Sure, Mahathir’s boys have placed bloggers on par with the old media (here). yes, bloggers are admitted to the International conference on ‘Expose War Cries – criminalise War” in Kuala Lumpur recently. Coz, things have changed for Mahathir you know since the day before Oct 31, 2003.

He can’t get a red carpet treatment anymore from the existing and thriving MSMs. Naturally, he and his boys would turn to blogs, and the Internet which he introduced some time back. All ex-power figures would. There would be different when they are on the stage of authority and power, though.

But remember what he said about lawsuits and blogs: Mahathir says govt can act against bloggers ( here). Power corrupts absolutely.

And sure, he would give Malaysiakini exclusive interviews again and again and again. Malaysiakini waited six years before the man could give them the time of day.

During one of those six years, he even called Malaysiakini journalists ‘traitors’ on national TV. I was a traitor then, but now that I am a blogger, and would carry his views when others black him out, what am I?

And for the publicity all these politicians get on Malaysiakini, the application for print by the online newspaper is still gathering dust and moss on the table of the Home Minister.

Sometimes, I wonder why Malaysiakini even bothers to apply for such a license. A license that exists simply to make the press toe the line.

If one believes in freedom of press, and that press should not be regulated, why waste time applying and giving the license more recognition than it should? 

Anyway, according to IFEX, “In Malaysia, the draconian Printing Presses and Publications Act of 1984, which requires all publications to obtain licenses that can be revoked at will by the Minister for Home Affairs, remains a major obstacle to the full exercise of freedom of expression and the press. The minister’s decisions to ban newspapers are final, and there is no judicial review”.

Mahathir made it to CPJ‘s list of “ten worst enemies of the press”.

For all his rantings and ravings and bruhaha now about George Bush in the latest War conference in KL, he did support the President on his war against terrorism, and had considered having good relationship with the US. ( here).

He admitted his mistake though, but its a little too late. The gruesome pictures of abuses his shows during the conference are a results of such mistakes made by governments all over the world when they threw their support behind Bush.

I guess I do not forget easily.

With all the splash on blogs and newspapers about the War conference, see some alternatives views on “Moonbat Mahathir raves again ( here) by littlegreenfootballs“.

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  1. idiamin says:

    The Idi Amin of Malaysia who pilfered the country and ruled like a mafia don must be exposed for his true colors– a worthless scum who left behind a country worse than when he took over it 1/4 century ago. And he dreams of getting the nobel prize- what a joke!

  2. wits0 says:

    Malaysia has the most famous MoonBat in SE Asia. Someone who speaks much about justice but understands little about it. What he’s promoting is his skewered partisan worldviews to stand in good grace with his International ilks. And the irony bursts at the seams and overflows into the streets.

    He can reconcile with Soros after demoning all Jews and him specifically previously. Elites dp have a way of making up.

    Did he voice any concern over East Timor around the time of APCET2?

    Would he have involved M’sia in Bosnia had the Bosnian not been coreligionists? Now they wanna give him that Peace Prize.

    Did he not warned the local Press not to “play-up” events in Indonesia at the heights of the atrocities systematically wrought upon its minority population during the Currency Crisis?

    The list of his contortion and perversion of the meaning of justice is very long one and is well matched by his inconsistency.

    A most self-righteous man not weaned of his extended ‘jaguh kampong’ (tribalistic) obsession projected into the International Arena.

    Just simply common knowledge.

  3. LeithaisoR says:

    While Dr M has done some good things which do further the cause of peace and helped some in need (like the Bosnians), his misdeeds far outweigh his meritous deeds in my opinion. He does not deserve to be given the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I am preparing an email to the Norwegian Nobel Committee to express my points to that effect, to be sent should Dr M accept the nomination. I shall start with how Tun Salleh Abas was treated. Then, Ops Lallang. And…

    Perhaps some others may also wish to do the same.

    The best contact contact information I have found so far ( from ) is:

    Norwegian Nobel Institute
    Address: Henrik Ibsens gate 51, NO-0255 Oslo, Norway
    Fax: +47 22 12 93 10

  4. ylchong says:

    Oh, sloone(Y?), you do remember Dr Mahathir! And Desi!!
    He can buy you a frontseat at PWTC to watch The Play (Sandiwara)
    But I can only afford a tehtarik stall and teh-See,
    So would you rather be with ex-PM, I ask, pray,
    Or with pauper-mousey writHer that’s meME?

    PS: Does the saying “My enemy’s nemesis is now my fRiend” apply hear?

  5. jango ang says:

    We have had enough of Dr Mahathir’s rantings and ravings. Stop it, don’t make a fool of yourself. You are history.

  6. windypurple says:

    Well, it’s different when you are in official capacity and personal capacity…that’s what 19th century jurist-John Austin said.
    If it’s not Dr.M who is organising this conference, would you have so much to complain about?

  7. Winston says:

    If I’m not mistaken, it was the western powers, led by the US of A that he hated so much that finally put the stop to the suffering of the Bosnians when the latter were systematically terrorised by the Serbs.
    Yes, the Malaysian government did do a lot of talking but what action did it take to actually stop the war? It must be noted that words did not stop that war but a show of force did!
    Also, Malaysia did send a peacekeeping force to the region but it was well after the West had put a stop to the fighting.
    If anybody has any sense of justice, the Nobel peace prize should go to the head of the Western powers who took part in stopping the war, perhaps to be shared shared by them.

  8. wits0 says:

    What the Bolehland MSM did not mention was that the Bosnian tragedy was also a result of Jihadist activities covertly financed by an oil rich Gulf State – this was also what helped to ferment the Serb’s paranoia.

    Historically there was this Bosnian Brigade in WW2, equiped and armed by Hitler’s Nazi Germany to serve under the Wehrmacht…iow the Bosnian sided with the Nazis. Otherwise the Yugoslavian partisan guerillas s fought very strongly and successfully against the Nazi invaders. There were ancient enmity already and the Jihadist activities rekindled old scores and fear.

    The whole mess displayed fully the nincompoop incompetence of the UN drowning in its spittle, called, “Political Correctness’. Not much has changed with the spineless and corrupt UN since. Perhaps Ban Ki moon can just clear some of the stench, especially those left behind by Kofi’s armpit and rogue-enabling mouth.

    The credit owed to the US was rather muted and the UN’s sheer infamy obfuscated.

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