You know, that’s what they say. You can find whatever you want in Bangkok. The land of smiles. Amazing Thailand. From straight to gay and everything else in between if you are here looking for sex…

If you are more politically inclined, Thailand has experienced some of the worst political upheavals and coups in history –  from bloody to peaceful.

If you are adventurous, the latest series of bombings on new year’s eve last year would have jolted you excitely beyond imagination.

But I am here to prove you wrong. You can’t find everything you want in Thailand. For a start, there’s not a single rubbish bin on the more touristy streets of Bangkok these days. There were none in supermarkets, LRT stations, etc. I know because I was looking for one last night and felt disappointed I couldnt find any. Now what will happen to the environment?

And why is there no rubbish bins in Bangkok? Let me refresh your memory. Because the latest series of bombings in Bangkok, which killed 3 persons and injured scores of others were found in rubbish bins in people crowded areas.

So who did it? There are several suspects:

1. The military government, in order to justify their rule. Already Thai citizens are saying they would give up their individual freedom for security. There are even rumours of another coup. Now, don’t you think that this is exactly how governments want their citizens to be? Living forever in fear – whether it is fear of war or fear of being silenced?

2. The religious insurgents in Southern Thai. Now does this serve their purpose? Not very much.  They have their own problems to deal with in the South. But they are prime suspects. Worst still, some observers are saying that Malaysia has a hand in it.

3. Thaksin’s supporters. Yeah, and make it more difficult for him to come back. It’s very easy to blame him. But one never knows the extent of his support until today. And what they would do to bring him back. These are people who has lots to lose in terms of wealth, as they are obviously feeling the pinch a little too much now, with their sugar-daddy gone, and coup plotters making themselves at home.

While it is highly rumoured that those who planted the bombs were seen to be wearing military outfit, no arrests have been made. Police claim today they know the perpetrators but need more evidence. Aren’t the police the same everywhere? I see them on Hollywood movies saying the same thing too. In other words, they haven’t done their job quite the way we want them to.

Now why am I talking about all this, way passed midnight, and it’s been weeks since the bombs went off. I was at the wrong place and the wrong time or I could have brought you updated stories from Bangkok. I was looking for bombs and bombers in Southern Thailand at that time, where it usually happens, but damn again, I was looking at the wrong place.

I am writing because in a way I have become a kind of travel advisory for Malaysians making their way here, either for holiday or work. “Susan, is it safe to travel to Bangkok?” are the usual inquiries. Really, it is hard to say. I still see tourists happily shopping away, there is no climate of fear as such. Even the farangs (foreigners) are not occupied with the matter.

My advice to all is be cautious but be happy. You know, your life and death are writtens in the stars. If you were there at the wrong day, wrong time, voila!

If not, you just live to see another day.

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  1. bayi says:

    Exactly my philosophy! 🙂

  2. kittykat46 says:

    I lived and worked in Thailand for a number of years. Thai people are friendly, easygoing and generally don’t hold extreme opinions on most issues. But the State carried out a policy of mandatory assimilation for years, and they still find it hard to accomodate any deviation from the mainstream culture. Muslims in southern Thailand are truly marginalised and they are pissed off with the central government. In spite of the right noises coming out of the new regime, nothing has really changed on the ground. I won’t be surprised to see more bomb blasts in Bangkok in the future.

  3. take care susie. i don’t think it’s thaksin la. he’s too rich and educated to be so BLOODTHIRSTY. speculation is the military la…military junta govt all also v MYANMAR STYLE ONE LA

  4. Miriam says:

    agree with U, intelligent post!

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