  13. Nora says:

    its really her life, who are we to judge? only thing i can say to her is, this too shall pass.


  14. kie says:

    of course its her personal life and her personal desires after all she is also a human being who has all kinda needs and dreams of herself but how can she be so careless and stupid to pose herself willingly with her consent on the camera shot.. its her stupidity.. its a shame. and its too late. to ammend it back..

  15. Jessie says:

    Every man and woman have their personal desires to have sex wif whom they confide in. we are looking from out of the picture. we don’t really know what had happened. why the girl only exposed and looked down the most why not the damn minister? may be he cheated her? maybe he said this he won’t reveal wat happen in the room to anyone… Only God Knows.

  16. Jim says:

    Public should be aware now that adult sexual clips saved inside hp is a trend now, our people are now being expert in making home made porn movies.. With them as the pornstars. No more clips from profesional porn movies!! And they are getting more naughty and kinky. And who is to blame? Nobody.. Everybody has their sexual needs and fantasies and ways of presenting or exploring them. Sexual affairs is getting common nowadays. In Shaila Nair’s case, it won’t be a hot issue if she is not a well known artist.. She has a daughter herself and of cause she and her family have to pay the price of shameness because of this.. Her carreer will be brutally affected. As for home made “EHHEEMM” clips.. Im suer it will be getting worse and worse, More and More as days go by.. Tak percaya? Tunggu dan lihat.. Salam Muhibbah Malaysia.. Hehehehe

  17. Jawahar s. says:

    It is about moral . whatever it is been justified, its simply reflects that she is an immoral person and as such does not deserve to be respected.
    We indians have our very highly treasured and protected values. We cannot accept justifications from other races cause their lifistyle may vary from that of us.
    Just imagine what kind of respect she has brought to her parents and our community. Hinduism is all about controlling ourselves and feelings, not just fullfillment of desires at whichever way at whatever cost. Its no difference than a dog.
    . Shame and shame and shame on you Ms Shaila Nair .

  18. Ash says:

    I’m so grossed out…….I mean what was she thinking? Is she really a lawyer? What a dimwit.

  19. Rani says:

    To Jawahar S

    I never knew having sex with a man is immoral according to Hinduism.
    Didn’t Panchali have 5 husbands?
    Didn’t Krishna have plenty of consorts?
    Are you not aware of the fact that the sixty four arts of love-passion-pleasure began in India?( every heard of Kamasutra??)
    Did you know the name Bharath for India actually came from King Bharatha, who was born , when Shakuntala had a premarital relationship with Dushyanta?
    Please don’t get yourself confused with Hinduism and Morality

  20. Scud says:


    if ure ever smart enuff to make a home vid of one of ure escapades, pls post it!

    i wudnt mind ‘checking’ u out myself…….

    bringing Hinduism into this isnt a smart move. we’re not discussing ones religious limits or what so ever.

    what ever their religion/faith, a public figure has a duty to maintain certain amount of dignity in the eyes of the public. They should know how to cover their tracks and play smart. recording such an act is pure foolish, especially when she’ actually read law!!!!

  21. Rani says:

    Scud: Perhaps you have difficulty in understanding what I wrote..
    My reply was meant for Jawahar, who was harping on Hiduism and moral values!

    I am not here to satiate your voyeuristic desires.. So you need to find alternating means for that.

  22. justin says:

    it’s really shameless! if she wants to enjoy it she must keep silent in her bedroom. not in the internet

  23. cher says:

    Frankly speaking I think its her business to do whatever she will. It is unfortunate that it has been so publicized, due to her profile. Sex is a natural act within your bedroom it causes no harm but when it is blown out of proportion that a whole different matter.Its been out and nothing much she can do about it. All i can said is if you have not sin and are pure in every way then only do you have to right to judge and realizing that nobody is perfect. True or not truth…whether she did or did.Whether she knew about it or not..watever it is. It isnt right for us to judge.Let it b.Sometimes technology can be a bad thing when it is misused for purposes as these. What happen to privacy?
    For Justin and all the others who graded here as shameless…Im sure she didnt want it to be aired on the internet.If you knew anything about technology you would realize that I or you can easily take a video without anyone realizing..DO THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT YOUR MOUTH OFF.

