Here ye, all lawyers on board. We need your advice. Can we, as blogger citizens of Malaysia, take a class action againt Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi or the NST for causing us inconveniences as well as a chilling effect?Any lawyers out there willing to represent us? Coz, I, for one am willing to test the waters. How about you?

“Inconveniences”. Yes, admit it – some of us had sleepless nights. “Chilling effect”. Yes, some freezed to the bones and may not blog again about politics. This will be evidenced by the increasing number of blogs on topics such as cooking, gardening, and IT gadgets as opposed to blogs that challenge the status quo.

In walkwith us:

“Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi can be cited for contempt of court and for using Executive power to influence the Judiciary over NSTP’s defamation suit against Jeff Ooi and Rocky”.

“Abdullah’s offending statements were widely carried by Malaysia’s national news agency, Bernama, and the country’s largest circulation newspaper, The Star, on January 24″.

The NST as we all know has sued our two bloggers friends, bringing us all down (or up) as well. The law suit has in a way inconvenience us, for some of us are extra careful of the way we speak, blog or even think!

Such class action is not unfamiliar in Asia.

In the Philippines, a group of journalists – 43 reporters, columnists, editors and publishers – filed a class action suit against the president’s husband for suing them.

The class action suit, filed on behalf of the press, are other journalists and media organisations, Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism and “The Daily Tribune”.

The class suit wants P15 million (approx. US$305,630) in damages for the inconveniences Arroyo’s libel suits have allegedly caused as well as their chilling effect on press freedom.
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One Response to “Lawyer for Philippine journalists in suit against president’s husband receives death threats”



  1. Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Philippine free press under attack\n Says:
    “,1] ); //–>So, do we have a case here? Any lawyer out there willing a pro-bono for us poor bloggers?

    I, for one, am willing to test the waters. How about you?


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  1. Rikey® says:

    “Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi can be cited for contempt of court and for using Executive power to influence the Judiciary over NSTP’s defamation suit against Jeff Ooi and Rocky”.

    Contempt it is! How he know the bloggers were irresponsible? did the court rule that yet? NO? then how he konw the outcome and made such remarks about those got sued were irresponsible? So if the courts rules that both bloggers are not in anyway deflaming those ppl can both of them sue PM for putting them down in public newspapers that was posted around the world?

  2. wits0 says:

    Will he claim “executive privilege” (as the Tun did wrt AI) for his position here? Can that hold water?

  3. mob1900 says:

    Even the ZAM dare not speak out against this landmark case as the trial is still ONGOING. Therefore, the ‘Bedol’ should be ‘gagged’ from making ‘damaging’ statements on this case to the media.

    The intent is clear on this suit, the G-men is using Proxies to intimidate bloggers, it would seem underhand compare to using the dreaded ISA but the outcome(if it rules against the defendants) will be worst.

  4. AnG Wee KionG says:

    Those buggers won’t be paying the legal fees and even if they failed they don’t pay court charges.

    They are just trying to frighten the ass out of bloggers.

    It is a great idea, counter sueing thoise buggers.

    Sue the PM for his big mouth.

    In the meantime, let us hope that bloggers are not cowed.

    We should have the numbers to make us count.

    Calling all bloggers to be dead against everything barisan nasional.

  5. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’m not a lawyer, but a keen observer of the legal system. It’s very difficult to sue a sitting (or sleeping) Prime Minister for something he’s done or spoken officially. The courts in most countries tend to respect executive privilege, unless the executive has really done something way out of line. The government can logically argue that otherwise they can’t do their constitutionally mandated job.

    NST is different. IF the cases against Rocky or Screenshots are dismissed, these two individuals have the right to counter sue NST for frivolous prosecution and causing unecessary pain and suffering.
    But I think the best course of action is what is being already done – support the two gentlemen’s legal case, and take the blogger’s campaign to the court of public opinion, which in the long run may be more important.

  6. jes tay says:

    yes, susan, i think u r a bit too emotional!!!

  7. Sheih says:

    Lets get the legal advice on the matter. If we can sue them, that shall be our responsiblity.

    If there is any ground at all. I strongly believe we shall get all the support. I am not into fighting fire with fire but if that is the only way to fight, than fire shall be my weapon.

  8. Oedipus says:

    Yeah Susan, listen to yourself la. People suing blogger already a hot topic and so controversial and you are so ambitious enough to attempt the impossible ar? Suing the sleeping giant himself! Even ally mcbeal and ed and all those ridiculous law show with those weird cases don’t have anything slightly close to yours.

    To tell you the truth, i’d rather have the chilling effect now and forever since tenaga bill rise and i cannot on air con.

    Chilling effect pula! ISA catch you ar , just by saying suing PM.

  9. susan loone says:

    what’s the problem lar…scared ah you? Everyone is equal before the eyes of law. When NST sue the two bloggers, people said it is their right. Now I am just suggesting, lets sue PM and NST for the headaches they are causing us bloggers and you suggest ISA. Ai yoo…that’s why Malaysia never change lar….

  10. A Voice says:

    Great idea, Susan

    It’ll just add more to the list that the PM does not Walk the Talk but Talk Cock.

    Pity him. I bet his pampers will leak, when he is served.

    He is so ignorance of the law.

    I am just wondering, what is his skillset of our PM.

    He is in charge of MoF, and yet he can fall for singing a recomending for bogus financial deal!

    He is in charge of internal security only to abuse it for his own and family ambition purpose.

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