Blogger United Condemn Action Against Rocky Bru & Jeff Ooi & Demand Level Playing Field in All Action Against Bloggers

 This is the official statement of Bloggers United. This statement is jointly drafted by Susan Loone and Sheih of Kickdefella. All those who believe in justice and right to free speech, please sign on and put this up in your blogs. Spread it around; let it grow far and wide. The fight is on! See also kickdefella.

We are a group of Malaysian bloggers who believe in justice and right to  free speech. We, who endorse the Bloggers United movement , unanimously  condemn the action taken by media conglomerate NST against bloggers Rocky Bru and Jeff Ooi. The action by the newspaper against the duo is an action  against all bloggers who believe in their right to free speech, freedom of expression and justice.

The recent event may seem like a grave development in the path of bloggers,  but it can never and must never impede or stop us from defending our right  to speak, to express, to write and to tell the truth, to be the watchdog,  eyes and ears of the people, or simply to share our view, and give fair  comment on any subject which involves and affects us as humans, as rightful  citizens of this country.

The recent event may very well give the government owned media the opportunity to  dictate the so-called ‘truth” but such actions only prove that bloggers must unite , continue to uphold the right to free speech and  freedom of expression, fight for justice, even if it is not our own, be more  alert, committed to the cause of free speech, relentless and persistence in  the face of such persecution like the one which had befallen on the two of us.What YOU do to any of US, is what YOU do to ALL.

As responsible bloggers, we demand and claim our space on the blogosphere  for free and fair comment, where important national issues and prominent  personalities are  discussed.

Although it may seem as if the NSTP defamation suits will have a chilling effect on freedom of bloggers, as litigation can be expensive and may jeorpadise a blogger’s economic position, we will not be cowed or silenced by those who have no regard for free speech.

If you find our post offensive, you may refute us with correct facts and figures and fair comment, in the spirit of free speech.

The first two cases will have grave impact not only on the internet, but country as a whole as the country celebates VMY2007. The healthy, mature and democratic growth for free speech and expression in our midst is at stake. 

The reputation of the nation as it strives to promote our multimedia supercorridor and love for IT will be a national joke for all the world to feast on.

 We demand for a level playing field in all action meted out to bloggers and  in particular in the defamation proceedings particularly in terms of financial resources and capabilities, and secondly, that the legal rights of bloggers et al are properly protected in keeping with the imperatives of an information society and knowledge economy which Malaysia aspires to become.

For further information, please contact me at and my partner in crime Sheih of kickdefella at


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  1. CK Tan says:

    I support the the official statement of Bloggers United.

  2. ggwfung says:

    this is the space for all individuals.

    No suppression.


  3. wits0 says:

    Waiting to see their noosepapers sales soar!

  4. wielmaja says:

    Dear Susan,

    I have published the Bloggers’ United Statement in my blog. I have also sent the Statement to friends and colleague in my address book for the benefit of those who do not blog or read blogs. My personal message to them :

    Boycott the NST to bring it to its knee!

  5. wits0 says:

    No thinking person with moral astuteness likes mind control. No logical person likes to be insulted with Pravda publications or even the local TVs.

    Kicking these habits(believe it or not) is much easier than giving up smoking!

  6. zorro says:

    Whip and sword at the service of Rocky and Jeff.

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  8. hatzputra says:

    This government and ‘controlled media’ are still able to keep the truth away from large groups of people who are hypnotized by the fake world presented by them, and they’re still able to shut up dissenting voices. Hopefully this will bring the change, the
    whole world will know our struggles “truth will prevail“. Side by side we walk with brother rocky & jeff, united with the voice of truth.

  9. dorjee says:

    Other than support and words of encouragement, what are the other things that we, believer of FREE SPEECH and TRUTH, can do? Is there any movement of fund collection for these 2 bloggers to fight for their (ours) justice?

  10. jude says:

    the time is always right to do what is right. if we believe if what jeff and rocky write is for the ultimate good for a nation starved of “real” news, then we ahve to wake up, stand up for our rights. remember it’s not just jeff and rocky here. it affects all of us bloggers, at least the ones who really care about the country and the direction it is heading. count me in. i am with you guys.

  11. […] For further information, please contact blogger susan loone at and sheih at (Source: Calling one, calling all! Defend your right to free speech by Kickdefella & Susan Loone) […]

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  13. bamboo river says:

    Anyone out there can tell me where to buy “BLOGGERS UNITED” bumper stickers??????

  14. bamboo river says:

    Anyone makes or sell FLUORESCENT Blue : Bloggers United wrist band?

  15. bamboo river says:

    Got sell fluorescent blue Bloggers United wrist band ah?

  16. semuatipu says:

    don”t need fluorescent blue wrist band i will wear my granny reused blue rubberband

  17. seam says:

    it tickles me to see the words “defend your right to free speech!” with an anti-porn logo on the same page. hypocritical at its best, don’t you think?

  18. wits0 says:

    Not really hypocritical by the measure of observable convention. Besides, Porn is still a contentious topic even in a more liberal society and pales in terms of priority when compared with free speech as the building block of human rights that covers the entire spectrum of human welfare.

    How often do we see the direst disaster and most distressing news reports in the MSM so close to a picture of happiness or beautiful swt in the very next column wrt to non saddening story? Almost every other day, right on the frontpage!

    One would have thought they(the papers) could’ve arranged such utterly contrasting nature of news further apart but they obviously care only for their own convenience in their daily layout for printing. And yet readers put up with that.

  19. seam says:

    mr. ooi himself said in his disclaimer “internet does not operate in a legal vacuum in Malaysia. Whatever is illegal offline is illegal online in this country.” so basically if the nst and the gang of four feel that they have been slandered in vile ways, they have every right to sue according to the laws of the country. after all, everyone has a right to say whatever they want as long as they can back it up with facts. also i’m pretty sure he and rocky would have done the same thing had they been at the receiving end.

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