Here’s another reason to boycott NST. Malik Imtiaz, the lawyer who is representing Jeff Ooi in the suit has a column in the newspaper. He is now barred from writing his column till the case is over. He said it all in his blog today: Disquiet.

But take heart. Our movement is growing.

When a newspaper cannot be impartial, it is no longer a newspaper. Then it may as well join the ranks of Harakah, Utusan Kepala Batas, etc, who are basically party organs. Then it may as well come out and openly declare who its political masters are – at least it would then command some respect for being totally honest. But no…

No, it doesn’t do that. It goes further and blocks Imtiaz now from expressing his views. Hey, it may as well operate in the office of the Internal Security Ministry, who recently banned 18 books.

But if Imtiaz were to withdraw his column, then it would be different. Because then it would be a matter of conflict of interest, or Imtiaz felt that probably he would be bias.

Anwar Ibrahim is suing the SUN too; but I see the newspaper carrying his statements and covering his press conferences still. An editor there said “We are in no position to sue others la, we are too busy defending suits against us. We still have a suit from Anwar pending but we still carry his statements and attend his PC“.

That should be the spirit. Newspapers all over the world are being sued. How many are suing others?

So, journalists, writers, columnists, make your stand. Claming down on Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru’s space is one thing. Now they are encroaching into others, too. Soon, they’ll catch up with us.

Elizabeth Wong has a good take on this.

Imtiaz now joins the rank of many banned or blacklisted writers, mostly Chinese. You can read about them in Boonhooi on the Blog – here.

So, if you want to, register your boycott here.

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  1. bayi says:

    Isn’t it ironic? When a mainstream newspaper is perceived to be no longer objective, that is the time when readers stop reading it and opts for alternative media. 🙂

  2. humanly says:

    We have to force NSTP group to go on its knees through boycott. This action is directed against its directors for coming to this.

    The staff has its union to fight for compensation if they are laid off.

    It will only be a matter of time another paper will emerge to take its place. Or maybe theSun will take over from where it left off.

  3. wits0 says:

    Yep, Susan, a party organ masquerading as a news paper is but a noosepaper, much like a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to serve bad and repressive parochial views like they are the custodian of the highest morality, intellectuality and progressive outlook.

    Make ppl puke enough times and they(who can think)will avoid it like death ever after.

  4. Maverick says:

    Susan, it doesn’t matter now. I think the unity initiative will help to bring public pressure but will not change a damn of what the regime planned to do. Incompetency gets incompetency and far worse is the fact that the oligarchy is calcified in their purposeful desire for material gains in the shortest time possible. Our democracy is one that is in the vacuum but, within a bottled one.

  5. zorro says:

    …..but isnt the NST an UMNO party organ, as the Star is MCA’s. Anyway, I have declared my boycot in Shieh’s kickdefella. Keep up the good work, mustering support for Jeff and Rocky.

  6. wiman says:

    Hi I Agree. Keep it up.

  7. Firewall says:

    With apology Susan but do allow me this space and thanking you in advance. I had this posted at Malik Imtiaz’s blog:

    Malik, stay focus. While we understand the need for you to reply to some of the posters here, but don’t waste anymore of your time to engage this bunch of people (those from SiPM and muhammad abdullah). And very soon too, few more other names will crop up here as they did at Rocky’s, Jeff’s, Sheih’s, RPK’s and Marina’s.

    We are profiling them. Let us be the ones instead, to engage them, not by replying to their spinning for their masters, but exposing and identifying who they really are.

    The sooner we ignore and not allowing them this platform to create chaos and disunity among bloggers, the better prepared we are to face the real issue in hand.

    Don’t bother to reply us on this, gang of 4 (or should I add on ‘th Floor’ to it?). Our purpose and function is to sniff you all out.

  8. Black says:


    Ok, saya akan cuba dapatkan sokongan dari bloggers-bloggers di Korea dan di negara-negara Asia yang lain.

    Satu lagi, ada tak online petition? Kalau ada, kita boleh forwardkan kepada teman-teman serata dunia.
    Ok, kalau you ada apa-apa maklumat seperti online petition, you can email me at .



  9. DarkArchon says:

    I’ve never bought a copy of NST before my life, and I forsee that I probably never will.

  10. geekrawk says:

    So, if you want to, register your boycott here.

  11. wits0 says:

    Well, Maverick, even minions of Jabba the Hutt need to face their days of reckoning.

  12. Black says:


    Setakat ini Bloggers United telah mendapat sokongan dari kawan-kawan di India dan Pakistan. Sila klik



  13. frostee says:

    Susan, I think the link on the final line of your posting is incomplete. =)

  14. TheThinker says:

    Just my two cents ( sorry TV Smith ), I’ve stopped reading mainstream media for quite some time now. Not due to a boycott but since no ‘real’ news has been published.

    And now they put to trial our faith and strength.

    We all have to play our part.

  15. nat says:

    Dear Susan and supporters,

    Re: the CIJ press conference mentioned above, I understand that they are still looking for endorsements (from individuals like you too!) for their press statement. Details can be found on


  16. nat says:

    Sorry, too much cutting and pasting. The press conference I meant is here

  17. wits0 says:

    Does NST have a (good)reputation?

    Seems it has finally caused an open revulsion. Whereas in the past, people may just quietly avoid buying/reading it.

  18. wits0 says:

    The NST noosepaper benefitted from the Printing Press Act which was enacted long before the Anwar episode. In that complacent slumber of that time a lot of people didn’t realize or expect how in future their rights to free speech will be badly curtailed. A good clue surfaced during that episode. Now it’s a reminder again.

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