  24. mesh says:

    i’d still marry her

  25. Athena says:

    Her hubby has been sleeping with someone else and no one says anything.Its not fair.She has her rights to do it too:) U go girl

  26. asm says:

    Such acts are happening everywhere in the world. Just because she was
    a politicians daughter-in-law and nobody likes him, revenge is taken against her. It is not fair to punish a person for anothers wrong doing. If it was not recorded, there is no issue. If she was not a politicians daughter-in-law, there is no issue. So, the moral of the story is,
    “If you are in the limelight and someones relative whom everybody wants
    to make it as a chewing meat, be very smart and careful in what you do, and make sure no evidence is created at any degree”
    God is alway watching the wrong doers and will punish at his own pace and time.

  27. Love says:

    The video generated the inevitable shocked reactions and rumours.
    She is Dato Samy Velo’s daughter-in-law… shame on her…

    understand that the act was done with her lover before her marriage to the minister’s son.

    later due to some personal misunderstanding with her lover, he have blackmail her with such video and finally released it for public view.

    also understand from sources that she has left Malaysia to escape the negative publicity.

  28. anon says:

    It’s really very simple. If Shaila wants to have affairs, sex and saturnalias, that’s her business.

    Catching it on video is something that Shaila should have not indulged in. Now that is silly, knowing the possible ramification. Shaila being a lawyer should have known better.

  29. LAKSA says:


  30. Rashi says:

    This is Shaila….

    Everyone makes mistakes in life. Just hang in there and all this will pass.

    Educated and civilised people wont condemn you.

    Its a natural and personal thing. Just be very careful in future.

    my prayers with you

  31. Rashi says:


    typing error

    This is for shaila…..

  32. sagar says:

    Well, everyone should mind their own business rather then poking their nose in someone’s else life

  33. […] Remember, not too long ago, there was also hot news about a certain minister’s son and a certain ‘high profile sex scandal’ . […]

  34. el says:

    you pro shaila gals out there… are u gals stupid? would u support her if it was ur husband with her in that clip? a bitch is a bitch! she is one.. stop patornising a bitch…. stop kissing a dumb ass lawyer’s ass right away!

  35. David says:

    So whats the big deal, people screw each other all the time,the viewers in turn get cheap thrills

  36. mizi says:

    what ever she do in her bed room or with who is non of the public business i guess. so what. she act like kindda porn star wannabe. but who are we to judge her. just watch and shut up. thats all. if u wanna extra. u know what to do. its 2 person having sex. whats the big deal anyway….

  37. hutchrun says:

    Any beef on semi value`s wifey. Some rumors going around.

  38. kittykat46 says:

    Semi value wifey ? Ayoyo , grandma also can have scandal, ah ?

  39. Ozi says:

    I hear you can get a copy of the VCD in Petaling Street..

    for real..

    bottomline… dont video tape ANYTHING.


  40. Din says:

    YUP! Never tape any your own bongo flicks!! Dang… Malaysians are getting more and more daring these days.

  41. hantutelur says:

    what tape? with 3g you can view live!

  42. vipin says:

    tell me where can i find this video..its hard to make any ssense watsoever
    without it.

  43. lawi says:


  44. Damen says:

    Well, she too has desires to be fulfilled. Any neglected woman might make out similar ways, Dont blame her, she could be a victim. Afterall many out there are doing the similar acts, only not caught.

  45. silaka says:

    hey anyone know where 2 get the Najib/Ziana vcd?

  46. Karla Spice says:

    There will always be scandals. High profile people are not immune, they feel rejected and neglected just like everybody else. It’s the people that judge them that are the worst.

  47. wits0 says:

    “It’s the people that judge them that are the worst.” – karla Spice.

    What’s that suppose to mean? These are supposedly leaders and public figures from whom we can expect a certain standard of integrity. High level people who cannot conduct themselves decently ought not be immune from censure by the public. Otherwise this is not a democracy by any measure.

    In many instance, calling it their private affair simply does not cut. If these are private affairs, can they show/prove that they actually did not use their de facto political clout and position in the incurring of these scandals?

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